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In fact I don't even remember the second one that much except that it was horrible. However what the second film lacked, this new one brings back. I will say that this film brought back the disturbing horror feel the first one had, just that it did it in so many wrong ways. The gory fight scene, something you wont quite forget, was a little too way off the top. The story line was a little confusing. It sort of reminded me of something from Resident Evil. There is not a lot of good things I can say about this film. I guess its worth a watch if your bored, but its not something you should go out of your way to see.

That's just my opinion. Sure there were some nice moments here and there, but it was just like the entire movie was directed by a randy teenager. The storyline was adequate, didn't really always make coherent sense, but it was enjoyable. The movie doesn't require you to have you brain on while watching, so just sit back and relax. The story, roughly summarized, is about a group of people going out to what they believe is a quiet, secluded island to celebrate a bachelor party, but come to find a bunker-like building on the island, and inside are ghastly secrets.

While the storyline is adequate, and doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, then what makes the movie worth watching is the effects and seeing people deteriorate and basically come apart. But, this is also where the aforementioned randy teenager part kicks in.

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I am thinking about the unnecessary oral scene in the movie that ended with But this is not the worst of things in the movie. There was a cat-fight scene, yep, that's right. But it gets better it is between two deteriorating women, where once again this was highly unnecessary for the movie, especially when a massive sex toy was brought into the fight.

While there were really badly chosen scenes added to the movie, then the make-up team really worked magic, and there were some really nice effects on the people as they deteriorated. And that alone was enough to make the movie watchable. Although, the movie just barely manages to sneak up on a 4 out of 10 stars rating. So this movie hardly qualifies as a 'must watch' in order to come full circle with the previous movies.

Nowaj 6 April One of the worst movies I've seen this year, and I've seen some pretty bad ones, being a huge horror and gore fan. The only funny and actually quite well done thing in this movie was a fight between two putrefying chicks, which is in fact worth seeing, therefore I strongly recommend to FF this film till the last minutes if you happened to buy it or rent it. If you haven't done it yet - don't. Get a beer or grab a snack.

This piece of garbage isn't even worth the bandwidth and there are literally tens of thousands movies which are more worthy of being watched. Wow, this has got to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen, although it is only 90 minutes long, it is so incredibly boring i barely got through it. The plot is completely dumb, the acting is horrible, no suspension whatsoever. Not a point in the whole movie that was interesting and araised curiosity of what is going to happen next, a very dull and blatant movie. The first 2 parts were somehow still bearable, but this just does not live up to its prequels, the same overused scenes over and over again, the rotten genital scene is getting kinda old and could only amuse or disgust a person who has never seen anything and has lived in a cage for 50 years.

I strongly suggest everyone to save their time and instead watch something else, also, hopefully there won't be a part 4, this franchise died after the second movie, that is it. No wonder why it has a rating of 4,5. Reviewers notes as follows: Let's start with the positives. First, this is a direct to DVD release, and in the review biz, we always award points for honesty. Here the producers are being brutally honest about their expectations. Second, the script and I use the term loosely starts off very ambitiously for an indie knockoff produced on a shoestring.

Under those constraints, many producers would be challenged just to manage one single narrative. Here, the viewer gets two to play with -- the film starts with two core stories, one about a group of young, stoned, teens out to have fun, who run into a deadly virus which typical of what passes for humour in these sorts of scripts they initially mistake for a harmless "reaction" to bad weed. The counterpoint narrative is about a group of scientists who have somehow captured a man they believe to be the carrier of the original CABIN FEVER virus and are testing him in an underground lab.

A lab where the female lab assistant looks, and acts, like she just wandered off the Vivid set, and is not entirely sure what film she is in. Again, very ambitious, and this dual narrative would have strained a much bigger production, with a much bigger budget. Here in Cabin Fever 3, it completely obliterates the film to such a degree that, by the midpoint of the runtime, there is clearly no money left in the kitty for anything but closeups framed in a garish red light that signifies nothing in particular, and is mainly annoying as well as equally inexplicable scenes shot in dim lighting where the characters from both narratives finally get together and essentially pull plasticy looking fake "skin" off each other as the last dregs of the Special Effects budget are exhausted.

If Ed Wood were alive, this is precisely how he would do a sequel to Cabin Fever, and frankly I am not sure that's a compliment. PS 1 -- If by any chance you have not seen the original Cabin Fever, one of the best things Eli Roth ever did, run don't walk to your local DVD purveyor or video streamer and watch that instead. Horror and gore: Decent acting. Good cinematography. Decent surroundings and sets. Script as can be expected from its genre, which means run of the mill "surprises", shock, and screaming, peppered with gore and ickyness.

This one starts as a slow-paced guys' excursion to a tropical island, and, via some nasty flesh-eating virus infection, ends up as an unintentionally comic splatter movie, which at points reminded me of Braindead, though it is nowhere up that the standards of that classic. Not much more to be said without spoiling the experience. It's still good entertainment, though. Worth watching on a night with the guys, though at all not memorable. I am actually very surprised at the hatred of other IMDb reviewers towards this film. I mean, I certainly didn't expect it to be garnering critical praise but I had actually heard when the film released in limited screenings that people were enjoying it and impressed by it.

Well I'm happy to say this also really surprised me. It is dark and twisted and very well shot and while it isn't necessarily brilliant, it is very entertaining from a horror perspective. The story is well told even if it is painfully predictable at times especially the bachelor party on the open seas storyline. For those who enjoy the series as a whole, it seems to carry on more of the story and you find out exactly where the origin of the disease came from.

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  • Sean Astin is probably the most impressive part of Cabin Fever 3. He gives a genuinely stirring and forcefully disturbing performance as thee patient zero. This might be one of the best things I've ever seen Astin do. He is far better than what the film deserves but he definitely adds something to it as well. I would have preferred the film follow his character rather than the doofus typical 20 somethings.

    Mitch Ryan is the leader of those doofus' but he does alright as our reluctant horror hero. His character isn't given a lot to deal with but he does get more depth than anyone else and plays the role well.

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    Brando Eaton gets a cookie cutter "stoner best friend" type character who is a lot of fun and really gets some messed up disturbing scenes. He is probably a little better than Ryan but his character is better too. Ryan Donowho is barely existent as just another friend there to be fodder for the zombie outbreak and Jillian Murray who is there early on to be a "hot" girl who will take her top off and to make sure there is a female character though she also has some really messed up disturbing scenes including a sickening but disturbingly creative oral sex scene and a zombie fighting scene I thought would be very memorable in the cult classic circles.

    The film does lack a definitive villain but then the entire concept is that the virus is the true killer. We do have a maniacal doctor and his staff trying to survive and escape the island but that plot is mostly lost in the shuffle. The film absolutely goes for sheer shock value but does so fairly well and as disgusting and outrageous as some of the scenes and gore is I thought it worked quite well. Maybe I've watched too many terrible horror films and my expectations have shrunk. Certainly Kaare Andrews doesn't have a lot of experience yet but he definitely shows some promise.

    The story and script is solid but I would have really liked it if they had spent more time developing the characters of the friends at the party. Yes they are supposed to be the stereotypical young party animals who get picked off but there was potential to actually care about them.

    Girl on the Net

    There was very little chemistry between any of them and yet we were supposed to buy them as life long childhood friends. Cabin Fever 3 isn't brilliant. For sheer entertainment, shock value and a crazy campy gory horror flick it succeeded quite well and was heads and tails above similar low budget crap. I enjoyed myself and won't soon forget some of the more shocking scenes. Ayonittymaki 27 June Do you want to see a crappy not awesome version of the awesome movies that were gory and awesome? This is it!

    First two were great I am a fan When I heard there was a third one I was excited. Then I saw Giuseppe was not in it. Got less excited. How could you make a cabin fever movie without Winston.. Oh I guess this is a prequel? I don't know didn't get far enough to see if it was or not.. I gave it a shot and watched Some of it. Then I shut it off. Not awesome. But the other two On a secret island just off the coast of the Dominican Republic, doctors in a secret lab are working on a vaccine to a deadly flesh eating disease and they seem to have found a breakthrough when they find a person who is immune to the disease.

    Meanwhile, a group of 4 are on a boat trip to the island as part of a bachelor party, obviously unaware of what is already there. Not before long, though, the trip starts to go sour when one of the group members starts showing signs of a mysterious virus. Remembering seeing a building on the other side of the island as they were approaching, two others go off in search for help, but when they get there, they soon realise that there isn't much time for their friends and it is now a race against time to get help. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero was actually a bit of a mixed bag for me.

    It was pretty campy in places, pretty predictable at times, had a few eye-rolling moments, but at the same time is actually quite an enjoyable ride.

    the photoshoot i regret. -Modeling Horror Story

    Only just though. Now, you obviously don't go into a movie like this expecting an amazing plot, and if you do, well more fool you, but it's still better than Cabin Fever 2 which has been erased from my memory banks, thankfully. If you're a gore fan then you'll LOVE it because quite a good bit of the film is definitely not for the squeamish.

    There are a couple of ridiculous moments however that will leave you rolling your eyes the way a guard gets a gun stuck in his head and a cat fight near the end , but, like I said earlier, it IS pretty campy so you'll get some campy moments. The acting, while not that bad at all, isn't fantastic, but again, you don't go into a film like this expecting Oscar-winning performances. This installment isn't too bad, like I say, and at least it's better than the 2nd one.

    Michael-Hallows-Eve 15 February Well it was only marginally better in my opinion. If only Eli Roth had more of an "on hands" role with this film, could have been a much better movie. I liked the plot, but it wasn't executed in the way it could have been in my opinion. I find this a commonly occurring theme with sequels, the new director has the potential to make the series better, but then they change things too much and try too hard which usually ends in failure.

    Some of the effects were OK, and although it was quite bloody in some parts, the film didn't really deliver as I was hoping it would. For me the first one was the best, and it will stay that way. All I can give this movie is a 4 out of Zero: This has to be by far the worst film I have ever seen, it completely lacks any plot or merit and I cannot say a good word about it. The effects are something out of Hammer House of horror all the gore is shown at night because its poor.

    There script is like they took two unfinished Horror films and cobbled them together. Please do your self a favour and do not watch it. Acting is on the amateur level, and the Dialogue is repetitive, starts poor ends poor and characters are shoehorned in during the middle of the film for padding. You have to wait till the end credits till there is very little closure to the movie.

    This is kind of actually the 5th, or sixth if you count the family friendly version they included of part 1 on the DVD with that long blond haired kid doing high kicks, and the first ever Annoying orange. I really like the way these movies follow each other, and keep to the story that started in the cabin.

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    This incarnation of Cabin Fever is as good as any other, it starts out with all of the bells going off, and you are never quite sure what has actually happened, until the credits wrap the whole thing up in a bow for you. I Enjoyed this one as much as the first, in some ways more, Sean Austin is like a little gift that keeps on giving, and there is nothing bad that I could really say about the film, or sound work, it all really comes through. These movies live, and breathe, on the special effects, and the blood factor, and this one meets any other gore fest head on with both barrels loaded, and oozing.

    I totally recommend this movie to any horror fan, or any fan of really well made movies, it is not a super Hollywood WWZ kind of budget, but they do not waste what they have. Really be prepared to be grossed out to the level of a Troma film from the 80's all in a good way. Let me start by saying that I really, really liked, Cabin Fever. Nice in the woods movie, with a interesting disease, OK plot, OK movie!

    Perfect example of what happens when the apple falls too far from the tree. Needless to say, I had kinda no expectations from part 3, thinking they will rely on gore even more, and won't see anything but guts and blood. Was I wrong? Sort of. Sure, you do see more blood than on the first, but this one, actually has a back bone. It has a story behind it, has characters, will intrigue just a little, and amuse you a few times.

    Aw, and it has one of the greatest chick fights I've ever seen. So, there are some reasons to watch it, especially that it jumps from "Spring Fever" and acts more like a sequel to the first part. Just don't expect a masterpiece, but an OK horror movie, that can stand as a movie all by itself, you don't have to watch the other parts to understand it. Will I recommend it? Only if you are a fan of the first too, well, the original at least. After searching for the best place they find a secluded abandoned island that will be perfect.

    What starts off as a fun relaxing time turns strange when one they start to develop strange rashes on their bodies. When the rash turns into something much worse they look for anyway they can to cure what they have. When they find a building they think they found the answer, but their problems are only beginning. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All models on this site are 18 or older. Title Toggle navigation. Jerk Off Instructions Total Clips Very pervy jerk off lesson with Penny and Diem. From: Jerk Off Instructions Clips.

    Read more. Length: 8 minutes. Size: MB. Format: WMV. Resolution: x More from Jerk Off Instructions View More. Return to Clips4sale. Our Refund Policy is located at checkout page.