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I hope so too. And when you do read it i hope you enjoy it more than I did :. Orient wrote: "Great review, dear : " Thanks Orient :. Jilly wrote: "" lol. V wrote: "Great honest review, Jessica! Wendy wrote: "Awesome and honest review sweets ; xoxo" Thanks Wendy :. Astrid wrote: "Fab honest review, hon! I do that too rate something and then think back to it and change the rating while asking myself what was I thinking.

I think my taste changes with my moods lol :. Michelle wrote: "Fab honest review huni xxx" Thanks Michelle :. Exina wrote: "Great review, Jessica! Judith wrote: "Great review,darling,xx" Thanks Judith :. Arianna wrote: "Great review, hon! Leigh wrote: "Great review Jessica. I'm hoping the next one is better :.

Maya wrote: "Nice review, hun! Alp wrote: "Great honest review, Jessica.

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Sophie wrote: "Great honest review Jessica! I am fitting some ARCs in between, but with OCD I have to finish a series once I start it all in order lol so Imma try to read a arc and see if that will help before I get back to the next book! Fab review hun!! Totally using that!

I've had the exact same reactions as yours to all of these books. I didn't lie -- "the next 3 are awesome". Great, honest review, Jessica! Wonderful review, Jessica! Great review hun! At least this one turned out better than Jagged for you :. I didn't lie -- "the next 3 are awesome"" lol Great minds :. Candace wrote: "Great, honest review, Jessica! Christine wrote: "Wonderful review, Jessica!

Dali wrote: "Great review hun! At least this one turned out better than Jagged for you : " Thanks Dali lol yes it was a little better then Jagger :. FAB review Sweetie! Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. Related Pages. Ergodos Music Production Studio.

DownWithJazz Festival. Spike Cello Festival Performing Arts. TheHouse Presents Community Organization. The Guesthouse Nonprofit Organization. Pages Liked by This Page. Aimee Farrell Courtney. It was a drama read and it made me cry quite a lot at times. It was also so well-written that the story, although "squezed" into pages I read a kinda different edition was totally NOT boring or with plot gaps.

And that is talent. The plot twists were efficiently and amazingly working as a true kaleidoscope! Enjoy the read!! May 25, Sea Urchin rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. Read it years back. The plot is very interesting, about 3 sisters who are separated when little and each of them lives a very different life than the other, and when they grow up they find each other and its amazing to see how completely DIFFERENT they are.

The book sort of shows the nature vs nurture debate. The book is also in very simple language and easy to read. Keeps you glued till the end! Sep 30, Joshua Marquez rated it really liked it. With just the turn of a kaleidoscope, your vision on life can shift, whether it be for the better or for the worse. I would recommend Danielle Steel's story; Kaleidoscope. Not only because it's full of love, tragedy, and determination showing how easy it is for life to change in an instant, but because conveys the idea that with enough persistence, you can make your way through any situation, and that's what I love about it.

It's set in mid and post WWII, and centers itself around the oldest ch With just the turn of a kaleidoscope, your vision on life can shift, whether it be for the better or for the worse. It's set in mid and post WWII, and centers itself around the oldest child of three sisters, Hilary, who, when her parents tragically and abruptly disappear out of her life, is then separated and forced to live with new people, in a new environment foreign and unfamiliar to her. Separated from each other at a young age, they grow up without each other.

The eldest, Hilary, will have to learn and grow with each new task she is faced with growing up, waiting for the day where she may possibly reunite with them once again, and the day where she confronts the person who tore her family apart. I enjoyed, "growing up' with Hilary and the other characters, as the story seems to begin anew each time a character is introduced, they each have their own quirks, as well as weaknesses revealed throughout the story.

Kaleidoscope has essentially changed or helped me see my view on the way I handle conflicts not only in my life, but in others lives as well. I'd recommend this book to those who love tragic, affectionate, and dramatic story lines, with a twist that wraps up the story in a subtle, yet decorative way. View 1 comment. Mar 14, Lynai rated it liked it Shelves: own-a-copy. Kaleidoscope revolves around three sisters, Hilary, Alexandra, and Megan, who were separated while they were still kids.

In my opinion, the whole plot revolves around the life of Hilary and her depressing and solitary existence while the other two main characters — Alexandra and Megan — were just add-ons to make the story more cohesive. It was supposed to be touching and emotional but I do not find it powerful enough to move me to tears. In fact, it was kind of expected, in the way Danielle Steele frames her story where she leaves some hints here and there.

No big shock there, man. Or maybe this is not supposed to be a suspense story. This is not to say, though, that I hated it.

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Kaleidoscope is still a very interesting story. I love how Danielle Steel created each of her characters, including Sam, Solange, John Chapman, Margarita, even the dancer Sasha, with such depth and clarity. I love the contrast between the three lead characters except that maybe she has made them too predictable for my taste.

Kaleidoscope is an easy read. I finished it in one night under the light of a rechargeable lamp because of a blackout. It is a good read before one goes to sleep. Because the final lesson of the story is, All is well that ends well. For the complete review, please visit It's A Wonderful Bookworld Aug 08, Shilpa rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , re-readables.

Travel book review: 'Kaleidoscope City: A Year in Varanasi'

This is one of my favourite books by Danielle Steele Was actually getting bored of her writing style when I stumbled upon this one. But once I started it,I was totally engrossed into the way its story was enfolding, it being so gripping and heart wrenching at times that i could finally keep it down only once I had read the happy ending it so truly deserved.

A story of three girls left to be on their own when their actor father kills his pretty wife and commits suicide himself. The eldest Hilary This is one of my favourite books by Danielle Steele The eldest Hilary is the only one who is old enough to understand the loss that has happened and the way their lives would change.

Kaleidoscope Dream - Wikipedia

The younger ones are adopted whereas Hilary is left on her own to go through the most devastating phases of her life. But she makes it her own, with her will,her pain so strong it doesn't let anyone come in her Life. It all changes when a private investigator is asked to find the three girls by a guilt prone friend of their father's who is about to die and wishes to see them united. Would they meet And you can do that only if you are ready to go through the dark and depressing sometimes happy emotions it brings.

Sep 22, mark rated it it was ok Recommended to mark by: father. Shelves: relationships. My father just sent me this book, yesterday. So I read it this AM. Ok, I just read Hilary's part. I don't know how I feel about these types of books - if they do no harm or in fact, are harmful because they take serious things and kind of make them unreal. And there's always a happy e My father just sent me this book, yesterday. And there's always a happy ending - love conquers all. The writing trivializes human emotion, the human psyche This is the 1st Steel book I've read.

I've read a few of Roberts. Like I said - I don't know. View 2 comments. Kaleidoscope starts off with World War II. When the Allies defeated the Germans. And the American army is currently waiting in France after liberating it from Nazi occupation. Before being sent to attack Germany.

And share a strong bond with each other after fighting alongside each other for a long time. In France Sam catches sight of a girl named Solange Bertrand. A girl with fiery red hair and emerald eyes. She is the most beautiful girl that Sam has ever seen. And makes a vow that as soon as the war ends he will marry her in America and start a family with her. Solange soon falls in love with Sam as well. And promises to wait for Sam till the war is over. Sam and Arthur are sent to Germany to fight the Nazis. And they emerge victorious. Sam and Arthur go back to America and Solange joins them soon there.

Sam and Solange are married soon by their best friend Arthur. Sam embarks on a new career in acting in theatre and Solange become a loving and supportive wife.

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Sam soon becomes a rising star and eventually makes it to the top. They go from rags to riches in a span of less than 8 years. They have three daughters, the oldest is Hillary who is 8 years old, then Alexandra who is 4 years and finally Megan who is 1 year. Authur Patterson is appointed as the Godfather to the oldest, Hillary. Life seems blissful for Solange and Sam, with a luxurious and comfortable life and a promising and successful career ahead of them. But not everything is as perfect as it seems. Solange starts to doubt the loyalty of Sam. She suspects that he might be cheating on her with the leading ladies of his movies.

Her doubts are confirmed when she hears about him and an actress on a trip together. She is very upset with this news and tries to find comfort with her friend Arthur Patterson. Solange decides to confront Sam about his philandering. When she dose Sam denies it and lashes out. Solange tells him that she too was having an affair with someone and that if Sam does not stop it then she will give him a divorce.

This make Sam very angry that he chokes her to death. Sam kills Solange that night and leaves his three daughters without a mother. Sam goes into depression and is eventually convicted of the crime. Author tries to defend him but fails miserably. Depressed Sam, unable to handle the reality of the situation hangs himself. The three girls are left orphans. Hillary being the oldest will not be adopted by any family and is sent away to live with her cruel aunt and abusive uncle.

She grows up in an unbearable condition for a child her age. She goes through a number of foster homes after her aunt dies and uncle tries to rape and kill her. She eventually ends up in Juvenile hall.

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Hillary promises that one day she will find her sisters again and will destroy the man, who she thinks, has separated her family. That is Arthur.


Years go by and she still remembers her sisters, which is the only thing that gets her through all the trying times in her life and helps her to keep moving forward. She is an exceptional and bright student. She graduates at 17 and goes to New York to hunt down Arthur Patterson.


When she confronts him she is shocked to learn that he had not kept track of the girls and their movements throughout the years and now has no clue where they are. This news shatters Hillary and she loses all hope in life. She has made it to the top. But life is still not normal for Hillary, she still bears the scars of the past. And heart wrenching memories of her mother being murdered by her father. And the hollow feeling of Arthur taking her two baby sisters out of her hands away from her forever. She does not have any friends and has never been in a meaningful relationship with anyone in her entire life.

She is an empty soul, who has lost the will to live, because she was unable to find her sisters. And has no knowledge of their fate. Until one day, 30 years later she gets a call from a man named John Chapman. Who says that he is looking for Hillary Walker the girl who was in fact the eldest daughter of Sam and Solange Walker, who had died years ago. This phone call pushes her back to the past. It feels like everything comes clattering down on her strong and burdened shoulders.

Suddenly she is faced with the past that she has hid far way in her soul. Her life comes to a halt. Who is this John Chapman and why is he looking for her?