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  3. What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Scorpio?
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Best thing: This can be a very fulfilling connection for you. Virgo is very attentive and makes sure you are always heard and validated, which is something you crave. Worst thing: Together, you may find yourselves constantly over-analyzing everything and sending yourselves into anxiety spirals. Best thing: You will love how genuinely kind and open Libra is. They do the social work that you feel quite uncomfortable with.

Scorpio & Taurus

Worst thing: Libra takes on the perspective of everyone around them. You see that as phony and weak — two things you cannot stand. Best thing: A relationship with another Scorpio can be a deeply transformative experience. Scorpio is the most complex and misunderstood sign in the zodiac. Another Scorpio may be the only person who can truly understand you. Worst thing: You both are so intense and take things so seriously that you may spend a lot of time dealing with heavy issues and have trouble moving forward. Best thing: Sagittarius can help you see things in a new and fresh way.

You could really benefit from a daily dose of their optimistic perspective.

Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Scorpio

Worst thing: Both of you can be extremely rigid and stuck in your ways. Best thing: With Capricorn, you will always feel that your relationship will be kept close and private, a need that not many can meet. Worst thing: Because Capricorn tends to try to control and manipulate situations, your skeptical nature will never allow you to fully trust them. Best thing: Aquarius is the one person who can help you see the simplicity in situations.

They can help calm you when you are in one of your intensity spirals. Best thing: Your relationship with Pisces allows you to live in a place of emotional depth, which is your favorite way to live. Worst thing: You tend to like stability and Pisces needs to go with the flow — this contrast may cause tension.

Gemini if fickle. Scorpio is private. Gemini is a social butterfly. Gemini is changeable. Scorpio is stubborn and determined. Gemini is flirtatious. Scorpio is jealous. These two would have a complicated and arduous relationship. Head and heart collide. Scorpio is suspicious of everyone, Aquarius has never met a stranger and is a friend to all. Scorpio is receptive, Aquarius is assertive. Scorpio is controlling. Aquarius demands freedom, and both are stubborn. This is a push-pull relationship that would contain endless power struggles and clashing agendas.

Although signs of the same element match best with each other, quadruplicities Modalities do not follow the same laws. For this reason, a Scorpio tends to match better with the Cardinal sign of Cancer and the Mutable sign of Pisces than they do with another Scorpio. This is because Scorpio is a fixed sign , and fixed signs are deeply rooted, intense, and can be very stubborn. The unmovable nature of a fixed sign can be overwhelming when partnered with a like-minded individual.

Such similarities may inhibit relationship growth as well as the personal growth of each partner. There have been some astrological theories involving zodiac opposites that lead people to believe that the polar opposite of one's zodiac sign actually represents an ideal match.

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Scorpio?

In Scorpio's case, this ideal partner would be Taurus. There are numerous reasons why such theories are incorrect, but the most glaring would be that of Modality and Element understanding. Though earth and water signs can complement each other, a fixed sign like Scorpio requires a partner outside their own quadruplicity modality.

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Unfortunately, Taurus is also a fixed sign, and a fixed earth sign to boot. A Taurus is notoriously stubborn and needs emotional stability. A Taurus aims for status-quo and peace at all costs, while a Scorpio thrives on extremes and must delve into the very depths of their soul on a daily basis. Passion, intensity, and truth at any cost are values that define a Scorpio. Scorpio isn't just found within the Sun signs.

This zodiac sign can infiltrate any of the planets and houses in a natal chart. If an individual's natal chart is Scorpio-dominant, this person will partner best with a chart-dominant Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer or Virgo. The nuances of natal charts can be intimidating to those newly acquainted with astrology, so it is best to consult a professional astrologer where chart compatibility is concerned. Scorpio is the most passionate of all the zodiac signs; they don't shy away from emotions.

Scorpio Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

Every little thing they do is done out of love with the strongest of emotions. Once a relationship with a Scorpio begins, they are committed.

Are Taurus & Scorpio Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

Don't worry about their flaking out on you because they're all in. The best thing is to try and stop looking at all. Let love come easily and stop searching for it. The ultimate no-no for looking for love, especially with Scorpios, is the bar or club. People like them, when looking for longtime happiness, won't search for her future spouse at a nightclub.

They're not interested in playing tag and getting hurt along the way.

Again, though, this all correlates to when a Scorpio should go looking for love. Scorpios have a mysteriousness to them that no one can resist. No one can read them, making them harder to resist. This star sign's favorite thing to do is talk about their favorite things like TV shows, books, and movies.