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Prologue - A Century Lost 2. Southampton 3. A Recommencement 4. Anthony Crowley's Song 6. The Dawn 7.

Diamond Is the Sky

The Beginning 8. The Humours of Ismay 9. Orders Hard to Starboard A Building Panic Unable To Stay Unwilling To Leave Death of Titanic A Promise Broken Forgetting The Lost Century The Last Diamond Sky. Titanic - and a relationship utterly forbidden by both Heaven and Hell. Some slight amendments to the FanFiction version, nothing major.

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The year is , and one angel and one demon's lives are about to change forever as they embark on the fateful maiden voyage of the R. Rating and warnings for Chapter 13, the rest being far more mild.

Crowley had been ordered to sink the Titanic. Hope, optimism, ambition: they were all to slowly rust away on the bottom of the abyssal plain.

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Only thing was, Crowley had absolutely no memory of his time between Southampton and New York. This feature has been tentativelyattributed to the tertiary C-H stretch of diamond-like carbon. Part of thedifficulty associated with tracking interstellar microdiamonds stems from thelimited knowledge of their infrared and electronic properties.

Theoreticalcalculations can help us understand the possible contribution diamondoids maketo the chemistry and physics of the interstellar medium.

The art and musings of a disillusioned idealist.

Diamondsare tightly bound chemically, and it takes considerable energy to cause them toemit a characteristic spectral "fingerprint. Ourcomputed spectroscopic properties imply that, if diamondoids are present inthese astronomical environments, the majority would be in the neutral form.

Diamond Sky Specialty Inn, Sunny Beach, Burgas Province, Bulgaria

Thecombination of small absorption strengths f -values and largeexcitation energies, which are close to the ionization energies, makes itunlikely that, as a class, neutral diamondoids can become sufficiently excitedto emit strongly in the infrared in most astronomical environments. As shown in the figure, neutral diamondoids willabsorb most strongly near 3. Our computed infrared spectra fortwo neutral diamondoids green and blue peaks shown in c are centered around3. This result supports the assignment of the interstellar 3.

The verysmall absorption strengths of both neutral and ionized diamondoids place tightconstraints on the astronomical environments in which they can becomesufficiently excited to emit strongly in the infrared. Clear-cut infraredfluorescent emission from highly vibrationally excited diamondoids requiresradiation fields with both high energy and high flux.

For diamondoids largerthan those shown in c , the C-H stretching band shifts into agreement with theemission bands of HD and Elias 1. However, radiation fields strong enoughto excite the neutral diamondoids will also produce ionized diamondoids.

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Ourcomputed infrared spectra for small positively charged diamondoids, shown in d -f , line up with parts of the emission spectra for HD and Elias 1 andsuggest that the rare 3. We also show that neutral and cationicdiamondoids can contribute to the observed emission features. Have a news tip, correction or comment?