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It will stand as an important and timely contribution to the legacy of Hilma af Klint. An unhappy Englisher falls in love with an Amish girl. But he will have to first confront her boyfriend and the girl's father. When a quirk of fate lands him in an Amish community, he falls in love with local girl Iris.

Iris Graber has had a crush on Aaron Lapp since she was fourteen. But with Aaron staying aloof, she starts taking an interest in Jim. What will Aaron do when he sees Jim and Iris together? What will happen when Iris' father sees her daughter interested in an Englisher? And will Jim be able to renew his faith in the Lord? This is a sweet, clean Amish Romance story perfect for fans of Christian Romance. Exploring the most significant plant medicines of the Mountainous West, the following reference presents a working model of how to best apply the region's therapeutic plant life.

Essentially, if there is snow accumulation in the winter, and mountains, conifers, and Aspen are in the area, then this book will be of value. Included within are the following sections: description, distribution, chemistry, medicinal uses, indications, collection, preparations, dosage, and cautions. An entire chapter is devoted to DIY herbal preparation: teas, tinctures, ointments, liniments, essential oils, and other conveyances. Helpful appendices include a therapeutic index, bibliography, glossary, and general index.

A passage from the introduction:Overall the plant life of the western mountains does seem to exhibit a number of interesting population patterns. From Ligusticum and Populus species to Pine family trees, there are more balsamic plant medicines in the mountains than in surrounding areas. The Heath family urinary tract medicines are small and some even herbaceous Pipsissewa, Pyrola, Uva-ursi, and Bilberry as opposed to Madrone and Manzanita, larger plants that grow to the south and west and lower in elevation.

The mountains also have higher densities of bitter tonic Gentian family plants and Rose family astringents than other areas. The New York Times bestselling account of one of history's most brutal -- and forgotten -- massacres, when the Japanese army destroyed China's capital city on the eve of World War II In December , one of the most horrific atrocities in the long annals of wartime barbarity occurred.

The Japanese army swept into the ancient city of Nanking what was then the capital of China , and within weeks, more than , Chinese civilians and soldiers were systematically raped, tortured, and murdered. In this seminal work, Iris Chang, whose own grandparents barely escaped the massacre, tells this history from three perspectives: that of the Japanese soldiers, that of the Chinese, and that of a group of Westerners who refused to abandon the city and created a safety zone, which saved almost , Chinese.

Drawing on extensive interviews with survivors and documents brought to light for the first time, Iris Chang's classic book is the definitive history of this horrifying episode. From the beautiful apsaras of Hindu myth to the swan maidens of European fairy tales, stories of flying women - some carried by wings, others by clouds, rainbows, floating scarves, and flying horses - reveal the perennial fascination with and ambivalence about female power and sexuality. In Women Who Fly, Serinity Young examines the motif of the flying woman as it appears in a wide variety of cultures and historical periods, in legends, myths, rituals, sacred narratives, and artistic productions.

She considers supernatural women like the Valkyries of Norse legend, who transport men to immortality; winged deities like the Greek goddesses Iris and Nike; figures of terror like the Furies, witches, and succubi; airborne Christian mystics; and wayward, dangerous women like Lilith and Morgan le Fay. Looking beyond the supernatural, Young examines the modern mythology surrounding 20th-century female aviators like Amelia Earhart and Hanna Reitsch.

The first book to systematically chronicle the figure of the flying woman in myth, literature, art, and pop culture, Women Who Fly offers a fresh look at the ways in which women have both influenced and been understood by society and religious traditions throughout the ages and around the world. Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter Vol. After being banished from high society, Iris has managed to invigorate her father's domain as acting fief lord. But when an invite comes from the Queen Dowager, Iris finds herself called to court once more Can Iris find a way to manipulate the outcome to her own advantage, or will she become caught in the crossfire?

Bernard Jensen, who pioneered Iridology in the United States, presents a basic introduction to this science which analyzes the delicate structures of the iris to reveal and locate inflammation in the body. Readers are given an explanation of how the chart works, including detailed illustrations of iris topography showing individual systems charts, and over two dozen color photographs of irises diagnosing stages of different ailments. This book supports Jensen's belief that iridology is an important element in the total, holistic health care program.

Sixth grade is coming to an end, and so is life as Macy McMillan knows it. Already a "For Sale" sign mars the front lawn of her beloved house. Soon her mother will upend their perfect little family, adding a stepfather and six-year-old twin stepsisters. To add insult to injury, what is Macy's final sixth grade assignment? A genealogy project. Well, she'll put it off - just like those wedding centerpieces she's supposed to be making. Just when Macy's mother ought to be understanding, she sends Macy next door to help eighty-six-year-old Iris Gillan, who is also getting ready to move - in her case into an assisted living facility.

Iris can't pack a single box on her own and, worse, she doesn't know sign language. How is Macy supposed to understand her? But Iris has stories to tell, and she isn't going to let Macy's deafness stop her. Soon, through notes and books and cookies, a bond grows between them. And this friendship, odd and unexpected, may be just what Macy needs to face the changes in her life. Shari Green, author of Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles, writes this summer story with the lightest touch, spinning Macy out of her old life and into a new one full of warmth and promise for the future.

Foolish Hearts Emma Mills. When Claudia accidentally eavesdrops on the epic breakup of Paige and Iris, the it-couple at her school, she finds herself in hot water with prickly, difficult Iris. Thrown together against their will in the class production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, along with the goofiest, cutest boy Claudia has ever known, Iris and Claudia are in for an eye-opening senior year.

Smart, funny, and thoroughly, wonderfully flawed, Claudia navigates a world of intense friendships and tentative romance in Emma Mills's Follish Hearts, a young adult novel about expanding your horizons, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and accepting--and loving--people for who they really are. Yes, thirty-three complete, heartwarming, clean, sweet and wholesome Amish Romance books.

All of Emma Cartwright's best titles lovingly packaged together in one exceptional 33 book box set compiled for Emma's most loyal fans of her Amish stories. Filled with sweet stories of faith, redemption, heartbreaking tragedy, mystery and above all, love and a hope for the future. This is a sweet, clean and wholesome, Amish romance by bestselling author Emma Cartwright. Now in its 4th Edition, this bestselling volume in the popular Requisites series, by Drs.

Rohini Nadgir and David M. Yousem, thoroughly covers the extensive field of neuroradiology in an efficient and practical manner. Ideal for both clinical practice and ABR exam study, it presents everything you need to know about diagnostic imaging of the most commonly encountered neurological conditions.

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The authors address the conceptual, technical, and interpretive core knowledge needed for imaging the brain, spine, and head and neck, and discuss all the latest imaging modalities used, including diffusion weighted imaging, perfusion imaging, MR and CT angiography, and MR spectroscopy. Features 1, high-quality images throughout. Makes it easy to locate any topic of interest thanks to a logical organization by diseases and locations.

Summarizes differential diagnoses in quick reference tables to reinforce important characteristics of diseases and aid in interpretation. Focuses on essentials to pass the boards and the Certificate of Added Qualification exam. Covers new techniques such as diffusion tensor imaging tractography to identify white matter tracts.

Wicked Like a Wildfire Lana Popovic. And darkly magical. Popovic has created a world that you tumble into from the very first words and wish you could stay in forever. All the women in Iris and Malina's family have the unique magical ability or "gleam" to manipulate beauty. Iris sees flowers as fractals and turns her kaleidoscope visions into glasswork, while Malina interprets moods as music. But their mother has strict rules to keep their gifts a secret, even in their secluded sea-side town. Iris and Malina are not allowed to share their magic with anyone, and above all, they are forbidden from falling in love.

But when their mother is mysteriously attacked, the sisters will have to unearth the truth behind the quiet lives their mother has built for them. They will discover a wicked curse that haunts their family line--but will they find that the very magic that bonds them together is destined to tear them apart forever? Wicked Like a Wildfire is the first in a two-book series. Readers will be rapt with anticipation for the sequel. For many years a useful item in every household toolbox, duct tape has now taken on a second life as a medium for hobbyists of all ages.

This fun-filled book offers dozens of creative ideas and easy-to-follow instructions for making everything from wallets and coin purses to novelty neckties and household decorations out of duct tape. Separate chapters give directions for projects that include-- Duct Tape Accessories-- wallets, sandals, watch strap and more Duct Tape Clothing--apron, necktie, mini skirt, tool belt, and more Duct Tape Flowers--roses, iris, water lilies, and more Duct Tape Animals--turtle, duck, lion's head, puppy, and more Megativities-- skyscraper, Rubik's Cube, and more Here's a book of fun for both grownups and kids, and a great way to introduce children to crafting.

More than color illustrations. And duct tape diva, Richela Fabian Morgan, doesn't stop there. There are more amazing duct tape activities waiting in Tape It and Make More! The game has changed. After receiving a mysterious message from a famous Proxima developer, Chase Knowles takes a step toward an incredible future. With an important tournament coming up, everything seems to be working in his favor. But there are other forces at play, even if some of those forces are internal. Wanting more from his relationship with Lady C.

Meanwhile, Iris takes over the dojo and focuses on the tournament, hoping to continue their winning streak. After a concert in Kingdom Ignis, their team is begrudgingly joined by a goblin from a famous guild known as the Mitherfickers, a member who may prove to be useful in the coming tournament. A new opportunity arises once Chase learns of a rare mythcrea club, but joining won't be as easy as it sounds The illegal Monster Hunt App continues to change the course of Chase's life, but it also forces him to make important decisions, several of which could come back to haunt him. It was inspired by the Persona Games, Pokemon Go!

Amazon bestseller all-star author Karen Anne Golden does it again with her third book in the popular "The Cats that. Cozy Mystery" series. Autumn in Erie, Indiana means crisp, cool days of intrigue and subterfuge. Katherine "Katz" Kendall settles into her late great aunt's Victorian mansion with her high-spirited feline companions. What better time to host a Halloween party?

Katz, Colleen,and Jake set the stage with scary decorations, a fortune teller, and even a magician. Scout -- a Siamese with extraordinary abilities -- fang marks a "Wheel of Fortune" Tarot card. Is it because her person will soon receive millions, or does that card have a more ominous meaning? Although Iris is smitten with the magic man, it's unclear whether he's a lovable rogue, or an opportunistic thief.

Along the way, Katz and her cats uncover important clues to the identity of a serial killer, and find out about Erie's crime family. This fun, fast-paced book is a genuine page turner and will keep you on the edge of your chair right through to the end. Binge-read all eight in the series for a "you-can't-put-it-down" roller-coaster ride. This Amazon bestseller is sure to please. Have we become beauty-blind?

For two decades or more in the humanities, various political arguments have been put forward against beauty: that it distracts us from more important issues; that it is the handmaiden of privilege; and that it masks political interests. In On Beauty and Being Just Elaine Scarry not only defends beauty from the political arguments against it but also argues that beauty does indeed press us toward a greater concern for justice. Taking inspiration from writers and thinkers as diverse as Homer, Plato, Marcel Proust, Simone Weil, and Iris Murdoch as well as her own experiences, Scarry offers up an elegant, passionate manifesto for the revival of beauty in our intellectual work as well as our homes, museums, and classrooms.

Scarry argues that our responses to beauty are perceptual events of profound significance for the individual and for society. Presenting us with a rare and exceptional opportunity to witness fairness, beauty assists us in our attention to justice. The beautiful object renders fairness, an abstract concept, concrete by making it directly available to our sensory perceptions.

With its direct appeal to the senses, beauty stops us, transfixes us, fills us with a "surfeit of aliveness. Scarry, author of the landmark The Body in Pain and one of our bravest and most creative thinkers, offers us here philosophical critique written with clarity and conviction as well as a passionate plea that we change the way we think about beauty.

Merritt's Neurology Lewis P. Rowland MD. The thoroughly updated Twelfth Edition of this classic retains the organization, practicality, and readability that makes Merritt's Neurology one of the most popular texts among neurologists, primary care physicians, and residents reviewing for psychiatry or neurology boards. For this edition, Timothy A. Rowland as co-editor. Coverage includes separate chapters on autism, autosomal recessive ataxias, and autosomal dominant ataxias, and new chapters on endovascular neuroradiology, parkinsonian syndromes, Lewy body dementias, frontotemporal dementia, vanishing white matter, vasculitis, normal pressure hydrocephalus, neuromyelitis optica, Kennedy disease, spinal muscular atrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, disorders of DNA translation, the immune restoration inflammatory syndrome IRIS , and Hashimoto encephalopathy.

Most chapters have been updated to reflect advances in molecular genetics. A companion Website will offer the fully searchable text and an image bank. Sterilization remains one of the most popular forms of fertility control in the world, but it has received little acknowledgment for decreasing birthrates on account of its dubious use as a means of population control, especially in developing countries. In Matters of Choice, Iris Lopez presents a comprehensive analysis of the dichotomous views that have portrayed sterilization either as part of a coercive program of population control or as a means of voluntary, even liberating, fertility control by individual women.

Drawing upon her twenty-five years of research on sterilized Puerto Rican women from five different families in Brooklyn, Lopez untangles the interplay between how women make fertility decisions and their social, economic, cultural, and historical constraints. Weaving together the voices of these women, she covers the history of sterilization and eugenics, societal pressures to have fewer children, a lack of adequate health care, patterns of gender inequality, and misinformation provided by doctors and family members.

A collection with a feminist ethos that cuts across race, gender identity, and sexuality. Creative activists have reacted to the Presidential election in myriad ways. Editors Danielle Barnhart and Iris Mahan have drawn on their profound knowledge of the poetry scene to put together an extraordinary list of poets taking a feminist stance against the new authority. What began as an informal collaboration of like-minded poets--to be released as a handbound chapbook--has grown into something far more substantial and ambitious: a fully fledged anthology of women's resistance, with a portion of proceeds supporting Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Representing the complexity and diversity of contemporary womanhood and bolstering the fight against racism, sexism, and violence, this collection unites powerful new writers, performers, and activists with established poets. Enemies and friends Reeling from the shocking discovery of Rodney McKay's fate, Colonel Sheppard and his team retreat to Atlantis to regroup. With Rodney not only in the hands of the Wraith, but apparently working for them, Atlantis faces a new danger -- their own man, turned against them. While Zelenka and Colonel Carter work frantically to crack the security protocols McKay embedded in Atlantis's computer system, Ronan revisits his past and finds much is changing on Sateda.

Meanwhile, Queen Death prepares to make use of her most valuable prisoner; with Rodney still unaware of his true identity, the fate of Atlantis hangs in the balance I am afraid we are going to lose the iris. Assume that as of now we are facing an attack by unknown hostiles who are trying to get through the Stargate. I want security teams on full alert --"Zelenka breathed a curse in Czech, all the more alarming because his tone was hushed rather than heated.

Just days after being hired, the librarian, Iris Huggins, asks Loretta to run outside and empty the book return bin. Loretta has almost finished retrieving all of the books when she discovers one stuck in the far corner. She quickly realizes that not only is the book stuck in the back, but it's also covered with a sticky substance that appears to be blood! Things go from bad to worse when police arrive on scene and discover there's more than just a suspicious library book With the library in "lockdown" and the town in an uproar, it soon becomes apparent that Loretta was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Someone is determined to frame Loretta for the murder, but who Their fantasy is her reality in this bright and uplifting contemporary coming-of-age novel by the acclaimed author of Breaking Sky and You Were Here. Iris Thorne wants to blaze her own path. That's easier said than done when you're the granddaughter of M. Thorne, famous author of the Elementia series, hailed as the feminist response to J. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. And with a major motion picture adaptation of her grandmother's books in the works, Iris can say goodbye to her dream of making her own way in the music industry.

So when Iris and her brother get invited to the film set in Ireland, she's pretty sure the trip will be a nightmare. Except Iris can't deny the rugged beauty of the Irish countryside. And brushing shoulders with the hot, young cast isn't awful, especially the infuriatingly charming lead, Eamon O'Brien. Iris even finds the impassioned female director inspiring. But when the filming falls into jeopardy, everything Iris thought she knew about Elementia--and herself--is in question.

Will making a film for the big screen help Iris to see the big picture? Ankylosing spondylitis is a long illness that influences the joints close to the focal angle of the body, particularly the spine and sacroiliac joints. The sacroiliac joints are situated at the most reduced end of the spine where the sacrum meets the iliac bone in the pelvis. Ankylosing spondylitis can prompt possible combination of the spine.

Fringe joints from the spine,for example, the hips and knees, may likewise be included. AS likewise often includes aggravation at the focuses where the ligaments embed into the bones. Ankylosing spondylitis it dynamically influences the spine, it can cause unbending nature of the spine and loss of adaptability.

It might likewise cause pain and firmness in the hips, knees, and at times the little joints of the feet. Aggravation of the connective tissue of the under surface of the foot plantar of AS may likewise happen. Chest divider ligament irritation can cause chest pain and delicacy. Non skeletal issues related with Ankylosing spondylitis may incorporate exhaustion, aggravation of the iris or uvea the shaded bit of the eye , and less ordinarily irritation of the aorta, scarring of the lungs pulmonary fibrosis , amyloidosis abundance testimony of an irregular protein in organs and tissues , and incendiary gut illness.

AS is more typical in guys than in females. The male-to-female proportion is around The pinnacle beginning is in teenagers and youthful grown-ups years old. Ankylosing spondylitis is a sort of dynamic joint pain that prompts perpetual irritation of the spine and the territory where the spine joins the pelvis sacroiliac joints.

Ankylosing spondylitis essentially influences the hub skeleton of the head and trunk and the related tendons and joints. Ankylosing spondylitis can likewise influence different joints and organs in the body, including the eyes, lungs, kidneys, shoulders, knees, hips, heart, and lower legs. The term Ankylosing spondylitis alludes to solidifying and aggravation of the spine. Ankylosing spondylitis causes firmness, hurting, and pain around the spine and pelvis. The spine hardens in view of irritation of the joints between the bones of the spine. This irritation can make the vertebrae combine and in the long run can prompt an aggregate combination of the spine.

This combination happens when the vertebrae spinal bones really become together, melding the spine because of calcification of the tendons and plates between the individual vertebrae. In the event that the vertebrae combine, the spine loses its portability, leaving the vertebrae fragile and powerless against cracks. Ankylosing spondylitis may likewise cause a bend of the spine. AS is frequently alluded to Ankylosing spondylitis a type of aggravation of the hard spine called seronegative spondyloarthropathy. On account of Ankylosing spondylitis , the term seronegative implies that blood tests don't demonstrate the nearness of specific components seen with rheumatoid joint inflammation.

The term spondyloarthropathy implies a malady that influences the joints of the spine. AS fundamentally influences youthful grown-ups and is more typical in guys than in females. This malady is additionally more typical in than in African Americans. The beginning of Ankylosing spondylitis is most regular in men years old. In ladies, the symptoms of Ankylosing spondylitis frequently first show up during pregnancy. This does not mean, nonetheless, that a man will naturally get Ankylosing spondylitis in the event that he or she has the quality.

From two of the world's leading experts in endometriosis comes an essential, first-of-its kind book that unwraps the mystery of the disease and gives women the tools they need to reclaim their lives from it. Approximately one out of every 10 women has endometriosis, an inflammatory disease that causes chronic pain, limits life's activities, and may lead to infertility. Despite the disease's prevalence, the average woman may suffer for a decade or more before receiving an accurate diagnosis. Once she does, she's often given little more than a prescription for pain killers and a referral for the wrong kind of surgery.

Beating Endo arms women with what has long been missing--even within the medical community--namely, cutting-edge knowledge of how the disease works and what the endo sufferer can do to take charge of her fight against it. Leading gynecologist and endometriosis specialist Dr. Iris Kerin Orbuch and world-renowned pelvic pain specialist and physical therapist Dr.

See a Problem?

Now, Beating Endo formalizes the multimodal program they developed, offering readers an anti-inflammatory lifestyle protocol that incorporates physical therapy, nutrition, mindfulness, and environment to systematically addresses each of the disease's co-conditions on an ongoing basis up to and following excision surgery. This is the program that has achieved successful outcomes for their patients; it is the program that works to restore health, vitality, and quality of life to women with endo.

No more "misdiagnosis roulette" and no more limits on women's lives: Beating Endo puts the tools of renewed health in the hands of those whose health is at risk. From the glittering courts of Elizabethan England to the storm-tossed cliffs of the Scottish Highlands comes a dazzling tale of seduction, danger, and desire by one of America's bestselling and beloved authors, Iris Johansen.

She was a beautiful pawn in a game of love and death. When Princess Kathryn Kentyre is snatched from a life of captivity by the mysterious Black Robert of Craighdu, she is torn between absolute terror and soaring hope, He had been chosen to protect her from the dangers surrounding her, yet the moment he swept her away she knew this rogue of a Scottish laird would prove a greater threat than any she faced from her enemies.

He was a warrior-chief torn between duty and desire. Sensuous as sin itself and wild as his native Scottish Highlands, Robert MacDarren had no intention of settling down with one woman. Yet the agreement he'd struck to keep the peace required he marry the orphaned beauty and bring her back to his castle at Craigdhu for safekeeping.

It was to be a marriage in name only--and only for one year. He never suspected that the meek hostage he had been promised would prove to be this firebrand of a woman who would challenge his mind, around his passion, and lay siege to his heart. With Iris and Matthew as my guides, I would virtually and literally go anywhere. One day, he decided to take his ten-year-old daughter out for Chinese Join two adventurous eaters as they explore night markets, hawker centers, gargatuan malls, and a fancy dim sum palace, all while living out their food fantasy: spending a week without having to eat anything other than Chinese food.

We're not experts. We just got here. And we're hungry. A complete introduction to the basic and intermediate concepts of image processing from the leading people in the fieldUp-to-date content, including statistical modeling of natural, anistropic diffusion, image quality and the latest developments in JPEG This comprehensive and state-of-the art approach to image processing gives engineers and students a thorough introduction, and includes full coverage of key applications: image watermarking, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition and medical imaging.

Introductory chapters dedicated to general principles are presented alongside detailed application-orientated ones. As a result it is suitably adapted for different classes of readers, ranging from Master to PhD students and beyond. Professor Bovik, himself a highly respected leader in the field, has invited an all-star team of contributors. Students, researchers, and practitioners of image processing alike should benefit from the Essential Guide.

Bernd Girod, Stanford University, USA "This book is informative, easy to read with plenty of examples, and allows great flexibility in tailoring a course on image processing or analysis. Pamela Cosman, University of California, San Diego, USAA complete and modern introduction to the basic and intermediate concepts of image processing - edited and written by the leading people in the fieldAn essential reference for all types of engineers working on image processing applicationsUp-to-date content, including statistical modelling of natural, anisotropic diffusion, image quality and the latest developments in JPEG Sometimes the most beautiful things grow in darkness.

Iris never expected to live her life trapped on land. Nor was she prepared for what she would find there. A siren isn't supposed to fall in love with her prey. When Jace moved to Santa Cruz, he never imagined he'd risk his life to protect a monster. He soon finds that ancient myth has become reality. And not every pretty face is what it seems. After Iris sings her siren's song to Jace -- a hypnotic melody that leads men to death beneath the waves -- both of their worlds are turned upside down.

Will Iris give in to her bloodlust or will she turn her back on everything she's ever known? Two professors return to the Urbana campus after a year's sojourn in Europe. They are Prof. Bruce Mainous, returning to his post as Head of the Dept. Jost spent a sabbatical year in Switzerland under the auspices of the Center for Advanced Study and also lectured at the Univ. We welcome them back, and also welcome Prof. Philip M. Mitchell as Acting Head of the Dept. He replaces Prof.

Harry G. Haile, who is on sabbatical leave during in Vienna. More detailed reports on the activities of these gentlemen will be found in the Notes of the various departments and programs. Our best wishes also go to Maxwell Reed Mowry, Jr. What will the coming year bring for us in the field of foreign language teaching? Last year at the U. A series of faculty meetings were held in the early spring of out of which emerged changes and a certain relaxation of former requirements.

As an example, incoming freshmen are no longer required to complete their foreign language as early as possible. They may now postpone embarking on their college-level foreign language study to suit their convenience as long as they complete the requirement by the end of their I4. Another loosening of former requirements has been the decision to permit students to interrupt their sequence of language courses at their own option. Formerly, students were not permitted to do so except under very special circumstances. Departments have been requested to provide alternate tracks to suit individual student needs instead of the now-existing uni- form l;th-semester courses.

Suggested options are such diverse courses or sets of courses as conversation courses, specialized technical or scientific reading courses, literary reading courses, culture and civilization courses, etc. In some cases the option suggested is that the readings be in the foreign language, but the discussion be in English. Needless to say, most of the foreign language departments are now in the process of reevaluating their l;th-semester offerings and preparing new ones. Some, like the French Dept. Whatever the long-range effect of the changes that face us, we look forward to an exciting year.

May yours be both exciting and profitable. Clayton L. Dawson, Head Dept. Pasquariello, and to his wife Dorothy. Pasquariello, a native New Yorker, holds his B. He has taught at the Univ. State Univ. He was also Chair- man of the Dept. His publications, teaching, and other academic activities, many and varied, range from pedagogy and methodology to several areas of specialization in liter- ature; among the latter; the 19th and 20th centuries in Spain, the picaresque novel, the colonial period in Spanish America, and especially the theatre--an interest which, in , led Prof.

Pasquariello to found Modern International Drama , which he will continue to co-edit. Those of us who know Mr. Pasquariello have always appreciated his many personal qualities; we are indeed fortunate to have him at Illinois. The Spanish Dept. Pasquariello' s predecessor, Prof, Shoe- maker, and of many dedicated colleagues, is one of the best in the country. We can look forward with confidence to a continuing record of excellence under Prof, Pas- quariello. Welcome to Illinois.

Henry Gerlach of the Dept. Louis, Mo. The host institution will be St. Louis Univ. Further information may be obtained by writing: Mr. Further information can be obtained from Mr. Andre Paquette, Exec. The full pro- gram will be available in the Nov. Francois Jost, Director of the Program. Jost, who has been in the Center for Advanced Study for the past year, carried on his research in Europe.

During May and June he delivered a series of lectures at the Univ. He also lectured at the Univs. While in Europe Prof. Jost had the opportunity to consult with a number of institutions that have expressed willingness to serve as possible centers for the Year Abroad. Among those ready to undertake this program are the Univ. We hope to provide further information regarding the Comparative Literature Program Graduate Year Abroad in the very near future. Owen Aldridge, a member of the Advisory Board of the American Society for 18th-century Studies, attended the meeting of the society in Chicago on Sept.

During Sept. II aprile jlj. II, no. John Frey, who joined us this fall. He will teach one graduate sem- inar in comparative literature each semester. We are also pleased to welcome Prof. Steen is teaching Comparative Literature I4. The topic is modern poetry.

Patricia Pabisch is now secretary of the Comparative Literature Program. Her hours are from a. Monday through Friday in the program office, I4. OI Lincoln Hall. Those who are now writing their dissertations are: Mrs. Agnes Brandabur, Mr. Arthur N. Flodstrom, Mr. Christopher Kertesz, Mrs. Barbara Bluege Lide, Mrs.

Bar- bara Widenor Maggs, Mr. Noah Marcell, Mr. Bertel Pedersen, Mr. Samir Habib Rizk, Mrs.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

Helen Hikawyj Saciuk, Mrs. Kay Parnell Stoneklng, and Mrs. Graeme Douglas Tytler. Six former students who have already completed the doctorate in Comparative Literature are: Drs. There is not much point in elaborating on the importance and quality of Antigone , one of this century's most popular plays, or on the great critical applause which the Trlteau de Paris has received for many productions, and in particular that of Antigone during their American tour.

We hope that you and your students will come to Urbana for this event. The play raised critical issues when first performed and today is not only valid, but peculiarly appropriate to moral problems that the youth of America is so involved with. The added bonus this year is the beautiful, comfortable, and acoustically excellent Krannert Festival Theatre. Please order right away because we foresee a full house, the Krannert has a limited capacity of seats half as many as the Audi- torium , and we would hate to disappoint our out-of-town friends. This includes 2 professors primarily in Comparative Literature, and 3 new persons.

The latter are: Instructor Robert M. Riggs, formerly an assistant in this department, then instructor and assistant pro- fessor at George Washington Univ. Author of several scholarly publications, greatly interested in undergraduate as well as graduate education, including language training, his caliber and versatility are matched only by his energy. The department has in all 63 assistants, of whom 28 are new; of this last group 9 are French, 1 is Swiss, and 1 is British.

The backgrounds of the assistants, old or new, are as varied as they are interesting. Most of them have in common residence, study, often work in Prance, in many cases over long periods. The AAFT is the professional organization which unites teachers of French at all levels, claim- ing some 11, members at the present time. Prof, F. W, Nachtmann of the French Dept. I, has been elected by the Executive Council of the association to be the new national executive secretary, succeeding Prof.

Henry Owens of Eastern Mich. By an agreement entered into last June between the association on the one hand, and Vice-Chancellor Carter representing the university on the other, the university agreed to become the permanent host institution of the association and to provide housing for it on the Champaign-Urbana campus. The U. At the same time that the AATF headquarters were moved to Champaign-Urbana, several outlying bureaus were consolidated with the headquarters. A placement bureau for members, previously operated from the campus of the Univ.

This gathering of the bureaus into the headquarters should make for a much more efficient operation. The French Review , the official publication of the association, will continue to be edited on the campus of the Univ. The president of the association is Prof. David Daugherty of the Univ. Prof Nachtmann' s term of office as executive secretary is for 3 years. Nachtmann has been a member of the French Dept. In his new position he will be half-time teaching in the French Dept. The university has designated a house at 59 E.

The headquarters now includes a clerical staff of 3 which will be somewhat increased when all the bureaus are in full operation from the new address.

Quentin lamotta Albertine - Books in French and English New-York

Gabriel Savignon. On Sept. After travelling by bus from Le Harvre to Grenoble and visiting "haut-lieux" like Jumieges, Vlzelay, Dijon, Geneva, the group settled in the capital of Dauphin! There they took courses in phonetics, composition, translation, 20th century literature; they listened to and participated in talks such as the French political parties and labor unions, student revolt, comtenporary French cinema.

Weekends were spent on excursions in the French and Italian Alps and to the Midi. At the end of Oct. Bruce H. Mainous, Head of the Dept. Joseph Uris from the Univ. Classes in language, literature, geography, and history of France, and history of French art at the Faculty des Lettres et Sciences Humaines of the new Univ. The students also prepared for the 3 sets of examinations given to foreign students by the Mini- stere de l'Education Nationals. All participants received a minimum of 30 semester credit hours for their work in French language, literature, and civil- ization.

Extra-curricular activities while at the Univ. Both in Grenoble and Rouen, the Year Abroad students lived with French families having breakfast and dinner with them, while the noon meal was taken on the campus at Saint-Martin d'Heres and at Mont-Saint-Aignan. All along the year, both in Grenoble and Rouen, French professors and admini- strators had nothing but praise for the students. The success of this first year is due to the originator and first administrator of the program, Prof. John K. Simon, now Chairman of the Dept.

Mainous, who, with the support of Mrs. Mainous and the help of Kiss Chage and Mr. Uris, administered this initial year masterfully. As these words are being written, another group of 33 students has just arrived in France. It is made up of 9 students from the Univ. Chicago Circle campus, i from Northern They are accompanied by Prof.

Weisz, resident director and Visiting Associate Prof, in the Dept. Augun Gross from the Univ. Robert McFarland from the U. Both Prof, and Mrs. Weisz hail from the Rouen area. Preparations are in the making for the Program's 3rd year A new description or brochure incorporating a few changes will be available in Nov. Inquiries should be directed to Prof. Lincoln Hall, Urbana, Barbara Bowen U. In the past we have discussed such varied matters as the disappearance of the hero in modern French literature, and the re- lationship of literature to the other arts.

Participation is not limited to the French Dept. For the first meeting this year the topic was "L' amour: est-ce un theme du XXe siecle? Barbara Bowen is in charge of the Clnacle. He has now terminated this function, but fortunately he will remain in this country, and will continue his literary and philosophical research along with teaching as professor in the Dept. Our thanks and wishes go with him. Vagn Steen, has joined the faculty of the department as Visiting Prof, for the fall semester.

Steen has studied at Arhus Univ. He has also taught at the Univ. Last spring term Mr. Steen was Visiting Prof, in the Dept. He is the author of a number of volumes of poetry, perhaps most notable of which is Digte? Steen has also authored several volumes of children's books. This fall a t the U. I, Mr. Steen is holding a seminar on modern poetry and is teaching a course in the Danish language. He is also scheduled to present a lecture on the subject of child- ren's literature. The department has also added 3 permanent members to the staff this year.

Richard Figge comes to the department from Stanford Univ. He received the B. Figge' s wife, Susan Figge, has also come to the department this fall from Stanford Univ. Figge was granted the B. Figge is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on Elements of the Metaphysical Style in German 17th-century Poetry, which was researched prior to her coming to Roland Folter joins the department this fall with the rank of Assistant Prof.

Folter has just completed his doc- toral dissertation on the first MS. Folter' s fields of interest are the Storm and Stress and Bibliography and Methods. Haile will be on a sabbatical for the 1st semester, and for the 2nd semester has been appointed an Associate Member to the Institute for Advanced Study at the U. Haile is engaged in 3 projects during this year: the completion of his biography of Goethe, an investigation into the outlook for humanities studies in the U. He also expects to spend some time in the early fall in Germany, Italy, and Sicily. Irmengard Rauch has taken a leave of absence for the fall semester in order to edit a volume of Old Saxon He Hand research which is to be published in the series Wage der Forschung Wissenschaf tliche Buchgesell- schaft, Darmstadt.

Rudolf Schier is also on leave of absence for the full academic year. Schier is doing research on contemporary literature in Vienna, Austria. The guest speaker will be Prof. Josef Matl of the Univ. Matl will speak on "Goethe und Schiller bei den Slaven. The House has been established in the building located at S. It is an independent, co-ed and co-op dormitory, accomodating at present 10 women and ij. The German Dept. Miss Thompson will act as a contact with the department and will supervise and help organize activities in the House.

Coffee hours and other activities involving German Dept.

Abbey, Edward

All interested persons are cordially invited to drop in for a visit any time. Charles Daigh, Ass- istant Prof, in the Dept. Daigh ob- tained the Ph. The current president of the German Club is Mr. Bill Preymann. The trip was partly financed by a grant from the American Philosophical Society. Merezhkovsky and Madame Hippius.

The estate contains about books and several cartons of archival materials in Merezhkovsky' s and Hippius' own handwritings. These materials will be deposited in the U. Over teachers from Europe, Asia, Canada, the U. Among the speakers were such scholars as V V.

Vinogradov, 0. Axmatova, and S. Elliot Cohen, and Mr. Henry Zalucky. Brostrom, who did his under- graduate work at Cornell Univ. Max Hayward on his dissertation, a literary analysis of the prose of Boris Pil'njak. Cohen did his undergraduate work at Harvard and is currently finishing his dissertation, Autobiography in 20th Century Russian Literature , at Yale.

The Zalucky s received their education in Warsaw and Moscow and are experienced teachers of both Russian and Polish. Both have done translations of books and articles in those languages, and Mr. Zalucky has also worked for Radio Moscow. He will be working on the Russian literary historian, Viktor Shklovsky. All high-school Russian teachers are cordially invited. The test will be administered between Mar. The test administration time is 75 minutes and requires laboratory listening facilities.

Schools willing to set up area testing centers should contact Dr. James E. McKinney, Contest Chairman, Western The Downstate Chapter also wishes to invite all area teachers and college stu- dents to affiliate with the local chapter and to join the national association. Applications for membership and further inquiries may be directed to Mrs.

University Ave. The officers of the Downstate Chapter, elected last spring, are: President, Mrs. Barbara Watson, R. Further information and application forms can be obtained from Prof. Claude E. Leroy, Director, II4. Allen represented this department and the U. Merlin H. A total of lj. Enrollment from the participating universities in Chicago Circle 2, Univ.

While in Mexico, Prof. Dieter Wanner, and Assistant Prof. Isaias Lerner. Edwin Jahiel ' s introduction of Prof. Pasquariello appears on page 2. He studied at the Univ. Phil, degree. He has also studied at the Univ. Wanner taught last year in the Dept. As a Visiting Assistant Prof. His field is Romance philology and linguistics. Lerner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in , and attended secondary school in that city.

He came to this department as a graduate assitant in , and was promoted to instructor in He will receive his Ph. The doctoral recipients, with their present locations, were: Mr. Frederick John Bouma Ind. Daniel Elias Gulstad Univ. Gary Eugene A. Scavnicky Wayne State Univ. Jack Raymond Willey Gonzaga Univ. John Barkley Means Temple Univ. Utah State Univ. Manuel Prezha-Garcia B. Northwestern State College, 0kla o , Mr. Terrance Anthony Stevenson A.

Washington Univ. Louis , Mrs. Pamela Carpenter Strange B. College of Wooster, Ohio , Mr. George Earl Wilson B. Eastern Chicago Circle in Spanish. Roberto Severino B. Columbia Union College , and Mr. William Anthony Zanghl B. Summer Session. They include: Prof. Shoemaker dept. Luis Leal and Robert E. Lott, Associate Profs. Spurgeon W. Baldwin and Hugo W. Cowes, Assis- tant Prof. Thomas C. Laws, Nuria Messeder, and Onoratino Marrocco. In addition Profs.

Allen and Henry Kahane taught in the U.

In the Absence of Men

Summer Linguistics Institute. Joseph S. Assistant Prof. Anoar Aiex was the recipient of a U. Marcos A. While working in the Biblioteca de Menendez y Pelayo in Santander, he was invited to give 2 lectures at the Universidad Internacional de Santander. David R. Hershberg, on sabbatical leave in Spain during the spring semester, spent the summer in Spain and Italy where he completed an edition of Juan de Zava- leta's Err ore s celebrados for Clasicos Castellanos. In Aug. Shoemaker has a book, La crttica literaria de Gald6s.

LI I, no. Henry R. Kahane, Mrs. Renle Kahane, and Prof. Angelina R. I, UU3-U Robert E. LV, no] 6I4. LII, no. Ill, no. XXIII, no. Alberto Porqueras-Mayo was the coeditor with C. VII, no. LXXX, no. Assistant Profo Thomas C. The first on Oct. UJ was "Novelistas de 19i 0 a nuestros dlas" and the second on Oct.

On Oct. In addition, the Cfrculo has resumed the Tertulias which are held from 3? All speakers of Spanish are invited to attend. John Van Home, head of the Dept. Arthur Hamilton is acting head of the department during his absence. Van Home is studying in the National Library [in Montevideo]. Editorial offices are located in Illini Tower, Champaign, telephone The Newsletter is available without charge to all interested persons in Illinois and other areas.

Jrbana campus during the regular summer session for the second consecutive summer. The Institute teaching staff included 13 instructors from 9 U. Of this latter group, ij. Allen and Henry R. Frederic M. Jenkins French , and Associate Prof. El- mer Antonsen Germanic. In addition, 2 members of the visiting staff hold their Ph. Ronald Langacker from the Univ. Sol Saporta from the Univ. David Abercrombie Univ. Gordon Fairbanks Cornell Univ. The Institute curriculum consisted of I4. The Institute also sponsored 11 Forum Lectures during the summer session by various members of the staff, both visiting and local.

The Director of the Institute was Prof. Robert B. Lees, then the Head of the U I. The Associate Director was Prof. Sol Saporta Univ. Howard S. Maclay U. Marion So Holshouser. As is customary, the regular summer meeting of the Linguistic Society of Amer- ica was held at the host institution of the Linguistic Institute. This year it was attended by over i 00 participants who heard I4.

O papers during the meeting on July Two other summer institutes were held on the U. The Dept. The Linguistic Institute will be held June Aug. The 2 main emphases of the Institute will be theoretical and areal linguistics. The tentative list of the faculty includes 12 instructors from Ohio State Univ. Of the visiting staff, 9 are from 8 U.

  1. Er gehört zu mir (German Edition).
  2. Introduction to XQuery.
  3. Mathilda and the Orange Balloon.
  4. Roberto Rossellini!
  5. Petit géant 12 - Le Dernier Cauchemar du petit géant (French Edition).
  6. UBC Theses and Dissertations.
  7. lost years Manual.

Further information about the Linguistic Insti- tute is available from Mr. Gregory Lee, Dept. Those items which pertain to languages in general or to more than one specific lan- guage will be listed in the General News section of the Newsletter, while those pub- lications which deal with a specific language will be found in the Notes for that language. Readers who have come in contact with books or pamphlets or other material which they have found useful in the teaching of foreign languages are encouraged to contact the Newsletter for a possible listing in future issues.

Recent publications of general interest include the following listed below. South, New York, N. Weiss; No. This booklet comes high recommended for its cultural information on Spanish and French speakers. Gilbert Kettlekamp of the U. Educational Placement Office has announced that the U. Of this group, 60 will practice-teach during the fall semester, and 66 in the spring. The practice teachers are divided by language as follows: i 2 in French, 20 in German, 12 in Latin, 9 in Rus- sian, and I4. Kettlekamp also reports that the number of call3 last year for high school and junior high school foreign language teachers was approximately 2,, the same as the year before.

Information about the various AAT meetings can be found in the departmental Notes for those languages in this issue. Urbana campus on Nov. Aldridge took part in a symposium concerned with "University Programs in Mod- ern Greek," held as a part of the general symposium of the Modern Greek Studies Asso- ciation at Frinceton Univ. Louis on Oct. Montano has been scheduled to deliver 3 public lectures sponsored by the Dept. On Thursday, Nov. Montano' s 3rd lecture, on "Montale and Croce" will be held Thursday, Dec.

Rocco Montano, every Sunday from p. Our colleague, Prof. Francis W. Nachtmann, the new Executive Secretary of the Association, will be introduced at the first meeting, and will speak ot the new [Champaign-Urbana] head- quarters of the AATF on the second day. Included in the program are various pedago- gical reports: "Bilingualism in Canada, n a report by M.

Paul Barrette guitar. The French House held a picnic in Oct. Anna Maria Sagi, was very active during her leave-of -absence in Europe last academic year. An anthology of hitherto unpublished poetic works by Mrs. Upon the appearance of the book in Spain, Madame Sagi was invited by "Radio Peninsular" in Barcelona to give a recital of her poetry on the radio. Some of the poems were also presented on Madrid television on a special program with the title "Poesfa e imagen.

The literary review Destino of Barcelona published an interview with Madame Sagi, indicating the great public interest in her book. Prof Larkin B. Stanley E. Gray, along with other colleagues, attended the re- cent Midwest Modern Language Association meeting in St. Louis where he read a paper on "Beckett and Queneau. I, French Journal Club, Prof. The latest writing on Proust that we know of, by our colleague Prof. In Oct. Although the best American film-critics have praised it without reservations, this film may be lost in the cine-shuffle of today.

Its French-Jewish humor--down to a wedding feast — is interesting to compare with the American-Jewish humor of the other 2 films. It will place participants in French families for 5 weeks during their period of study. For further information, contact Mr. Dites-moi comment le faire sortir de la caisse. J' en essayerais bien un autre, mais mes possibilitls m'en empechent. The department will be represented at the conference this year by Prof. Ruth Lorbe. The most sizable drop occurred in the 1st- and 2nd-year series As ex- pected, due to the relaxation in the graduate language requirements last year, there was again a drop in enrollment in the I [j01 series German for Graduate Students , although the drop was not as marked as was that of last fall; enrollment fell here from 2o5 to llj.

In the level courses there was a decrease from to , while the level courses maintain the very same number of students as last fall, The rise in enrollment in German this fall took place in the I4. The total in Scandinavian this term is 39— an increase of 2 over the previous fall term. Three of the new assistants hail from Germany, 2 from Austria, 1 from England, and 1 from the Netherlands; the remainder are native Americans who haw spent some time studying in Germany. They are: Katharine Blocher B. Chicago Circle , S. McGill Univ. Calvin College , Rob- ert Fischer B. Wabash College Louis from Oct.

Elmer Antonsen and Ruth Lorbe. Antonsen attended the Executive Committee Meet- ing at the conference, concluding his term as member of the committee. Matl spoke on the topic "Goethe und Schiller bei den Slaven. On Tuesday, Nov. The location will be announced at a later date. On Dec. The dialogue of the film is in German with English sub- titles. Vagn Steen, Visiting Prof, in the department this fall term, gave a lec- ture before members of the German Dept. Steen' s talk was on the subject of his experiences in teaching modern poetry, i.

Steen has recently been visiting libraries of children's books in schools in the area of Champaign-Urbana. Steen and Prof. Arne Falck became members of the American Society for Aesthetics at a recent meeting of the society in Charlottesville, Va. Two books by Prof. Vagn Steen will appear in print in Denmark this month. The second volume is a collection of literary criticism entitled Laesninger. At the request of students from other departments of the university, Prof.

Juw fon Wearinga will initiate in the coming spring term a course in Dutch as an auxiliary language. The course will be for beginners and will be taught in English. The title of the course will be Germanic Also in the spring term of , the department will begin a new series on the 2nd-year level, German This new series, a 1-year course, will be offered as a substitute for the regular l;th- semester course in German, German IOI Upon com- pletion of German , the student will thus have the option of taking either the 1- semester course, German lOij.

German IOI4. The emphasis in the new series will be on reading compre- hension rather than on conversation and composition. It is part of a project developed to improve the teaching of German in American schools. The newsletter contains much timely information of use to teachers of German. Anyone wishing to be placed on the mailing list of the newsletter should send name and address and Zip Code to Mr. The objectives of this program are to give teachers an op- portunity to improve their command of German, to study the German people firsthand through a family experience, to study the history, politics, music, art, and liter- ature of Germany, to learn about tne application of linguistic theories to classroom teaching and the application of modern teaching methods in language instruction.

The topics cover the teaching of Russian in high school and college, readings of Russian and Estonian poetry, linguis- tics, Russian literature, and literature of other Slavic countries. Norman Luxemburg presided with about 15 present. Miss J. Willey read a report in Russian on Sergej Maximov, a Soviet novelist dealing like Solzhenitsyn with the theme of political exile and concentration camps. Gene- reux read a paper on Druzhinin and Dudyshkin, 2 19th-century literary critics.

Prof e Karl Kramer closed the conference with a paper on Chekhov considered in the light of impressionism, a subject which is treated at greater length in his forthcoming book on Chekhovo On. Memorial Union. Paper topics cover the field of Russian history, sociology, and literature. Richard Sheldon, currently at the U.

Center for Advanced Study, will read a paper on Solzhenitsyn, and Prof. Enrollment in literature in translation has almost doubled. Clayton Dawson and Kurt Klein, as well as Mrs. Judith Dalchl, president of the A film was made to encourage the expansion of Rus- sian language teaching, particularly at the high school level in this state. The film was first shown on Channel 20 in Springfield on Tuesday, Nov. Later it will be available from the Office of Education for public showing by those interested.

On Nov. The General Program Chairman is Mr. Albert R. A special feature of the meeting will be an address by Sr. Ram6n Sen- der, well-known Spanish novelist now in exile in the U. The papers to be read include " La Araucana y las literaturas naciona- les" by Prof. Luis Leal, "La guerra araucana que vio Ercilla" by Prof. Carol Roark Blackburn Univ. Judith Zelenka Rojas U. David Torres Eastern Wash. State College , all in Spanish. The masters recipients, with their undergraduate institutions, were: Mr. Adel- fo Aldana B.

Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa , Mr. Steven Norman Dworkin B. Carleton Univ. Cornell Univ. Felix Soto Maldonado B. Bowling Green State Univ. Mary Anne Wilkinson Marrocco B. Northwestern Univ. Augustana College , all in Spanish. Masters degrees in Portuguese went to Mr. Lee Roy Donnell B. Miami Univ. Sue Taylor Bertoleit B. Of these, llj. Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane Univ. Purdue Univ. A, Univ. Weintraub B.

Miss Deborah K. Spruell B. Malcolm Noel Silverman B. Queens College, New York, M. A Graduate College Fellowship went to Mr. Ernest Silvester Merrill B. Hamp- ton Institute, Va.