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  1. El maestro la maestra | Spanish Translator
  2. "ser el maestro de ceremonias" in English
  3. "maestro" in American English

In Mexico it would be much more common to use maestro , look at Julian Chivis answer, he is from Mexico. Log in Sign up. Log in.

El maestro la maestra | Spanish Translator

Is maestro more appropriate for middle school? Lo llamo porque Hola, soy el profesor de matematicas de su hijo, lo llamo porque - Dana Paola, Sep 16, Probably Italian used in Spanish. It could vary in other countries.

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At the university it's definitely profesor. We don't say Sra.

"ser el maestro de ceremonias" in English

I susbscribe to this. Spain is different :P jeje, we hardly ever use maestro at all, maybe in parvularios - c6, Sep 16, I want to watch that movie again. Don't forget to say your name. Es verdad.