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Not to be confused with Dragon Tails. The adorable giant Pooky just wants to play games with Emmy, but she is too small for them. Example of: Cute Giant. Community Showcase More.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Cassie : It's kinda funny Emmy and Max aren't here yet.

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They always come when we call for them. Ord : That's weird.

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You wouldn't think they'd only send her backpack. How come Emmy's backpack is here? Wheezie : And Emmy isn't? Cassie : Where'd you find that, Ord?

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Ord : Right beside these flowers. Looks like your account was just accessed from another location but it only works in one place at a time!

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Login or Create Account Keep Listening. Keep Listening. Update your browser to the latest available version to use the Slacker Radio web site: Google Chrome Firefox. Need to sign up? Sign up. Emmy wished on a dragon scale And that's what started Dragon Tales Around the room the dragons flew But Emmy and Max knew what to do They climbed on the backs of their dragon friends Now the adventures never end!

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Dragon Tales - Wiggle Song Dragon Tales - Doodli-Do 7. Dragon Tales - Ord Shuffle Come along, take my hand, Let's all go to Dragon Land. Dragon Tales - Betcha Can 3. Dragon Tales - Clap There's Ord he's the biggest, Not so brave of heart. Dragon Tales - Dragon Tales Theme 2. Dragon Tales - Stretch The series focused on the exploits of two siblings, Emmy and Max, in possession of an enchanted dragon scale capable of transporting them to a whimsical fantasy land inhabited by colorful anthropomorphic dragons upon their recitation of a rhyme.