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Black Star of Kamasylvia. Shakatu Farmland. Teste Island. Brown Bear Level: Rhutum Sculpture Level: Petrifying Miner Level: Cron Castle Supply Level: King Griffon Level: Navarn Steppe. Areha Palm Forest. Arehaza Town. Fundamentals of an Officer: Advanced. Swamp Fogan Lookout Level: Big Bush Spider Level: Parasitic Bee Level: 7. Loggia Farm. Pilgrim's Haven. Desert Scorpion Level: Valencia Castle. Valencia Plantation. Ancient Troll Thrower Level: Troll Shaman Level: Mutated Saunil Level: Big Mane Level: Troll Cow Level: Sausan Cannoneer Level: Lucielle Monet.

Acher Guard Post. SE of Calpheon. Daton Island. Western Balenos. Red Orc Wizard Level: Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman Level: Along the main road running ne. Bush Spider Level: Lisz Island. Remnants of Kzarka Level: Frenzied Skeleton Level: Aakman Airbender Level: Aakman Temple. Acid Spider Level: Costa Farm. Wandering Rogue Level: Skeleton Level: Sunken Ruins.

JPG blackdesertonline. Where the Breath of Aal Has Touched. Skeleton Warrior Level: Naga Guard Tower Level: Swamp Fogan Egg Level: Lava Faolun Level: Roud Sulfur Works. Knowledge: Why Did Xaviel Fail? Choir Leader. Scarlet Sand Chamber. Imp Amulet Level: 9. Gavinya Great Crater. Small Mane Level: Troll Buff Tower Level: Kings of Valencia. Pila Fe. Waragon Nest. Desert Naga Statue Level: Abandoned Quarry S.

Knowledge: A Talk with Elion. Requires Quest: A Talk with Elion. Travel Directions: As you go up the ramp towards Nelydormin, turn left, past the shack and down a ramp to the right. Gavinya Volcano Zone. Bandit Warrior Level: Disguised Giant Level: Knowledge: Eliza, a Valencian Lady gain amity with Afaru before you can talk to his fellow grave robbers black spirit gives quest to meet Afuaru after completing the main Valencia storyline and getting the ring of your choice. Belfry Cat. Knowledge: Chapel Belfry Travel Directions: down the middle W road towards chapel, cat is up high in the bell tower Location Images: postimg.

Wizard Possessed by Black Spirit Level: Pirate Flag Level: Water Buffalo Level: Caduil Forest. Toxic Desert Scorpion Level: Travel Directions: He is at the entrance inside the Hystria Ruins dungeon, after walking through a portal that randomly spawns in the sandy desert. Pligrim's Sanctum: Purity. Sunken Debris. Shultz Guard Armored Soldier. Basilisk Ambusher Level: Hexe Marie's Witch.

Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sincerity. Mediah Goat Level: Centaurus Axeman Level: Taphtar Plain. Firebreathing Orc Cannon Level: Rookie Soldier Level: Altinova Gateway. Gyfin Rhasia Temple. Kashuma Island. Mane Grave Level: Basilisk Statue Level: Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon Level: Olvia Coast. Centaurus Treasure Chest Level: Lava Taolun Level: Treant Stub Level: Enemies of Calpheon III.

Lake Flondor. Saunil Fighter Level: Petrifying Foreman Level: Golem Summoning Stone Level: Forest Ronaros Guardian. Rebel Barracks Level: Spotted Deer Level: Ruins Monster Level: Knowledge: Ancient Lexicon, Advanced Amity: gain amity with Afaru before you can talk to his fellow grave robbers black spirit gives quest to meet Afuaru after completing the main Valencia storyline and getting the ring of your choice. Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience. Mad Screaming Harpy Level: Knowledge: Who is the Successor of Cliff? Travel Directions: central eastern part of Heidel.

Sordid Deportee Level: Pila Ku Jail. Young Stone Rat Level: Small Salamander Level: Immature Griffon. Aal Mythology. Hummingbird Level: Blind Pugnose Level: Elric Cultist Level: Desert Kuku Bird Level: Rock Post. Mad Scientist Bomb Level: How to Survive Monster Attacks. Rat King's Servant. Knight of the Blue. Sir Yorgh's Bodyguard. Bone Knight. Gutter Slumdog. Sanctum Crossbowman. Captain of the Volgen Falconers. Lindelt Warlock. Drakeblood Monarch. Yo, check dis out:. Head: Thief Mask. Body: Shadow Top. Hands: Black Leather Gloves. Legs: Imported Trousers.

Head: Alva Helm. Body: Creighton's Chainmail. Hands: Creighton's Chain Gloves. Legs: Varangian Leggings. Magic: none. Rings: none. Head: Sanctum Knight Helm.

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Body: Benhart's Armor. Hands: Alva Gauntlets. Legs: Steel Leggings. Head: Royal Swordsman Helm. Body: Mad Warrior Armor. Hands: Drakekeeper Gauntlets. Legs: Drakeblood Leggings. Weapons: Royal Greatsword. Rings: Royal Soldier Ring. Head: Desert Sorceress Hood. Body: Alva Armor.

Hands: Royal Swordsman Gauntlets. Legs: Elite Knight Leggings. Rings: Ring of Prayer, Ring of Restoration. Head: Prisoner's Hood. Body: Bandit Armor. Hands: Agdayne's Cuffs. Legs: Bandit Boots. Weapons: Red Rust Scimitar x2. Head: Imported Hood. Body: Brigand Armor. Hands: Tattered Cloth Manchettes. Legs: Vengarl's Boots. Rings: Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Head: Faraam Helm.

Body: Loyce Armor. Hands: Looking Glass Gauntlets. Weapons: Loyce Greatsword, Sanctum Shield.

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Head: Wanderer Hood. Body: Leather Armor. Hands: Falconer Gloves. Legs: Peasant Trousers. Head: Dark Mask. Body: Robe of Judgment. Hands: Manchettes of Judgment.

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Legs: Tights of Judgment. Weapons: Rapier, Estoc, Idol's Chime. Head: Drakeblood Helm. Body: Raime's Armor. Legs: Leggings of the Forlorn. Body: Armor of Aurorus. Hands: Desert Sorceress Gloves. Legs: Brigand Trousers. Weapons: Scimitar, Falchion, Iron Parma. Head: Rogue Hood. Body: Saint's Dress. Hands: Jester's Gloves. Legs: Traveling Merchant Boots. Rings: Ring of Prayer. Head: Drangleic Helm. Body: Alonne's Armor. Hands: Black Gloves. Legs: Alonne Knight Leggings.

Head: Alonne Knight Helm. Body: Alonne Captain Armor. Hands: Drakeblood Gauntlets. Weapons: Black Knight Halberd. Rings: Flame Quartz Ring.

Series: The Executioner's Apprentice

Head: Archdrake Helm. Body: Throne Watcher Armor. Hands: Dark Gauntlets. Legs: Targray's Leggings. Weapons: Ruler's Sword, Rebel's Shield.

The Blind Bandit

Head: Syan Helm. Body: Ruin Armor. Hands: Velstadt's Gauntlets.

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Legs: Syan Leggings. Head: White Priest Headpiece. Body: Heide Knight Chainmail. Hands: Heide Knight Gauntlets. Legs: Monastery Skirt. Head: Falconer Helm. Body: Hard Leather Armor. Hands: Traveling Merchant Gloves. Legs: Knight Leggings. Head: Hood of the Forlorn. Body: Llewellyn Armor.

Hands: Llewellyn Gloves. Legs: Benhart's Boots. Magic: Combustion, Warmth. Head: Hunter's Hat. Body: Traveling Merchant Coat. Hands: Chaos Gloves. Legs: Tseldora Trousers. Weapons: Melu Scimitar, Binoculars. Head: Mirrah Hat. Only the monster manual page numbers are given for the monster stats to keep the file size small.

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The Executioner's Apprentice | Awards | LibraryThing

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Tomb of Annihilation. Tales from the Yawning Portal. Storm King's Thunder.