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  1. Debunking Bridesmaid Myths, From a Woman Who Has Been One 30 Times
  2. A 28-year-old turned her nonstop wedding invitations into a business as a 'Bridesmaid for Hire'
  3. Always a Bridesmaid — Rachel Lyon
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Always the Bridesmaid makes a familiar story delightfully fresh and hysterically funny. Such a good book for such a good price! Thoroughly enjoyable and funny read, I love the layout and was drawn in from the moment I read the first chapter! A highly recommend read! I absolutely loved this! I had not read any other of the titles before reading Always the bridesmaid, now I have the whole collection I will be making my way through each and every one of them. I have definitely found myself another favourite author to keep my reading pile going!

I'm not here to bash the 'writing skills' and accomplishments of this author. But this particular storyline sucked!!! Guy gets engaged to the love of his life, I don't ok, so typically I read reviews before I start a book. Guy gets engaged to the love of his life, I don't care how young you are, you made a commitment.

Guy has an argument with girl, guy goes and gets drunk, cheats on fiance with her best friend Devastating her. Why not confess first? Why not beg forgiveness first? Talk first But NO, he goes off and decides to go the other way without one thought to his fiance's feelings. She had been about to tell him she was pregnant when he dumped her. She leaves town, heartbroken. Has a miscarriage and is even more damaged and hurt.

And possibly barren as well! She comes back to town 8 years later for sister's wedding big separate fiasco that was.. Lots of interactions, facing off, confrontations, hurts revealed, just crazy chaos. Never does he grovel or ask forgiveness. All he does is turn it around on her and accuse her of being unwilling to forgive him and her ex best friend. Like she should have been there for her since she was a friend.

Even though THAT friend shouldn't have screwed her best friend's fiance!!!!! Even her family turned on her for running away and abandoning them. It seems no one was on her side. She constantly doubted herself and her decisions. And she was the one screwed over!! I mean, really?!!!! No woman in her right mind would have reacted much differently by leaving and rebuilding her life.

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We women have to preserve some kind of dignity. We have to feel somewhat protected and not out there for all the world to pity. Finally she goes back to her life, after being made to feel even worse by the guy for never telling him about the baby. I mean, shame on her, right? Its all about him, right? Months later he is feeling really bad and reflecting about things. He decides to touch base with his roots and go on a 'vision quest' to figure himself out.

He loves her and wants her so bad. By the way, no sex scenes at all. During this time she strengthens her familial relationships and makes some decisions about her future and her career. She's feeling happy and hopeful. She ends up having a vivid dream about him, through some astral projection thing he must be doing from his sweat lodge wherever he's at. Its all romantic and fine all of a sudden. No issues resolved. No making amends. And the little daughter was in maybe one scene of the entire book! No relationship being built there either!!! Guy suddenly shows up after much soul searching, whisks her off her feet, she's immediately receptive and says she'll marry him I am beside myself.

I'm not a femi-nazi, seriously. I can be as traditional as the next girl. But can't we women be portrayed a little better? We are not doormats! Dear god. I don't like the books that portray the woman as the Uber independent stubborn female either. This was a staggering portrayal of an intelligent female with valid reasons for her pain, that got no justice or validation whatsoever I'm truly disturbed Dec 13, Meg Kinch rated it did not like it.

It takes a lot to make me give a one star review, but this one kind of takes the cake. Long story short, hero and heroine were engaged. Hero and heroine have a huge fight, he gets drunk and then proceeds to sleep with heroine's bestest best friend. Friend gets pregnant. Hero goes to heroine's father, says he's in a predicament and asks advice.

Debunking Bridesmaid Myths, From a Woman Who Has Been One 30 Times

Said father of heroine doesn't beat on, ignore, or kick out hero, he encourages the cheating lout to marry the girl he knocked up while engaged to his DAU It takes a lot to make me give a one star review, but this one kind of takes the cake. Said father of heroine doesn't beat on, ignore, or kick out hero, he encourages the cheating lout to marry the girl he knocked up while engaged to his DAUGHTER.

So, hero and ex-bestest best friend elope and get married and come back and tell heroine. And instead of picking up and moving away and not have to deal with the constant pain of having your ex-fiance and ex-best friend shoved down your throat, because obviously that's what everyone thinks she should have done, she "runs away". When she "ran away", she didn't tell said bastard ex-fiance that she had been pregnant and lost the baby and some eight years later, he couldn't believe she hadn't told him.

He couldn't believe heroine didn't come back when ex-bestest best friend died, couldn't believe heroine abandoned them all. I found this book to be very lacking in support of the heroine. I felt she was entirely too much of a pushover in some areas, such as when everyone berates HER for "running away".

SHE was the one who should have come home to visit. SHE is the one who needs to forgive all past deeds and be the perfect little woman. And then ten years later, after a vision quest from the hero, and the heroine realizing she is still in love with the hero, they marry and live happily ever after. To me, this is a classic case of heroine being TSTL. And even though the hero said sorry, it felt totally false and insincere.

I never really felt the connection there. A bunch of the characters were all a bunch of self-serving people who to me didn't have any care or compassion for the heroine at all. Hero was a jackass, never really remorseful, and definitely didn't deserve a second chance. Heroine needed to grow a back bone and working on moving on not, what seemed to me as moving backward.

Neither one, really, had the emotional maturity of what seems to be 28 years old, but it still seemed like a high school drama. May 01, Tia rated it it was ok. The book pretty lame at the start and at the end it was just downright kooky! So hero and heroine have a fight, they are engaged. Hero gets drunk and sleeps with heroines best friend, knocking her up, not know that his fiance was already knocked up.

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Hero runs off with best knocked up friend and marries her without telling heroine until it is done. Then heroine loses the baby she is pregnant with when she receives the devastating new. The hero was a first class bastard and he ticked me off beyond The book pretty lame at the start and at the end it was just downright kooky! The hero was a first class bastard and he ticked me off beyond all reason. Why the hell was he even with the heroines best friend drinking in the first place and why would her best friend willingly betray her if not for being a whore.

The whole book was on fricken crack! It just didn't make sense at all if this hero is truly claiming to love the heroine. Eventually they sorted things out but I tell you, if it would of been me I would of fucked up my best friend and slapped the chick around and then cut off the heroes dick. I'm a savage, what can I say?

Yeah, I believe in some serious revenge, eye for an eye stuff. This book had no balls and a vision quest? Sep 22, Latte rated it did not like it. Put this book down and back away quickly.

Short Story Collection Vol. 001 (FULL Audiobook)

This is really torment to read. It goes in a few directions as if the author couldn't decide what genre the story should be. It starts off reading like a typical chick lit novel then evolves to silly paranormal-ish scenes at the end.

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Just NOT good reading. View 1 comment. Sep 26, Linda Sims rated it did not like it. When Meg turns out to be pregnant, he elopes with her and they marry. He only tells Bree after, and then only by phone. By sheer coincidence Bree was going to tell Troy she was pregnant herself. Instead she left town, but lost the baby at three months pregnant. Present day and Bree has returned home for her sisters wedding. Of course she runs into Troy.

Who had lost Meg in a road traffic accident fours years before. But he berates Bree for not attending the funeral. After all both he and Meg had apologised. Troy never knew about Bree's pregnancy or miscarriage, she never told him. What a shambolic mess this story is. The reader is never shown anything that happened in the past. All we get are small remembered snippets of conversations. The main story that is set in the present is weak, very little happens. The characters are shallow and self absorbed. I found it very difficult to relate to them in any way. Nothing happens except Troy constantly blames Bree for leaving town, and he can't understand why Bree who was madly in love with him wouldn't want to hang round and watch him play happy ever after with her best friend.

As for Bree she should have told him she was pregnant.

A 28-year-old turned her nonstop wedding invitations into a business as a 'Bridesmaid for Hire'

It might have made this a more interesting tale. And just to top it all off, Bree's father tells her that when Meg got pregnant he was the one who told Troy to marry her. But then as her father was a cheater himself what else can you expect. With family like that who needs enemies. If I could have given this no stars I would have. First and last read for me by this author. Don't waste your money.

Jan 06, Rose rated it did not like it. Review copy provided by author I had not heard of Always a Bridesmaid until the author asked me if I would like to read it. I read the blurb and needless to say it caught my attention. Before reading the book, the title had me thinking it was going to be a bit like the movie 27 dresses; except now I know Always a Bridesmaid runs deeper than that.

There is also a bit of paranormal element in the storyline but Review copy provided by author I had not heard of Always a Bridesmaid until the author asked me if I would like to read it. The book starts off with a heated encounter between Breanna and Troy. The reader can feel the tension in the atmosphere right off the bat. The chemistry between Breanna and Troy is hot! I could feel the tension and emotions right through my Kindle. He made a big mistake and completely betrayed Breanna. If I were Breanna, I definitely would not forgive Troy for what he did. But his love for Breanna remains the same, if not stronger.

He feels like she is the one he should have ended up with but that mistake he made while in a drunken stupor ruined that possibility. Or has it? The ending felt a bit rushed. The book is pretty short as it is, at only pages long. I think the book could have go on quite a bit longer, thus being able to fill in some of the gaps. What happened to him? Kids come with the package so I thought we would have had seen a little more interaction with her character.

Always a Bridesmaid had a great start but I felt that the ending fell short. I wished it was a bit longer so it could have given me a better feeling about the outcome between Breanna and Troy. But even with its faults, I still enjoyed reading this book. Jun 01, Julz rated it did not like it Shelves: cheating-hero , hero-should-be-shown-the-door , stayed-mad-the-whole-time.

I thought the "hero" was irredemable and should've never been given another chance. I hate plots where the heroine has to look at the other's betrayal for the rest of her life Sep 24, Nikki rated it did not like it. Oh no. Didn't like the double pregnancy, it was a no-win scenario for everyone, but everyone keeps complaining that the heroine left The hero says it several times 'you should have stayed', for what?

To see you, married to her best friend and raise a baby, is she a masochist? She did the right thing everyone get off her back! Wish the heroine could have bonded with the daughter who, lets be Oh no. Wish the heroine could have bonded with the daughter who, lets be honest didn't matter in the story, that way she could come to forgive her best friend. Stop making your mom do it. I think this story could have worked in another author's hands as it is the hero thinks apologizing is enough, and random dream connections tossed in at the end for no damn reason. Oct 23, Book rated it it was ok.

Nov 08, N. Reading this was worst than Jun 14, Laura Summers rated it it was ok Shelves: holiday-reading-list-july , ipad-ebooks-i-own , bcc-reviewed , read-in , romance , bcc-received. At pages it's a short book and I read it all in one sitting in the space of a couple of hours. The book tells the broken love story of Bree and Troy. Nine years ago, they were desperately in love and engaged to be married; true soul mates.

Always a Bridesmaid — Rachel Lyon

Then Troy accidentally got Bree's best friend Meg pregnant and thinking he was doing the honourable thing eloped and married her, devastating Bree. Fleeing her home town, her family and past, Bree has not been home since. Not even returning for the funeral when when Meg was killed in a horrific car crash four years later.

Now her sister is getting married and Bree returns home to help with the wedding, meaning that Bree has to face her past and finally come to terms with it. The premise of this book is a bit of a tough one to reconcile with. Simply because as the reader you too have to forgive Troy for his mistakes in order to become fully engaged in the story. I did find myself thinking would I forgive him if I were in Bree's place. To my mind Troy's was a huge betrayal and I had to put this to one side in order to read the book. Despite their flaws both Bree and Troy are likeable characters.

You feel their sadness and pain for their mistakes and at the beginning wonder how they will work through them to reach the ultimate happy ending. Essentially, this book is as much about forgiveness as it is about love, and as it develops you do find yourself forgiving Troy as you begin to understand his regret and personal suffering for everything he has put Bree through. When all my friends started getting engaged - I decided to make new friends.

So I did - but they got engaged also and for what felt like the hundredth time, I was asked to be a bridesmaid. This year alone, I've been a bridesmaid 4 times.

Living Arrangements

That's 4 different chiffon dresses, 4 different bachelorette parties filled with tequila shots and guys in thong underwear twerking way too close to my face, 4 different pre-wedding pep talks to the bride about how this is the happiest day of her life and marriage, probably, is just like riding a bike: a little shaky at first but then she'll get the hang of it. Right, she'll ask as she wipes off the mascara stained tears from her perfectly airbrushed face. Right, I'll say though I don't really know, I only know what I've seen and that's a beautiful looking bride walking down, down, down the aisle one, two, three, four times so far this year.

I think it's human nature. Talia Lakritz. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url.