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  3. Six principles
  4. Guidelines for journalists reporting on children

Newspapers have seen print revenues sink at a faster pace than the rate of growth for digital revenues.

Guidelines for journalists reporting on children | UNICEF Liberia

When writing stories, objectivity and bias are issues of concern to journalists. Some stories are intended to represent the author's own opinion; others are more neutral or feature balanced points-of-view.

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In a print newspaper, information is organized into sections and the distinction between opinionated and neutral stories is often clear. Online, many of these distinctions break down.

'I must survive to seek justice,' says widow of murdered Bangladesh blogger

Readers should pay careful attention to headings and other design elements to ensure that they understand the journalist's intent. Journalists are "supposed" to be "objective" and "neutral" and that they be guided by professional codes of ethics and do their best to represent all legitimate points of view.

Reporting on child labour in cocoa: Journalists join ICI in Côte d’Ivoire

There are several forms of journalism with different types of audiences. A single publication such as a newspaper contains many forms of journalism, each of which may be presented in different formats. Each section of a newspaper, magazine, or website may cater to a different audience. The rise of social media has drastically changed the nature of journalistic reporting, giving rise to so-called citizen journalists.

Woman interrupted during BBC interview

In a study of journalists in the United States participants claimed they rely on social media as a source, depending on microblogs to collect facts. From this, the conclusion can be drawn that breaking news nowadays often stems from user-generated content, including videos and pictures posted online in social media.

Six principles

Because of these changes, the credibility ratings of news outlets has reached an all-time low. It is often published to intentionally mislead readers to ultimately benefit a cause, organization or an individual. A glaring example was the proliferation of fake news in social media during the U. Conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and lies have been circulated under the guise of news reports to benefit specific candidates.

Guidelines for journalists reporting on children

I want to address social issues. In Gazipur district, in the north of the capital, Dhaka, industrial waste is ruining the Turag river, where the water was once beautiful and fish plentiful, reports Prism journalist Mohammed Jahid Hasan Sumon, Sumon reports on the economic and environmental implications of the drying river, the dwindling of which means fishing communities are losing their livelihoods. Sumon, who writes the reports himself, says he received training from Prism that included camera handling and news presenting.

Compiling the reports also enables critical thinking among the young people, which will make them better professionals if they pursue a career in journalism, says Toufique Imrose Khalidi, editor in chief of BDnews Yet journalists and voices outside the mainstream media have come under attack from authorities and religious fundamentalists in Bangladesh. The safety of the young reporters is therefore a concern.

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  5. Journalists have also been imprisoned. Unicef and BDnews24 maintain that the young people are looked after when they report for Prism.

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    These children are proving that they are better than us. District coordinators of Prism, as well as editors at BDnews24, assess the reports produced by the young journalists before they are published online.