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Purchase one item per week, and skip a week if needed to save up for more expensive items. Remember: having a few items is better than having none at all.

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Start with food and water and buy the rest as time and money allow. Store your items in a cool, dry place inside a duffle bag in case of evacuation. Make a note to check your supplies, especially water and batteries, every six months and replace as needed. Translated Documents.

Data Collection Data Use. Proposed Rules.

Emergency Medical Services | IDPH

Emergency Medical Services By , concern for the rising death rate among victims of traumatic injuries in Illinois prompted state government to begin planning to coordinate community resources for the purposes of decreasing the risk of accidents, improving the quality of emergency services and developing a comprehensive network of emergency medical services responsive to the varied needs of all the citizens of Illinois.

Ogilvie formed a committee by executive order that worked to implement its proposals, including the establishment of training for emergency medical technicians EMTs , physician training and a trauma nurse specialist TNS course.

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IDPH collects and provides statewide data for: Pre-hospital emergency medical services "run" reports; Trauma; Head and spinal cord injuries; and Violent injuries These data are used for developing EMS education, evaluating patient and EMS outcomes, research, policy evaluation and development, and rating studies.

For your own safety and the safety of your friends and family, it's a good idea to learn about emergency protocol and first aid methods.

Building an Emergency Medical Bag - Chinook Medical

By learning in advance, you'll ensure that you can respond quickly and appropriately if there's ever an emergency situation. From natural disasters to traffic accidents, you never know when a situation will arise that will demand quick thinking, cool nerves, and a little bit of know-how. The first step you can take towards emergency preparedness is education. Take time to learn about the most common emergency situations that could affect you and your loved ones.

Emergency Medical Services

Research which types of natural disasters are most likely to affect your community, whether it's hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes. Consider, too, which extra risk factors may particularly affect you and your family. For example, if you have small children and you live near a body of water, you should make sure you understand what to do in cases of drowning.

While each person runs into slightly different risks, depending on lifestyle and geography, many of the most common emergency situations can happen to anyone. Health-related emergencies, such as sudden heart attacks or strokes, can affect a surprisingly wide cross-section of the population.

Survival Kit Supplies

Automobile accidents are extremely common cause of injury. Whether an accident results in minor whiplash or more serious injuries, it's important to learn how to respond quickly. Many emergency situations involve threatening situations with other people.