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7 Deadly Sins of Getting Lean and Muscular
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  3. Happiness, Insanity, Internet Addiction, & The 7 Deadly Sins (Bold and Determined Podcast #8)
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However, when done correctly, running can build muscle and burn fat quickly and efficiently. To keep you motivated with your cardio workouts, mix it up a bit. Take your Anabolic Cardio workouts on a stationary bike, on an elliptical or ergometer. Stick with your favorite cardio exercises. Keep the workouts short and sweet and make sure you are throwing your body into the lactic threshold. If you are, you may be missing out on a serious advantage. If you are performing Anabolic Cardio before your strength training workouts then you will have the advantage of human growth hormone pouring into your veins for more muscle growth and fat burning during your training.

References: 1. National Center for Biotechnology Information. National Library of Medicine. McKeown, Patrick.

‎7 Deadly Sins of Getting Lean and Muscular on Apple Books

Brunel University, Uxbridge. Godfrey, Richard. Show More. Related Articles. Here's What a Nutritionist Thinks 24 hours ago. Good stuff! In the book of Revelation grouped in with those cast into the lake of fire are the cowards. Thought that was interesting. Hey Vic. My question is about muscle building on this diet. I used to be big but lost most of my muscle after a surgery kept me out of the gym for a couple of years.

Is it possible on this diet to build the same amount of muscle I would on a carb heavy diet? Thanks keep up the good work. If so, what do you expected to learn from them and who are you favorite female writers? Also for the month of November my challenge will be to only check my smartphone for social media between and in the morning and in the evening and not on Sundays. Only used it for 10 minutes yesterday and today.

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I can attest to the fact that you do get withdrawal type symptoms and cravings. I feel that the longer you go without technology the clearer your brain will become and more focused etc.. As a traditional white man I am sick and tired of living in the political correct leftist country of the Netherlands. I really feel betrayed by the modern exploiters — I mean politicians that manage my country. Therefore I am thinking of moving to a country in the Western World that still holds strong traditional values. I am very motivated to move to the Southern USA, where a lot of Trump supporters and no political correctness lives.

Do you know any of such areas in the USA or in the world. Imagine your ancestors left the Netherlands during the many wars. I am sure your ancestors fought for your beautiful country which was one a giant trade empire with lots of colonies. But there is one thing I learned. You have to stand strong and firm in this war. You have to protect your own people! When you go they are helpless. Invaders come and destroy your family, your roots. There is one thing which motivates me very much. We, the normal, traditional, white, strong men are a virus in a sick system.

And a virus can destroy an organism only when it is inside the organism. A cancer is inside of your body and kills you from inside.


Imagine that we are the cancer which destroys this political correct order. Going to another country is never an option. You would do the same thing like those cowards who come to Europe. Started reading at 20, now You mentioned we are living in a virtual reality thanks to smartphones. Their ICO Initial coin offering project is to have the entire world living in a virtual reality simulation one day, saving resources and making people digitally immortal. Millions of dollars have been invested and the more I learn, the more I realize that the masses could actually be heading towards such an existence.

How do you prevent getting sick?

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  • Also, if you do get sick how do you make the illness go away? For those of you that just love coffee like i do and rather not cut it or switch to tea, try: Butter in your coffee. Dark roast. The darker the bean, the less caffeine, the less anxiety and anger. Porn and masturbation has quickly become the single biggest killer of motivation of men.

    Do you think in the future there will be two castes of men, ones who avoid porn and are successful and the other who are shameful porn watchers? It will counteract the blue light by turning your screen progressively more red as the sun goes down. How can we improve our creativity? Discover things and put them in motivational articles is one thing, but create something entirely new, like a story, seems like way harder and slower. Do you have any suggestions? Loved hearing about your morning routine.

    Water, stretching, going to a coffee shop to work. Reading in the afternoon. My question, when do you go to the gym and workout? And how many days a week do you go to the gym in this present season of your life? Hey Vic, this note is for you personally. Many of your conclusions are right on target, but more than that, you have great instincts. Your understanding that ghosts are real, but that they create havoc is accurate. Michael Hesier, who is a renowned scholar. Second, you are right that the Christian religion has a history of oppression and control, and in many of its present forms, it still does today.

    However, the Christian faith in its purest form, namely, the teachings and life of Jesus of Nazareth is completely liberating and offers abundant life, power, truth, and joy.

    Strength Training Sin #2: Poor Warm Ups

    In fact, much of what Jesus taught comports with your own views and convictions on many topics. Lewis also put his insights about Christ into compelling stories The Chronicles of Narnia, for example, which is incredibly powerful. Some religions say he was a great prophet. Others say he was a great teacher. Others say he was a great mystic.

    So all religions point to him positively in some fashion. But when one looks at what Jesus said about himself, he exclusively points to himself as the way, the truth, and the life, and the one who gives abundant life. Lewis argued that Jesus could only be a liar, a lunatic, or lord as he claimed. The evidence points that he was lord and the evidence for his resurrection is overwhelming N.

    Wright has all but proven it. Many people have had life changing experiences from these two books. I hope the same for you as you read them and reflect on their content. True christianity is not about becoming a slave to man, but finding freedom in Christ. And in that real freedom we are capable of great things, things that we could never achieve without his greatness living within us.

    Great podcast. I have a blog and YouTube channel. I want to create digital products in the future by writing and publishing a series of eBooks. But… are eBooks still in demand?

    The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

    Or is it better to create other content like video or online courses? Which ones would you choose and why? Given the recent events of the me too movement and misandry that the media and many American women have towards men, I have come to the conclusion that it is dangerous to get involved with American women in any way.

    Are my fears justified? Am I overreacting? This is personal but fuck it. Did Cernovich go off the deep end? He seems to be the joke of the internet right now.. Just wanted to hear your thoughts, Im very confused as to what is actually going on with him, not hating as I liked the guy just genuinely curious! Why do you dislike homosexuals? I am wondering specifically at what point did you get the realization, all these people must have something wrong with them? Perhaps because something as fundamental as sexual preference has an enormous effect on the whole personality and behaviour of an individual.

    With elevated time-preferences they have less of a stake in the long-term well-being of their society. Even if they are fully accepted by the culture, the fact that most people are not and will never be homosexual will cause them to feel a certain alienation from the society they grew up in, making them an ever-present potential fifth column for treachery or just destabilisation, a weak link for outside enemies to exploit and manipulate. The carb nutrient partitioning is better when having high T levels and fat is no longer needed in higher amounts for the hormonal benefits since they are recieving their hormones exogenously…would this warrant a higher carb and lower fat intake?

    Happiness, Insanity, Internet Addiction, & The 7 Deadly Sins (Bold and Determined Podcast #8)

    On one hand, rugged individualism is necessary to be a winner and rise over the herd. On the other hand, if one ignores the state of the society he lives in, that society may go to shit, as the West has. It would seem like the ambitious entrepreneur such as yourself would prefer a capitalist system as it would allow his rise to the top to be uninhibited by state intervention on the behalf of the collective.

    Or is there another economic theory out there that you prefer? To cut the electro magnetic pollution from your phone, if you really need to use your phone a long time, you can buy a shungite stone or a tourmaline stone. It will cut the high frequency wave on the brain. Apparently this means that I am a danger to myself though not to others. What if anything can I do about this? I hate the fatalistic way my eyes seemingly foretell my destiny, as if I was just a throwaway character in a story set up to fail, rather than being the author of my own destiny. Also do you still train your posterior chain as often as you did to keep lower back pain away or do you simply do maintenance work on your gym days?

    Another great episode! I enjoyed the talk of the Seven Deadly Sins the most. There will be two meteor showers next month if you want the opportunity to see some more shooting stars. The Taurids will occur on November , and the Leonids on November Victor, what happened to Mike Chagares? I am currently in very good shape but I would like to take it to the next level. Are there any long term risks associated with Red Growth for someone my age?

    On red growth should I stick with this diet? Or would no carb be better on the cycle. I look forward to listening every week. There should be no long term risks for doing a cycle of Red Growth at this age. Especially if you use Red-PCT 2. You ever read convict conditioning? I bet it would be right up your street. The writing reminds me of your old stuff. I have trouble pronouncing the letter S or words that start with or include the letter S.

    Should I just forget about it and move on with my life or work hard to correct it? It feels impossible at this point in my life because of habit. Please advise what you would do. Youhave said that religion of Islam have respect for men and the masculinity attitude. Can you explaing that more.. How can you improve and heal your vision naturally? Any advice? Just want to let you and all the other readers here know that most phones, computers, and tablets have a blue light filter built in.

    The screen should still be avoided as much as possible but this helps minimize the negative effects the light has on our brains and circadian rhythm. How can you reduce muscular tension? How can you fix muscular imbalances? How can you deal with scoliosis? Hey Vic, do you think that serving in the military is still an honorable act or wasted time? The government sends them to Afghanistan or Iraq instead of their own borders. Hi Uncle Vic.

    Publisher Description

    I am 5ft 7 tall, 25 years old and I look like am 18 years old. My question is — what can I do to look older? Here is episode 8 of the Bold and Determined Podcast. The streaming audio is available above.

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    • MoneyStudy asks… Hi Victor, when you came back to America did you notice an absence of normal people? Levi asks… I know conspiracies and theories are time wasting, but what can we do about the general western trend? Joseph asks… What are your views on biohacking? Bill asks… You mentioned the 7 deadly sins. They see criminals, sinners becoming successful, rich. Download f. Graham asks… How to stop protein farts? Andrew L. Bogdan asks… Hi Victor, I want to start a blog under my own name and start creating content. Ian asks… What are your thoughts on showers and baths?

      Alec asks… Do you season your meat with anything when you sear it? Prince Angel asks… Do you recommend buying online courses or is there a better way to learn and gain a skill? Michael asks… What is your favorite memory as a child? Taehun asks… When do you read? Anthony asks… In the karma episode you mentioned something along the lines of western women are only good for two things, Pumping and dumping.

      Wolf asks… Hey Vic, what advice can you give a man who has a great vision for the future and a clear picture about himself in a few years but he doesn't know which path I should follow. JP asks… 1 How would you deal with controlling parents? Gerasimos asks… I went out with a girl I met on a bus and had plenty of fun talking with her. Brad asks… Do you have a particular place or website that you buy raw milk from? Steven asks… What is your view on male pattern baldness in men? Martin asks… I listened to your talk about giving up the coffee, to remove the anger and anxiety in my life.

      Harry asks… What would happen if I were to watch pornography occasionally, such as once per month. Steve asks… What is it like for someone who is always on the move to new cities? Ron asks… What is your opinion of a single man going to an Asian Massage parlor and getting a happy ending. Jack freeman asks… Do you think podcasts are more popular than reading blogs? Romeo asks… Also, this ties into this topic but could you speak to the culture here in America Especially cities where most folks are living paycheck to paycheck in order to finance an external facade driven by materialism.

      Sebas asks… Hi, Vic. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comments Good podcast! I liked your thoughts about not reading in the morning when you have the top mental clarity. Greetings, Victor! Still enjoying the podcast. Still greatful for it. Just going to leave a few privacy tips here. Great podcast thank you Vic What is the most important everyday habit to be successful in life? I have and I will tell you what the key to happiness is and why it is vital.

      Think of each key on your key-ring transmitting a certain amount of happiness in your life. Also do you record these podcasts the day of or in advance? Another great podcast. Looking forward to the 5-star Friday. Also as a note on your 7 deadly sins of business you mentioned timidity. Is it beneficial to fast first thing in the morning and wait till noon and have a big lunch?