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Applications, incl. Campbell, M. Quick, E. Robertson, G. Curtis, R. Daley, J. Zaki, Jeffrey Xu Yu, B. Abell, James P. Awange, Erik W. Barry Cooper, John K. Borovkov, K. Cramer, J. Melrose, R. Galdi, John G. Hamilton, Holger H. Finizio, G. Hay, B. Ioffe, V. Fadin, L. Meleshko, Yurii N. Grigoriev, Nail H. Ibragimov, Vladimir F. Fischer, Frances S.

Mitin, Dmitry I. Sementsov, Nizami Z. Grandinetti and G. Joubert W. Krasnosel'skii, P. Zabreyko, E. Pustylnik, P.

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Fain, Ya I. Khanin - Quantum Electronics The International series of monographs in natural philosophy v. Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol L. Gesellschaftsrecht- und Erbrecht ,Gabler, Betriebswirt. Lodhi, Stephen H. LeVeque, R. Mihailovic, Dragutin T. Fain, Ya. Chaplot, R. Mittal, N. Khoromskij, Gabriel Wittum, Boris N. Giachetta, G. Sardanashvily, L. Stoer, C. This study is based on the epigraphical material of the Maitraka kings, which consists of about inscriptions, among them 37 fragments and three forgeries nos.

This rich material thus forms a solid and fairly coherent basis for the study of a regional medieval dynasty of special interest, because it promoted brahmins and Buddhists alike by gifts. There is, most regrettably, no index. It is arranged chronologically, inscriptions by feudatories of the Maitrakas being subsumed under the name of the king ruling at the time, when their grants were issued, e. As the date of the grant by the Saindhava King Ahivarman seems to be uncertain, this 1 On these forgeries: M.

Schmiedchen — F. Falk [Ed. Zum Wesen kontinuierlicher Zeitrechnung in Antike und Gegenwart. Bremen , pp. There is no reference to Jainas, as noted by K. Virji see next note , p. Bombay , pp. Sankalia: The Archaeology of Gujarat including Kathiawar. Bombay , Appendix A, pp. Occasionally, there are minor errors as in no. The strange mistake in no. Lastly, to reassure the reader, the author might have stated whether or not she really saw all inscriptions, even those published in most unaccessible journals or collections.

For, epigraphical Sanskrit is still very badly understood, and real discussions of technical terms are rare. Obviously because of the many uncertainties in detail, quite a few editors of inscriptions hesitated to add translations. Consequently, the present study is particularly wellcome as it raises high hopes to offer some help to overcome at least part of these intricate problems and thus paving the way for a better understanding of the Maitraka land grants.

Although this is not visible from the table of contents, the author pays much attention to individual terms, in spite of a certain predelection for intrepretation before comprehension. Bhadkamkar, EI Poona 2 , pp. Ghoshal: Contribu-. Briefe und Urkunden im mittelalterlichen Gujarat.

Berlin , which adduces a wealth of important material for the study of the vocabulary of land grants and other. For the formular of later grants cf. The author, on the other hand, loves to build elaborate theories on scanty and unclear evidence, when she tries to develop the administrative structure of the Maitraka kingdom with different levels of public authority. Consequently, whatever is said on privileges, on police, or on the administration of law, is frequently based only on the assumed meaning of individual words and requires rethinking.

The second chapter concentrates on the investigation of the administration and social structure at the village level. Because of the lack of solid evidence in Maitraka inscriptions alone, the author resorts to adducing parallels from different regions and different periods of Indian history such as in a lengthy and interesting digression on Col. More important, the discussion in this chapter starts from the inscriptions themselves, when the evidence for landlords and peasants in the Maitraka kingdom is presented and the word kut.

As no corpus of Maitraka inscriptions is availabe for easy reference, the author refers to her own very helpful list and gives extremely short extracts from inscriptions as prime material, which are usually so brief that the reader is forced to go back to the original publication to see and understand the context. This procedure is by no means easy. For, the author refers in her footnotes to her own list of inscriptions only, unfortunatley very often without indicating page or line of the original publication. Likewise, Sarppahr. The evidence presented on kut. The text in Indian Antiquary 5, July , p.

The respective volume of the Petersburg Dictionary appeared in late foreword dated August Consequently, he 7 This does occur sometimes in the Maitraka inscriptions, e. Therefore the village Hastihr. Then a kaut. These are solved, if the text is segmented and understood as kut. Hilka: Die altindischen Personennamen. Breslau , p. Asian Concepts and Experiences Past and Present. Philosophisch-historische Klasse. Sitzungsberichte, Band Wien , 65—78, cf. Thus, even the corrected reading and improved translation do not immediately seem to yield a satisfactory sense with all these attributes now taken as refering to persons.

Sonderheft 1: Maitraka-Studien. Berlin , p. Njammasch, AoF This is preceded in the same grant by bhiks. JIABS Roth draws the attention to Manu IX , where this compound is found. Mistakes such as this one could however have been avoided easily simply by using F. London Strauch, as note 5 above, p. JOIB The formulation of this grant does not follow the usual Maitraka pattern. Fields are described by their respective names, and no borders being indicated. Udbheda [a compound? Besides the vocabulary, such as pat..

Turner no. Hultzsch, EI 8. The problem here, again, is the exact meaning of this and other connected terms.


Jain-Neugebauer p. This explanation of Amara is taken over by some later dictionaries: Trikan. Jain Neugebauer: The Stepwells of Gujarat in art-historical perspective. Delhi , p. This material has been studied now in the comprehensive and detailed survey by J. Hegewald: Water Architecture in South Asia. A Study of Types, Developments and Meanings. Leiden Part II, p. Acharya: An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Architecture. London , s. Although the terminology is unclear in detail,32 there are large and small tanks, wells and canals, all that is needed as a matter of course for irrigation.

However, only the second alternative can be correct. The area of a ks. Moreover, as the author correctly points out, in at least one case there is a 32 Hegewald, as note 29 above, p. Diskalkar, EI At any rate, some sort of araghat.. CII Vol.

Jain-Neugebauer, as note 29 above, plate 1, where the araghat.. It is doubtless the merit of this book, to draw once again the attention to these inscriptions, and thus to encourage further studies. Orientalisches Seminar Indologie Humboldtstr. Deutschland O. IX, Wiesbaden , p. An dieses Publikum wendet sich der Vf. Wie geht der Vf. Zu Recht weist St. Ebenso gerechtfertigt war die Entscheidung des Vfs. Jahrhundert entstandenen umfangreichen Textes beiseite zu lassen. Der von Lokesh Chandra publizierte Druck s. Doch versaumte St. Bendall : Ratnakaran. G: Die fragmentarische Gilgit-Rezension: 2 vor geschriebene Mss.

Der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen G und N liegt in einer radikalen Umgestaltung, die nicht das Werk insgesamt, aber ausgerechnet der Abschnitt erfahren hat, der von der Suche nach der S. Dieser Abschnitt ist als selb. Edition, pp. N: Die sog. Er wird heute in der Ausgabe von P. Sie wurde von St.

Ein inhaltlicher Zusammenhang von fol. Die mit fol. Beispielsweise fol. Der Anblick des pat. Die Rezension N hat die Idee des man. Daraus ergeben sich einige Fragen: Woher stammt die Interpolation? Oder Aks. Gibt es noch weitere Bruchstellen? Er versucht aber, ihn werkimmanent zu interpretieren. Jahrtausend n. Er lenkt darum den Blick auf die sog. Das folgende Kapitel 3 pp. Auch in den sechs Silben selber erkennt St.

Im Kapitel 6 pp. Diese Sinndeutung zwingt den Vf. Das beweist das man. Diese werden von St. He leads them to. Zeh, wo die. Ozeane kreisen ; wenn sie aber nicht wissen? Doch St. Das von Lokeshcandra publizierte Kv-Ms. N1 bei Mette, Gilgitfragmente, p. G hat. N1 entspricht Vaidyas Edition. Mylius, Klaus, Geschichte der altindischen Literatur.

Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz , pp. X, Sehr deutlich wird, dass der Verf. Schon H. Unni, H. Kirfel und P. Stietencron, R. Falk, Schrift keinerlei Niederschlag im Text. Im Gegenteil, wiederum wird S. Jahrhundert v. Ebooks and Manuals

Das bezeugen. Thomi S. Alsdorf, P. Hacker oder H. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag , pp.

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Costa Meza , S. Verbaler Kontext, 2. Wer will oder bekommt Lohn? Worin besteht Lohn? Mit welchen Begriffen ist Lohn koordiniert? Wann wird Lohn zugeteilt? Dieses Verfahren birgt zwar eine gewisse Redundanz. Die von der Vf. Doch betrifft dies Kleinigkeiten. Dies sei an zwei Versen des 9. Diese sind doch sicherlich nicht mit der Vf. Lubotsky, A R. Dies wird dann S. In einer Strophe aus einem Hymnus an Varun. Auch wenn der Ausdruck in einem Vergleich auftritt. Religion des Rgveda. Zweiter Teil. Wien , S. T'en veux! Book - La Naour. Book - Raoul Cauvin.

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