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  3. The Essence of Martial Arts: Making Your Skills Work in Practice by John Hennessy
  4. The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi

It is a collection of different aspects of various martial arts. Basically what works well in each discipline is incorporated into Jeet Kune Do, creating an amalgamation of effective techniques which spans everything from hand-to-hand combat to grappling to breathing routines. Sound familiar? The Book of Five Rings is a legendary book on martial arts strategy and combat tactics developed by famous Japanese swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi.

Musashi, then an undefeated Samurai, wrote the book in a cave in In the book, Musashi outlines his methods of defeating his adversaries, throwing opponents off-guard, inflicting confusion, and various other techniques that should prove essential for any modern-day martial artist. It has been translated from Japanese into English over the years, and some people believe the teachings that can be found in the book go far beyond martial arts and can be applied to everyday life.

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This book is a vivid illustration of the different techniques of the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. It was originally written as a four volume series, though a new revised edition offers a range of digitally-enhanced photographs of Bruce Lee himself. It is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be found anywhere else. Judo is known as one of the most technical martial arts. It is referred to as the Way of Gentleness, due to its nuanced and delicate techniques.

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It is both a reliable system of self-defense and an excellent method of physical exercise. Developed by the Japanese, Judo today is widely practiced all over the world. It is known as the most uniquely comprehensive and authoritative guide to Judo ever published. The book covers the essential and fundamental techniques of Judo.

The Essence of Martial Arts: Making Your Skills Work in Practice by John Hennessy

Different from the rest of the books on this list, Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge was written for the modern day martial artist. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is the fastest rising sport in the world today. It is a revolutionary sport which combines multiple martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai , Boxing , Wrestling , and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , taking the best aspects of each art and seamlessly marrying them to create a robust system of fighting.

Chasing Greatness: Troy Worthen

The book features multiple-time UFC champion BJ Penn as he illustrates a myriad of techniques and shows readers how to mix strikes with takedowns, how to fight effectively on the ground, and how to transition into various submissions. Anyone who is serious about learning MMA or who might want to go into competition someday should pick up this book.

Each internal martial art is analyzed in terms of its fighting strategies and applications. This revised edition includes 50 pages of additional material including a new chapter on martial arts and spirituality. This was the first book to provide in-depth information to Westerners about nei gung neijiaquan , the sophisticated Taoist system developed in ancient China for working with chi in the body, mind and spirit.

Chi helps build relaxed speed and power without the use of muscular tension or adrenaline surges. This gives many internal martial artists a powerful edge over counterparts trained in external martial arts.

The Unified Theory of Fighting - 5 Basic Principles - Effective Martial Arts

The new edition demystifies the technique known as fa jin, the storage and sudden discharge of energy without the use of muscular force, one aspect of which is demonstrated on the front cover. The new edition also adds a lengthy chapter on the spiritual development of a martial artist, and describes how the internal martial arts are linked to Taoist meditation.

The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi

Start price. The Noble Art of Heavyweight Boxing. United Kingdom. The Fighters Mind by Sam Sheridan WWE Greatest Rivalries. Martial Virtues. Be Like Water by Cardillo J.

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Judo Gi. Current bid. The Mauler by Alexander Gustafsson Best Karate: Volume 10 by Masatoshi Nakayama Little Linda Lee. Ali vs. Samurai by John Man