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Azerbaijan - The land of fire! Is it right to train babies to sleep? In the last five years there has been a big increase in the number of consultants who say they can train babies to sleep through the night without waking or demanding to be fed. This may be great for parents, if they can afford it. But there are disagreements about how good it is for the child.

Cold, tired and craving the comfort of your bed, you may be rocking or feeding the wailing child, singing, or just sitting by the cot holding a little hand - anything to get him or her to drift off again. Anna Cormack from Manchester knows what sheer exhaustion feels like. She has three children - Johnny, the youngest, is 15 months old and wakes up at least two to three times in the night for breast feeds. Her partner frequently works at night, so night-time parenting falls to her.

Night after night it has an effect on you. Cormack says she copes well but would like to have more energy and creativity, and better memory. Also it makes me obsessed with Johnny having his naps at home so I can nap too, which makes me quite house bound," she says. This is the kind of experience that might make some parents these days consider hiring a sleep consultant. Like many other sleep consultancies, the company offers a range of packages, from telephone and online support, to home visits and overnight stays.

I recommend that you try this gentle approach first. Hang in there, mama! Hi Heather, I am looking for advice with my 3 month old son. He is very too heavy and developed plagicephaly so we were told to just place him in his bassinet we use a pack n play. He is breastfed and still eats every hours. He was extremely fussy beginning at 4 weeks and the doctor put him in reflux meds. At the time he was hardly sleeping so I tried anything to get him to sleep nursing, rocking, walking, etc.

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He has never been able to successfully nap in the bassinet for more than 30 minutes. I co sleep with him for naps. He opens his eyes to make sure I am still there and goes back to sleep. He stays awake for 45 minutes after he wakes for the day. I have tried to keep him more awake but that backfired and we was frantic come the evening and very hard to settle. At night he puts up a big fight. We give him a bath, massage him with lotion, hold and cuddle him.

We try to lay him down drowsy but awake. He will only sleep if I let him suck on my finger or nurse. Rarely will he sleep but if he does it will be max 30 minutes until he is crying. Then he wakes up at least 2 to three times until he is so worn out by 10 pm or even midnight. He wakes up every 2 to 3 hours to eat. If we are lucky he will sleep four hour stretches but that is very uncommon. Is he old enough for sleep training? We prefer gentler methods rather than CIO. However, his temperament is very persistent and he needs a lot of coaxing.

His 4 month checkup is the end of the month. What should we be doing differently? Thanks so much for your help!

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Sounds like your little guy is keeping you on your toes! The good news is that after his 4 month milestones he will have the ability to self soothe, though he will probably need your help to figure it out. She will talk through the situation and help you find a sleep plan that will work for your family. It sounds like there might be a number of elements making sleep hard for your little guy. I do hope you fit the workshop into your schedule, I think it would be a good fit for you as Heather also prefers not to use the CIO method.

I may have already made many of these mistakes and maybe that is why my baby is 13 months old and has never slept thru the night. But these last couple of days have been bad. I put ice on them yesterday and that hurt.

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Marta, oh friend! I would also perhaps check with your local hospital and see if a lactation consultant can give you some helpful ideas as well. In regards to her night waking, there are usually many different things that can contribute to those kinds of issues. I can go over several different methods not cry it out and then you and your hubster can decide which may be a good fit for you. I have a workshop coming up this Saturday, if you can swing it.

I hope these things can encourage and help you Marta! Things absolutely can change. My 19 month old suddenly stopped napping. I always put him down around the same time, follow the same routine, tuck him in awake, say nite nite and leave. He also sleeps all night, uninterrupted, for 11 hours or so. Is that even possible or healthy? When I put him in his crib, he screams bloody murder. I suspect his 2 year molars are coming in.

Лідери продажу в категорії "Етапи життя"

Could that be the culprit? Oh, those dratted molars! That could certainly be what is messing up his sleep! I recommend you take a look at this list of how to ease teething pain and give some a try. Hope this makes a difference. You can find it at your local library if you want to look it over before you buy a copy. My daughter is 4 months and overall a good sleeper. For a couple weeks she was actually sleeping 10 hours through the night without waking up. She now is waking up once or twice. Our typical night routine is to get into pajamas, nurse, and then she falls asleep.

I tried changing things up by nursing, then changing into pajamas and then reading a book and singing a song. She either would wake up shortly after falling asleep or cry for awhile after being put down. When she does wake up at night I automatically feed her. I tried letting her just lie in bed and talk to herself but she eventually started crying and nursing always soothes her. So I guess my questions are, should I have a routine? Should that routine involve nursing to sleep? Should I nurse her when she wakes up at night and if not then how do I get her to go back to bed?

Also, should she have a sleep schedule? Let me try to cover all that you asked… first, a routine is a great idea. The reason for this is that around 4 months babies start to wake up and start moving. This affects their sleep because they are much more likely to wake themselves up in the night with extra movement. The good news is that she is getting close to being able to self soothe. Have you tried moving your routine up to an earlier time? She might be trying to help you see that she needs an earlier bedtime!

When this happens then you can help her by doing sleep training as needed, some babies figure this out on their own. We have a very gentle approach to sleep training to suggest. Heather, my son is almost 7 months. We just started sleep training him tonight. He is breastfed. I read in one of your comments that many moms sleep coach and breastfeed their babies at night. Please help me with this one. How do they accomplish this? Will it teach him…. He has never slept through the night. He wakes up and nurses at least times a night….

This is getting to be really draining on all 3 of us. Do you think something could be wrong with him? He has pretty bad gas. Does that mean he has food sensitivities? Thanks in advance! The key is that he is learning how to fall asleep without needing a sleep crutch feeding, rocking, bouncing, etc. Ebooks and Manuals

Then the parents decide what kind of feedings they want to use — dreamfeeds, set-time feedings, etc. The timing is something we work out, since it can be different for different babies. I teach 4 different methods in my workshops , and then we go over which is best in that situation. I discuss one of those methods in this article, if you want to look it over and get started. You are comforting him, helping him, trying to figure out what to do…all are marks of a stellar mom. Things are rarely that cut and dried. I totally understand wanting to pick up and comfort a crying baby!

As for the food sensitivities, Chelsea wrote an article about the Big Bad Dairy Monster that you may find helpful. Click here to read through it. Hope this can encourage you, Lindsay! Can anyone tell me what else I can do. Have you tried a Rock N Play?! It helps the baby feel more tucked in a secure then a crib will. It worked wonders for our little one.

Keys to getting baby to learn to fall asleep on their own: 1 white noise 2 lay down sleepy not sleeping 3 I lay my baby down facing something she likes to look at in her case, an orchid 4 put her lovey on her belly a bear 5 swaddle her tight, but leave her arms out she needs her fingers to self soothe when she is connecting sleep cycles 6 make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature my baby gets super sweaty when she sleeps, so she likes the room a little cold 7 I lay her down and then walk out immedietly, but then come back in the room a couple seconds later like I am just doing chores.

Usually, she is knocked out. Sometimes, nothing works. We are off our routine, or she is having an off day. Then I boob her to sleep and lay down with her in bed. If she falls asleep in bed, great. If she is having a hard time, i just stay with her. I think the most important thing is that she sleeps, not that she does it perfectly everytime. Good luck moms. Consistency is key in developing good sleeping skills. Biggest mistake we made with our firstborn was developing a wrong sleep association.

We taught him that he needed to breastfeed in order to fall asleep. This resulted in him waking up every hour and a half or so for months every night and almost all of the time nothing but breastfeeding could soothe him. Uck, this is so disgusting. Sleep training a 4 week old is not something I recommend. That is the time to cuddle. Babies younger than 18 weeks can benefit from sleep shaping , where you are working on your routine, the environment, and other external factors only.

There are so many comments; my question may have already been asked. We have a four month old with reflux. This usually means I have to hold her after her night feeds and she falls asleep on me. Any suggestions for not making this a habitual sleep crutch? Try elevating her mattress to see if that will do the trick. You can find directions on how to do it here. So glad I came across this! He was a perfect sleeper until about 1. And daytime naps…so sporatic. Sometimes we put him in the car and drive just so he will fall asleep. So exhausting. Will not start the same habits with baby number 2, especially since they will be sharing a room!

She has suggestions for older kiddos too. I hope you can find some help for your first and get the sleep your preggo body needs! He has started going to bed a little later but seems to be working really well.. This has been an amazing change as we were up so regularly previously! Just last night we had our very first sleep through from 8. Thanks again, Lyndsay. I am so excited for you that your little guy is sleeping longer at night!

The thing about self-soothing is the way your baby will learn is by practicing. You can set him up for success though. You can gently encourage him through the process by doing the sleep shuffle. For the shuffle you are present during the process, different from the Cry It Out method. My son is almost 7 months old although 6 weeks premature.

We have always had problems with sleeping. His a happy go lucky baby but dose not like to sleep. We have only just been able to move him into his cot although his always slept in his own bassinet. Do you have any advise at all to help our situation? First of all, you are already high on my list because you survived the premie challenge! In that article you will find directions on how to safely create an incline with the crib mattress.

I think this would really help your little guy since he seems to prefer the upright position. Do you know if he has problems with reflux premies often do! If so, that could explain the needing to be upright and also the frequent feeds. Take a look at this article for a simple explanation of the different kinds of reflux.

Once you rule out a medical issue such as reflux then you can think about sleep training. I have an issue and maybe you can help me. Just to give you an idea: he rolled over belly yo back at 3 days old, back to belly at 3 weeks, was sitting up unassisted at months, crawling and pulling up at 6 months, cruising at 7, and is now taking steps and can stand on his own for a while.

Not sure exactly how long because he gets excited and starts jumping and falls over. He was exhausted and still playing. Any suggestions? Firstly, you may want to consider bumpers — here are some suggestions on safe ones. It will prevent him banging his head around on the slats and waking up. Secondly, you have to put in your mind that you are going to win — outlast him. When he stands up, pat the mattress and encourage him to sit down. With a firm voice. Not mean or yelling. Just quietly firm. Do it again and again, right away.

No extra emotions, no playing, no smiles, no eye contact. I would do that consistently until he stays laying down. Do that for a few days and see what happens. Thanks for all the wonderful advice you put out there. My baby is nearly 5 months old and was a good sleeper even started sleeping through the night!

All of a sudden she fussing every hour or so. We decided she was pacifier dependent and got rid of that. However, she always wakes around or and will not go back to sleep. You put her down and the screaming begins quickly. Also, it was hours in so that may have been exhaustion more than anything. What can I do? The good news is that it is very common for there to be a sleep regression between months, since this is a huge developmental time for babies.

For example: mobiles can be very stimulating for some babies. Keep in mind that typically the waketime window at this age is about 1. Take a look at this article for a more gentle approach. Thank you for your speedy response, I appreciate it. She was colicky when she was younger and would scream for hours if her dad tried to put her down. So, we finally switched to me breast feeding her to sleep. Then, she will sometimes sleep longer, but not often. She wakes up several times a night and will only go to sleep if I nurse her.

Oh Kelli! Transition does make it hard to settle into a reasonable schedule. However, it sounds like you are in your new house now and you can begin some sleep training. You can find more information here. Hang in there, you can do it! Please can you help?

Henry has suffered from reflux and was slightly colicky as a newborn. He has a lovey and the room is blacked out with a dim night light and a noise machine. However, Henry still will not sleep through. He will wake approxiately hours after he has first gone to sleep wanting a bottle and then will not go back to sleep for another hours. He plays in his cot, chucks his dummy and toys around, cries to the point of almost-hysteria and then only when he is exhausted will he fall back to sleep. He has been ill and was teething recently, although this has calmed down now. I am in the process of getting him allergy tested too as he still has terrible wind.

Do you have any suggestions for helping us to break this awake-cycle at all? I can almost set my watch by it! Me, Henry and my husband are exhausted! I would encourage you to take a look at attending one of my sleep coaching workshops, or hiring me for a week individual coaching. I do have a coaching class coming up next Saturday Nov 1st.

Click here to see the upcoming schedule. I would love, though, to talk things through with you over the phone, skype, or via my workshop. What awful advice. Babies should sleep through at 16 weeks? According to whom? In addition to physical needs like food and drinks, babies also have emotional needs for comfort and closeness, especially at night.

Why are you recommending these be ignored? Susana, you are absolutely correct that 16 weeks is too early to try to train babies to sleep. I have amended that comment to reflect the knowledge I have learned since then. The earliest a parent should start gentle coaching methods is 18 weeks, or after their child has passed the 4 month milestones. I never recommend we ignore the needs of our children.

I recommend that we help them, when they are old enough to learn to start doing somethings for themselves — and that includes getting through the partial wakening periods that happen in sleep cycles. My error, which you caught, was suggesting that too early. Thanks so much for letting me know it needed an adjustment! I am a first time mom so I feel like I am guessing a lot of times regarding what to do with my baby.

For the last week she has been sleeping through the night which is a blessing for her and us. However she will not nap during the day unless she is held, and on the occasion that she does sleep when I put her down during the day it would only last 20 minutes tops.

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She is 3 months old, is it too early to sleep train her? Wow, Reese! I was scared most of the time that I was going to ruin him. It is fantastic and would really help give you a sense of confidence in this area. You can go to the napping registration page to start the process. Secondly, I suggest you try some of the ideas given in this sleep training article such as, check the nursery: is it dark, is is quiet guessing it is if this is your first! Keep up the good work, mama! Your little one is blessed to have you! My wonderful son is six months old.

Therefore he hates being swaddled or restricted in any way! I pump, so i usually have a huge process to get his milk ready His room has a night light, should I turn that off? We only can get him to sleep by putting him in a bouncer and rocking the bouncer ourselves.

He also hates swings. Allllll dayyyyy!!!! A cranky tired baby makes parenting so. As far as the binky goes, start handing it to him, instead of popping it in his mouth. Start with the binky and asking your doctor to make sure there are no medical reasons for the wakeups. Then you can try coaching him through wakeups without touching him. Try this article, or sign up for one of my sleep coaching workshops and we can talk through several methods that may work for his temperament.

You are so encouraging. Thanks for your tip about the ear plugs. I try to respond to every comment, or have someone I trust help me. Good luck friend! The last two nights, my 6 month old has cried for a total of 3 hours each night before I finally give in and rock him to a sound sleep. I know it takes a while, but how long are you supposed to let it go on?

I go in to soothe him every 5 to 10 minutes, but it seems futile. I feel like I am reinforcing his crying by picking him up, but 3 hours is an awful long time for him to lay in bed and cry. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Try this gentle method instead. Hang in there friend! Hi Heather! Where to start, my little one is now 13 months. She has always slept through since 2,5 months, but the past week and a half she wakes up 11pm and cries until some one comes to her and sits with her until she falls asleep.

This will last right through the night until the sun rises. We have always had a set routine with her and have not changed anything in that. She normally used to fall asleep with her bottle and then I would put her in her crib, but lately she drinks her bottle empty, she is wide awake and wont sleep unless some one sits with her. We tried the cry it out method, but after three minutes she cries herself into a hysteria and will start throwing up!

If i then go in to soothe her, she will NOT stop screaming,,,,,this can persist for an hour. I am so exhausted as I work full day as well and maybe get two hours sleep a night. Monday night out of desperation i went to sleep on her hard floor next to her bed, when she would moan i would stick my hand through the cot and she would then pass out. She sleeps 3 hours during the day, takes two naps basically, one at 8;30am and one at 2pm. She eats very well, and drinks 3 bottles of ml a day. Do you have any advise? Thank u in advanced. The first thing I would check is that there are no medical issues at play here.

Is she teething? Or perhaps has an ear ache or a cold? Then I would start thinking about anything that changed recently that could be shaking things up a little. Did you return to work recently? What time is she waking for the day? The waketime window is the amount of time she can stay awake before getting overtired. Take a look at that and see if any lightbulbs go off on things you could adjust.

If you are still stuck, I would be more than happy to talk through these things with you and help you create a workable solution. Every month I do a series of baby sleep workshops that let me talk via the computer with parents, teaching various sleeping skills and coaching methods that you can use to create a workable solution. You can get more information on the workshops here. I started doing sleep training a week and a half ago and there has been no progress.

Baby is almost 5 months and a half. Though she now sleeps through the night, she will cry sometimes scream for an hour before falling asleep. I tried putting her to bed at 7 but she wakes up at — 5am and it takes 2 hours for her to fall back asleep. I would put her to bed later but she gets so cranky from not taking her 5pm nap. How do I know when her bedtime should be?

I can only get her to nap more than 20min if she sleeps on me, in the stroller or the car seat. Not sure what to do next…. Veronica, your instincts on the naps might be right. An overtired baby will really struggle with sleeping well at night. I teach a 2 hour webinar on how to help your baby improve the nap, you may find it helpful. I have it set up so you can access it for up to 48 hours after the class, so if your baby needs attention, or the evening is busy you can still listen to it later or again. As far as the sleep coaching goes, are you using the Sleep Shuffle Method?

If you are and still having trouble, I would consider talking with me online through one of the sleep coaching workshops. I hope this can give you some things to help! My baby is 16 weeks old almost 4 months but she was induced at 37 weeks — so I guess we need to adjust for age. ALL her naps are in the carrier. She always needs to cry and be soothed before falling asleep. I would continue to do whatever you can to get lots of sleep and feed her when she needs to be fed.

One thing you could start doing is to try to put her down drowsy but awake for the first nap of the day. Why the first nap? Thanks for the helpful article. My daughter is 8 weeks old and consistently sleeps 6 hrs every night and has been since she was born. The problem is getting her to sleep. She has no drowsy state and if she does, im missing it. She has been bright eyed since she came out of the womb so she is either bright eyed awake or asleep. The last week or so, she falls asleep nursing and I have to find the perfect sleep cycle to put her down otherwise she is wide eyed awake within minutes and will NOT go back to sleep.

That is too late.

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In your opinion, am I doing something wrong? I have an understanding of how habits are formed ever this young. Do whatever and I mean whatever you have to do to get her to fall asleep. If that means nursing her to sleep, so be it. The name of the game at this age is to survive. Sandra, I would love to help you with this. I would encourage you to consider signing up for one of my baby sleep coaching workshops. My son is 8 months old. The first four months were very difficult.

That being said… I suppose you could say I have spoiled him now. So he sleeps with me every night. And wakes up times a night to nurse. I feel like a failure. I have figured out his sensitivities and allergies and avoid all said foods, but he will scream non stop every night. It was completely acceptable before because he was I. Meggan, you are certainly NOT a failure! You have done a GREAT job helping him through all his feeding issues and giving him the reassurance he needs that you love him and are here for him.

You can start fresh. You can definitely do this. So he goes to bed fine… Around 7. Right now I just want to give him milk so he will calm down. Any advice? One tired mummy. Faye, ugh! I think there are several things that may need to be worked through in creating an effective sleep coaching plan for him. The swaddle, milk weaning, handling night wakeups, etc. Look through this post on the different kinds of ways I offer coaching education, and see if any of those sound like they would be a helpful match.

Love your blog!! I have a nine week old that I bedshare with and nurse to sleep, but it is not working out and I want to move him to his nursery.

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I saw my pedi today and she actually recommended doing formal sleep training now! I was really surprised because I have heard that babies should be at least four months to do an type of crying method. I go back to work at 12 weeks and was thinking to try gentle techniques at that time sleeping on a mattress with him in his room.

If that fails I may consider a controlled crying technique, which I hate! My baby is 12 lbs and eats every hours still and is EBF. How do you know if your baby is hungry or just crying because he wants you? Firstly, try to create a bedtime and naptime routine. Good instincts! Then put him in the crib and you stay on the floor. Then start putting him in the crib for the morning nap for a few days…then the afternoon naps…etc. Work on the location of his sleeping, and the routines for sleeping and eating throughout the day.

I go over how to create a sleeping plan for these ages, and how to keep some feedings at night and ditch others. You can see the workshop details here. I have a 3 and half month old who will only cat nap in te day, he starts the day happy and content but as the day goes on the more over tired he gets the more miserably we both become. He goes down no problem, awake inhis basket with his dummy pacifier and puts himself to sleep.

Half hr on the dot he is awake. He sleeps well at night, but I am at my wits end with day time naps. IS the room as boring and dark as possible? Is there a mobile above the crib, and can he see the outline while laying there? Try to look at the room through his perspective and see if you can eliminate anything that can stimulate him. Something worth trying…. Thank you. If that makes sense.

All these habits can be re-trained and coached when your little girl is older. When she gets older and can self-soothe better, you can coach her to overcome these habits. Followed by rice cereal in the bottle controversial, I know. This is so they learn to fall asleep on their own. Thanks for sharing this Nicole! I know its a new world for him and for me with him but I would like to start it off on a good foot so the transition to his crib is an easier one.

Eating: he will eat 2 — 3 oz at a time and fall asleep waking a little later to snack on more. I would recommend learning his baby cues and using a VERY loose routine like this one to see what to expect form day to day. That would also be helpful — then you can start to notice patterns and know what more to expect. I know this may not be want you want to hear, but trust me — trying to force a newborn into a schedule is like forcing a round-peg in a square hole.

Allow him to dictate the days for several more weeks, and make small adjustments as you go. Your goal right now is to 1 Feed him so he will grow healthy and strong and 2 Get as much sleep as you possibly can — both of you. I know it seems like the days are an eternity, but I promise the days will go much faster than you think. Just remember, you know this baby better than anyone else. YOU are the best mom for this child. I have been trying to set up his feeding breastfeeding and sleeping schedule.

All in vain. He has developed a habit of sleeping only while feeding. I try hard to but den I have to breastfeed so that he can sleep. Give him another weeks and then try to put him down just ONCE a day drowsy but not sleeping, practicing that for a few weeks and building up from there. Im worried i might have started a bad habit by getting her to fall asleep by putting her into a swing and letting her rock herself to soothing herself to sleep. And i want to eventually just put her right into her crib right now using a rock and play for her to sleep in cause she will just randomly spit up.

And she will not take a pacifier to soothe herself to sleep… any suggestions would be amazing! I have a quick question, because I honestly agree with all you are saying, am on my third baby, and have done almost exactly what you are saying for the first two. My question is this: my third baby is sucha great sleeper from the get go! I had no idea babies could be like this: I watch for his cues and put him down and hes fast asleep. I put the paci in and he usually goes back to sleep.

He is not hungry anymore but …. I havent had a tummy sleeper or a baby that goes to bed awake but drowsy each time on his own and takes long naps, etc.

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Amy, so glad to hear your third is a champion sleeper! What a blessing! In my opinion, parents can weigh those risks and make those decisions that are best for them. Confession: My Elena was a tummy sleeper too…took me a while to come to that. This was before things like the Magic Sleep Suit to help turn tummy-to-back, and we decided that for family sanity, it just had to be that way. So no guilt from me, friend. As for his nighttime wakenings. Usually I recommend waiting until after 18 weeks, and after their major month growth spurt.

And some babies are just stubborn, turning that CIO attempt into a hours screamfest. Make sure you talk to your doctor first and Lactation Consultant if you have one to talk about how often he should be feeding at night if any. I hope this can help Amy! It will be be launched in the next few weeks. We got off to a rough start with feeding and was finally diagnosed with a tongue tie at 4 weeks. During this time he was extremely unsettled and would not sleep in his mosses basket at night and would only sleep on some one during the day.

I have now put him on a bottle and he is sleeping better, but I have to rock him to sleep at night and he wakes in the day if I put him down. I am worried I have missed the opportunity of put a sleepbaby in a basket and him just falling asleep. We have started to try and get into a bed time routine. Bath bottle then bed. Last night I tried to put him down while still awake but tired but he jusr screamed. I ended up rocking anover tird baby of to sleep. He wakes twice in the night for a feed, I have to rock him to sleep after each feed.

This takes me over an hour each time, so by the time I have got him down, its time to start all over again. I am so tired and worry about how much longer I can do this. If that means rocking him to sleep, let yourself rock him to sleep and enjoy those cuddles. That said, you could try using a swing to help him sleep. Also, watch for signs of reflux — does he seem really grumpy when you lay him down after feedings?

Is he spitting up a lot? You can head here to subscribe , or put your name in the box on the right side of the page. Hang in there! Thanks Heather, after looking on line, I am wondering if he has silent reflx. He has been unsettled all day today, i have spent most of the day trying to settle s unhappy baby. He grunts alot just as he seems to be asleep.

He sneezes alot and dribbles. He is always trying to get his fists in his mouth and is happier being upright. He is sicky but sometimes appears to be swallowing milk that he has brought up. He will need to do a physical exam to make sure. However, if you can get a diagnosis, there are several helpful medications out there that could help! Our son was going to sleep on his own we used a gentle method to help him learn to put himself to sleep, in his crib, from an awake state.

We used to rock him to sleep before training, but I always dissociated nursing and sleep. A good minutes of gulping, then off the breast, I give him a pacifier and he falls asleep. Michelle, you may find this post on teething helpful. See if any of those signs apply. Any help for me? My son is now 3 and I probably made every mistake possible. He does not fall asleep on his own, he has to be in our bed. Amy, there is absolutely help for you, friend!

You will just need to take a different approach than the baby-mamas here. You can see my credentials here. If this interests you, drop me an email at heather incredibleinfant. My breastfed 7 week old son sleeps, on average, 8 hours at night without waking. He normally wakes up at 7am, eats, and then goes back to sleep around 8 until 11am. He sleeps in his own room, in a bassinet. The bassinet is placed in his crib for two reasons.

HIs morning nap is in the bassinet. I put him in there after he is fed and changed. I have no problems with the morning nap. If I try to put him in there for an afternoon nap, he cries. Nothing works. Will wearing my baby all afternoon create a problem later on? I want him to eventually take 2 naps a day, on his own.

How do I transition him from the bassinet in the crib to sleeping in the crib, on his back? At this very young age, the goal is sleep — however that happens. So do whatever you need to do to help him sleep during the day. Also, watch him closely for his sleep cues. At this age, he could be ready to sleep again after only an hour or so after waking. There are gentler ways to help him learn to sleep when he gets older.

I wanted to thank you for your advice a few months ago. My then 7-week baby is now 6 months! How time flies. He was sleeping Everything has been going great until a few days ago. Is it due to the 6-month growth spurt? He wakes up ravenous. That has worked in the past. Not now. He drains that in less than 10 minutes. Just big. We do the same bedtime routine every night. Is he overtired? With my first son, we hardly went anywhere so his morning nap was a given. My baby will take an early morning nap right after he wakes up and eats around I hope it can help!

At 5 months, I did CIO method because my son had regressed to waking up every 2 hrs at night. After two nights, he was sleeping from 7pm to 5am, quick feed and then sleep until 7am. It was successful for a month or so. He sleeps in his own room which is very dark with a fan going all night. I nurse him in the rocking chair before bed, I put him in his crib drowsy with a soother. He has regressed again to waking up twice a night wanting to be nursed. I feel at 7 months he should be able to sleep through the night with no feeds. He goes to bed at 7pm. Would you recommend the CIO method again?

I like the CIO method because I feel going in and soothing, just triggers him to cry again. Is 1 hr your maximum for crying? Maximum 30 min. I think I am ready to do again. I do feel guilty because if he wakes up at 2am thats 7 hrs and he probably is hungry. Some babies need to be fed more often. If you feel your presence stimulates him, you could do something called Timed Checks — where you go in every 8 minutes to offer reassurance and pick-up to calm if he needs it, before putting him back down drowsy but awake.

Talk with your doctor about the feeding and see if he really needs those nighttime calories. Does that make sense? I have a 10 month old twins. My baby girl sleeps great I put her down kiss her giver her Blankey and she goes to bed most of the time. At night same scenario and without interruption from her brother she generally sleeps 10 to 12 hours.

Ever since he learned to sit up or stand in the crib as soon as he wakes up he stands up hold onto the side and cries for me. Or when I start the process do I have to do naps and nighttime sleep at the same time. And then there up from about or one until and he gets back up between six and almost every morning. In your situation, I would concentrate on nighttime sleep first, and then naps later since you have so much going on! The key is to be consistent in whatever approach you decide to try.

Try to start putting him down drowsy but awake during the day and at night, so he can start to learn the sensation of falling asleep without being rocked or held. If your daughter is doing well, I would put her in a pack and play or some other safe place during the coaching period. Hi I have a 4 week old who started waking up an hour earlier every morning , so 5 am not 6am which is his next feeding He is not hungry just wants to be held or comforted My husband really wants to just let him cry it out bit I think he is still too young I am not finding any info or support in regards to infants this young… Any help or suggestions?

Tricia, four weeks is very young for crying it out. He may also be going through a growth spurt, and needs those extra calories. This is also the time you want him to feel attached and confident that you are there when he needs something.