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Hi and thanks for the feedback. Mistakes do happen. Is he being submissive when he urinates or do you think it is just accidents. If they are accidents this advice will help, if it is the other let me know and ill give you some advice. Clean your carpets, with the odor neutralizer, in all the known places that you can find where your dog has been.

I prefer SOX but there are a number of other good products out there. This will help disguise the scent and you will find it easier to catch your dog preparing to go potty before it has the chance to do so inside. You must reprimand your dog as it is performing the undesirable behavior, because dogs only ever associate your punishment or reward with the very last action they have performed. This will give your dog a place it can return to that is marked with its own scent and therefore safe to use as a bathroom. Introduce the command "Be quick! Good Dog" as your dog goes and reward it with treats if you wish.

This command is handy, as your dog quickly associates your voice command with the act of eliminating.

9. Yelling

My dog's will even try and go anytime, anywhere if I give this command, knowing the treats that usually accompany being obedient! Let me know if this is the problem. The above info is the advice i give to all people in these situations. I hope it helps Good luck Todd. To be honest, I definitely think these are not accidents. He is very good at sitting by the door when he has to use the bathroom and he does not appear ashamed when he eliminates in our living room.

He used to hide when he made a mistake, but now he just does it in front of us. In addition, it is not urine, but feces. Interestingly enough, he did learn to hold 2 last, but I still think there is something behind this behavior since when we really got into alpha training he did it 3 days in a row. What do you think? Hi and thanks for that info. Okay so maybe it is related to the training. He may be a little submissive and so is getting nervous and urinating. The first thing to do is to make sure that your dog has been fully checked out by a vet for any possible medical reason for this type of behavior.

As a general rule, keep greetings low key and reward any positive postures that your dog makes. Make sure that you do not punish your dog for its indiscretions. This will only make the matter worse. If you feel that he is urinating due to excitement then the same techniques apply, except that you should ignore your dog until it is calm. Any accidents should be cleaned up with a specific pet odor neutralizer. If your dog tends to urinate in the same place then you could try using the odor neutralizer, waiting for it to dry, then feeding your dog a treat on the spot.

That way it will hopefully get the association between food and the area rather than it being a place that it can relieve itself. Whenever he is being submissive eg rolling on his back, cowering or hiding completely ignore him. This means no eye contact or talking to him. When he shows confidence eg coming to you or not cowering praise him and give him lots of attention.

DogTime Breed Finder

You may want to hold off the alpha training for a while until you get things under control. As well go back to the way you were doing things before he started having mistakes and see if that helps. Keep in touch, Todd. Hi Cody's mom. I didin't know the breed "havanese" so I googled it and found out it is a small dog. I think your dog is totally confused by being implemented with the Alpha techniques.

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Just think what you would feel, one day all of a sudden, your beloved human friend started treating you so differently from the day before. You would not understand what's going on. You might think you might have done something wrong or you might think what you have been doing was not correct. Please hold off the alpha training and observe your dog very carefully. The first thing you should do to your dog is, in my opinion, to reassure him he is the same good doggie that he was before.

You still love him a lot and he should rebuild his confidence. Barking, growling and nipping - dogs do these behaviors when they are highly excited too, they are not necessarily signs of aggression. I bet you feel uncomfortable to get your dog closer to a person when he is barking so I would like to have someone who is very familiar with dogs, such as dog training class instructors or doggie day care staff, etc. You can also make your dog sit and wait until he calms down before letting him sniff the treat from that person.

In the dog park I often go, there is a Larsa Apso who growls that never lets anybody else pick him up except for his owner. Every time I see him I approach him saying "Hi Junior, you are such a sweet puppy" as I give him a treat. With the dog owner's permission, I pick him up and give him a treat. He still growls but it is not a mean growl.

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When a dog barks, people tend to label that the dog is getting aggressive or dominant. However, there are all kinds of reasons of barking. Sometimes it is just an enthusiastic barking, saying let's play!! Other times, the dog has something to say, like "Don't leave me alone" or "A stranger is at the door! By looking at your dog very closely, you will know what kind of barking it is. I am posting this response based on what I read on your postings only so I may be wrong. If that is the case, please ignore this. Good luck and enjoy your puppy.

To reply to you both When Cody has "mistakes" it is feces, not urinating. He is not embarrassed or ashamed as he used to be when I trained him as a puppy. I can definitely tell the difference between his barking and growling at us in play and his behavior towards strangers. I am writing because he IS aggressive and I need help on how to deal with it He is not even like this with other dogs, which makes the whole situation seem like more of a power trip than anything else. I disagree with my vet when she suggested that I muzzle him and have other people pet him until he calms down because I think it would just irritate the situation.

On top of this, he continues to growl after 15 to 20 mins that the person is here. The aggressive behavior is not just when they enter the door. I frequently take him to the local dog park and he growls at everyone who tries to pet him, even after they've given him a treat or two. This is a serious problem which is only getting worse as time goes on he was not like this when he was younger. I am trying to avoid paying for agressive dog training by asking the advice of trainers and other dog owners with similar issues in this forum. Every day we have mandatory cuddle time, we play, we go on walks, we take the occasional trip to the park.

He is in a very loving atmosphere in which he is very comfortable. It is when a new person enters his perfect world, no matter how nicely they speak to him, that his amazing personality takes a downturn. He is not urinating out of fear, but pooping out of defiance almost. The havanese breed is very intelligent and Cody is no exception. I can almost see the rebellion in his little eyes which is why I am asking for direction on this. If I ignore his behaviors and stop training he will only get worse.

Please help, but understand that I do know my dog and that I love him very much and he knows that. Dear Cody's mom: I am sorry I was totally off the situation. I believe you because you are the one who knows your dog the best.

The 9 Things Making Your Dog’s Aggression, WORSE!

I have seen dogs with fear aggression and they got used to other people eventually by getting used to one person at a time. Some of the dogs became aggressive just to protect their owners. Those dogs get more aggressive when they are leashed by the owner, or close to the owner. When I held the lead of those dogs and the owner disappeared they didn't get aggressive to me, because there was nothing for them to protect. Dogs aggression is not a sign of raising their status but resource guarding, and the most precious resource can be you, the owner.

Anyway, I am not a supporter of the Alpha techniques and the pack rules so I will keep myself quiet. I am sure somebody like Todd will respond to you. For 5 or 10 seconds, ignore your pup. Hard nipping kills play and makes you be no fun at all. Most puppies want to keep that human engagement going. So they quickly learn to be careful with their teeth.

All you have to do is take away the fun and company for a few seconds. Otherwise you teach the lesson that sometimes, unpredictably, nipping is okay. Jump to Navigation. Puppy Nipping.

How to Train a Puppy to Respect an Older Dog

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