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Mike Wyant. Furry, a young coyote, and Shiny, a fish in the lake, become friends.

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After several months, Furry disappears, making Shiny very sad. Shiny looks for Furry every day and spurts water in the air to signal Furry where she is. Then, one day, Furry comes back to the lake with four small coyote pups that are her new family.

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They are all very excited. But, then Shiny disappears for several weeks and that makes Furry and her pups unhappy. The challenges he faces at the school and also his journey and how he overcomes those challenges are detailed.

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When he finally reaches his home area, he hears crying from several people and creeps through the sagebrush to see what is happening. The same government agents who seized him are trying to wrestle an eight-year-old girl from her mother and grandmother and put her on the bus. But while that happens, the boy slips unnoticed on to the bus and invites all the children to follow him, and he will hide and protect them until the agents have gone and stopped looking for them.

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Twenty-one of the children come with him, and he hikes for two days, covering his trails, until he reaches an old unknown cliff dwelling that he and his family had stayed at many times. It is well hidden. For close to a year, the children survive in the cliff dwelling, learning Indian skills from the boy and school skills from a twelve-year-old girl. A large dinner is planned by the tribal council for their return.

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