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Twenty-five Studies. Twenty-four Studies. Thirty Melodious Studies. Studies for the Intermediate Degree. Twelve Easy and Melodious Studies. Twenty-four Studies Vogrich-Buonamici. Preparatory to H. Twelve Brilliant and Melodious Studies Oesterle. Fifteen Studies Oesterle. Twenty Studies on the Singing Touch Oesterle. Twenty-five Melodious Studies. Library i 00 Op. Thirty Progressive Studies. Library I 00 Op.

Twenty-four Preludes. Library ijo 75 Op. Ten Studies. Studies for More Advanced Pupils. Twenty Melodious Pieces in the Form of Etudes. Flexible cloth net 2 00 The same in 4 Parts, each i 00 Haberbier, E. Etudes- Po6sies Ruthardt. Library jj 75 The same, cloth i 75 Henselt, A. Twelve Characteristic Concert Studies A. Library 44 I 25 Joseffy, R. Toccata Henselt, A. Moscheles, I. Etude caract. SchlCzfer, P. Ktude, A 7 Schumann, R. Toccata Complete net 2 50 Years of tutelage under the great Carl Tausig, as well as his own vast experience as a pedagogue and virtuoso, have shown Rafael Joseffy the value of the "variant" in the study of Etudes.

Ceaselessly experimenting, he has subjected nearly all of the clas- sical studies to the most careful scrutiny. The results of some of his efforts in this field arc now placed before the piano-playing world in this volume, edited for the use of pupil and teacher. This is emi- nently a practice edition, and makes smooth the knotty points of the work. Twenty-four Studies in all the Major and Minor Keys.

Celebrated Preludes in the various Major and Minor Keys. Complete 2 00 The same in 2 Books, each i 00 Op. Six Studies. Library i 50 D. These studies are not published in separate form. The numbers quoted in connection with Clementi's Gradns ad Pamassum and Cramer's Btudes refer to the respective editions published in ScMrmer's Library.

Library 50 Czemy, C, Op. School of the Legato and Staccato. Part I i 00 Zwintscher, B. Twelve Studies for the Development of Velocity. Short School of Velocity Without Octaves. Arpeggios i 25 Also Bertxni, Op. Chopin, Op Cramer, ttudes. Duvernoy, Op. Heller, Op. I, 4, 5, 12, 18, 23, 24, 26, Henseit, Op. Loeschhorn, Op. Nearly all. Moscheles, Op. Schmidt, Op. The School of Scales, Chords and Embellish- ments.

Extract from Technical School, Op. The Development of Velocity. Scales and Chords. Scales z 25 Also Bertini, Op. II, Czerny, Op. I, 6, 8. It is a work which may be consid- ered indispensable for a perfect mastery ot' arpeggio-playing. Arpeggio Studies i 15 Jackson, S. Arpeggios i 25 Zwintscher, B. Common Chords i 50 Part IV. Les Arpfeges. Grande fitude, F 75 Moszkowski, M. Les Arp6ges. Ten Trill Studies.

The Trill. Trill Studies. Cramer, Etudes.

Piano Solo: Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven...

School of Advanced Piano-playing. Le Trille. Exercises and Studies in Staccato Octave- playing. Eight Octave Studies i Gurlitt, C. Twenty-four Octave Studies. School of Octaves. The School of Octave-playing : Part I. Preliminary School. Exercises for Developing the Hands for Octave-playing. Seven Octave Studies. School of Octaves i Low, J. Six Octave Exercises. Boards net 3 The same. Exercises Part II. Philipp has said the last word on the scientific development of modern technique ; his studies and examples cover all its details, and contain the potency of all technical mastery.

In this wonderful "School of Octave-playmg" there are, first, exercises, then ten studies, then examples culled from the masters' works, from Beethoven down to the present day. Octave Studies of Medium Difficulty. School of Double Notes net 3 1 Philipp, I. Seven Studies by Alkan, Chopin, Cramer, DOhler, Kessler, Schumann, Seeling i 1 In these studies for double notes the author gives first all the technical combinations of thirds, fourths, sixths, etc.

Plaidy, L. II, 12, 13, Chopin, Op. Clementi, Gradus. Dohler, Op. Henselt, Op. Jensen, Op.

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Josefiy, School of Advanced Piano-playing. Sexten-Etude 90 Czerny, Ch. Toccata arr. Ill, No. Rhythmical Studies and Exercises i 50 Germer, H. Rhythmical Studies. Library iy8 1 00 Op. Twenty- four Studies. Rhythmical Studies 2 00 Op. Two Hundred Easy Two-part Canons.

Flexible cloth. Die Pflege der linken Hand. Twenty-four Studies Scharfenberg. School for the Left Hand. School of the Left Hand.

Dennis Alexander - Compositions

Soscheles, Op. Czeray, Op. Duvemoy, Op. I, 3, 23, I, 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 16, 23, 26, 29, Loeschhom, Op. No 22 Moscheles, Op. Nos 3, 10, II, 16, Cramer, fitudes. Duvernoy, Op I, 6, 8, I, 8, 9, 10, 17, 20, 21, Krause, Op. Philipp, Exercises for the Independence of the Fingers. I, 2, 3, 5, 8, II. Staccato jfetude 75 Scharwenka, X. Staccato Study 50 Vogrich, M. Section 4, Page E, Single Studies— Gmrinura. Czemy, Op. Vols, i, 2, 3. II, 23, 25, Joseffy, School of Advanced Piano-playing. Loeschhorn, Op Aoscheles, Op. Grad us. Duveraoy, Op. Schumann, Op. Zwintscher, Chromatic Exercises.

Very Easy Letters following titles indicate the keys of pieces, m stsndioc for minor Annand, J. Forty Pieces for Beginners 75 Biedermann, A. A Friendly Talk. Spring Flowers.

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Valse favorite. The Little Musician. May Morning. Andantino grazioso. Song of the Alps. D The object of these compositions is to entertain and instruct. Gurlitty C, Op. Albumleaves for the Young : each 25 No. Serene Morning. Northern Strains. By the Spring.

Song without Words. G Hackh, 0. Six Easy Pieces : each 25 No. Zephyr, Waltz. The Tin Soldier, March. Message of the Flower, Melody. On the Meadow, Danse rustique. On the Sea, Barcarole. Rose d'6t6, Mazurka. A The composer has caught the true spirit of these " Scenes of Childhood," and has wrought a series of charming pictures, bright in color and wholesome in tone, and so happily illustrating the sub- jects proposed by their respective titles, that they will assuredly promote zeal and zest for study.

Lichner, H. After School. G Rohde, E. Twelve Easy Melodious Pieces : each 25 No. Think of Me. Soldier's Song.

Before Mozart's Portrait. Grade i. Good Night. First Violets. F The same in i Book i 00 The making of the above "Stray Leaves" reveals the hand of an experienced teacher, who has maae the teaching of children a special studv. In these little musical portraits, which are "gems" of their kind, the aims of both teachei and pupil are carefully con- sidered. For balance of set see " Second Grade. Twenty-five Melodious Pieces : each 25 No. The Little Postilion. Song of the Miller Maid. C One of the best sets of teaching material, covering the ordinary dance-tune, the simple melody, the short character sketch, scenes descriptive of nature, etc.

While written in the main for purposes of instruction, each piece nevertheless possesses an individual charm, which makes it equally desirable as a recreation. Five-note Pieces. Cradle Song. The Brook. The Merry-go-round. Columbine Waltz. Cadets' March. Slumber Song. A Frolic. Pansy Gavotte.

Sunday Morning. Catch me. C These tiny pieces, adapted for the veriest beginners, are written with great skill to meet the requirements of such little players ; to interest and delight them and cultivate their taste and fancy, while offering only such difficulties as can be easily overcome. They are in line with the best and most modern principles of teaching. Spindler, F. C 25 Streabbog, L. C 35 Swifty N. Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary. In the Bazaar. The North Wind Doth Blow.

The Grasshopper. The Bogie Man. Down by the Frog Pond. The Old Clock C " 9. The Japanese Doll. Ding Dong Bell. The Owl. Little Bo-Peep. They are really characteristic pieces. Watson, Mabel M. Several of the pieces have little verses prefixed, to suggest the musical picture. Webb, Fr. Miniature Dances : each No. The Puppet-Show.

Six Easy Dances : each No. Military March. G Six more charming little pieces, embracing the different styles and forms of the dance, which are so essential to the proper cultivation of the sense of rhythm. Their refined musical quality assures them a place in the hands of every conscientious teacher, and a grateful welcome in the hearts of all students. Six Characteristic Little Pieces : No. The Mill. Song of the Boatman. Evening Song. The Cavalry Charge. C Abounding in variety of mood, style and rhythm, exceedingly melodious and instructive, and particularly expressive of the char- acter which the title of each number indicates.

The essential musical quality of these pieces recommends their use for the culti- vation of musical taste, and their diversified character discloses, in a primitive way, the possibilities in the expres. Peasant Dance. G 35 Biedermann, A. The Cossack. C 25 Op. F 40 Op. G The Old Man in Leather. G Ye Frog and ye Crow. C Ding, dong, Bell. G Who liveth so merry. G The Northwind and the Robin. Bjr When the snow is on the ground. F Now, O now, 1 needs must part. G I love little Pussy. C The Little Cock-Sparrow. Sir Simon de Montefort. These nursery songs are familiar tunes that have found their way to the hearts of many a generation of young folk.

In their new dress they have an added charm which will render the learner's task easier. Hllmenreich, A. Spinning Song. F 25 Engel, S. The Children's Festival. Eight Easy Pieces : No. Spanish Dance. Topical Song and Dance. The Juggler. Valse allemande. Hungarian Dance.

March to Supper. They form a very appropriate seauel to any set of " easiest pieces," and should prove an emcient aid in awakening and confirming the sense of rhythm. Gurlitt, C, Op. A 20 Op. Albumleaves for the Young : No. Morning Prayer. The Fair. Turkish March. Free Fancies. C 25 These pieces are so well and so favorably known as to make it unnecessary to dwell upon their merits. Suffice it to call attention to the superiority of the present edition, which excels every other in the market. Festive Dance, F 20 59 Klein, B. F Skating. G Sans Souci 2t la Gavotte. F Tyrolian Serenade. C Hungaria.

The Little Beggar. Morning Walk. F The Little Coquette. G Far from Home. F Greeting from Spain. C The Ballet Dancer. F Good-bye. D From a didactic point of view, nothing better in this grade can be found. The pieces are neither too easy nor too difficult ; they possess sufficient variety in style, character and technique, and an artistic value on a par with the best instructive literature for the piano.

A charming individuality distinguishes each piece.

Bach number possesses the element of popularity, which tends to lighten the pupil s labor. Six Melodious Dances, each No. They form a welcome change after the use of exercises and music of a more serious character. Twelve Characteristic Pieces : each No. To the Playground. F Melodious in invention, graceful in construction, and instruc- tive in purpose.

Suitable alike for talented and indifferent pupils. Twenty Short Pieces without Octaves : No. Morning Study. Little Russian Song. Tin Soldiers' March. Blind Man's Buff. F For the cultivation of free melody-playing, rhythmical inde- pendence and musical taste, no better teaching pieces could be found. For bal- ance of set see "Second Grade. Nimble Fingers. Jack Straws. F 3- A la Valse. Summer Time. Moonlight Dance. I'm Not Afraid. F 7- Recess. Efc II. Hunt the Slipper. Dance With Me. Viola Polketta. On Tip Toe. The Hand-organ Man Plays. G 35 25 25 40 40 40 25 40 25 25 25 25 25 40 40 Melodious little pieces for beginners, of just the sort that teachers like to find.

They are fitted out with attractive titles — quite in the Schumann manner. All are carefully fingered. Five Little Sketches : No. Brownies' Revel. Wild Flowers. Sleepy Time. Moto frolico. G 25 In much the same style as the preceding. Ten Little Fingers. Sunny Morning. Little Maiden.

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Mary's Lamb. On the Mossy Bank. Over the Hill. Honey Bee. Merry Blue Eyes. Roll Call. Melody Waltz. F 50 These ten merry little pieces are perhaps a shade beyond the most elementary stage. They are easy and offer no difficulties that careful preliminary training will not readily overcome; yet each piece has point and charm of melody and a picturesqueness that will interest the pupil and incite his ambition to study.

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