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Blow Me Away

The top companies in entertainment, media, sports, technology, and more. Products, concepts, and policies that are pursuing innovation for good. Creativity The Apollo 11 astronauts went on a world tour when they got home from the Moon—and it was more surreal than Beatlemania. Impact These beautiful electric charging points are the gas station of the future.

Impact Dozens of universities are declaring a climate emergency. Design Meet Matt Mason, the Mattel toy that brought space to life for boomer kids—and then disappeared. Impact How do you explore the Moon without ruining it? Fast Company Magazine. Many books have chronicled the financial battles of The Beatles, both with their business associates and between themselves. Ever wonder why a song lingers long enough to feel like an integral part of your life? Levitin, both a record producer and a neuroscientist, studied the human brain and discovered how it breaks songs down into sound patterns, as well as how those patterns affect our emotions.

In his surprisingly readable prose, we learn about all the ways music has affected us, how it aided in our evolution and even how it ensured our survival as a species. I had just started playing guitar, pressing my fingers to the fretboard, working on my callouses and cutting my fingernails. I learned about Gerdes Folk City, where Dylan got started and where, nine years later, I got my own first break when I was booked for a Sunday afternoon matinee show.

And I never looked back! Aletti started writing about disco at its start, in This book — indispensable thanks to its methodical documentation of thousands of forgotten classics by lesser-known names — collects his pioneering coverage, principally chronicled in his weekly column for the trade publication Record World. Southern was the first black woman to be appointed a full tenured professor at Harvard, and her book is a towering work of scholarship, drawing on memoirs, ledgers, slave advertisements in newspapers and other sources to reconstruct the history of African-American music-making from to the age of hip-hop.

A musicologist, Southern is strong on both music and the history behind it, expertly shaping a story of exile, oppression and resistance. Music has existed for millennia, but recorded sound only arrived with Thomas Edison in the late 19th century.

Strange pairings

How did the advent of records change music? He approaches his subject from both philosophical and psychological standpoints, probing the difference between communal and private listening, examining the ways records function as commodities, and explaining how people define themselves by the records they listen to. Webb offers a master course in how to write a song. Stewart knows what his readers want and he delivers it. Business journalist Witt turns a tangled story about money and technology into a page-turner by zooming in on three key players — the tech disruptor, the mogul and the pirate.

Without realizing it, that trio helped upend the principle of paying for music. With methodical reporting and subtle, sardonic humor, Witt explains exactly how it all played out while implying that, one way or another, the collapse of the old system was inevitable. It would be a cheap stunt for someone to pen a snide satire about a contemporary teen idol.

In one of the first academic books on hip-hop, and still one of the finest, Rose places rap in its historical framework, framing hip hop as a technologically-advanced folk music which emerged from the ruins of post-industrial New York. Gregg Allman may have a gruff image, but he pours his heart and soul out to co-writer Alan Light for this autobiography.

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Yet, as the author beautifully illuminates, the music became immortal. Lydon -- aka Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the Sex Pistols -- tells his life story as a series of hilarious rants, while settling numerous scores with the living and the dead. Like the band he fronted, his memoir is raw, unfocused, self-contradictory, passionate, and scathingly funny. Ray Davies loves to write songs from the perspective of eccentric characters.

What a great way to both take sly digs at the industry and give the autobiographical form a fresh twist. For close to forty years, Kim Gordon was seen as a sphinx: from her emergence on the late '70s New York art scene, to her part in Sonic Youth, as well as her role as one half of the most iconic couple in indie rock, she remained aloof. Amazingly, her memoir turned out to be one of the most revealing ever written by a rock star. Cerimonial Sacred "Christ Worshipers" 17 — reissue, raw melodic atmospheric black metal ala Slechtvalk, Dimmu Borgir, etc, sealed.

Children "Children " 08 — raw aggressive energetic crunchy punk rock ala The Clash, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. The Choir "Diamonds And Rain" 86 — a great mix of dark progressive guitar rock and innocent melodic pop. The Choir "Circle Slide" 90 — dark foreboding and atmospheric alternative rock and pop, some surface scratches but plays fine. Christageddon "Metal Unblack" 13 — face-melting thrashy black metal ala Cerimonial Sacred, Darkthrone, etc, plus 7 Horde covers, sealed. Circle Of Dust "Disengage" 98 — heavy industrial metal ala Nine Inch Nails, etc, intense and beautiful, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

Alice Cooper "Brutal Planet" 00 — heavy industrial hard rock and metal, creepy grim and powerful, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Alice Cooper "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" 11 — 70s hard rock sequel, guitar-driven and ghoulish, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Alice Cooper "Paranormal" 17 — 2 CD set, classic melodic hard rock, plus guests Bruce, Dennis and Neal from his original 70s band, sealed.

Lanny Cordola "Of Riffs And Symphonies" 92 — amazing and brilliant electric guitar, powerful hard rock meets experimental, funk, and jazz. Crashdog "8 Years To Nowhere" 98 — best of, raw hardcore punk rock ala The Crucified, Sex Pistols, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Crimson Moonlight "Divine Darkness" 16 — impressive brutal melodic blackened death metal fury, pummeling and vicious, sealed.

Crimson Thorn "Anthology Of Brutality: " 17 — 3 disc set, technical pummeling American death metal fury, sealed. David Crowder Band "A Collision" 05 — creative innovative praise and worship, from acoustic riffs to rock anthems to bluegrass banjos. Crutch "Hope Prevails" 04 — reissue, brutal melodic technical progressive death metal and thrash, band later changed name to Aletheian. Crux "Failure To Yield" 95 — fast frenetic anthems of old school punk rock fury ala 7 Seconds, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. DC Talk "Jesus Freak" 95 — phenomenal and groundbreaking melodic rock and pop, surface scratches but plays fine.

DC Talk "Supernatural" 98 — catchy energetic experimental and creative rock, pop, and ballads, surface scratches but plays fine. DC Talk "Solo" 01 — songs from each of their solo albums, plus a live cover of U2's '40' from the band as a whole.

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Deliverance "Intense Live Series Volume 1" 93 — blazing versions of their thrash metal classics, raw rough and jamming, plus a Stryper cover. Deliverance "Weapons Of Our Warfare" 17 — reissue, heavy speed metal and melodic thrash, Metallica meets Queensryche, sealed. Deliverance "The Subversive Kind" 18 — a return to their old school speed metal and thrash beginnings, heavy aggressive and shredding, sealed. Demon Hunter "Summer Of Darkness" 04 — haunting intricate melodies meet sledgehammer brutality, sealed. Demon Hunter "Extremist" 14 — phenomenal headbanging metal and melodic hard rock, extremely strong and solid, sealed.

Demon Hunter "Outlive" 17 — quaity hook-filled melodic hard rock and heavy aggressive metal ala Soilwork, In Flames, etc, sealed. Demoniciduth "Enemy Of Satan" 17 — raw punishing churning aggressive black and death metal ala Horde, Mortification, etc, sealed. Destra " Sea Of Doubt " 00 — fantastic Brazilian technical progressive power metal and melodic hard rock ala Dream Theater, etc. Deuteronomium "Deathbed Poetry—Hope Against Hope" 11 — a solid slab of thrashy death metal, their most brutal album yet, sealed.

dirt the erosion of civilizations Manual

Jeff Deyo "Unveil" 07 — worship solo album from Sonicflood vocalist, powerful crunchy guitar-driven rock and catchy alternative pop. Dig Hay Zoose "Ascension 7: Rocketship To Heaven" 95 — unique alternative rock, recorded live, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Disciple "My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy" 00 — reissue, from the early days of this raw southern hard rock and heavy metal powerhouse. Disciple "The Best Of: " 15 — their greatest hard rock hits, plus 4 bonus acoustic songs that just might blow you away, sealed.

Divine Incarnation "Judgment Against The Nations" 12 — a solid brutal blackened death and thrash metal assault, sealed. Downhere "Wide-Eyed And Mystified" 06 — masterfully crafted infectious edgy melodic rock, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

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Michael D. John Elefante "Defying Gravity" 99 — smooth catchy well-produced melodic pop rock from the former Kansas and Mastedon vocalist.

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  5. Elgibbor "War" 09 — black metal that adds punk, grind, and doom into a frightening ferocious onslaught. Elgibbor "Resist Him" 17 — true unrelenting and seriously deep raw black metal worship ala Horde, Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Eluveitie "Ven" 04 — absolutely stunning Celtic folk-influenced metal from Switzerland , fabulous production, sealed. Eterna "The Gate" 01 — from Brazil , impressive and addicting, if you like technical power metal then this disc is a must.

    Eva O "Damnation: Ride The Madness" 99 — dark frightening hard-driving industrial gothic rock and metal, foreboding and brooding. Everthrone "Evil Tongues" 13 — heavy progressive symphonic metal and melodic doom ala Pyramaze, Nightwish, Kamelot, etc, sealed. Extol "Burial" 99 — a blackened thrash metal attack and a brutal merciless pummeling of the senses, some surface scratches but plays fine.

    Extol "Mesmerized" 99 — blistering Norwegian technical metal, new songs plus heavy industrial remixes, minor signs of wear but plays fine. Extol "Undeceived" 00 — phenomenal heavy melodic Norwegian extreme black and death metal, technical progressive and thrashy. Extol "Extol" 13 — a spectacular progressive metal comeback album, reinstates their legendary reputation, sealed. Feast Eternal "With Fire" 07 — brutal crushing heavy melodic death metal, blistering relentless and lethal, sealed.

    Fee "We Shine" 07 — sincere cutting-edge fist-pumping rock and worship ala David Crowder, etc, minor damage to booklet but not bad. Fee "Hope Rising" 09 — fresh sounding catchy high-energy hard rocking praise and worship, minor damage to booklet but not bad. Few Left Standing "Wormwood" 02 — bludgeoning brutal hardcore metal ala Pantera, Sepultura, etc, surface scratches but plays fine.

    Final Vortex "Threshold" 14 — a haunting sonicscape, chartering untold territories of ancient ambient guitar and bass noise, sealed. Final Vortex "Excarnation" 16 — a synergy of sonic beauty, dark mindscapes emulating the cerebral dreams of the divine, sealed.

    Firethrone "Day Of Darkness And Blackness" 06 — raw merciless brutal black metal, the sounds of war in a bitterly cold aural assault. Flatfoot 56 "Knuckles Up" 06 — catchy Celtic punk, punishing guitar riffs meet bagpipes and mandolins, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Flatfoot 56 "Black Thorn" 10 — raw energetic melodic Irish punk and catchy pop, fists-in-the-air guitar meets accordion and bagpipes. Fourth Estate "Dustbuster Demos" 02 — a masterpiece of killer demos recorded from , a few surface scratches but plays fine.

    Freakings "No Way Out! Frosthardr "Varg" 07 — an epic slab of frozen progressive black and death metal grimness, plus a thrashy One Bad Pig cover. Gargoyle "Nothing Is Sacred" 00 — numbered reissue of their headbanging melodic US power metal classic, galloping riffs. Grand Incredible "G. Grave Forsaken "It Has Begun Grim "Vespers" 17 — reissue, black metal meets Gregorian chant, raw haunting ambient worship, sealed. Guardian " Kingdom Of Rock " 96 — melodic metal from 'First Watch' plus their earlier 'space rock' and progressive metal, sealed.

    Guardian "Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies" 96 — some of the band's classic hard rock and bluesy metal songs recorded live in Australia. Hand Of Fire "Nuclear Sunrise " 17 — heavy galloping high-octane thrash metal full of monster riffs, blistering solos, and soaring vocals. Hanover Saints "Truth Rings Out" 02 — a pure street punk rock extravaganza full of true adrenaline, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

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    Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud! Heartcry "Firehouse" 06 — melodic Swedish bluesy hard rock and classic metal ala Rainbow, Judas Priest, etc, a few signs of wear but plays fine. Holy Blood "Waves Are Dancing" 05 — catchy melodic Celtic folk meets brutal blistering death and black metal ala Eluveitie, etc, sealed. Holy Blood "Day Of Vengeance" 15 — Ukrainian folk metal meets melodic death metal and viking metal, sealed.

    Holy Soldier "Last Train" 05 — reissue, catchy hard rock and melodic metal ala Guardian, White Lion, etc, more bluesy than before, sealed. A Hope For Home "The Everlasting Man" 09 — melodic hardcore metal meets progressive groove, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Hope For The Dying "Dissimulation" 11 — epic orchestral technical metal ala Maiden, Unearth, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

    Hope For The Dying "Aletheia" 13 — an epic brilliant mix of furious hardcore and classic metal, heavy technical and progressive, sealed. Hopesfall "No Wings To Speak Of" 02 — superb heavy melodic hardcore metal, angry and crushing meets spacey and atmospheric. Hortor "Enthroned XI" 14 — compilation 'best of' album including some very rare demos, extreme black metal from Mexico , sealed.

    Huntingtons "Fun And Games" 97 — molten 90s buzz-saw pop punk rock ala The Ramones, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Idle Cure " 2 nd Avenue " 90 — energetic arena rock anthems and ballads, arguably the band's best album, some surface scratches but plays fine. Imari Tones "Welcome To The School" 09 — their first Christian release, a hard rock and heavy metal worship concept album, sealed. Imari Tones " Japan Metal Jesus" 12 — catchy powerful 80s old school hard rock and heavy metal power trio from Japan , sealed.

    Imari Tones "Heroes EP" 13 — hard rock, thrash metal, acoustic worship, and a song recorded live at a church in Tokyo Japan , sealed. Impellitteri "Stand In Line" 10 — from Argentina , reissue, shredding 80s guitar and awesome vocals from Graham Bonnet. Impending Doom "Death Will Reign" 13 — powerful hardcore death metal, their heaviest strongest album yet, sealed. Indwelling "And My Eye Shall Weep" 03 — killer brutal crushing pummeling technical death metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

    Inside Mankind "Oikoumene" 15 — symphonic progressive power metal and 70s hard rock from Italy ala Dragonforce, etc, sealed. Jerusalem "Volume 2" 18 — reissue, a rumbling freight train of bluesy hard rock ala Daniel Band, etc, technical and progressive, sealed. Jerusalem "Warrior" 18 — reissue, crushing epic blues-based hard rock and metal anthems ala Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, etc, sealed. Jerusalem "In His Majesty's Service" 18 — reissue, arena hard rock ala Van Halen, etc, recorded live, some previously unreleased, sealed.

    Jesus Wept "Show's Over" 06 — awe-inducing hardcore rock fury, intense bombastic and anthemic, some surface scratches but plays fine. Johnny Q Public "Extraordinary" 95 — solid energetic powerhouse hard rock, disc autographed by Dan Fritz, signs of wear but plays fine. Johnny Q Public "Welcome To Earth" 00 — fantastic groove-filled full throttle hard rock and aggressive pop, infectious catchy and melodic. Jonezetta "Popularity" 06 — incredibly infectious energetic melodic rock meets groovy new wave, a few surface scratches but plays fine.

    Phil Keaggy "Time 2" 95 — a strong retrospective on his entire career including live and unreleased songs, a great mix of rock, pop, and ballads. Phil Keaggy "" 96 — melodic and energetic, an incredible guitar instrumental mix of hard driving blues, rock, and acoustic. Kekal "Embrace The Dead" 00 — killer crushing epic melodic progressive battle-ready black metal ala Emperor, Dark Angel, etc, sealed. Killed By Cain "Killed By Cain" 18 — reissue, a heavy aggressive mix of thrash metal, groove, doom, glam, and bluesy hard rock, sealed. King's X "Out Of The Silent Planet" 88 — their incredible debut, soulful hard rock meets technical heavy metal, progressive, funk, and blues.

    Samizdat (mission)

    King's X "Best Of" 97 — chronological look at the band's greatest hard rock hits, plus 3 new songs and a live version of 'Over My Head. Klank "Downside" 97 — awesome remixes from the industrial metal masterpiece 'Still Suffering,' some surface scratches but plays fine. Jennifer Knapp "The Collection" 03 — Limited Edition 2 disc set, greatest hits plus unreleased songs, demos, etc, looks rough but plays fine. Mike Knott "Strip Cycle" 95 — intense alternative rock fury driven by acoustic guitar and cello, some surface scratches but plays fine.

    Kutless "Kutless" 02 — fresh Seattle-sounding hard rock ala Red, Creed, Switchfoot, 12 Stones, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Kutless " Strong Tower " 05 — heavy guitar-driven rock worship, a mix of originals, classic hymns, and modern praise songs.