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Dumping the paper towel roll into her bucket, she headed for the door to the hallway. Not her. Two months ago she worked as a receptionist in an insurance firm in Seattle. Now she snuck around, opening cabinets and checking floorboards for hollow spaces. In the hall, Sophie glanced around for any sign of Beck.

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Passage Trilogy Series

The clanking in the kitchen on the floor below had her smiling and thinking about him making scrambled eggs for the umpteenth lunch in a row. Eyeing the grand staircase that curved down to the first floor, she waited for one of the brothers to spring up. When none appeared, she started moving.

With one hand she pushed the hall bathroom door open, ignoring the creak as she spun and jumped inside.

Origins and Influence

Her back hit the door and her eyes closed in relief. It took her a second to realize her sneakers slid across the black and white checkered tile beneath her and a wall of heated steam smacked her face.

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When she opened her eyes again, she came face to shoulders with bare skin. Her gaze trailed over the broad chest and light sprinkling of hair that ran the deep groove to his flat stomach then down to…yowsa. There was not as much as a washcloth covering him. She got an open shot of skin, balls and, yeah, totally naked hottie dude. Looked like Beck Hanover excelled at something other than arguing. Fingers snapped, breaking her woman-versus-penis staring contest. A deep male voice floated through the tiny room a second later. She followed his command and the finger pointing toward his head.

Water beaded on his chest, probably on every part of him. The ends of his dark hair curled the longer he stood there and one of his biceps twitched in a way she found oddly mesmerizing. She drew an invisible line across his throat and mentally banned her gaze from dipping lower. Every body part but his eyes was off limits.

The stuttering thing started in her head a second later. Don't have an account? Currency and addition of Tax VAT depend on your shipping address. Author: Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum.

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Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? The writing is graceful and the basic concepts are presented in an engaging style. This book is written in a very approachable style for the layperson wanting to know why there is so much interest in our genes. It provides a very accessible introduction to genetics and explains with well-chosen examples how genetics will affect our lives and its potential for benefit in the future.

With personal genetics kits now available online and perhaps coming soon to your neighborhood drugstore , with Congress voting against genetic discrimination, and with genetics now influencing our therapies, we really need a book that engages the public in the genetics debate and gives scientists a handy companion in this vital dialogue. The signature personal stories in this book provide a remarkably fresh, engaging, and memorable experience.

Genetic Twists of Fate | The MIT Press

Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close. Preview Preview. Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise. Summary How tiny variations in our personal DNA can determine how we look, how we behave, how we get sick, and how we get well.

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