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They were all so real. I felt as if I were sitting in the same room as them. This novel may be just over pages long, but I devoured it in a single sitting. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Mar 07, Lynn Spencer rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. If you've been following this series, you know that books 1 and 2 set up something of a love triangle for our publicist heroine, Kate Mitchell.

On the one hand, we have Nick Lavigne, the nephew of the deceased and brilliant writer that Kate championed as a publicist in a larger NYC publishing house. Kate's other love interest is MacDermott Ellis, a prominent and very charismatic and very married editor. If you haven't read books 1 and 2, you'll likely want to stop here because this review wil If you've been following this series, you know that books 1 and 2 set up something of a love triangle for our publicist heroine, Kate Mitchell.

If you haven't read books 1 and 2, you'll likely want to stop here because this review will spoil them for you. This is one of those series that you really have to read in order. At the end of Shelf Life, it looked like Kate and Mac were going to ride off into the sunset. However, in Climax , Mac is now divorced and living with Kate. The two of them have opened their dream boutique publishing house. It's all perfect, right? Then Nick shows up in New York. Now that he's no longer safely stashed away on the West Coast, Kate has to face the fact that she's never entirely dealt with her feelings and her past.

In addition, Mac's ex-wife has news that shakes up the entire family. In some ways, I would call this an average read. The writing is serviceable, but a little clunky sometimes. Often the author lapses into telling rather than showing. However, for all that, the book has a certain undefinable something about it. All that soap opera drama just has a certain addictive quality about it that kept me reading and reading.

The fact that the author is a book publicist and that she throws in bits and pieces of stories from the industry makes for added interest as well. If you like soap opera-style drama, I'd start with Book 1 and read this all the way through until the end. Jan 31, Romance4thebeach rated it liked it. I had mixed feelings towards the fact that there was a third book. Shelf Life came to a nice close, and I liked that Kate had finally chosen to be with Mac, while he in turn actually grew a pair and ended things with his wife.

But alas, Climax quickly reveals that there is trouble brewing in paradise between our engaged couple. Kate is extremely busy with her newly created publishing company, and loves Mac sooo much, but when she bumps into her ex-fiance Nick on the teeming streets of New York s I had mixed feelings towards the fact that there was a third book.

Kate is extremely busy with her newly created publishing company, and loves Mac sooo much, but when she bumps into her ex-fiance Nick on the teeming streets of New York she questions whether or not she made the right decision in giving him up.

‎Ruth Ann’s Letters Going to a New Level, Series Three on Apple Books

Especially since Nick now seems to have moved on completely from their relationship. As if that experience didn't cause enough confusion for Kate, Mac's ex-wife has been diagnosed with cancer, and he is spending an inordinate amount of time taking care of her. Rock, hard place At the start of the novel she seems firm in her decision to be with Mac. It's only after bumping into Nick, and her close friends constantly pestering her that she is still in love with Nick that she starts to question her decision to leave him.

It's called peer pressure, and it seemed like Kate was undergoing quite a bit of it in this book that she almost had no choice but to think about Nick again, and question her relationship with Mac. There were some definite highlights to this book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Firstly, the majority of the previous novels were told from Kate and Mac's points of view, but this book prominently features Nick's thoughts and feelings towards Kate and their mess of a relationship. Finally, Nick feels like a real character!! I struggled with that lack of character development through most of books one and two, so I was unbelievably excited to see this change in book 3. The second highlight of this book: Kate gets therapy!!!

Yes, after all of the drama and issues Kate has dealt with in the previous two novels, a friend of hers recommends that she see a particularly quirky therapist, Dr. Now, although Dr. Ruth Ann was funny in a wacky sort of way, her character was almost too cartoonish to be believable. I mean, unless things have changed in the therapy world and doctors can actually tell patients all of the mistakes they've made and what is really going on in their lives. In spite of the possible ethical issues surrounding Dr.

Ruth Ann, she did tell Kate one of the most eye-opening things ever: Kate's love life is on spin cycle. Sooo unbelievably true! I think this spin cycle of a love life played heavily into why I had a difficult time liking her in this book. If I had to put a label on it, I'd come right out and say that Kate is a weak and selfish character. Her feelings are constantly jumping back and forth from one man to the other. Although both men have their faults, she really isn't being fair to either of them.

Even when I thought she had made an ultimate decision at the end of the last book to be with Mac, the minute things aren't wonderfully perfect in their relationship she starts to think of Nick again. She's weak because during all the time that Mac is helping his ex-wife through her illness, Kate presents an outward facade of being fine with it, but deep down she feels neglected and knows that his spending so much time with his ex could lead to serious problems between the two of them.

I must say it was fascinating to see how this series, as well as the characters within it, progressed from one book to the next. Kate herself has definitely grown as a character, and it was unbelievably satisfying to finally see her tell off a pain in the ass author. I just wish she had her aha moment of strength a little earlier on, rather than in the last 30 pages or so of the book. Sep 10, Debbie Hanson rated it it was amazing Shelves: on-kindle.

This was the best ending for a trilogy that I loved from the beginning. I was a teamnick fan right from the start of this well written story of publicist Kate Mitchell. The Climax starts pretty much where book 2 finishes. Their lives are in full swing with a busy company "Lavigne House" taking off in the publishing world and a wedding that doesn't ever have a permanent date.

Kate isn't sure why there is doubt but something ke This was the best ending for a trilogy that I loved from the beginning. Kate isn't sure why there is doubt but something keeps stopping her from moving forward. When their world's start colliding with the involvement of Nick's sister into the story. Vivienne hates Kate with a passion after what she put Nick through after the engagement and breakup but it is Lavigne house that gives her her break. Kate knows her stuff and thinks this is an amazing story but whether the 2 can work together remains a mystery.

It is Nick who pushes Viv towards Kate knowing despite their differences and history Kate will do everything she can for a successful release. While Kate is busy running her company Mac receives news his ex wife has bern diagnosed with cancer. Kate feels more alone then ever and more doubt plays on her mind and the final blow comes with a trip to Paris for her cancer treatment.

Knowing Mac and Carolyn history Kate refuses to go and be the 3rd wheel and this is where the whole story turns on its head! How to move forward without giving to much away And rescue he does. But eith a girlfriend back home he cannot deny the feelings that are still there for Kate. He has always loved her abs one night in Mexico changes everything for the 2 of them.

Nick returns to his life with his girlfriend, now pregnant girlfriend and with constant reminders of what he and Kate shared but never shying away from his responsibilities be marries Stephanie the keniving bitch from hell. She also hates Kate and will do anything to remove her from Nick's life. So with Kate's life falling apart around her, a successful business and an up and coming author Kate moves forward with her life without Mac and Nick but she is never truly happy.

So without giving anything away, this story will have you guessing right to the last chapter. Have to say a little author letter at the back gas me a little excited over another publicist story to come! Nov 27, LuAnn rated it really liked it Shelves: e-books , challenge. Well, I will miss Kate. You see, I've read and reviewed the first two installments in this series: The Publicist and Shelf Life as well as the audiobook version of The Publicist. I also did an interview with Christina George! I'm not trying to be mean, but this way you get to find out for yourselves!

In the first two books, Kate changed from being a publicist working for a publisher to being the head Well, I will miss Kate. In the first two books, Kate changed from being a publicist working for a publisher to being the head of her own publishing house, named after her friend, the author Allan Lavigne, who was Nick's uncle. In Climax, Kate becomes aware of a fantastic new book, written by an author who prefers to remain as private as possible. Unbeknownst to most people at the time, said writer is Nick's little sister and she has a huge chip on her shoulder about Kate after she broke her engagement to Nick.

But they manage to work things out professionally - and I really would have expected that of Kate. After all, she talked a writer off a rooftop earlier in the series. She's got serious negotiating chops, this woman. One huge game changer in this particular book is the fact that Mac's ex-wife finds out she has cancer.

Besides spending a number of days arranging for his ex's medical care and being with their sons, Mac winds up taking her and the boys to Paris for some miracle treatment. Kate has a tough time swallowing this one because she and Mac were supposed to go there. Kate matures in more ways than one in Climax. She stops being a people-pleasing publicist it sounds kind of like a job requirement to being someone more in control, and that is a pleasure to see.

One really great scene was where she confronted an spoiled cookbook author who had gotten drunk, assaulted someone and got herself arrested. This woman expected Kate to come down to jail and bail her out. Well, Kate showed up, and she cancelled the author's contract! I think I may have fist-pumped at this point. On it's own, Climax is a great modern tale of love and life in the publishing world. Taken as a whole, the Publicist series shows Kate's tremendous growth as a character and a woman. It's wonderful to watch and experience and makes her a grand professional role model for young women.

Kate's personal life takes a while to come around, but I think she's on the right track by the end of the book. One teeny-tiny bit of confusion. I had gotten the idea that this was a trilogy, but my copy of the book came with "Climax - Part I". So maybe I won't be missing Kate for long? That would be alright by me. Disclosure: I received this book from the author and publishers in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Dec 07, Laura Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: collections-anthologies. There is so much in this amazing finish that I understand why it was divided into parts. Kate uses her severance pay plus money Allan left her as well as his final manuscript to open her own publishing house. Since she named it Lavigne House after Allan, Nick is obviously still a part of the equation, even if he refuses to take any profits due him. Kate still finds herself performi There is so much in this amazing finish that I understand why it was divided into parts.

Kate still finds herself performing super hero deeds that were necessary to her life as a publicist. Almost unavoidably, Mac becomes the editor at Kate's new business. So the potential for the triangle of messy love lives continues to exist. Kate literally bumps into Nick as she is rushing off to an author emergency. I admit I loved the parts of the books with all the drama of author events. Nick is in New York opening new stores for his own business, based in California. He also is sharing an apartment with his much younger sister, Vivienne, whom Kate has never met in person.

Another female flies in to complicate his life further, but that comes a bit later. Kate is trying her best to be honest with those in her inner circle, meaning Mac and Grace, Lulu, Andrew, and Nick, if he will allow her to be his friend. Her honesty tends to lead to some fiery confrontations. Her cicle will grow to include Viv, after a rocky start, and Kate's own "Dr. Mac takes every opportunity to satisfy his own cravings, need and desires.

Even when he tries to "do the right thing" for his family, his sons and a now ill ex-wife, the bottom line is his self less acts are really selfish underneath. I do believe his heart is torn. He does love both Kate and Carolyn. He may be in his fifties, but maturity has not overtaken him.

Nick has never gotten over Kate. He feels that distance is the only cure for his love. That doesn't seem to be working out for him. Even when a pushy female decides to convince him she is his girlfriend, and even manages to walk down the matrimonial aisle with him, Kate still owns Nick's heart. Mac doesn't help his own cause any when he keeps taking weeks long trips with carolyn and their sons.

When Mac told Kate about the honeymoon trip to Paris that he never took with his wife, he had no idea how that would come back to haunt him. Kate finally realizes how much of a doormat she has become, between the way she lets authors and men trample over her. I would add even Grace stomps on Kate now and again. You will have to read Climax to find out who ends up with whom. I was delighted, at the end of the book, wherre author Christina George shares that we'll visit these characters again.

Mar 06, Laura Thomas rated it it was amazing. So here we are. Climax is what it is. The last book in this exciting romance series. From publicist to publisher and owner of her own publishing house. The first book came in at around pages. The second book at around pages. Climax has a whopping page So here we are. Climax has a whopping pages and not one bit of it is redundant. Especially when Kate bumps into Nick, her former fiancee and Mr. Ooh, this is where it gets very interesting.

Poor Kate is under so much stress. Her love life is in tatters as Mac deals with some serious issues with his ex-wife. Nick is in town and connected to her star author. So will there be a happy ever after? And who will Kate end up with? There is one in this series, kind of.

Ebook Ruth Anns Letters Going To A New Level Series Three

I believe you can love more than one man, just in different ways. Kate drove me a bit nuts bouncing back and forth. And when I finally got my answer to who Kate ended up with, I felt happy for her. The heart wants…. I need to give praise to Christina George for getting me to fall so deeply into her series. I usually prefer romance with a creepy mystery, some suspense, or even something paranormal. The Publicist is romance with a capital R, and I ate these books up. I received this book for my honest review. View 2 comments. Jan 15, LJT rated it it was amazing. The entire series which is centered around the world of publishing, totally wowed me, and the characters will live on in my heart for a very long time.

This is a well-written, emotionally charged book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read an awe-inspiring love story. About a year ago, Kate was engaged to Nick, but broke up with him because she felt she did not love him enough. Waiting for Kate's love is Mac, a gorgeous man and hotshot in the publishing industry.

His philandering ways are legendary, yet for the most part, he is completely faithful to Kate. Kate and Mac are in business together, successfully publishing and promoting books in their unique boutique style, while enjoying life as a happy couple. When Nick's business finds him in New York City, he literally runs into Kate, and the lives of the three will never be the same.

Kate, Mac and Nick are great characters. They are perfectly defined, which enabled me to connect with them immediately. Kate's good friend Andrew, a former rock superstar, is a real hoot and his advice is comical. Each character is distinctive in their own way and the book's subplots are intriguing.

Nick's sister and Kate's therapist are especially entertaining. George does a wonderful job of incorporating the past into the present, and as a result, the story flows effortlessly. I am truly looking forward to the spin-off series! Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley. Jan 15, Lou rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads , romance. I wanted to hate this book but unfortunately I couldn't.

I never really liked the main characters -Kate, Mac and even Nick- and also I was sick and tired of the sex scenes. The only reason why I kept reading the two previous books was because of the publishing world and the narrative. The author is amazing and I love her shorts but deep chapters and I couldn't help but love the writing style. Also, the story was really well constructed and very unpredictable. Although I didn't enjoyed the main char I wanted to hate this book but unfortunately I couldn't. Recently, I read on the author's blog that she's thinking of writing a book about Viviene, and if so, I'll be definitely give it a try because Viviene is just such a great character and she deserves her own book.

I won this book through GoodReads and I thank to the author for providing me this copy but this fact didn't influence the review. May 15, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , womens-fiction. I really wanted to strangle the main character, Kate Mitchell after the second book. I love all the characters especially Andrew and James. Christina George tells their stories and back stories so well. Like everyone in all three books I wanted to be friends with Kate Mitchell too. But her choices and decisions in the second book made me crazy. I am glad that Andrew convinced conned?

Yet another amazing and colorful character. A good reminder to u Finally! A good reminder to us all that once in a while it is good to talk to someone, Dr Ruth Ann not only helps Katie get a grasp of what she did not know she was chasing, but at the end becomes my hero. The trilogy is worth hanging in there for. Check out my reviews of the first two books. I learned more about publishing from these books than I ever thought there was to know.

Christina George is a beautiful writer who sucks you into her stories and makes you skip dinner and stay up all night wanting to know what happens to the characters she created that you cannot help but love. Dec 15, Dorrie Burke rated it it was amazing. Oh, wow! Some may think that the title "Climax" means its going to be a naughty read, and it is to a certain extent, but I think what it really means is the way the story concluded and boy was it a "Climax".

The story was intertwined and engaging and caused me to stay up late reading it several nights in a row.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg has moved the Supreme Court.

Kate's doubts about marrying Mac and setting a date were pretty clear that she still had feelings for Nick or doubts about Mac. I am so glad that Nick went to Mexico to find Kate when Wow! I am so glad that Nick went to Mexico to find Kate when she was lost and thinking about starting a broom making business. I absolutely loved Ruth Ann and thought she was a hoot and I especially loved the way she took charge of the situation in the hospital in the end. Can hardly wait for the spin off stories. Jan 03, Gretchen Kannarr rated it it was amazing.

Excellent ending! This was a great and very well written series. Looking forward to more from this author. Love, Love, Love this book! Team Nick all the way, but I do wish Mac the best with his ex-wife. Can't wait to see what happens next! Dec 17, Nancy rated it really liked it. Liked all of the publishing information. Quite angsty. This story kept me reading. Jan 11, Amy rated it really liked it. Kate has been accustomed to coming in second.

She's allowed herself to be put in that position, whether professionally or personally. Her clients boss her around and make occasionally irrational expectations of her, her co-workers - and now employees - do the same, and the man she believes is her destiny routinely chose his wife over her. It's possible that she has convinced herself that she deserves no better than what she has. At first, though, Kate thinks she has everything she wants. She has her own publishing house, courtesy of an inheritance of sorts from Nick's uncle.

She has Mac. She has New York. All it takes to make her question this - to make her wonder if what she has is, indeed, what she truly wants - is running into Nick on the streets of New York. Nick, who should be back in California. Nick, who squeezes her heart. Nick, who makes her ask questions. Nick and Kate are placed in proximity to each other, thanks to Kate signing Nick's sister as a client.

The more time she spends with him, the more Kate finds herself drawn to Nick. There is no question: she still loves him. But there is also no question that she loves Mac.

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The problem with Mac is that there will always be doubts. As James Goldsmith famously said, when you marry your mistress, you create a job opening. Mac and Kate are engaged, yet she can't set a date, for reasons she isn't quite clear about. She can't admit it to herself, but she has doubts about Mac. Can he be faithful to her? She tells herself that he adores her and loves her, but at one point he adored and loved his ex-wife Carolyn. Ah, yes, Carolyn. Mac finds himself spending more time with her and their sons, and the guilt he bears for how he treated her during their marriage weighs on him.

Mac is a good guy at heart. Yes, he's narcissistic and short-sighted, but his intentions are good ones. When he helps someone, he does so because he believes he's doing the right thing, whether as a form of penance or altruism. But he isn't a bad man. He's just flawed. Nick, on the other hand, is a so-called 'golden boy,' a man whose California blond beauty dazzles and disarms. As burdened as Mac is by his behavior during his marriage, Nick is torn and haunted by what he perceives as Kate's betrayal.

When he and Kate were together, though, Kate was not completely in the relationship. Part of her - a larger part than Nick perhaps realizes - belonged to Mac. She has to decide, not so much between Mac and Nick, as for herself. Her existence has largely been centered on others - what would make them happy, what do they need, what can she do for them.

He friend Andrew forces her to see a therapist in hopes that the doctor a quirky, retro-polyester pantsuit wearing force of nature named Dr. Ruth Ann can help Kate find peace. What Ruth Ann does first, however, is upend Kate's world. She asks questions that make Kate confront desires and thoughts she long ago shoved into a far corner of her mind and heart. Helping Ruth Ann out, albeit unknowingly and unwillingly, is Mac.

He increasingly chooses behavior that pushes Kate's needs and happiness further and further away. At first, Kate accepts this, even if reluctantly and with reservations. As Mac's behavior continues, though, Kate refuses to allow herself to be relegated to decreased importance. All voids must be filled, and Kate's conflicted feelings about Nick encroach on hers.

When writers employ a love triangle, they have to make it clear to readers why the central character makes the choice she does. In some cases, it's as simple as where her feelings fall stronger. In others, it's because one of the characters is just not as good enough for her as the other. Christina George has as similar a choice to make as Kate: which man is the right man? To some degree, George takes a shortcut.

She engineers a story that makes Kate's choice less significant than it could have been because of the behavior of one of the characters. It's also somewhat minimized by Dr. Ruth Ann explaining quite bluntly what Kate needs to do. Such engineering blunts the story in some way, making it feel as if Kate's choice comes about synthetically. One of the last scenes in the novel, in fact, appears to be there only to reinforce how correct Kate's decision was. We get it. One of these men is not worthy of her. There is no need to pile on. The Publicist series has never been about the sex, although the characters certainly have it.

George's scenes have a few choice details, but not many, so if you're looking for some hot headboard rocking, this is not the book for you. If you want a romance, though, then this series is a nice fit. Kate Mitchell is a character I grew to enjoy. She's kind and devoted, unselfish and caring, strong and determined. Watching her go from a woman who loved a married man to a woman who thought she had what she wanted to a woman who finally went out and commandeered the life she deserves has been a fun, sweet ride.

Do I agree with her choice? Christina George gives me little room to question it. Part of me thinks she's settling, that she's still allowing others to dictate the direction she takes. A bolder move, perhaps, would to have chosen neither of them. Published on VoxLibris. Thrilling read of emotions I enjoyed reading this book with it's ups and down and learning more of the characters and the publishing world.

Look forward to more books by this author. May 05, Ara Prado rated it it was amazing. I even figured that Nick would end up with Kate's best friend, Grace. Why I thought that But nooooooo She thought she was at the top of the world, and that she has everything. She made the decision of being with Mac and even shattered the heart of Nick.

But then things happened. Bad things. And she becomes a shell of her former self He loves Kate, and she's the best kindest woman he knows. But unexpected things happen -- things involving his ex-wife. Nothing is the same for him since then. With a girlfriend and a child on the way, he's supposed to be contented. But instead, he thinks about Kate all the time and he starts questioning the things he really want in life. I just had to get that out. I loved this book. Climax has many twists, many surprises, and I'm not even sure if I like or detest them. It's the exact reason why I decided not to separate my review to their respective "to love" and "to bleh" sections.

Okay, let's cut to the chase I loved him in the first two books and I was vying for him and Kate to be together forever, but that just blew up on my face. They make such a great team, romantically and professionally. Nick is a great guy, no doubt about that, but that's exactly why I can handle him not being with Kate.

He can easily find another woman to be with because he's perfect and has no commitment issues. Going back to Mac's asshole tendencies Yes, I am using a lot of expletives right now , I was very disappointed with what he did. Is it just in his DNA? Is the saying about men like him true? Does he not love Kate enough to be able to do something so rotten?

He, or rather someone important, was going through something sad and unfortunate, but it was no excuse for what he did. I found Kate's transition was a bit too quick for my liking. One would assume that because she was so in love with Mac, it would take a very long time before she can move on But it wasn't like that. I guess nobody could blame her; mix in alcohol, mexico, depression, and Nick, anyone would be changing tunes pretty quickly too.

I can't say much without giving anything away. I will say this though Kate gets her happily-ever-after with one of these two amazing men, and the other guy As you can tell, I feel so strongly about this book. An author's goal is to engage readers, and I admit that Christina George succeeded in that feat. I highly recommend this trilogy. It won't disappoint.

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It was a fun journey, and may this book continue to grow in success. This picks up some time after the events of book two, Shelf Life, and we find that while the "happily" part is still in effect, the "ever after" seems to be in limbo. While everyone appears to have moved on, readers will find out that that's not neces Note: This ebook was provided by Author Marketing Experts via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. While everyone appears to have moved on, readers will find out that that's not necessarily true, no matter how much the main characters try to convince themselves that they have.

Kate Mitchell is on top of the world--she's engaged to MacDermott "Mac" Ellis, who professed his love and making her the only woman he divorced his wife for, and she has her own publishing house with a number of successful titles under its belt. There's no doubt that she and Mac love each other but it's a wonder that they have yet to set a date for their nuptials. Kate appears to be waiting Then, she unexpectedly bumps into Nicholas "Nick" Lavigne, the man who's heart she broke. He's no longer the same guy he once was, becoming more wary of falling in love and more protective of his own feelings.

Being that vulnerable taught him painful lessons but he's dating someone new, opening new branches of his store, and being there for his younger sister Vivienne.

Yes, life has gone on but then it goes off-kilter again when, of all the people in New York, he bumps into Kate Mitchell, aka the ex. Mac Ellis is ready to start a new life as a married man to Kate Mitchell. He finally did the right thing and divorced his wife and is now working side-by-side with the woman who's changed his life. Sally Lloyd-Jones. Susie Shellenberger. A Bible Book of Laws.

Sheila Deeth. Love, Stargirl. Jerry Spinelli. Under Wildwood. Colin Meloy. Paper Planes. Steve Worland. Wayne W. Giraffes Can't Dance.

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