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  2. Stifling Privacy Or Naked Before The World ~ Data Protection = The Genes Of Sam’s Eyes
  3. Job Sheol is naked before Him, and Abaddon has no covering.

Luke Rhinehart's literary output demonstrates his alter ego's belief that we are all composed of multiple personalities. In fact, although it seems that every book of his is completely different from the others, one recurring theme permeates his work. So here, once again, Luke introduces the subversive element of chaos into a supposedly ordered and "civilized" society to great comic effect. The comedy is uppermost in this novel, in spite of its tongue-in-cheek sub-title.


Feminists should not be Luke Rhinehart's literary output demonstrates his alter ego's belief that we are all composed of multiple personalities. Feminists should not be put off by the allusion to pornography, as they will find a sympathetic treatment in this tale of innocence abroad.

Titillating, erotic - yes, but not obscene, and as the title suggests, gentle and romantic in essence.

The 'real' Luke would be mortified! View 2 comments. This was a strange read There is very little plot but with masses of mostly supernumary characters and a couple of great set pieces Some of the characters are wierdly engaging Diane and Timothy especially Sometimes the writing reminded me of Richard Br This was a strange read Sometimes the writing reminded me of Richard Brautigan or Thomas Pynchon Bupi rated it liked it Feb 07, Sabri Montero rated it really liked it Dec 29, Canan rated it it was ok Aug 06, Angela Alsing rated it liked it Dec 04, Sandy rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Ecesu rated it it was ok Aug 02, Necla Vatansever rated it it was ok Jan 21, Oncologist rated it really liked it Jul 08, Tjili rated it liked it Aug 07, Alvaro rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Merve K.

Bat rated it it was ok Feb 05, Eldad Tsabary rated it it was ok Jun 09, Can Arat rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Dornorn rated it liked it Dec 30, Hala rated it it was ok Oct 08, Ravikant Yadav rated it liked it Jan 04, Mert rated it really liked it Jan 23, Sven McNiven rated it it was ok Apr 14, Cagdas Carkaci rated it really liked it Jan 08, Borja Martin de Zavala rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Onur Haus rated it really liked it Aug 01, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Luke Rhinehart. Luke Rhinehart.

Stifling Privacy Or Naked Before The World ~ Data Protection = The Genes Of Sam’s Eyes

Luke Rhinehart is the pen name of the author George Cockcroft. George Cockcroft was born in the United States, son of an engineer and a civil servant. Subsequently he received a PhD in psychology, also from Columbia. He married his wife, Ann, on June 30, He has three children. After obtaining his PhD, he went into teaching. During his years as a university teacher he taught, among other things, courses in Zen and Western literature.

But in reading the different companies methods, I see two of the companies use the same method, so that is no excuse either. I wrote a how-to for my folks and several have sorted their settings as they would like — for those that know who I am they all thought the instructions easy and sorted out their settings. There is the anomaly of PUBLIC setting for trees — I got an answer from ftDNA more or less that this is meaningless and anyone living in the last years is private anyway and that makes no sense — do they need birth dates?

I want folks to see my tree, but half do not have birth dates; does that mean my matches cannot see them?

Job Sheol is naked before Him, and Abaddon has no covering.

I asked another person the same — and they said they had not heard this or had it to come up. You can find this from the main page of your DNA test account. Look at the top right for your name and see in the pop up. No project administrator has been willing to give up one iota of information for research — but in project administration we should first be helping our members and not extorting their data under duress. Finally ftDNA has made the settings so we do not have to be inundated with too many emails — as a consumer do not want to see every marker match of any of my R1b — YES — of course I go and check for them on a regular basis — many people only test 12 and so we might see someone in the 12 marker group who might be the bingo and we can see about them adding markers.

But to get emails every week for the 12 and 25 marker levels, I am tired of it. For my G2a I want any match 12 marker even 10 of 12 markers. Also for autosomal DNA — many people wish their settings to be strict — only to be notified of immediate matches and this causes consternation for some project administrators who want to see all — maybe they are sorting out distant matches to understand close ones to nab serial killers.

What difference is it to the project admin unless the member asks for help? But it is wrong of project admins to be angry at companies and project members because they do not see what and all they wish. Before the new ability to filter notifications, one family turned off all notifications because there were too many emails, so it is wonderful that our people can now have their settings as they wish and we need to respect their wishes and support our members and help them have their settings like they want them — not like we want them for research.

According to my father, it happens to be his birthday today, I have a sister out there somewhere.


I was told by him someone got in touch and my step mother objected to contact. This was about 45 years ago. He told my late little sister also and she also encouraged me to find her. So my DNA is everywhere. We should not be angry at those who want to quit one database or another or have strict settings in another and others, we should help them learn to turn off what they wish to turn off and turn on what they like when they wish.

We all know people interested in DNA for genealogy quite likely will be back and I must believe this has added a lot more people than it has taken away. There is already a bit — like Jesse James and…. If you have deleted your Gedmatch account in a rush of judgement — consider all the research. I for one, hope we all stay — we are stronger as a whole — more than the sum of our parts.

A loud voice of genes. So keep them in mind to use as a genealogy tool. For all the gedmatch lovers this is another blogger who has a great site with a one-page explanation glossary for the admixtures — all of them. The most important thing is to not delete yourself your testing kit altogether, and if you consider this — at least save a back up.

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If you want to take a step you could begin by just turning it off for a while before you delete — it will be expensive to pay to test again and most will want to test again — I bet. Keep in mind many of our most loved companies do not take other party uploads so deleting will certainly result in needing to pay again if you change your mind with some. I am not in competition with any of the great bloggers that I know of and love their work, as I have said I am communicating and sharing all my work nothing about living except my self and my Dai and nameless examples, unless they give specific permission freely and answering questions that come to me from my project members, clients, family and friends and anyone who wishes to read and follow my blog.

I felt there needed to be some more basics for DNA for genealogy and I offer those hints and helps in the simplest and plainest terms. As genes grow old and memory fades, maybe I will have to read my own blog to remember how and where to find myself. Lots of fun sites — once you know your haplogroup s — you can compare those to others as well.

As he would say, someone had told him this was the true day for the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. He might have wondered at times if I was his, but he and I agreed on my identity otherwise. The link below will take you to the JibJab announcement.

Cast: Cherie, Shirley and Sam. For those who have followed the sisters of the dance troupe — here they are practicing the above performance. Cherie Lynn's Herstory. Its so easy, jump in, the water is fine and the matches are too. Part 1b Cherie Lynn's Herstory.

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