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50. “The ABC Song”
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Minidisco Kids Songs - Minidisco English - Kids songs and child songs in English

Each episode presents a new animal, be it a toucan or a butterfly, a monkey or an alligator. Their behavior, their habitats, and even their natural enemies and friends become fun lyrics that feel like containing much less information.

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By learning about insects, for example, children can feel like going outdoors, to parks or gardens, in search of ladybugs and ants. Rhythm and rhyme make memorizing and proper pronunciation even easier.

Chick Corea: Children's Songs

Last but not least, musicalization, the process in which kids start to understand music and that they might create it themselves, is a very important tool for their brain development. Zooparky: discovering the animal kingdom through music Available at PlayKids , this brazilian show has dancing beats, catchy lyrics, and a lot of interesting information. Looking for more entertaining classics from various artists? Try this rendition of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. This and other funny songs to sing by the VeggieTales gang can turn any normal activity or passing thought into a reason to break into song and dance.

Appropriate for older children, you can poke fun at each other with this classic.

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Just sing it! Music is a great educational tool for learning new things, and you can help your little one learn body parts with this goofy rap song. Once you get through the common body parts, try making up your own more specific verses with your child.

Best kids songs

What more could a kid ask for in funny songs to sing? Music involves the brain at every level, with exposure increasing verbal and spatial skills, aiding emotional development, and improving body movement and coordination. And when you add silliness to the mix, creativity can be heightened as well. Spontaneously creating your own funny songs to sing also boosts language skills and can help a child come out of his or her shell! Laughter has the ability to boost your immune system and energy level, diminish pain, protect your heart and body from the effects of stress, and much more.

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Finding funny songs to sing can really help your child identify their love of music. If your child enjoys these songs, consider signing him or her up for private singing lessons!

Chick Corea - Children Songs

Whether they want to sing or play an instrument, private lessons can help hone the skills necessary to excel. Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons.