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The texts are all interpreted in a contextual verse-by-verse exegesis, and with the help ot the usual methods of contemporary New Testament interpretation. Already the way we arranged our texts in the "Table of Contents" is a first outcome and result of our exegetical work.

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We arranged them according to the overall-themes in which the texts appeared, that contained this terminology, which was either the context of "proem", and "prescript"; or the context of "consolation", and "exhortation"; and the problem of the believing Gentiles, and the unbelieving Jews. Finally, on the basis of our interpretation of these texts, we attempt to gain new insight into this theological topic by relating them to the question of "ecclesiology". The author is convinced that only a new understanding of the church will bring forth a new, and strengthened understanding at the ideas of "predestination" and "election" which can be made fruitful for our work in the church of today.

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Depositor Login Administrator Login. Rather, I am not so much concerned that Walsh rejects predestination, as I am concerned with why he rejects it.

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The debate between Reformed thinkers and non-Reformed thinkers is over what the word means, not over the word itself. This is just an awful way to try and argue the Bible.

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Notice all the presuppositional baggage Walsh brings to the table. When he claims a good and loving God would never do something, the question is begged: says who? How does Walsh know what a good and loving God ought to look like? Where does Walsh get his sure, confident, objective, infallible knowledge of exactly what a loving God looks and acts like?

Griffintainment - Blu-Ray Review: Predestination

The ironic thing is that he cannot claim he gets it from the Bible, for he already dismissed what the Bible might say based on his presuppositional commitment. He has made up his mind before entering into the biblical discussion. Such is the reason he cannot be bothered with things like exegesis. For Walsh, his emotional response to God being sovereign in salvation makes predestination a doctrine of devils.

What is so sad to see here is this is the very debate tactic used by the liberals Walsh and the rest of Daily Wire spend so much time criticizing. If one can know, apart from the Scriptures, that a good and loving God would not pe-ordain anyone to an eternal hell, can such a person know whether or not a good and loving God would send someone there at all?

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For example, there was a time during my undergrad where I used to dialogue with a friend about Christian doctrine. One of the largest conversation topics that came up for us was the doctrine of hell. I cannot remember whether he rejected hell altogether or held to some form of Annihilationism , but he certainly rejected the view of Hell Walsh and I have in common.

I have a son. And there is absolutely nothing he could possibly do to merit eternal conscious torment. No mistake he could ever make is worthy of eternal, unending horror. No matter what he did, I would never, ever be just to sentence him to an eternity of suffering based on his crimes.

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Thus, any concept of an eternal hell is both immoral and illogical to my friend. Like Christ's Cross and Resurrection, the doctrine of predestination insists that God's grace is not defeated by sin and death. This is good news indeed-despite the difficulty in pinning down precisely how predestination should be defined!

We are in Couenhoven's debt for this wonderfully lucid and engaging introduction to a crucial aspect of the Gospel. He offers deft and agile commentary on major thinkers in the Christian tradition, and provides a thoughtful and plausible constructive account of his own at the end of the book.

This is a clear, concise, and rewarding study that should be immediately placed in the hands of all those who doubted something helpful could still be written on this vital theological topic. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.