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  1. Haunted Encounters
  2. Most Haunted Spots in Long Beach
  3. 2. RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach
  4. 10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In Long Beach This Weekend

One woman wrote to me anonymously telling of a ghostly experience her husband had in , two years after the Walter Pyramid opened. The couple lives in the Los Altos area in a home about 45 years old. He felt it was briefly lost, en route to somewhere else. It was morning and Mr. There are reports of apparitions who act as frightened of us as we are of them.

In some cases, the apparitions believe that we, not they, are the ghosts. Had time and space somehow come together in Mr. In any case, Mr. He just hopes the woman he saw found the Puvungna Portal and the place she was looking for. Order Now. When charmed businessman Howard Hughes owned the infamous Pantages Theatre, he built a door that connected his office directly to one of the theater balconies, where he would go to think in the dark.

Haunted Encounters

Seems like Hughes is still looking after his theater. The Pantages is also host to a female presence who died during a show in The studio complex where such legendary Tinseltown films as Gone with the Wind and Raging Bull were filmed was built in by silent movie pioneer Thomas Ince. This basement bar below the Townhouse restaurant in Venice was a true speakeasy during Prohibition. Back in the day, the speakeasy kept the hooch flowing via underground tunnels, which are now used as utility corridors.

Some say former proprietor Frank Bennett, who owned the bar from until his passing in , still haunts his favorite corner booth, across from the bar. This gorgeous Japanese restaurant at the top of Sycamore Avenue in Hollywood features sweeping views of the L. Pull up a barstool next to the phantom of a former bartender who has been spotted around the bar.

Most Haunted Spots in Long Beach

Legend has it that the ashes of former property owner, Thomas O. Glover, are buried in the inner garden courtyard and that he still watches over his property. Rumors abound about silhouettes of a man and woman seen strolling the family-owned property and the unexplainable sounds of crashing plates and you thought that was just a clumsy waiter.

She started life as a luxury liner, setting forth on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, in , and hosting everyone from Bob Hope to Winston Churchill. But when WWII began, the Queen Mary was drafted into service as a ferry ship, carrying thousands of troops into battle areas. According to the late psychic and ghost hunter, Peter James, who led tours around the Queen Mary, almost all areas of the ship including the second class pool deck and engine room 13 are known to be haunted.

Most infamously, the naked body of tourist Elisa Lam was found in a rooftop water tank; surveillance video showed Lam acting oddly in the elevator.

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2. RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach

Built in , Battery Point Light has seen a lot throughout its years, including a major tsunami that destroyed much of Crescent City in The historic building sits just off-shore and can be reached by foot at low tide, though visitors should be cautious as it becomes its own tiny island when the tide is high.

The last resident curators reported strange happenings while they were there — including things like their slippers at night would mysteriously turn backwards, hearing strange footsteps, and their cat acting very strangely and not willing to enter certain rooms. Photo by Restaurant In downtown Monterey , this restaurant serves farm-to-table fare and cocktails in a building that dates back to Restaurant is popular so reservations are suggested. Photo by JP Smith on Wikipedia. This now-state park just south of Eureka also has plenty of paranormal stories to tell. Several visitors have reported seeing the ghost of an old commander, who died of malaria in , staring out the window of an old hospital building.

Photo by Mark Gunn on Flickr. Almost a century later it was closed to the public, and later purchased and turned into a private residence. Ever since it has been teeming with ghost stories, including strange sounds of children playing coming from the building. The inside remains closed off to the public but visitors can still swing by to check it out from the front. Do you believe in ghosts?

Where have you experienced paranormal activity near the coast in California? See details. The Point Sur Lighthouse on the Big Sur coast sits high up on a large volcanic rock dome looking down on a long sandy beach. The beach between the park and the lighthouse has […]. This long south-facing beach is located along Ocean Boulevard from the Belmont Pier all the way to Alamitos […]. A sandy beach occupies the north side of the park on Rainbow Harbor, but it […]. Despite the name this beach is […].

Carmel City Beach is a long, wide, white sand beach that is hard to beat anywhere on the California Central Coast.

Haunted Long Beach Igors Alley

It can be packed here on sunny days, but […]. This state park protects a large chunk of land mostly made up of wetlands at […]. Samoa Beach is the long strand of beach on the ocean side of the Samoa Peninsula near Eureka.

10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In Long Beach This Weekend

The small community of Samoa with its historic Samoa Cookhouse Restaurant is […]. The recreation area is located on the south end of the North Jetty at […]. Bodega Dunes is a large state park campground and coastal dunes structure in the town of Bodega Bay. The beach here is vast and remote so beachcombers will be delighted […]. Bodega Head is the prominent rocky point that protects Bodega Harbor from the west.

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