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Through a combination of luck and sheer will, they survived and, as documented by their Soviet liberators, led the famous procession of children in a freedom march out of the camp on January 27, The twins eventually made their way to Israel, where Miriam settled and raised a family.

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Miriam, whose kidneys never recovered from her months under Mengele, died in after succumbing to cancerous polyps. Former inmate and Mengele twin, Eva Mozes Kor walks the grounds at Auschwitz in , on one of her many trips there as a lecturer. Miriam left and Eva Mozes as school girls in Romania in Still, it will be useful to have a standard set of conventions that linguists can refer to, and the Leipzig Rules are proposed as such to the community of linguists. The Rules are intended to reflect common usage, and only very few mostly optional innovations are proposed.

We intend to update the Leipzig Glossing Rules occasionally, so feedback is highly welcome. Leipzig, last change: May 31, Further updates will be managed by the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals. Important references: Lehmann, Christian.

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Folia Linguistica Croft, William. Typology and universals. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. Interlinear morpheme-by-morpheme glosses give information about the meanings and grammatical properties of individual words and parts of words. Linguists by and large conform to certain notational conventions in glossing, and the main purpose of this document is to make the most widely used conventions explicit. Depending on the author's purposes and the readers' assumed background knowledge, different degrees of detail will be chosen. The current rules therefore allow some flexibility in various respects, and sometimes alternative options are mentioned.

The main purpose that is assumed here is the presentation of an example in a research paper or book. When an entire corpus is tagged, somewhat different considerations may apply e. It should also be noted that there are often multiple ways of analyzing the morphological patterns of a language.

The glossing conventions do not help linguists in deciding between them, but merely provide standard ways of abbreviating possible descriptions. Moreover, glossing is rarely a complete morphological description, and it should be kept in mind that its purpose is not to state an analysis, but to give some further possibly relevant information on the structure of a text or an example, beyond the idiomatic translation.

A remark on the treatment of glosses in data cited from other sources: Glosses are part of the analysis, not part of the data. When citing an example from a published source, the gloss may be changed by the author if they prefer different terminology, a different style or a different analysis. Segmentable morphemes are separated by hyphens, both in the example and in the gloss.

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There must be exactly the same number of hyphens in the example and in the gloss. Since hyphens and vertical alignment make the text look unusual, authors may want to add another line at the beginning, containing the unmodified text, or resort to the option described in Rule 4 and especially 4C. Clitic boundaries are marked by an equals sign, both in the object language and in the gloss. Rule 2A. Optional If morphologically bound elements constitute distinct prosodic or phonological words, a hyphen and a single space may be used together in the object language but not in the gloss.

Grammatical morphemes are generally rendered by abbreviated grammatical category labels, printed in upper case letters usually small capitals. A list of standard abbreviations which are widely known among linguists is given at the end of this document. Deviations from these standard abbreviations may of course be necessary in particular cases, e. Essays zur literarischen Kaspar-Hauser-Rezeption, ed.

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Zeit zur Darstellung. Handbook Articles Abdias, in: Stifter-Handbuch. Leben — Werk — Wirkung, ed. Der Waldbrunnen, in: Stifter-Handbuch. The End of Art, in: German Aesthetics. Fundamental Concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno, ed. Mininger and J. Peck, Bloomsbury Publishing, London et.

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Giorgio Agamben, in: Staatsdenken. Zum Stand der Staatstheorie heute, ed. Politischer Raum. Fertig ist das Angesicht, in: Satzzeichen. Szenen der Schrift, ed.


Pseudomorphose, in: Denkfiguren. Epos , in: Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 41 December , Issue 4, pp. Richard T. Gray, Money Matters. Andreas Gailus, Passions of the Sign. Jahrhunderts, in: Arbitrium, March , pp. Eric L. Krakauer, The Disposition of the Subject.

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Kunstphilosophie nach Adorno, Heidegger und Wittgenstein, in: Monatshefte, , pp. Judith Butler, Psyche der Macht.

Eva Mendes Surprises Fans By Posting Rare Video of Ryan Gosling | E! News

Das Subjekt der Unterwerfung, in: Literaturen, October , pp. Max Pensky, Melancholy Dialectics. Jacques Taminiaux, Poetics, Speculation, and Judgement. Jahrhunderts, in: Arbitrium, , pp. Streit und Spiel ,