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Supplement 4. Supplement no number. Written in With some separate notes. Contains largely notes on books. Letters received and drafts of letters partly in shorthand sent by Nettlau. With annexes. With a letter by Nettlau incomplete, p. Das Leben With some letters by Nettlau. With a letter draft? Actis, Andrea Grugliasco. With letters partly draft? With a plan by Nettlau of his room in Vienna and letters by him and Adamis Nice.

Letter partly illegible because of damage. Adler, Friedrich. With copies made by Nettlau of a letter by Adler and one by Nettlau both in shorthand , a draft of a letter by Nettlau and separate notes by him. Adler, Victor. With a separate note in shorthand by Nettlau. Letter and note partly illegible because of damage. Agi Genova. Alaiz, Felipe. Albarez, Manuel. Probably first name. Albin Croquis Brefs , Lyon.

Aldred, Guy A. Alexeeff, A. New York. With a letter draft by Nettlau. Vigo La Guerre Sociale , Paris. One letter partly illegible because of damage. Amann, Paul. Amdrupl, Valdemar M. Visiting card, on the back a bibliographical note. American Express Company Inc. Andersson, Josef Stockholm? Visiting card. Angueira, Miguel A. Buenos Aires. Anguera, Maria Barcelona.

With letters drafts by Nettlau Arbetaren Stockholm Onar Andersson. Financial correspondence only. Archambault, Marie s. Armand, E. With a separate note by Nettlau. Some letters partly illegible because of damage. Aromatario, A. Arrigoni, E. Enclosed his pamphlet Anarchizm i diktatura proletariata with corrections by Nettlau.

Arual, Brisa. With separate notes by Nettlau. Atabekian Atabekiantz; Atabek; Atabekoff , Alexander. With a copy in shorthand and drafts of letters by Nettlau , Also with a copy made by Atabekian of the pamphlet? Kratkaja istorija Kropotkinskogo Muzeja and other typescripts in Russian. Atkinson, Robert. Avellano, Eduardo. Avenard, Marie and E. Letter from partly illegible. Biblioteket, Helsingfors. Postcard concerning Leonore Feuerbach. Baeriswyl, Fritz. Baker, Jacob Vanguard Press, Inc. Letter on finances. Baker, Olaf. Baker, R. Bakounine Bakunin , Charles. Bakunin Caccioppoli, Sofia.

With a letter by Melly Littower to Nettlau Bakunin Oglioloro, Marussia Maria. Many letters partly illegible because of damage. With a letter by Berta Nemayer former governess of the Bakunin children, first wife of Saverio Merlino and a letter draft by Nettlau With notes partly separate and in shorthand by Nettlau concerning Bagotzky Bagockij and other annexes. With a copy of a letter by Nettlau Baldwin, Roger N.

Bandera Negra Buenos Aires J. Barcelone Le Libertaire , Paris. With note in shorthand by Nettlau. Barker, Ambrose G. Barlow, John H. Bournville Village Trust. Barrera, A. La Protesta , Buenos Aires. Bartholdi-Herzig, Henri. Barton, Alf? The Free Commune , Manchester, Leeds. Baskette, Ewing C. Bauer, Stephan Basel. With notes by Nettlau on address labels of food packages received in the s. Beck-Rzikowsky, Trude. Letter concerning Anny Herein. Becker, W. Letters concerning the death of Gertrud Guillaume-Schack. Bedouch e Paris. Beer, Max. Beilin, B. With a postscript by Nettlau to Edward W.

Some letters partly illegible because of damage, text missing. Belcher, A. With separate note in shorthand by Nettlau. Belin, L. Bellerio, Emilio. Belletti, E. Belli, Joseph J. Dietz Nachf. Postcard from partly illegible because of damage. Benoit, Charles. Bergamasco, Giovanni. Berger, Octave Question sociale , Paris. Bergeron, Paul Les Vagabonds , Lyon. With a letter draft by Nettlau and an announcement from Lueurs Lyon. Bergmann, Heinrich Wattenscheid. With newspaper clippings from With a copy of a letter to Jean Grave and a letter by W.

With copies of letters by Nettlau and Berkman-Eckstein, Emmy. Bernal, N. Mexico City. With copies of letters in shorthand by Nettlau. Bernauer, Karl. Berndl, Ludwig and Dora. Berneri, Camillo. Bernstein, Eduard Documente des Socialismus , Berlin. Letter from partly illegible because of damage.

Bertoia, Oscar. With separate notes by Nettlau and letters drafts? Reisner Beskidy, Montania. Besnard, Pierre. Bevington Guggenberger , Louise Sarah. Bijlstra, J. De Arbeider , Groningen. Billing, Teresa. Bingham, Robert Provision Merchants, Sheffield. Bizo, Alex. With a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau. With notes by Nettlau. Blackwell, J. Bloch, Joseph Sozialistische Monatshefte , Berlin. With a postscript by Gertrud Guillaume-Schack. Bock, Carl. With a long reply by Nettlau in shorthand, a letter by A.

Specht and a letter by Bruno Wille Bolas, T. Bonnef, M. Bonoff Bonov , A. Liberty Group, London. Borghi, Armando. Borgius, Walther. Bouny-Reclus, I. Boutchingky, Teodor. Brand, Ignaz. With his death announcement Braun, Adolf Arbeiter-Zeitung , Vienna. Letter from partly damaged. Braun, Ludwig Vienna. Brenan, Gerald. Brilliant, Oscar L. British Museum , London.

Britschgi-Schimmer, Ina. Brocher, Gustave. With separate notes by Nettlau Brossa, James. With notes in shorthand by Nettlau. Brown, H. Letter in a German, French and Spanish version. With a letter by Minna Lowensohn and a letter by Alice Hirt With a postcard by Soledad Gustavo and a separate note by Nettlau. Brupbacher, Paulette. Buber, Martin. With a letter in shorthand draft? Buenacasa, Manuel. With a copy of a letter by Germinal Esgleas. Buisson, Ferdinand. Bullock, John Hammersmith. Bullock, O. Hammersmith Socialist Society. Burcev Bourtzeff , Vladimir Byloe , London. With a copy of a letter by Nettlau and a letter by S.

Vengerov to Baranov Burgh, H. Canadian, The pseudonym. With clippings. Cantwell, Thomas. Capes, Ben. Carbo, E. Grupo anarchista Mas Lejos , Barcelona. With a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau and a draft of his response to a questionary. Carr, E. Carvalho, Christiano de Trabalhador , Porto. Ceconi, Ermanno. With notes in shorthand by Nettlau and n. Cerny, Rudolf Verlag u. Buchhandlung, Vienna. With copies in shorthand of letters by Nettlau and a note on Cerny. Changeux, A. Charles, Frederic pseudonym of F. Letter from c.

Charlier, R. Charvot, M. Chase, Ray E. Rocker Publications Committee, Los Angeles. Cherbanoff, Veliko. Postcard partly illegible because of damage. Chevalier, Benoit. Blake ; Isabel Foster. With a letter draft by Nettlau and various receipts. Ciancabilla, Giuseppe. Clair, Max pseudonym of Alfred Mignon. Cochran, Mary R. Public Library of Cincinnati. Cohen, Alexander. Cohen, Joseph J. Freie Arbeiter Stimme , New York. With a letter draft by Nettlau With a letter by Abr. Grosner to Nettlau Collins, Charlotte St. Louis, Missouri. Concerns gift for a school in Vienna. With leaflets, partly with notes by Nettlau.

Only receipts of parcels. Hectographed letters, partly illegible. Co-operative Union, The Manchester J. Cores, Georges. With a letter by Mat Kavanagh to Nettlau Corin, R. With financial notes and a separate note by Nettlau. Corio, Silvio. Cornelissen, Christiaan. With an autobiographical sketch s and notes by Nettlau.

Cornelissen, Freddy. Cornelissen-Rupertus, Lilly Elisabeth. With a letter by Bullard to Nettlau and a postscript by Christiaan Cornelissen Cosentini, Francesco Dizionario di legislazione sociale , Torino. Costa, Emilio. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung, J. With a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau concerning the Bakunin biography. Coucher, Harriett M. With notes draft of a letter? Coulon, A. Cuccioli, G. Delu Truda , Buenos Aires. Darnaud, Emile Foix. Dave-Archambault, Marie.

With a postcard by Antonio Labriola With a letter by Nettlau , a letter by Henry Candiani and copy in shorthand of a reply by Nettlau. With copies of letters by James Guillaume With letters by Nettlau to Jacques Gross and V. Davies, Miss A. A lot of letters partly illegible because of damage. With a letter also by Emma Goldman and notes by Nettlau Davis, Henry. Day, Mary R. With letters drafts? Defendi, G. Deitscheva, Rosa. Delcuppe, E. Delesalle, Paul M.

Contains also a letter from Albert Zibelin. Descaves, Lucien. With financial notes.

Technologie des Zuckers (antiquarisch)

With a letter to Aron Tobias Friedmann Two letters in Yiddish. DeVito Company, John A. Dobson, J. Domanico, Giovanni. Domela Nieuwenhuis, Ferdinand. Dommanget, Maurice. Dosev Dozev , Chr. One letter partly illegible. Doubinsky, J. Douglas, Paul H. University of Chicago. Douwes Dekker, Eduard. Dragomanov, Mikhail. Drahn, Ernst Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Berlin. Droz, Henri-Edouard. Dryhurst, N. Dubois, M. Duff, Charles London. With a curriculum vitae of his father Dumesnil-Reclus, Louise.

Dunn, Fred W. Letter partly illegible. Duthy, M. Dutka, Albert Neodvislost , Prague. Edger, Aug. Union Patriotique de France , Paris. Enclosed a separate note by Nettlau on Paul and Henry Edger and their collection. Eikeboom, Henk. Ellian, John G. Eltzbacher, Paul. Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences New York see inv. Engelbrecht, E. Ennis, P. Ensz, Abraham Antikrat , Berlin. On the back a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau. Esfuerzo Montevideo, Uruguay. Espinas, Alfred. With drafts of a letter and a separate note by Nettlau, partly in shorthand. Evening pseudonym of Pierre Raveggi, Tunis.

Faas-Hardegger, Margarethe Margrit. Letters from s partly illegible because of damage. Fabbri, Luce.

Collectie Matthys de Jongh

Fabbri, Luigi Il Pensiero , Bologna. With copies of poems by Alfred Sanftleben Farran, Palmiro. Farrelly, M. With copies of letters and notes by Nettlau, partly in shorthand. Fedeli, Ugo pseudonym of Ugo Treni. Federn, Karl. Fehling, A. With a separate note by Nettlau relating to Schapper - Willich. Felippe, Rodolpho? Paulo, Brasil. Editorial Argonauta, Buenos Aires. On letter a note in shorthand by Nettlau.

Ferrero, Emma. Fersenheim, Paul S. Feuerbach, Leonore. Fey, Emil. With a postscript by Margarethe Faas and on the back a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau Figner, Vera. With a letter by Alexander Atabekian to Nettlau Fisher, Joseph. Flaustier, P. Fleischmann, Hans Vienna.

With a note in shorthand by Nettlau. Fleischmann, J. Il Pensiero , Mantova. Fleming, John William Melbourne. Flores, Paolo Studi politici , Roma. Follin, Jacques. Fonteyn, Charles. Fouchs, Paul. Visiting card; on the back a biographical note by Nettlau. Frager, Jack. Free Commune Press, Leeds. With a copy draft? Frenzel, Johanna. Fresco, Luis Martinez Agrupacion C. Frese, Gustav Leipzig. Letter illegible because of damage. Frick, Ernst Zurich. Friedeberg, Raphael. With separate notes by Nettlau in shorthand, a letter incomplete by Ludwig Berndl , a postcard by Friedy Strauss to Nettlau and a postcard by Annie Adama van Scheltema With a contract between Rudolf and Sonja Grossmann and Friedmann and clippings from Argentine newspapers With a translation of a Yiddish article by M.

With copies in shorthand of letters by Nettlau Postcards from partly illegible because of damage. Fritsch, Eduard Goldene Mittelstrasse , Aussig. With annex. Galdston, Iago Brooklyn, New York. Galleani, Luigi. Galleani Silva, Olga. Gambuzzi, Carlo Gazzetta di Napoli. Revista Libertaria , Buenos Aires. Garnier, J. Garrido, Isidoro. Gastellier Paris. Geiger, Ludwig Berlin. Gerber, R.

Librairie du Phare, Paris. Gerhard, H. Der Syndikalist , Berlin. Gerin, Marius. Letters from partly illegible because of damage. Misal i Volja , Sofia. With an article on Malatesta in French translation and notes by Nettlau on a visiting card of Stephan Dschakoff. Giannelli, Andrea Firenze. Giesen, J.

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With a draft letter by Nettlau and leaflets Gildemeister, Otto Bremen. Gille, Paul. With separate notes by Nettlau, a letter by H. Vanderrydt and a typescript about Fernand Brouez by Hubert Krains. With copies of letters by Nettlau Gleize, Joseph Marseille. Globig, Charlotte. Godet, Philippe. Goghelia Goguelia , George.

Goghelia Goguelia , Lydia. Goldman, Emma E. With separate notes by Nettlau partly in shorthand and copies of letters by Goldman to various persons and organizations. For a letter from see also inv. July ' annex to letter from 16 feb. Also with clippings and With copies of reviews of Living my Life and a postcard by Nettlau crossed out.

With a postcard by Julius E. Reisner to Luigi Bertoni Goldsmith, Marie pseudonym: M. With notes by Nettlau, partly in shorthand. Goldstern, Lucie. Gordon, H. Goss, Charles Chas W. Goulding, Frederick. Govan, Charles Chas L. Graham, Fred S. Marcus New York.

Grande Librairie Universelle, Paris. With a letter by A. Rosell Montevideo to Nettlau With separate notes in shorthand and a letter draft by Nettlau. Grenent, E. With table of contents of Gewalt und Gewaltlosigkeit. Handbuch der Internationale der Kriegsdienstgegner. Griffin, A. Gross, Georges George-Max. Gross, Jacques. With a letter by Luigi Bertoni With a letter to Nettlau by Alexander Atabekian , a letter of recommendation to Alcide Dubois and a letter by H.

With a letter of recommendation to Giuseppe Bianchi c. With a letter by Ch. Kachelhofer to Nettlau? With a letter by George Goghelia. With a postcard by L. Gross-Fulpius to Nettlau. With a postcard by Librairie P. Delesalle, Paris. With clippings and with postcards by Luigi Bertoni and by Librairie P. With a letter by Nettlau crossed out. With a postcard by E. Chaix and letters by Victor Dave With separate notes by Nettlau , a letter by H. With letters by Michael A.

Cohn , a letter by Jeanne Guillaume and a letter by Charles Frigerio With letters by Jean? Gross-Fulpius, Elisabeth. Grossmann, Stefan Wiener Rundschau. With a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau With a postcard by Verlagsbuchhandlung C. Hirschfeld, Leipzig to Nettlau With a letter to Nettlau by E.

Pollock , also with a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau Gruh, Karl Charles. Grunwald, Hugo. With a copy of a letter by Nettlau and notes in shorthand. Grupo 4 de Mayo Tierra y Libertad , Barcelona.

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Guerdjicoff, N. With a letter by Friedl Scheu to Nettlau Guerrero, L. With copies of letters by Nettlau. Guillaume, James. With a letter by Nettlau not send. With several letters by Nettlau , a postcard by him and empty envelopes. Guillaume-Schack, Gertrud. With a letter by Gustav Steffen. With notes and a copy of a letter in shorthand by Nettlau to unknown With a copy of a letter in shorthand by Nettlau With a letter by Joseph Presburg. With notes a letter? With some letters by Nettlau and a postcard from Neuwaldegg with notes relating to his addresses from until London to Nettlau, also with letters by Mrs.

Hobson, Ina Hobson and some letters by Nettlau. Gul, Roman. Gumplowicz, Ludwig. Gyldendal Norsk Forlag Oslo. Hainard, Ph. Halter, Mimi. Hamilton, Fred A. The Protoplasm , Edinburgh. Hammer, Rolf Copenhagen.

P by Ferdinand Frank (German) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

Hammersmark, Samuel T. Moody Publishing Co. Hamon, Augustin. With a letter by Carlo Gambuzzi Hamp, Pierre. Hanausek, Carl Charles. Letters in shorthand. Handl, Fritz. With shorthand notes and a draft by Nettlau crossed out. Hanke, Walter. Hanrado, Juan. Hansteen, Kristofer Anarkisten , Kristiania. Hardie, James Keir. Harman, Moses and Lillian Lucifer. The Light-Bearer , Topeka, Kansas. Harsman, Theo De Arbeider , Amsterdam.

With Journalist und Schriftsteller. Hasfeld, Zdrislaw.

Hausmann, Walther. Visiting cards with recommendations. Hautstont, J. With copies in shorthand of letters by Nettlau , a letter by Hahrdan?

Germany - 2469 vintage design items

Enclosed a copy of a letter by Petr Kropotkin to Ivar Mortensson with a postscript by Mortensson and notes by Nettlau; with correspondence between Hazeland and G. Hazzard, E. Lawrence, Kansas. Heimann, Adolf Volkspresse , Vienna. With a letter to Petr Kropotkin. Heller, K.

Collectie Matthys de Jongh

Hellersberg, Antiquariat u. Verlag Charlottenburg. Henderson, Fred and Lucy. With an address note by Nettlau Postcards partly illegible because of damage. Henderson, J. Henneghien, F. He sometimes accompanied a young friend, Franz Marc, on painting excursions to Dach. In he published Specht's Tierbilder-Buch with descriptions in verse of the depicted animals. Like his brother Friedrich Specht, he also produced illustrations of animals and landscapes for a number of publications, such as Brehms Tierleben and Die Gartenlaube.

Specht's brothers were the wood engraver Carl Gottlob Specht and the animal painter and illustrator Friedrich Specht. Carl August Reinhardt also referred to as Karl Reinhardt; born April in Leipzig, Germany; died August in Radebeul, Germany was a German author, painter, graphic artist, and caricaturist. During the s and s, he lived a bohemian wandering life as a landscape painter, author, and caricaturist.

During this time, he contributed to the well-known magazines Kladderadatsch, Die Gartenlaube, and Illustrirte Zeitung. Reinhardt made his living illustrating books. Some of his best-kno. The conference of Berlin, as illustrated in "Die Gartenlaube" The conference of Berlin, as illustrated in "Illustrierte Zeitung" The Berlin Conference of —85, also known as the Congo Conference German: Kongokonferenz or West Africa Conference Westafrika-Konferenz ,[1] regulated European colonization and trade in Africa during the New Imperialism period and coincided with Germany's sudden emergence as an imperial power.

The conference was organized by Otto von Bismarck, first Chancellor of Germany; its outcome, the General Act of the Berlin Conference, can be seen as the formalisation of the Scramble for Africa, although some scholars of history warn against an overemphasis of its role in the colonial partitioning of Africa, drawing attention to bilateral agreements concluded before and after the conference.

Best known for appearing the painting by George Catlin, depicting what happened after he was assimilated into white culture following a trip to Washington, D. Biography She was born at Arnstadt. Her father was a portrait painter; her patroness was the Princess of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, who adopted her in and sent her to Vienna to study music for three years on account of her fine voice.

Her correspondents were struck with her attractive style, and encouraged her to write novels. For this purpose, she returned to Arnstadt in , and there began her career as a novelist. She used her experiences at court and as a travelling companion to the princess as material for her books, which were primarily directed against social prejudice. It appeared in the Leipzig Gartenlaube. Goldelse This novel marked the beginning of her celebrity, its readers attracted by its graphi.

The Oktoberfest in Munich, the most widely-known festival of Bavarian culture, held since photograph. The group's dialect or speech is known as the Bavarian language, native to Altbayern "Old Bavaria" , roughly the territory of the Electorate of Bavaria in the 17th century. Like the neighboring Swabians and Austrians, Bavarians are traditionally Catholic. Areal and dialectal subdivision Bavarian Austro-Bavarian speaking areas. There is no ethno-linguistic distinction between Bavarians. He was born in Leipzig and died in the same city.

Many of his portraits were published in Die Gartenlaube. In the period from to he published numerous of his works in the Gartenlaube newspaper. Merrill, Peter C. Scarecrow Press. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to Berthold Woltze. Buy Scherl books! August Hugo Friedrich Scherl founded a newspaper and publishing concern on 1 October , which from carried the name August Scherl Verlag. In he took over publication of the widely popular magazine Die Gartenlaube. As a result his publishing company had the largest circulation of any in Germany at the time.

Scherl was also active with theater projects, with lottery systems and a Gyro Monorail. These costly projects were not commercially successful, so he sold his interests in the German Publishers Association Deutscher Verlagsverein and left it in His nationwide newspaper empire was taken over by Alfred Hugenberg in , and later. Anton Goering Christian Anton Goering 18 September , Thonhausen - 7 December , Leipzig was a German naturalist, painter and graphic artist who spent several years in Venezuela. Biography Study and travels He learned taxidermy from his father, who was a member of several ornithological societies.

It was at a meeting of one of these societies that he met Christian Ludwig Brehm who helped him obtain a position at the Ornithological Museum of the University of Halle, where he worked under the direction of Hermann Burmeister. From to , they travelled in South America and he decided to pursue his interests in natural history. He also went to London, where he took lessons from the zoological artist Joseph Wolf. During May and June After graduation, he devoted himself to independent scientific research.

He was a prominent and successful champion of Darwinism in Germany. Physikalisch-physiologisch-psychologische Studien, Weimar — The natural history of ghosts. Physico-physiological-psychological studies. He claimed to be the last survivor of the French Revolutionary Wars of and the last French officer of the Napoleonic Wars.

A Russian document dating from suggests that by his own account Savin was born about This would contradict his earliest claims about his military service and would make his age at death about , instead of The oldest widely accepted claimed age for any person is years old and even that has been questioned. He said his father, Alexandre Savin, was killed in battle defending the Tuileries Palace during the Fren. Carl Ernst Bock in Born in Leipzig to anatomist Carl August Bock, he studied at the University of Leipzig, from which he graduated in During the November Uprising in Poland, he served as a hospital physician for both the Polish and Russian armies.

On returning to Leipzig in he became a private lecturer, and in was appointed to preside over autopsies at Leipzig's hospital. In he was appointed extraordinary professor of pathological anatomy, and in became head of the university's clinical department. In addition to his writings on anatomical and surgical matters, in his later years Bock wrote numerous essays and books on public health. These were written in clear and strident language and addressed to a popular audience, roughly in the style of Ernst Keil's Die Gartenlaube, and so gained him a good deal of public recognition and influence.

Selected works Handbuch der Anatomie. Rudolf Daniel Ludwig Cronau 21 January — 27 October was a German-American painter, illustrator and journalist Rudolf Cronau was well known in Germany for his illustrations, articles and books about the American West. In he relocated to Leipzig and began working for Die Gartenlaube, an illustrated magazine. Cronau landed the job as their correspondent to the United States and sailed on the vessel "Oder" from Bremen, Germany reaching New York City on 17 January [3][4][5]. Career Die Gartenlaube. Yule or Yuletide "Yule time" or "Yule season" is a festival historically observed by the Germanic peoples.

Later departing from its pagan roots, Yule underwent Christianised reformulation resulting in the term Christmastide. Many present-day Christmas customs and traditions such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from pagan Yule traditions. Terms with an etymological equivalent to Yule are still used in Nordic countries to describe Christmas and other festivals occurring during the winter holiday season. India is the last country with both lions and tigers in the wild.

Historically, the modern lion and tiger co-occupied a vast portion of Eurasia,[2] from India in the east, through northern Iran and Iraq, to the shores of the Black Sea in the west. The building was consecrated in by Franciszek Albin Symon, the auxiliary bishop of Mohilev. Francis church in Riga.

Francis Church, Riga at Wikimedia Comm. Adelheid "Adele" Spitzeder ; 9 November — 27 or 28 October , also known by her stage name Adele Vio, was a German actress, folk singer, and confidence trickster. Initially a promising young actress, Spitzeder became a well-known private banker in 19th-century Munich when her theatrical success dwindled. Running what was possibly the first recorded Ponzi scheme, she offered large returns on investments by continually using the money of new investors to pay back the previous ones. At the height of her success, Spitzeder was estimated to be the wealthiest woman in Bavaria.

Opening her bank in , Spitzeder managed to fend off attempts to discredit her for a few years before authorities were able to bring her to trial in Because Ponzi schemes were not yet illegal, she was convicted instead of bad accounting and mishandling customers' money and sentenced to three years in prison. Her bank was closed and 32, people lost 38 million gulden, the equivalent of almost million euros in mon.

He is best known for his genre works, many of which have women and children for their subjects. Biography His father was a bailiff for the Crown Enforcement Authority. His talents were noticed by Marcus Larson who offered him space in his studio in Sadly, the studio burnt down, but he was still able to study with Larson then, on that basis, gain admission to the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied from to , with an emphasis on woodcutting.

After graduating, he was employed as a cartoonist by the Ny illustrerad Tidning. The Proposal s In , he worked as an artist in Munich, then moved to Leipzig, where he worked for the Illustrirte Zeitung. In , h. Through his life, Courtois was in close friendship with fellow student Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret, together with whom he maintained a fashionable studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine from the s. He did portraits and landscapes, but is best known as a painter of animals. As a young boy, he was fascinated with the new Berlin Zoological Gardens and went there so often he was able to befriend Martin Lichtenstein, the zoo's founder, who allowed him into areas that were normally closed to the public.

This experience led him to specialize in animal painting. Later, he made several study trips to Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands and spent a year in Paris. In , he established an animal painting class at the Academy. He was appointed a Professor there in and became a member of the Academic Senate.

He prod. Christian Johann Heinrich Heine German: ; 13 December — 17 February was a German poet, playwright journalist, essayist, and literary critic. He is best known outside of Germany for his early lyric poetry, which was set to music in the form of Lieder art songs by composers such as Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert. Heine's later verse and prose are distinguished by their satirical wit and irony.

He is considered part of the Young Germany movement. His radical political views led to many of his works being banned by German authorities—which, however, only added to his fame. He was called "Harry" in childhood but became known as "Heinrich" after his conversion to Lutheranism in His mother Peira known as "Betty. An aquarium plural: aquariums or aquaria is a vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are kept and displayed. Fishkeepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, aquatic reptiles such as turtles, and aquatic plants.

The term "aquarium", coined by English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, combines the Latin root aqua, meaning water, with the suffix -arium, meaning "a place for relating to". Both were first edited together in his Works Vol. I with the headings "Wandrers Nachtlied" and "Ein gleiches" "Another one". Helena buries the corpse of her husband, David Megas Komnenos. She was the last Empress of Trebizond. Family Donald Nicol has argued that Helena was the sister of George Palaiologos Kantakouzenos, and thus the granddaughter of Matthew Kantakouzenos and possibly the daughter of Demetrios I Kantakouzenos.

Nevertheless, the oldest sons died with their father 1 November ; the youngest son, George, who was three years old, and the daughter Anna were spared. Matthias Leupold born in Berlin is a German photographer and professor who lives and works in Berlin. His father Harry Leupold was set designer at the D. Life and work Matthias Leupold completed his photographic education at the D. In , threats of arrest and condemnation influenced his decision to move from East Berlin to West Berlin. He started studying Visual Communications in at the Berlin University of the Arts UdK , completing his degree as a master student.

He has traveled to many places, including America and Asia, in order to exhibit his work and to photograph in very di. Biography His father was the woodcut artist, Adolf Closs His father's twin brother was the landscape painter, Gustav Paul Closs. He began his education in the public schools of Stuttgart; graduating in He also briefly attended the University of Freiburg.

In , he quit without having completed his course of study. Having decided on a change of careers, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, where he studied with Ernst Schurth Being rather conservative, he apparently declined to join the Munich Secession. While there, he began providing illustrations for local periodicals.

Among his first were a set of dr. His teachers were i. Kickelhahn is a mountain in the northern edge of the Central Thuringian Forest in the municipal area of Ilmenau, Germany. Its summit has an altitude of Its summit rises about m above the valley of Ilm river. Historically, it was also the highest point of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.

It is situated between the valleys of the rivers Ilm in the west and the north, Gabelbach in the east and Langebach in the south, so that the mountain is part of the Ilm catchment area. Some minor streams have their sources on Kickelhahn. An about m high saddle in the southeast between the sources of Gabelbach and Langebach forms a pass between Kickelhah. Drawing of the relief from Die Gartenlaube View of the relief The Externsteine relief is a monumental rock relief depiction of the Descent from the Cross scene, carved into the side of the Externsteine sandstone formation in the Teutoburg Forest.

It is the oldest relief of this type known north of the Alps, dated to the high medieval period likely the 12th century. The largest, central register shows the Descent from the Cross scene itself. At the center is the cross, to the right is a figure identified as Nicodemus. The legs of this figure have been lost since at least the 17th century, but it is shown at an elevated position, aiding in the recovery of Jesus' body from the cross.

The figure was standing supporting structure identified either a. Poster by Franz von Stuck for the Seventh International Art Exhibition in Munich, The Munich Secession was an association of visual artists who broke away from the mainstream Munich Artists' Association in , to promote and defend their art in the face of what they considered official paternalism and its conservative policies. They acted as a form of cooperative, using their influence to assure their economic survival and obtain commissions.