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If you think sex will weaken your legs, make you less agressive etc.

How to Manage a Multi-Dog Household - Whole Dog Journal

I think a lot of trainers want fighters to abstain from sex because of it can keep a fighter less focused on training and disrupt times when he should be resting. Tyson started to have sex only when he stopped driving for success. The longest I abstained before a fight was 3 months. During this time I was able to focus my energy all on training which really increased my savageness and ferocity! By fight night it was well worth it. After that fight I got married and started having regular sex.

It may be hard at first, but once you develop a consuming fire and relentless determination for victory, then everything else takes a back seat, even sex! On average, people only burn about fifty calories in a single act of sex, an amount that can be easily replenished.

Read the entire article here. Based on scientific research. Lets assume a lion takes command of a pack of lionesses by the virtue of his physical ability. As such, he will be having quite a lot of sex with said lionesses in order to pass on his genes. However, should your theory of evolutionary psychology be true, he will very quickly lose control of the pack to another competitor lion, as his performance will decrease due to lack of motivation. This will lead to an endless cycle of interchangeable males, such that they will never control a pack long enough to produce male offspring since rival lions will kill his progeny.

Since we do not see such scenarios happening in nature, one has to assume that the detrimental psychological effect of sex on performance is either over-stated or rather not applicable at all. This is a fun discussion…. Ok, comparing humans to animals. Humans are one of the few animals that will have sex purely for pleasure. For that reason some scientists argue that humans have sex too much because we do it out of its natural purpose. About the lion thing. Hi Johnny, 1. I just wondering, do having wet dream has same effect with having real sex?

Will having wet dream weaken you too?? Because men do ejaculate either while having real sex or wet dream. Will daydreaming about sex weaken you too?? I once daydream about sex, and after I finish that daydream my body feel weak and relax, and my motivation seems gone, the effect is almost as same as having real sex.

The Ultimate List of Fighter Romance

Wait for your answer Johnny.. In traditional Chinese medicine texts, tantric texts, indigenous teachings, etc.. Men on the other hand, lose an incredible amount of creative life force on physical and spiritual levels. Unless they train themselves on how to retain it. Both men and women can train in tantric practices in order to increase the sexual energy exchanged between them for health and spiritual purposes. Hi Johnny. I have a theory about it. I think that have sex before fighting and training is more related to be tired and not concentrated than our sex needs.

I realized when follow in love that I started to think about boxe much less during the day and become less aggressive. I think that there is no problem to have sex unless you get rest enough and concentrate on the training and on the fighting. May be the myth about weak legs is more related to fear because of less concentration and psycological skill than weakness.

I remember reading an article that said Roy Jones sr. Semen is the chemical that creates a human being. The more you abstain from releasing it the more aggressive men are based on my own personal experience. In order to avoid losing this precious life force, many techniques have been developed over the ages. Chi-gung, meditation and of course Micro Cosmic Orbit exercises. Read some of the books by Mantak Chia or just google it. This effect has been known and reported for millennia. I feel my legs become weaker and my lower back hurts. The lower back is where the kidneys are located and the kidneys in Chinese medicine are the storage house of your jing.

Sometimes, I feel exactly the same, but many times I feel literally like a shell of my previous self! Why dont you just edge a few time like 10 times edge get real close to orgasm and then put your penis away and go watch tv or read a book or something. That way you can get the best of both worlds almost.

I feel alot better having read this article. This was a great article and shed alot of light on the subject. Now someone did ask a question which made me start thinking because I plan on going back into training for MMA after I deliver my son, what happens to a female athlete if she has sex during training or before a fight?

Would she have the same downfalls as a man? Anyway just wanted to thank you for a great article man. I totally agree. My boyfriend and I had a Hugh fight because we were not having sex. I figured he either was not into me anymore or he was with someone else. I think that it would only be fair for boxers to make their spouses understand and read a few articles about this subject.

Please, please inform the women you date. Because I almost lost a great man because I thought he was cheating. I completely agree!! I play numerous sports and if I have sex before an event, my performance is horrible. Thanks again!! Also, by stimulating the prostate without the relief of ejaculation, the benefits of abstinence are actually enhanced. And finally, the psychological dominance involved in the act inspires the athlete towards feelings of domination himself, revenge for the symbolic humiliation he has endured enjoyed? Its a bit sad when my husband.. Mister T is on at 5am commenting on very serious and crucial comments!

What a load of nonsense! However if you need to let another man have sex with you to be better at sport then I seriously suggest you take up a different sport. Either that or just admit that your bi-sexual!! Along with becoming aroused and not finishing before training which can have similar effects, it warms the body gets the blood flowing while not losing the nutrients required to create and release additional semen.

When she spots Natural instinct will kick in and your subconscious will tell you if you push enough weight you get sex after. It grows in you inner strength, determination and when you are able to redirect it towards training and competition you are on the right track.

I believe that we have one type of energy -life energy and you can decide where to focus that energy ,where to use that energy what to achieve. I did a test — I make sex one day before training it was muai thai training. I thought I would die in training: I could not finish the round with shields It was a tough workout. Another time I was abstinence for a long time, I felt more strength that comes from the belly, I felt like I was further fed by force flowing from the stomach.

Individuals may psyche, motivate, hype etc. I wish I had completely abstained from porn and masturbation back when I was an athlete. I used to think I was a naturally lazy person, but that was just a consequence of overindulging. Having a wet dream 3 days before fight Sparring that same day Felt weak , my confidence level was low.. How do I get it all back …. I was beginning to think this was a myth. Bright side is sex will be more special since I leave it for only special accessions. I notice a huge difference if I abstinence for a day or two prior.

So, ladies keep track of your body in all ways and learn from it. Also, the waiting makes the after party all the more worth it. Its an easy answer which is being proven with athletes the world over: Sex and ejaculation weakens a man and saps his strength. How can i prove it? This is true for those who feel revived after sex too the first sign of a sex addict.

As for evolution…. I will let you search the book for yourself and discover the answer, it will do most men good to search for wisdom in the day and age of instant internet, that way you will appreciate the answer moreso. However, once you find the scripture, you will see Instruction to a fit and gifted man…. Okay so Ive been boxing for around 6 years now. This is probally embarrasing to talk about but ive always heard of the saying no sex before a fight Ive heard it makes you tired and makes you less motivated.

Ive also heard that boxers shouldnt take hot showers are baths etc Because it will also make them feel tired and the steam will kill sperm in the testicals So I should take ice baths and cold showers while coming up to a fight. Then i was wondering but what if a weigh in is the day before and you need to lose weight therefore you put a sweatsuit on etc Will the heat not do the same and kill the sperm therefore you are weak coming up to a fight This is embarrarsing but hopefully you will help me Im either asking a genuine question or ive been being lied to.

So what do i do before a fight? Do i take cold showers and ice baths? Avoid heat if so then what about training and sweating in the gym etc? What about if i had a wet dream? Its not my fault that it has happened how do you prevent that on and upcoming fight? This is definitely a great article bro.. However sometimes guys get wet dreams. I used to have wet dreams at least twice a month. Used to get pissed about it.

Theres nothing one can do about that. It also applies with fighting animals like roosters. When reaching puberty, it has to be isolated or stopping him from ejaculation so that he reaches his full growth.. The arguments leave out the basic fact that sex in males involves the production and loss of semen. Semen is made by the testes sperm , prostate seminal fluid and the lymphatic system, including joint fluid. Have you ever felt hip soreness after lots of sex?

I am an athelete nd i have to go for atheletics afer a month nd i had done sex last last night nd now i am scare about my event. They test performance before and after, finding that after sex your testosterone level are higher and this betters your performance for men and women. All you guys out there that are making excuses or trying to argue against abstinence I think that you all know yourselves well, and know that you are not strong willed enough or disciplined enough for abstinence.

This author is absolutely incorrect. Releasing testosterone and being more relaxed for a fight is the perfect recipe to losing. Do not have sex or masterbate before a fight. Hell u should even before u go to work or do a task that involves mental toughness as well as physical toughness. When u release, it makes u weak.

Resist the urge and keep that testosterone in you. In addition, it may be different for people depending on their sex drive. Personally, I am tired after sex and wanna sleep. Anyways, this author is wrong. I think some fighters are holy humans and really respectful and I know Johnny N is one of them. Hope the best things for the Holy fighters! I believe in all of those except the testosterone, after cumming, someone can just shove it right back in if it is true! Interesting article, however I would argue that masturbation is more detrimental to performance than sex itself.

Masturbation makes you obsessed with the idea of sex rather than sex itself. Its also easier to do so the temptation is always there. I first heard about not having sex from mike tyson. I would say that masturbation is no substitute for sex. I would agree that sex only and not masturbation would qualify the fighter to win or lose. So the nutriciuos food you intake insteed of going into your muscles they go into my balls to create my cum.

In this case, I meant the day before a fight. But do know that for many boxers, the old-schoolers recommend no sex even in training before a fight. That could be months. I took my first amateur fight back in June after only training for a coupe of months and wish I would of came to site sooner. So much to learn. I decided to have another go so I began training again recently , hope to have a rematch this March.

Oh I will turn 48 by then. Although it only takes me days after sex to get back to my optimal training level again. Great article by the way. Wish me luck.. I like to knock one out twice a day even at I feel relaxed but better able to deal with stressful things. Not sure how it would effect a fight but I have no problem wanting to beat the crap out of retarded Audi drivers. When having sex — provided that you ejaculate, even though you boosted your Dopamine via needs for high in sex, you allows lactic acid enter your body.

The lactic acid is proven to be a Dopamine inhibitor which would no doubt block your Dopamine. Every time you have sex, you will also crave protein and thus cannot fight nor interact well.

How to Vote

The bottom line sex will make you weak and hungry. I research medical and science as a hobby but also practice sex. I work in a courier company lifting pounds package. You are welcome to call my research bullcrap.

Understanding Dog Pack Hierarchy, and Why it Matters

It is up to you to do your own dues diligence. Whilst I understand the science behind this, it means that the athlete is going into the ring with a beta male attitude. I think of it as presenting the best version of yourself possible.


I assume most athletic champions in the world are not doing physically-strenuous things just before an important sports event. Now if you believe that activity HELPS be physically stronger…well then it makes perfect to do lots of it then! And females2. My theory is, people who have sex regular are the people who succeed. The reason behind this theory is as follows,. The Desire to have sex is mans natural goal and to reproduce. The problem with this is until the man has had sex its his only goal. For fighters having sex will make them weak physically not mentally, not good for a boxer, but an accountant or layer this will not matter one bit.

For normal day life Sex lowers the desire for sex giving you a free mind for other things in life, like succeeding for you and your family. Share your thoughts with other boxers. Please, be respectful. Want your own comment image? Get a Gravatar! Email not published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The hotel is a minute drive from Phuket Town. Fitted with tiled flooring, rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with hot showers. An electric kettle and a fridge are included. Rooms with a private balcony offer street views, while rooms without a balcony offer mountain views. Sam Hibberd is a professional Mixed Martial Artist with an official record of amateur record of and a Muay Thai record of Sam has trained extensively in the Australian MMA scene over the past 10 years, learning from some of the country's most renowned and accomplished coaches.

Beginning his training at the age of 6 and taking his first fight 6 months later Dam has racked up over fights both in the Thai stadiums as well as Hong Kong and China, where he made the connections he still uses today to organise big fights. A keen eye for talent and how styles match up Dam quickly became a talented trainer helping his teammates prepare for matches and win many titles, now long retired from fighting he focuses his energy on taking his fighters to the biggest stages in the sport.

A long time close friend of our other trainers the mutual respect and admiration for each other really shines through the gym and creates a strong feeling of trust between fighters and trainers. Hailing from Chumpon province in southern Thailand Athit fighting under the name Kiatchai began fighting at the age of 4 yes really!

Throughout his career he has won the southern and central regional Thailand titles before going on to win the WMC and WBC championships, the MX Muay Extreme belt MMA style gloves , and went on a 3 year undefeated streak winning all the stadium titles in his adopted home of Phuket. Bigger and stronger than your average Thai coming in over 80kg Athit has the smooth and tricky style the southern provinces are known for combined with the power you only find in the higher weight classes.

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Kru Leamthong, is originally from Phang Nga province in south Thailand where he began his fighting career at the age of 9. Winning the Southern Thailand title at 45kg when he was young, Leamthong moved to Bangkok to pursue his fighting career and chase his dreams of becoming Champion at just 16 years of age! In his career Leamthong stacked up over fights, during which he realised his dreams and became the S1 Rajadamnern champion not once but twice, as well as winning the highly decorated Channel 3 8 man tournament championship!

Now an extremely popular trainer, students seek out Leamthong for his mixed approach of modern and traditional techniques in his training sessions. Besides being a trainer and seeing the success of his students, Kru Leamthong has a genuine love of food, and now aspires to one day use the money he makes from the sport to open his own restaurant. Approaching his training with a much more technical eye than a lot of Thai trainers he will force you to capitalise on your individual strengths and how best to minimize your weaknesses.

As well as training people to a championship level, outside of the gym you will find Wat devoted to his stable of prized cocks. Wat hopes his Cock will bring him as much success as Muay Thai has. Dechrit Sor. Originally from Sisaket province in Northeastern Thailand, like many other young Thais, Muay Thai gave him a chance to make money for his family, having his first fight at 8 years old. After winning both the 69kg and 73kg Northeastern Thailand championships Dechrit began fighting internationally, fighting in China, Australia and Italy amassing over fights.

He previously worked as a trainer in Beijing and Australia before making his way back to Thailand and joining the team here at Absolute MMA Thailand, where he is still active as a fighter as well as being part of our stellar training team. Tax will be added at checkout. Contact Absolute MMA today to obtain more information about our world-class classes, facilities, coaches and tour packages.