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Serena Joy

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  3. Amputating a leg ends lifelong struggle, and brings joy to a woman's life
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They finish, and Serena tells Offred to lie down in her room, after saying a prayer to encourage her to become pregnant. The Waterfords receive a Mexican delegation being lead by Mrs. Castillo , who is intrigued by the idea of Handmaids. She asks Serena if she ever imagined a society in which women can no longer read her book, to which Serena replies that God asks for sacrifices.

Serena wakes up Offred to rush to help Janine formerly Ofwarren , who is threatening to jump off a bridge with her daughter. Offred convinces her to release the baby, which Janine does right before she jumps off. Commander Warren is arrested. Serena tries to offer comfort to his wife Naomi and offers help with the baby, which she curtly refuses. Naomi then reminds Serena of the first Offred , saying that "Men don't change".

Serena discovers that Offred went to the Jezebel's club with her husband and strikes Offred down on the ground to punish her. She then forces Offred to take a pregnancy test, which is positive. Serena reveals the good news to her husband and tells him the baby isn't even his because he is weak. She then takes Offred on a surprise trip, several hours away. Serena meets with Hannah , Offred's daughter, to show Offred that if she harms herself or the baby then Hannah will be in danger.

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Offred screams in misery and calls Serena an evil monster. Two armed guards come in and lead Offred away, to the surprise and horror of Serena Joy and Fred. Offred walks off willingly, unsure if this is her end or a brand new beginning. Commander Fred and Serena Joy take Offred to be examined by a doctor.

They are shown their child on the monitor and Serena kisses Offred's forehead in thanks. Offred is left alone and begins to put her shoes on when a key falls out from her boot. The key gets her into a stairwell and allows her to escape.

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Serena later eavesdrops on her husband as he tries to find Offred. She goes up to Offred's old room and sits on her window sill [8]. After June's recapture, the Waterfords greet her stiffly and formally. As June catches her breath she reminds Serena that "as long as my baby is safe, so is yours. At the baby shower, Serena opens many handmade presents from the other Wives. Serena retreats to the yard with a cigarette. Aunt Lydia tells Serena that everything that happens now must be for the good of the child, and thus she should stop smoking cigarettes [9]. That evening, June begs for forgiveness in front of all the members of the Waterford household and for her to be Offred again.

Serena later crawls into bed with Offred and caresses her stomach. My fault. She weighs her, measures the size of the baby, considers her mental state. She even gets to take notes with a pencil, in a case of "special dispensation" for aunts, as she explains to an astonished Serena. Serena encourages Aunt Lydia to leave, but she takes clear offense when Lydia says one of her jobs is to observe the "mood" of the home in which Offred is carrying the baby [10]. The baby is teething, and Naomi thinks its a way for God to "test" her [10]. The Waterfords head to a Prayvaganza chaired by Commander Pryce in which the handmaids and wives sit in rows while a ceremony takes place down below.

Nick , among other Guardians , is escorted out to the main floor. When Offred retreats to her chamber, she struggles up the stairs, still evidently bleeding. She moves around her room. She goes to get the doctor [10].

A Woman's Joy Box

Serena later sits by the couch while Offred gets ready to go to sleep and lets Serena put her hands on her belly [2]. Serena invites four handmaids Alma, Ofglen 2 , Oferic, and Ofsamuel for a surprise lunch with Offred. When Offred asks to see Hannah, Serena angrily refuses and orders her to get her things out from downstairs to go back to her old room [2]. After the bombing, Commander Fred is lying half-conscious in his hospital bed.

Nick offers to take Serena home for sleep and a change of clothes. She refuses his offer. Commander Putnam enters the room with a visibly injured Commander Cushing and announces Commander Pryce "has gone home to God" and Cushing will be taking on Pryce's "security duties". Cushing promises he will find everyone responsible for the gruesome attack [11].

Offred gets to the hospital. Serena Joy is happy to see her and to show Fred his baby is safe. At home, Serena Joy talks about Ray Cushing with Offred and says that he's always been a blowhard even when they vacationed in Antigua together with his wife Sonia. She wants her to be very careful about what she says to Cushing. Offred reminds Serena that Commander Deeds ' entire house was slaughtered, and if Cushing came to believe she has a connection to the underground, he won't hesitate, nor would he ever let a baby grow up in that house [11].

When Nick returns to his apartment that evening, he finds Serena inside waiting alone. She learns from him that submitting warrants to the "Consular of Divine Law" needs the Commander's signature. Nevertheless, Nick agrees to help Serena "walk through the process" [11]. Nick exchanges glances with the guards in front of the Waterford's house and heads to the front door. As Cushing comes up to the house, a van of the Eyes stops by and guardians surround him.

Commander Putnam explains he's being arrested for treason on the word of Commander Waterford, due to the "overwhelming" evidence submitted by the Eyes [11]. Serena Joy asks June to accompany her to the office where she has already put together new security policies, explaining she'd like things to start getting back to normal. Reminding her of her former profession as editor, she asks June to read over the policy drafts. June grabs a pen [11].

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Offred and Serena work together to do Commander Fred's work while he's in the hospital. The Commander returns to the house after being hospitalized and is welcomed back by Serena and the staff. Serena goes over the work she did for him while he was away. He's grateful but ushers her out of the office so that he can look over it.

Joy Williams - What a Good Woman Does (Audio)

Upstairs, Offred finds a music box and a rose on her bed, supposedly a gift from Serena. Serena tells Offred that baby Angela isn't well. She leaves to offer Naomi support [12]. Later, Serena tells Offred that the baby isn't doing well and that they don't know what's wrong with her. Offred asks if there is something they can do and Serena says that they could ask one of the top female doctors but that would mean bending the law.

Amputating a leg ends lifelong struggle, and brings joy to a woman's life

Offred says that if it was her baby that she'd do whatever she could. Serena asks Fred if he can allow the female doctor , who is now a Martha , check on the baby. Fred says no because they can't question the will of God. Serena tells Offred that Fred said no. Offred tells Serena about Janine and how she knows about the baby. Offred asks if Janine could see the baby but Serena tells her to not be stupid [12]. Her husband is okay with it but Naomi isn't. Offred takes Janine to see the baby in the ICU. Hodgson arrives in her Martha dress, changes clothes and is briefed by Dr.

She runs some tests on the baby. The doctors give Angela's parents bad news. Serena goes after the doctor but the doctor says is that all they can do is pray for the baby's recovery. Janine is able to hold the baby in order to say goodbye [12]. Serena and Offred arrive home and are told by Nick that they are wanted in the Commander's office.

Fred tells them that he knows that Serena forged his signature so that the Martha could see the baby.

A Woman's Joy Box - Hello Subscription

He asks Offred if that's her handwriting on one of the papers and she says yes. As punishment, Fred whips Serena with his belt and forces Offred to watch as he does [12]. Serena is in her room crying as she looks at the scars on her buttocks. Offred asks her if there is anything she can do but Serena only sends her back to her room. Instead, Offred goes downstairs and apologizes to Fred for what she did.

She asks if he'll forgive her and he says to go to bed [12]. Rita comes to Offred 's room and tells her that they've been summoned. They are told by Commander Fred that he and Serena are going to Canada , introducing a new Guardian, Isaac , to watch over the house during his absence. Serena tells Fred that he doesn't need her to go but Fred says that they need to show Canada that women aren't oppressed in Gilead.

Nick loads up the car with their luggage when Eden shows up and gives him some cookies to take with him. She tells him that she's going to miss him but he says he's only going to be gone a couple of days. Serena goes to see Offred before she leaves. She tells Offred that she'll be leaving the house as soon as the baby is born. The Commander and Serena land in Canada. Moira recognizes Fred and she points him out to Luke and Erin as they watch television. Moira and Luke go to the U. She encourages Moira and Luke to attend a planned protest.

Serena watches the people go about their daily activities as she rides by in a limo. Fred is greeted by Canadian delegates. McConnell comments to Commander Waterford that he and his husband were frequent visitors to the former United States, and responds to Waterford's suggestion that they both visit Gilead in the near future with a curt "when we feel welcome. Serena runs into a mother and her child but the mother wants nothing to do with Serena.

She later heads to the bar where a man named Mark Tuello approaches her. Initially, Serena assumes that he works with the press. He attempts to persuade Serena to start a new life away from Gilead, offering safe passage to Honolulu and encouraging her to write a book about the Republic that they will publish. Realising that he seeks to use her a propaganda tool, Mark appeals to her desire to have a baby, arguing that American scientists have been working on the fertility crisis for years and have the ability to make her fertile again.

She would also be guaranteed 'freedom'. Serena states that she will never betray her country, to which Mark says that she already did. When June and Isaac return home without any shopping, Rita questions Isaac about what she is supposed to make that night. When he curtly tells her that the shopping trip was cut short, Rita backs away and begins to prepare whatever is still in the house. He then sends June upstairs for a nap and begins talking to Eden about the strawberry jam she is making. Upstairs, June talks to Rita about how Serena wants her to leave the house once the baby is born.

She asks Rita to watch out for her daughter while she's gone because she wants her child to know only kindness, and Rita says she'll do what she can. At the protest, Luke confronts Commander Fred. He's taken away by the police but not before Serena and Nick realize that he's Offred's husband. Serena and Fred head up to their room where Fred says that they've made progress with the Canadian government. Nick goes looking for Luke and finds him in a bar.

He tells Luke that June is alright but Luke says that she isn't fine. Nick tells her that June is pregnant. This upsets Luke and he tells Nick to get out but then changes his mind and goes after him. He asks about Hannah but Nick doesn't know if she's okay. In fact, the quest to find joy in sadness led these women to a greater depth of gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts of life and love.

Sometimes, creating a joyful life means you just have to go your own way! In this chapter, authors Stacey Curnow, Stacey Martino, Beth Marshall, Kellyann Schaefer , and Patricia Young share their stories of striking out into the unknown, finding their passion and purpose, and building their blissful careers. A deep spiritual connection held the key to joy and transformation for these five inspirational women. Through their connection to the Divine and their own highest selves, they overcame illness, injury, and adversity, and found their personal lifelines to joy.

By setting boundaries, breaking old molds, and investing in their own potential, these amazing ladies prove that, when we let ourselves be who we really are, all things are possible! Her six multimedia brands serve over 43, women and 20, social media fans who embrace her message of love, feminine wisdom, and self-empowerment. Happy children riding the ferris wheel brgfx 67 6. Young lady choosing book in library freepik 14 1. Young woman biting her tongue showing ok gesture with two hands winking freepik 21k Happy birthday lettering with confetti starline k Girl lift her hands to the sky and feel freedom.

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