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It's rare for a book to come along that's not only a great read, but that also fundamentally changes our perspective. The information and tools in these pages will radically transform your ability to create success in your life. Heal the root of any issue — in minutes. Learn More. Meet Dr.

Alex Dr. Start your healing journey today!

What Are The Healing Codes? :: The Healing Codes

Alex has been featured on…. Discover how Dr. Join Dr.

Eliminate the cause of 95% of diseases: stress.

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The Healing Codes

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The Healing Code

This login is for English Speakers only. If you are registered in another language please follow your instructions. Bonuses If you are looking for the bonuses page, please click here. The Healing Codes activate four healing centers in the body that function like a hidden fuse box; when the correct switches are flipped back on, the neuroimmune system is able to take over its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body. The Healing Codes method is self-taught and self-applied, and training is offered in a variety of physical, digital and live formats.

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The Healing Code is the perfect introduction to the principles and practices behind The Healing Codes technique. Walking the reader through the discovery and validation process of this unique healing system, The Healing Code will help you understand how stress affects your body, the role of cellular memory, how spiritual and emotional issues suppress your immune system and in turn lead to disease, and how The Healing Codes work to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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Backed by research, science, and real stories of healing, The Healing Code will help you understand why The Healing Codes are for you and where to start in building the practice into your life. A 1 bestseller in seven countries and top 10 bestseller in 16 countries! The Healing Codes package provides you with the knowledge and practical tools you need in order to learn how to do The Healing Codes and start applying them to your life.

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This easy-to-follow digital packet contains:. Learn how to do The Healing Codes and immediately begin correcting wrong beliefs, removing stress, and strengthening your body to do what it was designed to do: heal itself. I remember my Dad spanking me in front of the neighbor when I was about four. He never really told me why he spanked me even though I knew I had been playing with matches. I was so hurt that I went upstairs and threw myself on the bed and told God I did not want to live anymore.

When I was six, I had to have an appendectomy for acute appendicitis.