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  1. ISBN 13: 9780316861137
  2. A Song for Nero: A Novel
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Tom Holt is an innovative, challenging and wonderfully entertaining writer of historical fiction. The Emperor Nero does not commit suicide, but instead escapes with a Greek con man and spends 10 years in running from various people who want him dead. Funnier than it sounds.

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Got to say I really enjoyed this book. The end was a bit of a let down but to be honest you could see that coming and i really didn't care that is was when it got to the end. There are some insights into family history at the end of the book that cast both Galen and Lucius Domitius in quite a different light.

ISBN 13: 9780316861137

Reading Holt's description of returning to a familiar house, now run-down and ruinous, felt so familiar that I was sure I'd read that part of the novel before, perhaps in a review: then I remembered similar scenes in several of Parker's novels. There was the gate, probably the same bit of mouldy old string holding it onto the post as when I'd left; there was the mounting-block, half crumbled away, with weeds growing up through the cracks.

There was the well, and the staked-off rectangle of gravel we tried to grow beans in, and right next to the back door, the midden -- maybe a tad taller and nastier-smelling than it'd been in my day, but you can't really call that progress Or that I'm manufacturing similarities in the prose of two authors I like very much.

And once or twice I thought, this is a better ending than the one in all the books. Far better this way than the big fight scene, stringing the great bow and shooting down the noble lords of Ithaca like stray dogs. So much more sensible, if you will insist on coming home, to settle down in a quiet way, do an honest job of work, raise a good crop of corn and grapes and beans, and not worry about who rules over who, or what the rights and wrongs of it all are. No comments:.

A Song for Nero: A Novel

Newer Post Older Post Home. Romulus built a wall , Remus jumped it and they brawled. Seven fifty three B. Romulus became the king.

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Numa followed with his laws , Tullus tore down Alba's walls. Ancus built Ostia and Tarquin left Etruria. Nero started the Fire. Then he played a ditty while it burned the city. Servius was a slave ; Superbus: not their 'fave'. Brutus showed he was no fool, in the consuls ruled. Horatius made his stand, Mucius burned his hand. Coriolanus marched on Rome but Mom turned him away from home. Veientians tricked Fabians, Minucius tricked by Aequians.

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Cincinnatus saved the day and forced them under yoke to pay. Three ninety the Gauls invade , Geese alert them of the raid. Curtius jumped in a hole, Torquatus beat a giant Gaul. In Appius constructs a famous road and aqueduct. Pyrrhus fought with elephants , Cineas with eloquence,. Two hundred sixty four B.