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Her confidence has increased and she looks forward to maths work rather than dreading it. The teacher says she is now participating and is often the first to put her hand up. This week she got an award at school for her maths and she was so proud of herself.

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We would like to say a big thank you to Caroline and the club for providing this service it has been so valuable to us. Our daughter loves Maths Club by Post and has found it incredibly helpful with her Maths at school, it is a much better use of her time than having a face to face tutor as the work is fun and challenging. We have seen a big improvement — thank you Caroline and we would thoroughly recommend your services.

I also enjoy doing the different tasks and activities. My daughter has been moved into the top set in maths at school, so the work she did over the summer seems to have paid off. The design of the pack excellent: as the topic develops, the key learning points are reinforced as she progresses through each of the exercises in sequence. Maths practice from year 1 to year 7, chosen by a Maths teacher for your child's age and ability. Delivered to your door. Created and marked by an experienced maths teacher. This is a proven, award-winning system that you won't find anywhere els e!

Give your child ongoing support in Maths so that they feel super-confident as the Maths at school gets progressively harder.

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Know that you're getting absolutely the right work over the full range of topics relevant to your child's age and ability. A very manageable pack of puzzle sheets delivered to your door regularly and consistently. Each booklet leads your child step by step through a topic. There is lots of repeated practice and small steps which will ensure that your child retains their learning for longer. The packs are designed to make difficult and scary Maths topics feel like a piece of cake! It's so clear that you will feel able to help them yourself. Nearly all of the practice is in the form of puzzle sheets with word-searches, coded colouring, code-breaking, cross-words, match-ups and card games.

Now you don't need to worry about sourcing relevant Maths practice for your child - it's all taken care of. You will feel better about your child's Maths by committing to just half an hour to an hour each weekend. What's more - Maths Club by Post guarantees that if your child completes the packs they are sent for 4 months, you WILL notice a significant improvement in your child's Maths skills and confidence - or your money back!

Look at the testimonials to see how Maths Club by Post has helped children like yours. In turn, her confidence was non existent, meaning she struggled to enjoy maths activities.

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Since using Maths Club by Post, there has really been a shift in Lola's attitude towards learning maths and her confidence is flourishing. Now, she loves receiving her maths packs! Quite often she will open it up and make a start without guidance because she simply can't wait to get started! She particularly loves the games, and the sense of achievement she gets once she has completed them. She also enjoys popping the pack back into the envelope, writing the Free Post address and independently walking up to the post box to send it back for marking.

Billy told his Mum he was scared and worried about maths; he struggled and believed he would fail maths tests at school. Since starting Maths Club by Post Billy said that his confidence has grown and he feels smarter as he is able to recall his times tables automatically, rather than count on his fingers. During independent learning sessions at school, Billy says he is now able to work at a faster pace, and get most of the answers correct.

During parents evening, the teacher said that Billy has a more positive attitude towards maths and that he now engages really well during maths lessons. Get in touch to see if Maths Club by Post can make the change for your child. Find out more or adjust your settings. Resource Type.

What’s the best way to teach math?

Log In Join Us. View Wish List View Cart. Results for multiplication club Sort by: Relevance. You Selected: Keyword multiplication club. Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. CCSS Math. English Language Arts. Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Multiplication Club.

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  7. Add to cart. Wish List. In order to motivate my third graders to memorize their multiplication facts, we have a Multiplication Club! As they master each fact, they get to sign their name on the numbers of our Multiplicatio.

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    4. Math , Arithmetic , Mental Math. Mini Multiplication Club. This is a smaller version of the "Multiplication Club" for student accountability. They can sign their names on the "club" as they master each fact. If you have a smaller space, this would be a great alternative to the original version. Math , Numbers , Math Test Prep. Great for student accountability! Print, laminate, and hang in classroom. Students sign each placard and join the "club" as they master each multiplication fact!

      Math , Mental Math. Printables , Math Centers , Posters. Have students practice their math facts in an engaging and structured way! Students will work their way through the 12 multiplication brochures to master their facts with confidence! This bundle includes brochures for the times tables.

      Each brochure includes 2 versions, A and B, to differentia. Activities , Assessment , Printables.

      Total Recall: Helping Our Students Memorize Multiplication Facts | Scholastic

      Multiplication Club Display. A times table display encouraging children to learn their multiplication facts and allowing the teacher to monitor their progress. Children will simply move their name tags onto the table they have achieved. Arithmetic , Numbers. Assessment , Posters. Computation , Printables , Bulletin Board Ideas. It includes everything you need for a math bulletin board. You can keep it up all year if you'd like.

      I have another resource that will go a. Math , Back to School. This spiraled multiplication program will have your students multiplying faster and faster and with more accuracy than ever! It's a new twist on multiplication speed drills! My students KNOW their facts, and yours can too! Math , Basic Operations. Flash Cards , Printables , Math Centers. Multiplication Memorization.

      Five Great Multiplication Tricks

      Help students memorize multiplication facts 0xx with this multiplication memorization set. Students will complete fun multiplication drill and practice. Multiplication fact study guides and quizzes are also included. This multiplication set includes the following: Multiplication Study Guides Mu. Basic Operations. Study Guides , Fun Stuff , Printables.