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His father, also a tennis player, is extremely competitive. It got me wondering whether the competitive drive is something learned or innate. There is much debate about whether competition is learned or a natural trait. Freud thought it innate and said it began early with a competitive drive to gain the attention of our parents. Anthropologist Margaret Mead, on the other hand, posited that the competitive drive was learned. The Zuni Indians of Arizona, for example, valued cooperation much more than competition.

Neha Gupta: The Competitive Nature of College Admissions

They held an annual footrace, which would suggest a competitive streak, but the winner was never publicly acknowledged. It was as if they were just running for the fun of it, not to determine a winner. So many key aspects of our lives are rife with competition, from competing for the best grades to getting into the best colleges to contending for the most plum jobs.

I'm usually only passionate about the things I think I have potential at or I'm good at, so when I feel challenged by someone, I always do what I can to be better than them. I used to be very competitive when I was younger.

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If I am good at something, I want to show it off that I am the best. But I guess you grow up and off certain things. Being competitive is not always a bad thing. You should give yourself an opportunity to win. It only becomes a bad thing when it's displayed with pride and arrogance. I can say that I am moderately competitive which means I become competitive when I am challenged. My brothers are all older than me and their failure in their studies became a challenge to me.

Crime + Investigation

That is the dynamo behind my diligence in school that I was hoping to have a degree so I could get a nice job. With other things, especially in arts and sports, I am just a so-so because it's just part of life and I don't need to excel. I'm competitive, but I do so in a subtle way considering the type of person that I am.

I ensure that I do things that make me one of the best in every firm that I find myself and that involves finding ways to better my life as a person.

So, I believe that it is by competing that we tend to discover our best selves. Do you have a competitive nature? I never broke a rule, but I sure explored the edges of them. Getting a sense for people's psychologies and knowing which rules truly matter turned out later to be useful skills in a real world scenarios that require teamwork and the inevitable bureaucracies of life. While I may have learned these skills in a cutthroat scenario, they had positive application far beyond that. Given my propensity for sizing up situations and measuring the field, it took me a while to figure this one out.

Even before the word CrossFit existed. I had to out-horsestance everyone in wushu. I had to learn the kata faster in stick fighting.

Justine Win Stories

You name it, I did my best to come in first at it. I always played "fair," which to me meant never using a lighter weight or extra help to get ahead. I did the work and I was confident in the quality of my work, but I was focused on winning - always. And while I was a slave to my ego, I sacrificed a deeper learning and probably some friendships, too.

Training is practice. Training is time to mess up and experiment. When I first became a coach I grappled with my competitive feelings.

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That little voice thought those women were getting better than me while I was standing there watching. In pursuit of becoming the best coach I could because, of course, I had to become the best coach, right? I learned to let go of that competitive feeling while coaching.

Tonedeff - "Competitive Nature" - HUNTER [EP]

I learned to truly care for my clients. And for a while I forgot about competing entirely.

6 describe the factors that raise the competitive

I judged events instead of entering them. I eventually found the middle ground in sports like fencing and indoor rowing where I felt I was on more of a solo venture than in the CrossFit gym, both in it being a different community and in the type of sports they were. I was able to get the taste for blood back, without it negatively impacting anyone in my life.