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Possessing only a few of his artifacts and mystically poisoned by Salome's dance, Dr. Strange realized that he would have to focus on developing his weakest discipline, elemental magic, in order to reclaim the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Strange had barely finished enhancing his sorcery when Stevens and Strange rebelled against him. Stevens was apparently destroyed in the resulting conflict, and Strange went to the Dark Dimension, where he merged with the rebellion's Nobel as Paradox. Meanwhile, Salome had enlisted Wong against his old master, claiming to have bound Imei's soul to the demon Xaos , and promising a full resurrection in exchange for his service.

Later, Strange would show Wong that Salome had been deceiving them and that Imei was truly dead. Wong gained some closure when Strange took him to visit her in the afterlife, and the two eventually reconciled. This time, however, Wong joined Strange as an equal partner, and in many ways a brother, not a servant.

Wong still referred to Strange as "Master" from time to time because "old habits are hard to break. After defeating Salome, Dr. Strange temporarily assumed a younger, more violent persona as he began to track down and terminate the illegal operations established by Stevens. Strange was still cleaning up after Stevens when he was again summoned by the Vishanti to served in the War of the Seven Spheres; unwilling to lose any more of his already diminished power, this time Strange complied.

Although from his perspective Strange spent 5, years fighting for the Vishanti against their enemies, the Trinity of Ashes , only a few months passed on Earth by the time he returned. Strange's memories of the war were suppressed, and he returned to his more mature, bearded appearance. Exhausted from the war, Strange turned to the use of unpredictable Catastrophe Magic to increase his power. He later claimed to have supplemented it with so-called Chaos Magic , though still later he would claim that there was no such thing.

In any event, Strange eventually regained the patronage of the Principalities, and his power was restored to their height. Strange drove off his old foe and magically guided another surgeon to save Topaz from Dormammu's attack. Strange then faced the return of his old enemy Yandroth , the techno-mage.

Strange, Namor, Hulk, the Surfer united to oppose Yandroth's attacks on the Earth, but the four began to quarrel amongst themselves. Yandroth seemed to perish in the final conflict, and as a final curse, used Earth's magical energy to bind the Defenders together, forcing them to reunite against all future threats to Earth, regardless of their other concerns. Other former Defenders came to their aid at times, and though irked by the cause, was nonetheless touched to see the team reunited. The curse magnified the egos of the cursed quartet, however, until they became mentally unstable.

They then became the Order, seeking to end all threats to the Earth by taking control of it. Other heroes, including Clea, fought them, and the energies unleashed by the battle were harnessed to resurrect and further empower Yandroth. Coming to their senses, the Defenders stopped fighting, and Yandroth was reduced back to his human form, defeated, and imprisoned. Shaken by the ordeal, Strange cut himself off from the superhero community.

Strange made the idealistic mystic Topaz his fifth known disciple but kept her at an emotional distance. When the power of the Kale family Book of Shadows unleashed the Hellphyr , a monster that attacked mystics, Topaz joined Jennifer Kale and Satana in meeting the threat. She ultimately decided to leave Strange's side to join the other two in guarding the tome. When the Scarlet Witch suffered a catastrophic mental break-down Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to stop her with a memory so terrible she collapsed from it, and ended the chaos she was inadvertently causing.

The frail Wanda was taken to Genosha by her grieving father, Magneto. Desperate, Magneto enlisted the aid of his old friend and enemy, Professor Charles Xavier, to help his mentally unstable daughter. Xavier, in turn, summoned Doctor Strange. Even their combined efforts were not enough to help her.

They attempted to mend her shattered psyche and minimize the damage done by her reality-altering powers, but were largely unsuccessful in their endeavor. Due to the interference of her brother, Quicksilver , they failed, resulting in the warping of reality known as "the House of M. In a meeting of the Illuminati, Strange vehemently opposed the proposed Superhuman Registration Act , calling the actions it entailed "disgusting," and simply a means to give into people's fear and ignorance which would lead fellow heroes to fight to the death for their rights to oppose registration.

He informed Iron Man and Mister Fantastic that they were never to call on him again before magically departing. Sometime later, while having had friends on both sides of the war, Strange went into seclusion in the Arctic, fasting and meditating nonstop for forty days. As Sorcerer Supreme he could not take sides in the matter, for his given duties did not include influencing the evolution of the superhuman role in society, especially since there was no clear right or wrong.

He prayed for an outcome that would benefit mankind and spill the least amount of blood. Following the Civil War, Doctor Strange housed the outlaw renegade Avengers in his Sanctum Sanctorum, which had an illusion cast on it to appear abandoned and deteriorated. When Spider-Man came to seek his magical expertise in healing Aunt May , Strange tried to help Peter Parker by using the Hands of Death to send him around the entire world to consult others, but told Peter that even his magic couldn't help May now, or at least he was unable to use it to help her.

Strange was among the members of the Illuminati who, alarmed at the continuing destruction caused by the Hulk, agreed to exile the Hulk into space.

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Strange's crushed hands limited his magic abilities. Strange invoked the power of Zom to battle the Hulk, drinking Zom's soul to become a semi-demonic version of himself with spiked maces for hands. However, the unfamiliar use of such vast dark magic weakened his control over his new powers, which caused Strange to almost kill civilians.

The shaken Strange was overpowered by the Hulk, implanted with an Obedience Disk , and forced to first fight a giant, tentacled monster in the Madison Square Garden with the rest of the fallen heroes.

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He was then forced to battle the other Illuminati members, facing off against Black Bolt actually a Skrull impostor and attempted but failed to use what remained of his magic to stop him. The Sentry arrived in time to save the Illuminati, and Strange was freed, though his mind, body, and soul were all evidently scarred by this incident.

The disturbed Iron Man, having received the Skrull Elektra 's corpse, summoned the other five Illuminati members to discuss the Skrull threat. The Illuminati were caught by surprise when the Black Bolt attending the meeting revealed himself to be a Skrull and attacked. Strange teleported the four of them out of there. The five Illuminati members then each went his own separate way, realizing that they had lost far more than just a world: they had lost their ability to trust. The Illuminati was essentially no more. Before the Skrull invasion was fully underway, Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum had been invaded by the crime syndicate of the super-villain the Hood , prompting Strange to use of darker magic than normal.

This lapse prompted him to temporarily depart this plane to heal himself and to reflect on his worthiness to be Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange returned to Greenwich Village once more to combat a stampede from the Dream Realm , though he himself admitted he was in no shape to do battle with the beasts unleashed, due to his hands still being broken and his mystical energies at an all-time low.

A Doctor Strange from an earlier time period appeared wearing the dark masked costume he had worn long ago to conceal his identity with the other three original Defenders to engage his longtime rival Mordo, allied with Terrax , Tiger Shark and Red Hulk. Two of the Elders of the Universe , the Grandmaster and the Collector had made a bet involving the teams of the original Defenders, for the Grandmaster, clashing with the newly formed team of Offenders , for the Collector. Strange had to work with his allies to fend off the sinister foursome if he was to the save the life of Clea.

Though Strange was eventually slain by the Red Hulk, Galactus defeated the Red Hulk and the Collector decided to undo the deaths brought about. Doctor Strange was met by Thor, who told him of his need to heal Mjolnir. Strange summoned magics to pass through Thor, carrying away the Odinpower from him, and deposited it in Mjolnir. When it was done, the hammer was whole once more. Strange contacted Wiccan to find out if he was the one destined to be the next Sorcerer Supreme. He offered to make Wiccan his apprentice. After the Hood's demonic form approached them, Strange confronted Parker.

Dormammu had bestowed upon him the ability to locate Strange if Strange utilized magic.

5 Hints for Choosing A Paint Color

Strange teleported himself and Wiccan away reaching the New Avengers and pleading for their aid. Strange and the New Avengers joined forces to combat the Hood and Dormammu. They followed the Eye of Agamotto to New Orleans to contact Daimon Hellstrom before the Hood could destroy him to prevent him from possibly rising to Strange's lost role. They struggled against the might of Dormammu, until Brother Voodoo , having been granted the power and gifts of the office of Sorcerer Supreme by the Eye of Agamotto and the Ancient One's spirit, intervened and confronted Dormammu himself, passing the initiation and dispelling him.

When Agamotto was cast out of the Vishanti and had most of his powers stripped from him, he attacked the New Avengers in order to reclaim the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Voodoo as it was the only artifact that could defeat him. Jericho used the Eye to defeat Agamotto, but the Eye was destroyed and his life was lost in the process. Doctor Strange rejoined the New Avengers. He stood with the Avengers against the X-Men when the Phoenix Force returned to Earth, serving ably even without the full array of powers he had previously commanded. X-Men , when the team was distracted by Luke Cage 's announcement that he and his wife were stepping down.

Drumm used his abilities to possess others to sow chaos, implicating Strange in the murders of Victoria Hand and Daimon Hellstrom. He eventually possessed the Avengers and New Avengers, using their abilities in his attempt to kill Strange. Stephen had to appeal to dark magic to defeat Drumm and save his friends. Afterward, the Ancient One appeared on the battlefield and commended Strange for saving the others without harming them, for using dark magic without losing control, and for continuing to act as hero and defender of the world.

He restored Strange to his former position as Sorcerer Supreme and gave him the artifacts of the office, the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation , once again. Shortly after becoming Sorcerer Supreme again, Strange was called upon for a meeting of the Illuminati once again.

The Black Panther had experienced an event known as an "incursion" in which two universes collide with each other with each universes Earth as the point of impact, and had called on the Illuminati to try and find a solution to the problem. Captain America wielded the Gauntlet and managed to avert the incursion, but the Gauntlet was destroyed in the process.

Due to his unwillingness to do whatever it took to stop the incursions, such as considering the destruction of another world to save their own, Captain America was voted out of the Illuminati and Stephen erased his memories of it.

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When each member of the Illuminati dispersed and searched for Thanos' Inhuman son it was the Doctor who found him. However, Maw wiped Strange's mind of his findings and kept his location to himself. Upon returning, Stephen joined the Illuminati in liberating their headquarters at the Necropolis from Thanos' forces. Tired of watching others make choices while he did nothing, Dr.

Strange resolved to use the full resources at his disposal as Sorcerer Supreme to find a way to stop the Incursions. Calling on the power of a tome of the darkest of black magics; the Blood Bible, Stephen traveled to the Sinner's Market in the mystic dimension, the Lost Lands , on a quest to find power. He was led to the Resolute Throne , where he sought to make a deal. The Throne deals in degrees of godhood, with a fifth of a man's soul buying him a fifth of the power of a god.

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There, Stephen made a deal to sell the entirety of his soul. Shortly after the actions of the Illuminati were made public, Stephen Strange left Earth and joined the cause of the Black Priests , having mastered the way in which they manifest their power to distort reality. He and the other Black Priests were encountered by Sunspot's Avengers in their way to find the responsible for the decay of the Multiverse , and offered their help to defeat either of the two main players in this "Game of Worlds": Rabum Alal or the Ivory Kings.

They explored the Library of Worlds and encountered a Black Swan. The Swans were able to set a trap and destroy most of the Black Priests, with the exception of Doctor Strange, who was able to defend himself but was ultimately incapacitated. Doom informed Strange of his origins as Rabum Alal and revealed his ultimate plan to defeat them: the different Molecule Men he had captured. When the Multiverse finally perished in the final incursion between Earth and Earth , [83] Doom used the power of the Beyonders to salvage the remains of several realities and build a patchwork planet named Battleworld , which was ruled under his iron fist, with the help of Doctor Strange, who became Battleworld's sheriff and Doom's right hand, usually acting as Doom's voice in certain matters.

As eight years went by, Doom and Strange managed to twist the memories of their inhabitants, to the point they would no longer remember what had existed before Battleworld. Stephen created his own base, the Isle of Agamotto , a place of remembrance of his lost world. Five years after the creation of Battleworld, Strange found a vessel of unknown origin and kept it in the Isle, fearing something of great consequence was inside it, but not knowing it was the bodies of the few other survivors of Earth in stasis.

With the appearance of a similar vessel from which the survivors of Earth came out, [6] Strange directed his attention towards the one he kept on his own. Once he opened it, he freed the survivors, among which were Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther. After explaining to the fellow survivors what had transpired while they were in stasis, [84] Strange was summoned to a battle between the villainous survivors from Earth and the Thor Corps , Battleworld's police force.

Doom remained unwilling to take part of the conflict until he saw Mr. Fantastic in the scene, he immediately teleported to Utopolis, and stopped the fray, demanding the newcomers to recognize his authority. To prevent Doom from prejudicially acting upon the interlopers, Stephen used his magic to teleport them away. Following the disappearance of the villains from Earth and the heroes from Earth, Doom confronted Strange for disobeying him and ultimately killed him after Stephen accused him of being afraid of Richards.

Following Doom's fall during which Mr. Fantastic acquired his power and rebuilt the Multiverse, Reed resurrected Doctor Strange, with his memories of Battleworld erased. He would soon find himself challenged by the biggest threat to magic yet, the Empirikul , worshippers of science led by the Imperator , a being from another dimension hellbent on destroying magic throughout the different planes of existence of the universe. The Empirikul eventually arrived at the Earth , attacking several magical landmarks and defeating magic users.

After traveling around the globe finding objects that contained the last traces of magic, Strange and the other magic users, including the Scarlet Witch, Magik and Doctor Voodoo, [92] Strange returned to the Sanctum Sanctorum, which was still being raided by the Empirikul, to defeat the Imperator. Magic eventually started to rekindle. Doctor Strange fostered magic, in the form of the creation of new spells with the help of his most recent ally Zelma Stanton and the maintenance of peace in the magical world, employing more rudimentary techniques and spells.

Believing that Strange wasn't ready for the looming threats that were going to endanger the Earth, Loki targeted Stephen with the objective to prepare him. To this end, he tricked Strange with an elaborate illusion in which the Vishanti bequeathed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to the God of Mischief. With his medical license revoked since he had stopped practising, Stephen opted to open a veterinary clinic. Strange decided to soon oppose Loki after learning his successor was searching for a powerful spell called the Exile of Singhsoon, which Stephen had hidden inside Zelma's soul for safekeeping from anyone, including himself.

After a confrontation with Loki resulted in Bats' accidental death, Strange decided to make preparations to for his second fight with Loki. However, Zelma cast a spell that canceled out all forms of magic for a few minutes in an attempt to have them reach a middle ground, but Loki used his natural godly superhuman strength to knock Strange out. Strange turned the tables when he unleashed the Void from the depths of the Sanctum Sanctorum. While possessing Stephen's body, the Void revealed the location of the Exile of Singhsoon. Loki excised it from Zelma and used it to consolidate all of Earth's striving magic into himself.

He first separated Stephen from the Void, and then used the power boost to jump-start magic itself all over Earth, so to provide a temporary fix to the Empirikul's ravaging, his true objective behind his search for the spell. Strange and Loki joined forces, and locked the Void back into the Sanctorum. When the dust settled, Loki saw himself forced to reveal his ploy regarding the Vishanti's illusion and the passing of mantle. After disclosing his intentions behind the ploy, Loki relinquished his role as Sorcerer Supreme back to Strange.

Before being teleported away, Loki apologized for Bats' death, revealing he had returned the hound as a spectre. Sorcerer : Dr. Strange possesses a vast mastery of the mystic arts; his primary magical patrons are a group of entities known as "the Vishanti. Although he has, on rare occasions, called upon the power of demons such as Dormammu ; Strange more frequently did so before he realized Dormammu's true dark nature in the earlier issues.

He has once stated that he can kill a mortal with the mere twitch of a finger. The Words: Doctor Strange has become an expert in the Black Priests 's ability to use language to distort reality, becoming even more capable than the Black Priests themselves in a short amount of time. Each "word" is a symbol which means "something.

This way, he can distort the reality in different ways, depending how many symbols are said and in which order. Some of the features achieved by the use of Words include:. Divine Sources: Dr. Strange can channel the extra-dimensional energy of mystical and non-mystical beings in multiple dimensions known as Principalities to empower his spells.

This can take the form of standard spells "Crimson Bands of Cyttorak " or just state what he wants to occur and channeling some being to make it happen. It is unknown at this time what debt, if any, he incurs by invoking the powers that be. There is no strict quid pro quo as the simple acknowledgment and invoking of the entity increases the entity's own powers, inexplicably , though some entities will feel he is obliged to heed their call when they need help in their conflicts as did the Vishanti.

This ability to be a conduit to multiversal power sources has given rise to the phrase "Dr. Strange is as powerful as the god he invokes. Darkness of the Divine Conduit Black Magic : By sheer force of will "take" the power of another entity. This does not require the use of a spell.

Blackfox #2 "TOO BLACK -- TOO STRONG."

He used this ability against Arioch and Shuma-Gorath. The fact that Stephen can do this is a testament to his incredible willpower and strength of mind. This is considered black magic and as such he rarely employs this. Also when taking the powers of celestial entities he absorbs the mind and assumes their duties and roles in the dimension in which they exist. If his will falters, he can lose all sense of self. Although Dr. Strange primarily uses spells that are considered 'white magic', he will use spells from other disciplines such as black magic, elemental magic, and catastrophe magic when necessary.

However, the nerve damage he suffered in his car crash severely compromised the manual dexterity in his hands, preventing him from performing surgery except when temporarily supplemented by magic. Even without magic, Strange retains his medical knowledge. He has shown himself capable of providing reasonable guidance to other less skilled, yet un-maimed surgeons through intense effort and is still capable of serving as a consultant. Strange has gain expert awareness on cults and the extra-dimensional entities they worship, this knowledge as of yet far exceeds any on Earth in the Marvel Universe.

Expert Strategist: Though Stephen seems to suffer from an impulsive nature, instinctively jumping into situations of life-or-death, it's apparent that he works best this way possessing considerable strategic skills, which has been employed in leadership structures, and spontaneous situations, all of which is a necessity in the random environment of Mysticism. Skilled Martial Artist : Dr. Strange is a skilled athlete and was trained in the martial arts used by Tibetan monks in Kamar Taj , proving sufficiently talented to pass down such training to others, such as Clea.

These talents have assisted him from time-to-time when incapable of using his sorcery. Strange is a formidable opponent to any skilled attacker and continues to train regularly with Wong. He has in some cases, been known to occasionally spar with other heroes; in one case, Strange was able to evade a kung fu hand-chop by Mantis the future mother of the Quoi "only three others have ever done" and who has been able to subdue Thor in sheer physical combat, despite his strength nearly hundreds of times superior to her own.

Science-Based Weakness: It has been said Strange's power is weaker against strictly science-based opponents. Incantations and Gestures Dependency: Strange also depends on spoken incantations, mystical gesturing, and his arcane artifacts in his duties; likely these can be counted as weaknesses.

Strange has been incapacitated various times by being gagged and bound, preventing him from uttering arcane invocations or performing mystic gestures. Human Factor: Another weakness is that Strange, despite all his spells and magical training, is only human physically. Hence, if not taking proper care or defenses, Strange can be overpowered by mere blows, energy attacks, or gas. While technically immortal per se, he still must eat, sleep and breathe in order to survive. Astro-Limits: Such is the skill and mastery of Doctor Strange that he is capable of spending up to 24 hours upon the astral plane before he must rejoin his ethereal form with his physical one, lest succumb to corporeal deterioration leading to bodily death and eternal suspension as a spirit.

If harm were to befall his physical form while he was in his astral form, he would be stranded in his wraith-like state. Magic-Induced Physical Changes: A fact not known by many people is that the use of magic takes a physical toll on its user. During his first lessons, Stephen vomited for three days straight because of this. As years went by, Strange's body changed so much his stomach can't even accept human food and can only ingest that which would kill a normal person. So I'll give you all some more pictures of foxes because they are much nicer to look at than these words that I write.

Spoiler Image! View all 39 comments. Wulfgar, the dark-furred fox roamed far and wide over the wilds of Dartmoor. He spoke with other foxes, conversed with otters by the rivers and exchanged greetings with the badgers at dusk. He was happy with his lot, had managed to escape the relentless pursuit of the hunt, and had now found the love of his life, Teg. But life was not going to be easy for the pair. The man trying to catch him was Scoble, an ex-veteran from the war with a drink problem. His streak of cruelness and with the assist Wulfgar, the dark-furred fox roamed far and wide over the wilds of Dartmoor.

His streak of cruelness and with the assistance of his dog, Jacko, they had it in for the foxes in particular, as well as wildlife in general with their traps, gins and snares. The talking animals makes this feel like a children's book, but the scenes within are not. The is as much about death as it is about living life and is as full of the tangled emotions that go to make this up.

Carter's lyrical writing has an intensity to it, you feel the wind ruffle the fur, understand the smells of the night as they track their prey and share the euphoria of being alive racing across the Tors. The writing is firmly grounded in the granite bedrock of Dartmoor and he brings the natural world alive to the reader. This re-published edition has a stunning cover, with a beautiful introduction by Melissa Harrison on how it inspired her to become a writer.

View all 3 comments. I had never heard of this book before, and prior to reading it I wouldn't have said I was a great fan of nature writing in particular. I just never put these together with nature writing but, of course, they are. This book, in my opinion, sits up there with these great classics and I don't understand why it hasn't been acknowledged as such.

The story follows a black fox named Wulfgar, his daily life ove I had never heard of this book before, and prior to reading it I wouldn't have said I was a great fan of nature writing in particular. The story follows a black fox named Wulfgar, his daily life over a period of a year, and his bitter rivalry with a local trapper and his crazed lurcher dog. A lot happens during the course of the year in the lives of the humans and the animals around the area of Dartmoor, where the book is based.

The book shows both sides of the story, and follows a few different characters as well as Wulfgar - both humans and other animals. I really liked all of the characters, or enjoyed very strongly disliking them in the case of the trapper, Scoble. But as much as I had strong distaste for him and his actions, there was also a profoundly sad aspect to his character and I felt great pity for him, and his dog as well.

I loved the fox and animal characters, and especially the whole religion the fox clan had. The author was very descriptive about the beliefs of the foxes and their prophecies, which made them seem quite mystical and deeply mysterious creatures. And then there was another, more animalistic side to the creatures, hunting and travelling the tors and interacting with each other and other animals.

It was very interesting how all the animals have very real lives of their own, and even their own rituals and ways of speaking, and the author brings them to life so well. Even the names given to the animals were beautiful and somehow very fitting. The writing is so descriptive and just amazingly flowing. I really felt like I could picture the scenery of Dartmoor, both the human aspects of the farms and village and also the ponds and forests of the countryside.

It was very evident that the author had spent time there and loved the place so much that he was able to infuse this feeling into the book. I liked the fact that he put himself into the book; the character of a small boy who spent his days roaming the countryside and watching the animals. This was actually true to the author's childhood and I found this to be a lovely touch. The nature writing of the book is idyllic and calming, but there is also great sadness and tense excitement in the pages, particularly centered around Scoble and his pure, obsessive hatred of the foxes.

The combination is heart-wrenching in places, probably more so to me because I have strong feelings about the beauty of nature and the ugliness of human interference and animal cruelty. There are important lessons hidden in the pages for those who wish to find them. I would defy anyone to read this book and not feel an urge to then go wandering into the woods to find their own adventure.

Although the absurd anthropomorphisms make suspension of disbelief a real challenge, this novel ultimately succeeds as a richly sensual evocation of the natural world, interpenetrated with a story of one man's shell-shocked hatred for animals: though I can't quite share Melissa Harrison's appreciation for a book that is clearly inferior to Adams' "Watership Down" or Williamson's "Tarka," she is to be commended for helping to bring this lost minor classic back into print.

Jan 20, Matt Newell rated it it was amazing. This is a beautifully written book. My project for is to read all the books I've been given over the past couple of years and haven't got round to yet. Its curiously different to reading books that you have chosen yourself. A Black Fox Running is a book I would never have chosen myself, and yet I find plenty of connections to it. The leading human character has marked similarities to my paternal grandfather. He was a difficult man, permanently scared by his experiencing in the first world war.

He wasn't fond of foxes: one of My project for is to read all the books I've been given over the past couple of years and haven't got round to yet. He wasn't fond of foxes: one of the ones he'd shot was stuffed above the mantle piece of his front room parlour my brother still owns it. The book is full of scenes of rural life familiar from anecdotes my father told of his childhood, not least cider fueled days bringing the harvest home. Why might I have never chosen to read it? Most of the characters are talking animals, which I don't really think of as my thing. It is not that it is a children's book or a sentimental one.

The foxes who are the central characters cut a swathe through the local wildlife. A clear love of the Dartmoor countryside breathes on every page. It is a riot of the senses. Its not just a setting for the story, it is a world you inhabit through touch, smell and sound as much as sight. The book is a clear extension of the tradition of romantic appreciation of nature, especially the work of John Clare. To enjoy it you will have to overcome your sense of the ridiculous, but, ha, is it any more ridiculous to read about talking animals than to pretend that the metropolitan lives of the characters of most modern fiction are all that interesting.

View 1 comment. A talking animal story about foxes, man and nature which possesses real compassion, thoughtful contemplation and real soul. The awe-inspiring lyrical prose has you constantly re-reading lines, as it is illuminating, crisp, never forced and breath taking in parts. Every page is sprinkled with dazzling gems. We are meant to come to our decisions regarding which characters deserve our empathy and which are morally dubious — a task which left me surprised as I found myself empathising with villains and questioning the actions of the heroes at times.

15 Villains Who Defeated Spider-Man | ScreenRant

Carter knows life is not that clear cut or easily classified. This is probably the essence of A Black Fox Running. It is a philosophical and questioning text which explores major ideas and reacts against sentimental animal-based fiction. Animals are not portrayed as angelic or morally right but as just animals. What is my purpose?

Are we alone in making our own decisions?

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And if there is one thing this book does superbly is narrow that divide. Always running-away from death, into death. Perhaps Man kills us to kill a memory. Our hero, Wulgar is not a God but is flawed as man himself and we are taken on an adventure that covers Friendship, Love, Grief, Revenge and Hope. I wish everybody would read this book. It is so quietly perfect. A celebration of nature and all that is brutal and beautiful about it.

A story that is not constrained, it runs along like Wulfgar the black fox keeps running along. I could tell you about the plot- There is love, quiet menace, fights, retribution, wisdom, peril, suffering and celebration but there is so much more to this book. It is deeply philosophical: There is no clear cut good versus evil. Even the character of the trapper Sco I wish everybody would read this book.

Even the character of the trapper Scoble, who is so well carved by Brian Carter- down to the wart on his face that he always touches when lost in thought- so awful- maybe inherently just of bad character- but also carved out by the trauma of war. The names are beautiful. It dashes around Dartmoor, momentarily leaves you with Stoats, Robins, Otters, mice- gives you glimpses of life then keeps moving on. Every single character in this book human or animal is rendered fully and with compassion.

There is a lack of sentiment that makes it all the more beautiful. Wulfgar leads the way and he is enigmatic and probably like somebody we all have met-but this book is brimming with the lives of others too and you will feel every single sentence. When I reached the last paragraph- an unexpected flood of emotion hit me. Sad to let go, glad to have been on the journey and also changed- Not many books can do this. It's like a children's book in the sense that you will read it in the way you read as a child- completely immersed, completely there and left with something that will absolutely stay forever.

Jan 21, Ellie rated it really liked it. I liked it straight away and was wowed by the author's ability to write in such detail about the movements of the landscape from a fox-eye view. I wanted to finish the book as I have a bad habit of abandoning books halfway through, and I'm glad I did. The last few chapters were rich with the magic of nat I liked it straight away and was wowed by the author's ability to write in such detail about the movements of the landscape from a fox-eye view.

The last few chapters were rich with the magic of nature and the excitement that had me hooked at the beginning. They made sense of all the detail that had come before and reached a climax that was cathartic and poetic, but not unbelievable. I wouldn't rush back to read another Carter novel but would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the hypothetical world of a big black fox in Dartmoor. Jul 31, Wendy Otero rated it really liked it Shelves: nature-writing , book-review.

The story begins when two foxes step gingerly from the trees, alert, for they have smelled the trapper Scoble, and his dog Jacko, and from then on, the Dartmoor landscape leaps from the pages to sing and chirr around you like insects on a warm night. Through Scoble, Carter explores man as de The story begins when two foxes step gingerly from the trees, alert, for they have smelled the trapper Scoble, and his dog Jacko, and from then on, the Dartmoor landscape leaps from the pages to sing and chirr around you like insects on a warm night.

Through Scoble, Carter explores man as destructive and flawed, a force outside nature and at war with his environment. The foxes are seers that contemplate a higher spiritual existence. At the heart of this novel is nature — constant, cruel, and at times unforgiving. This is a delightful book. Australian needs its own A Black Fox Running. The Advertiser, 5 books in 5 minutes, June, May 20, Jessica Juby rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-books. Told from various narrators, the story tells of a dark-furred fox just trying to survive.

We see the story develop through the eyes of Wulfgar the fox , Scoble the trapper , and a couple of other minor characters; including one young boy, who happens to be Carter himself. Scoble is a veteran of war and has returned with some strange ideals. During one horrible night on the battlefield, he witnesses his deceased comrades being eaten by foxes. This drives him in his mission to kill the foxes he finds; by any trap necessary. As Scoble resorts to more unscrupulous methods, the foxes join forces with other animals to defeat his plans.

Although some of the events are quite blunt and to the point in a way that can shock, it adds to the lasting impact that the book has had. Comparisons with Watership Down are inevitable and Brian Carter even makes a sly reference to it. But overall this is a powerful story that avoids too much sentimentality and creates its atmosphere through its focus on the environment and the multitudinous landscape and its wildlife.

A beautiful book, re-readable in its descriptions of the chan Comparisons with Watership Down are inevitable and Brian Carter even makes a sly reference to it. A beautiful book, re-readable in its descriptions of the changing seasons. What a wonderful find.