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Reyna today. The water got into her camper and it's all wet. Ladies Rotarianas brought supplies, blankets and dry clothes. Come and help!! Bring your shovel.. Today for her, tomorrow for us!! Buenavista Bcs. Posted by Steve Reed on Sep 04, Authorities expect the death toll to rise as crews search debris and mudflows. Baja California Sur Gov. Carlos Mendoza reported that Lidia dumped about 27 inches millimeters of rain. Water is contaminated, stores are flooded or buried, the main highway is disrupted, and the sheer number of those in need is overwhelming local emergency services.

Neighbors are helping neighbors, and everyone is pitching in, but the task is enormous. Their need is not specific or patient; they need everything and they need it now. Food, water, temporary shelters, blankets, medicine, diapers, clothes, and construction materials of all kinds. If you are not local, you may contribute using Paypal to Clubrotariolosbarriles gmail. If we each give a little, we can help a lot. Si no es local, puede contribuir con Paypal a Clubrotariolosbarriles gmail.

Si cada uno da un poco, podemos ayudar mucho. Thanks to all of you who contributed to our recent successful season here in East Cape. Visiting Rotarians from California helped complete several projects, and participated in the creation of our first Interact Rotary club for youths. The new season includes our ongoing projects, like maintenance of our Technology Centers, where local students need internet access for their studies and futures.

We also provide and support programs for school-age children who are often left alone every day until evening. Clean Water projects continue with no end in sight. Most of our communities are supplied by unclean water sources, and the distribution of healthful water filters remains a high priority. New projects include Senior Care, for those who become isolated as families move away, programs to improve literacy and basic education, projects to improve baseball and soccer fields for our youth, the reconstruction of the stage at our Laguna Park for community activities, enhancement of our volunteer program for remote teaching services, enhancement of the "Women's Care" programs offered by East Cape Health Center, ongoing support of no cost health care for children under 18, and support of our new Club Rotario Interact.

When we each give a little, we can get a lot done. The hardships of our East Cape communities are many, but the rewards are just as great when neighbors come together for a common cause. Our challenges continue to include poverty, a minimal education system, isolation, health issues, and inadequate water systems. Because, remember, we are not just a social club. We are Rotarians, and Rotarians make changes in the world. Posted by Steve Reed on Jul 18, If someone is depositing directly to Wells Fargo or sending a check, please make the check out to Club Rotario de Cabo Este.

Posted by Steve Reed on Jul 11, Our new Rotary men's and women's T-shirts will be here prior to Fall. The Resort shirts have not been ordered yet, but will be as soon as we complete the order. Resort shirts are available in Red, Blue, Beige, and Green. If you want to order either a Resort shirt or a T-shirt, contact Ken Phillips at bajadays aol. Posted on Jun 13, Posted by Steve Reed on Jun 12, Posted by Steve Reed on May 31, Buena Fortuna Gardens presents a host of cutting edge therapies for our health and well-being.

Healing Week is a six day event the scope of which has never been seen here before. Cutting edge technology, 40 years of experience. For healing properties of ParBiomagnetist see the following link. Besides the theraphies do you want to enjoy fire camps and dinners under the stars, guitar playing and raw desserts?

Make your reservations! Self guided tours by donation. Posted by Steve Reed on May 28, Discurso de bienvenida de John F. Posted by Steve Reed on May 26, Comentarios: ha asistido a numerosas reuniones y ha colaborado en varios eventos. Comentarios: Largo tiempo miembro de nuestra comunidad. Muy activamente en el apoyo a la mejora de la acera.

Muy dispuestos a bucear y ayudar. Posted by Steve Reed on May 22, Spouses and significant others, as well as friends of Rotary, are welcome to attend. Posted by Steve Reed on May 16, The fountain has undergone a major overhaul, and your donations made it possible. All other donations will be recognized in a thank you published in the BPE, and on our Rotary website. Thanks for helping our community put its best face forward. Gracias por ayudar a nuestra comunidad a poner su mejor cara hacia adelante. May 6th, a handful of Rotarians and members of our community spent their Saturday cleaning up and improving our baseball field.

Bleachers were moved, netting installed, shade areas improved, and the whole field generally given a clean face lift. The results are safer and better viewing and team areas. Thanks goes to those who showed up to convert a simple sandlot into a field where our kids can play safely. Posted by Michael Koehn on May 11, During the months of June and July , Club Rotario helped assist Club Deportivo in remodeling the restrooms, building a storage area, and securing our Los Barriles cancha. In August, with financial support from two Rotary Clubs from Oakhurst, California and the nonprofit group Be the Power of One, we were able to build a new kitchen for the children at the Los Barriles Elementary School.

It was a great way to start the season off. More than local residents came to Parque Laguna to enjoy the fine tastings offered from over 13 local restaurants. January brought the annual Lord of the Wind event. Despite a lack of wind, LOW proved to once again be a success for our community. Another installment of Carnaval was held in early February. Special recognition goes to the many children in the community who participated in the parade as well as the many residents who enjoyed the viewing the parade again this year. Club Rotario donated 9 computers to La Ribera, and their new Tech Center celebrated an open house later that month.

Quite a bit of painting, plumbing repair, shutter hanging, and general clean up took place during this event. With a large group of local kids participating, we spent the week working on projects at Parque Laguna, the Los Barriles Elementary Cafeteria dining area, the library and bathrooms at Buena Vista School, the kindergarten in San Antonio, and the East Cape Health Center.

Kids from two countries worked and played side by side, and bonds were borne between our two cultures. We ended the season with a Taco Dinner fundraiser on May 5th for our own new Interact kids, as well as sponsoring a work party to clean up and improve the baseball field. On May 10th, we celebrated Mother's Day by conducting a "pinning ceremony" for our Interact club.

This has been truly a full year of activity, accomplishments, fun, and promise. We could not have been so successful without the participation of so many. We are excited that Josefina Ruiz will be our president for the coming year, and are already pleased by her deep reach into the local community. Posted by Steve Reed on May 11, A large gathering of family and supporters celebrated the achievement and the kids who are making it happen. Creating a Rotary Interact Club in Los Barriles is a project fathered and furthered by our immediate past president, Mike Koehn, who was unable to attend the ceremony.

Thank you, Mike Koehn, Josefina Ruiz, Chris Geyer, and all the rest of the community who worked so hard to make this possible. Una docena de nuevos miembros del Club Rotativo de Los Barriles recibieron sus pines rotarios oficiales de la Presidente entrante Josefina Ruiz, el ex presidente Chris Geyer y la miembro Mary Joanis en una noche social de Rotary el 10 de mayo en Campestre Triny Restaurante. Posted by Steve Reed on May 08, Buena Fortuna Botanical Garden in La Ribera invites you to experience the amazing healing properties of Biomagnetic Pair Theraphy and Reiki in a limitad clinic this week.

Tours and brunch are also available upon request. Please email for reservations: kitziakokopelmana gmail. A relationship established last year and repeated this season has borne fruit in our little town of Los Barriles. A Rotary Interact Club is a club for teenagers. Twenty members of the Madera Rotary Interact Club from California sacrificed their Spring Breaks two seasons in a row to help our Rotary work on projects.

All the projects benefited our kids, such as painting albergues in San Antonio, cleaning up our Laguna Park, and helping complete the new elementary school cafeteria. The first season our kids met their visitors and mixed a bit. This season our kids showed up in numbers, to work side by side with their new friend, and party afterward too.

The seed was planted well. More than thirty youths have already indicated interest in joining, and they held the first event in support of our own Los Barriles Interact Club on Cinco de Mayo. A hundred people turned out for the celebration as the new members of the Club served a delicious taco meal, and then entertained us all with a spectacular dance performance in traditional Mexican dress.

And well done to all their parents, as well as to everyone else who came out to support our youth. Un Rotary Interact Club es un club para adolescentes. Veinte miembros del Madera Rotary Interact Club de California sacrificaron sus Spring Breaks dos temporadas seguidas para ayudar a nuestro Rotary a trabajar en proyectos. Posted by Steve Reed on May 03, A work party! Saturday, May 6th, join us at the old athletic field from 9 am to 12 pm. Bring your gloves and best intentions, if you have a shovel or rake might make sense, too.

Lunch and water will be provided. Help clear the way for a better place to play. Una fiesta de trabajo! Ayuda a despejar el camino para un mejor lugar para jugar. Where: At la Cancha, Los Barriles. Big party, with big tacos, lots of chicken, fish, beef, and all the trimmings! Desserts and beverages available to purchase. All the proceeds go directly to a Rotary youth group here in Los Barriles. Come eat, dance, and get your picture with a Mexican sombrero and our local Adelitas.

Or Postres y bebidas disponibles para la compra. No pierda esta oportunidad de unirse a nuestra juventud para una gran cena y ayudarles a comenzar su nuevo club al mismo tiempo. Venga a comer, bailar, y conseguir su foto con un sombrero mexicano y nuestros Adelitas locales. Our joint fellowship dinner at El Gecko tonight starts at 5 pm, not 6 pm as previously scheduled. All members and friends of Los Barriles Rotary are welcome. Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 27, The fountain has undergone a major overhaul, and donations have nearly covered the expense.

Scurrchris hotmail. Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 25, Earth Day was celebrated in Buena Vista by a small group of people dedicated to protecting our planet. Eight citizens gathered behind the Buena Vista Elementary School equipped with gloves and shovels, and showed no fear of getting dirty. Together they planted twelve trees as a gesture of renewal for Buena Vista, for Mexico, for the world. Her message was simple, but powerful.

She told us we need to save Mother earth, and that day our way was to plant a tree. Plant a tree. Su mensaje era simple, pero poderoso. April 26, Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 24, Madera Interact Club Impact. Nineteen teenagers, accompanied by a dozen or more chaperones from both Madera and Oakhurst Chapters, spent their Spring Break helping others south of the border. While the days were filled with hard work for good causes, the evenings were filled with great food and laughter as local teenagers turned out to welcome the visitors and a new Interact Club is being born in Los Barriles.

We can all take a lesson from the kids who mixed and mingled freely. Borders are just lines drawn in our minds. Humanity knows no boundaries. La humanidad no conoce fronteras. Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 20, Earth Day celebrates our awareness of the need to take care of our planet, so that it will be here to take care of us, and all of us yet to come. Everyone is invited. Get your kids involved.

Please bring shovels and gloves, and come celebrate Earth Day by sticking your hands into it. Plant a tree and help save our planet. Involucre a sus hijos. Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 19, Posted by Steve Reed on Apr 10, Wednesday April 12 th a group of visiting Rotary Interact kids from Madera, California, will be clearing and cleaning our local baseball field. If you want to participate, show up at the field at 9am. Tools, water, lunch, and camaraderie provided. Sports knows no borders. Join the team and help improve our athletic field.

Si desea participar, se muestran en el campo a las 9am. Los deportes no conoce fronteras. Unirse al equipo y ayudar a mejorar nuestro campo de deportes. To satisfy the appetites of twenty teenagers and their chaperones is the task, and our La Ribera Rotary members are up to it, preparing a traditional Mexican Buffet for the visiting Interact club members.

Help show them how much we appreciate their efforts and commitment, Dinner is at 6 pm Sunday, April 9th, at Rancho Buena Vista. Don't be late, there are twenty teenagers coming to the table. La cena es a las 6 pm del domingo 9 de abril en Rancho Buena Vista. Drivers then could transport adults to work assignments 2 drivers to pick up adults from work assignments PM and return them to Rancho. Bring your shovels and your gloves and be reminded of what it means to put your hands into the soil and give life.

Bring your kids and enjoy a cultural exchange planting seeds for growth, both inside and out. Trae tus palas y tus guantes y recuerda lo que significa poner tus manos en el suelo y dar vida. Traiga a sus hijos y disfrute de un intercambio cultural plantando semillas para el crecimiento, tanto dentro como fuera. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 27, Rotarians from both the Fair Oaks and Nevada City Clubs descended on Los Barriles the end of March to help finish what they started a year ago in San Antonio, renovating both the boys' and girls' albergues.

Parents and staff of the albergues came to help too, and new friendships bloomed sharing scrapers and paint brushes. An unexpected surprise was the blankets the Rotarians brought for the children, each hand crafted with colorful crocheted borders. Muchas gracias to our visitors, for their hearts, their hands, and their help. Regardless of borders or languages, we are indeed all one family. Muchas gracias a nuestros visitantes, por sus corazones, sus manos, y su ayuda.

Independientemente de las fronteras o lenguas, en realidad somos una sola familia. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 23, March 24 th and 25 th. Rotario de Los Barriles is calling for volunteers! Have a vehicle that will carry four or more? Or ride with someone else. Show up at the Fountain at am or sign up by email: cgeyer eoni. Rotario de los Barriles es pedir voluntarios! Estamos pidiendo voluntarios para ayudar a transportar y ayudar a nuestros visitantes. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 21, March 15 th Rotario de Los Barriles celebrated the changing of their pins for the — season.

Our new President Josefina Ruiz inducted her cabinet, and presented our club with an aggressive agenda for her season at the helm. In the last few months Ruiz has reached out to all the surrounding Rotary Clubs and forged new bonds everywhere she went. This will be a season of union for our Rotary and our town, a season of communication and cooperation between neighboring Clubs to ensure no one is left behind. When we each give a little, we can accomplish a lot.

Cuando cada uno da un poco, podemos lograr mucho. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 16, Break up into project groups and leave for projects by 9 AM. Mike and Steve to provide rides if needed. Gera to lead project. Tom and Ken to assist. Mario to lead. Char and Fran to assist. Adam to lead. Breakfast AM in main dining room. Ken Phillips to lead. Vans to take kids to Buena Fortuna. Chris and Steve to provide rides as needed. Steve and Barbara Fowler were honored March 15 th for more than a decade of unflinching service to our community. Current Rotary President Mike Koehn presented the Fowlers with a framed certificate of service and appreciation at our Changing of the Pins ceremony March 15th.

Among the original founders, the Fowlers were a force in the formation of our Club, and greatly responsible for its continued growth. Thank you, Steve and Barbara Fowler, not only for your years of sacrifice and effort, but for your continuing support of our Community. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 14, Carnaval flowed through Los Barriles March 4 th on waves of fun and laughter.

Prizes were awarded for best costumes by age, by our Mayor and Josefina Ruiz. As we should have expected, the true magic of Carnaval was not found in the floats or costumes or even the pig roast, but in the happy faces of the children. From infants to teenagers, the kids had fun and brought back the child in each of us. They proved once again to be the real gift of Carnaval. We are all family. En esta cultura amorosa de Mexico, es cierto y este carnaval no fue la excepcion. Carnaval fluyo a traves de los barriles el pasado 4 de Marzo en olas de diversion y risas. Resultaron una vez mas ser el verdadero regalo del carnaval.

What began as a small project by Club Rotario de Los Barriles to benefit a little albergue, blossomed into a full-blown Technology Center available to children of the entire community. Many thanks to the Rotarians of the Truckee Breakfast Club and the Baja de La Paz Club for the computers, without which the secure space for the Center may not have been created. Please come celebrate helping hands, and give thanks for good connections, both digital and human. Just drive straight into La Ribera.

You will see the hospital on your right, and then the government buildings. Los invitamos a la inaguracion del nuevo centro de computo en la Ribera este jueves 16 de Marzo a las pm. El nuevo centro de computo se encuentra en las oficinas de la Delegacion de la Ribera, su uso es gratuito, son ocho computadoras con acceso a internet, habra una persona encargada de supervisar.

Venga a celebrar con nosotros esta inaguracion del centro de computo que se encuentra a un lado del hospital y el edificio de la Delegacion. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 13, Rotary Social Hour. Come mingle and meet families and friends of our local Rotary club. Shake hands and rub elbows, maybe tip an elbow or two. Enjoy free appetizers and a no-host bar. Nos reuniremos a las pm Campetsre Triny Restaurante para una hora social. Venga relacionarse y reunirse con familias y amigos de nuestro club rotario local.

Disfrute de aperitivos gratis y un no-host bar. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 09, Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 05, Volunteers who were going to help clean out our Rotary bodega on Thursday this week: The work party has been moved up to this Wednesday, after our regular meeting. See you at the meeting. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 03, If you are not a member of another Rotary, but have visited or are aware of another Club in your area, please let me know.

We are creating a PowerPoint, and a pdf that includes the needs we addressed last season with a list of our upcoming projects, both this and next seasons. I plan to send our presentation to Clubs in the States, unless you choose to present our projects to your club personally. MARCH 18th! Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 02, Rotary members from three clubs in the States arrive next week to paint and put the finishing touches on, and we need to finish prepping it.

Transportation and lunch provided, and gratification guaranteed. Questions, call Chris: chrisgeyer eoni. We also need to borrow extension ladders. Los Rotarios de tres clubes en el estado llegaran la proxima semana para pintar y poner los toques finales del albergue. Tenemos que terminar de preparar. Si usted quiere ayudar, por favor reunirse en la fuente L. Posted by Steve Reed on Mar 01, Enjoy a dinner of either roast pork or bbq ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, desert and an open bar. Tickets for dinner available from any Rotarian, or stop in at Seven Seas Property Management across the street from Bancomer.

Las entradas para la cena disponible desde cualquier Rotario, o parar en siete mares Property Management al cruzar la calle de Bancomer. Posted by Steve Reed on Feb 27, Come to the Semana Santa festival fundraising dinner to support sports in our area. Or pay at the door. Email: bajadays aol. O pagar en la puerta. Posted by Steve Reed on Feb 26, You may have noticed our fountain has fallen silent.

Years of constant use wore the pumps out, corroded electrical systems, cracked the wall and pool, and generally used up whatever was keeping our fountain flowing and beautiful all these years. Recent inspections revealed many problems, and prompted the shutdown. We need 3 new pumps, new electrical boxes, replacement of the of the exterior wall tiles, and a thorough restoration of the barrels and surrounds. Donations of any size are acceptable. A little can go a long way when we all give together. Call or email scurrchris hotmail. Turn left 3 streets past the mini super Mercado where there are two large signs on the left side of the highway.

Posted by Steve Reed on Feb 06, Carnaval is traditionally celebrated the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, and is a last fling before Lent and forty days of fasting. Loosely translated, in Los Barriles, Carnaval means fun. While most communities celebrate Carnaval at the beginning of February, this year Los Barriles will once again break with tradition and invite our neighbors to join us for a combined Carnaval on March 4 th.

Last year our Delegada, Francis Olachea, and Josefina Ruiz, welcomed families from surrounding pueblos for the first combined Carnaval, which proved to be larger than any before in Los Barriles. This year all the communities of East Cape are invited, including all children, adults, clubs, organizations, people and pets. Create a float, decorate your truck, parade on foot, and dress up your pets. From ninos to perros, the parade features everything cute in costume.

Prizes will be awarded by our Mayor, Franicis Olechea, for best costumes by age class, even a best dressed pet prize. Children are our main focus, but no matter what your age, a parade brings the kid out in each of us. Come strut your stuff. To participate, show up at the Fountains by pm, Saturday, March 4th.

There is no registration required. The parade will start at 4 pm, and proceed through Los Barriles to finish at Laguna Park. At pm enjoy a fiesta dinner of roast pork, watch the best of the dressed costume prizes, and listen to a special amateur singing competition, with music by DJ Noe. Buy your tickets in advance from any Rotarian, or stop in at Seven Seas Property Management across the street from Bancomer. Carnaval reminds us that we are all family and friends.

Come have some fun. Posted by Steve Reed on Feb 05, The children in our town have not been able to secure their sports equipment onsite at our Cancha because it has no locking facility. Following the completion of the new banos, community attention was turned to the next need, the deteriorating attached shed. A plan was developed, but the familiar problem of funding delayed the project. Water for Buena Vista Elementary.

Water is as necessary for survival as air. Most elementary schools in Mexico are unable to provide purified water facilities for their students, so filtered water is available for each class, and distributed by the students themselves. The Committee de Buena Vista came to Josefina Ruiz to ask for donations for the school, and Josefina asked them what their most important need was. They told her the size of the water containers needed for each classroom was a great problem. At four gallons each, they were too heavy for the children to manage. Working together, the Subdelegation, Josefina Ruiz on behalf of Club Rotario de Los Barriles , and a parent, Adam Greenberg, have provided three new, more portable water containers for the children.

Many hands make the work lighter. Agua es necesaria para la supervivencia como el aire. Muchas manos hacen el trabajo ligero. Rotary Club of Los Barriles puts on a free pancake breakfast on the beach every year on the last day of the Lord of the Winds event. Four hours of batter splattering and twists of the wrists later, hundreds of people had enjoyed a free meal at the beach, and all the Flippers had long before lost count of the number of hotcakes they'd served.

Thank you, Ivan Kaiser, for keeping this tradition alive. Photos by John Daugirda. Fotos por John Daugirda. Posted by Ian Gibson on Jan 28, The 7th annual Lord of the Wind has wrapped up, and what a jam packed five days and six nights it has been! The competitors were amazing! And although we had less this year than last year, the skills demonstrated on the water were incredible! This year was the first time that we had Boardercross.

This is the slalom race with obstacles that look like giant hot-dogs. It is also the event that will be featured if Lord of the Wind hosts the Pan American Youth Olympic Prequalifying event next year. The competitors looked like they had a great time running the course. It was most definitely fun to watch! The hydrofoil course racing was, as always, great to see.

And the freestyle and big air events were off the charts! This all being said, the wind was not playing nicely throughout the 5 days. We had good wind on Wednesday, but then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were difficult for the kiteboarders to even ride their foils. No problem…. What a great time to have an egg toss competition! The announcers, Chris Ernst and Grom Gromley, kept the audience entertained.

And as it always does… the wind came back. Sunday morning was a perfect day to fly a kite, which is what the young kids of Los Barriles did! At in the morning, the children, after loading their bellies with free pancakes, filled the sky with the kites that they had made the prior day. Then, from on the sky was filled with somewhat bigger kites pulling the riders up and out of the water for the amazing tricks of freestyle or the seemingly-forever-flights of big air!

Posted by Steve Reed on Jan 20, Look for the tent occupied during the day by Buena Vista Beach Resort. The only benefactors of this event are all of you - this really is a FREE meal. Palmas needs a count today for planning purposes. Gracias, Ken Ken Phillips Bajadays aol. Posted by Steve Reed on Jan 18, Come enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by an award-winning Chef, offering ribs, shrimp pasta, chicken breast, and all the accompaniments, including a special cheesecake dessert. Get your beverages at the no-host bar, and dance to a hot Reggae band.

You can buy tickets in advance, or show up and pay as you go. Just pesos each gets you a fine meal, auction entertainment, live reggae music and a night of irreplaceable memories. Come by to bid and buy, or just to boogie under the moon with your buddies. Contact Ken Phillips at bajadays aol. Check the list below to find your favorites, from adventures and stays to new boards, your options extend from exciting to exotic. Guests may elect to use the ground transportation provided by the Company to the boat and back. Pick up and return is along specific points and times along the Los Cabos corridor, Pescadero, and Todos Santos.

There is no charge for this service. Available in a variety of colors and styles. Posted by Judy Hart on Jan 09, Intersection of main entrance road water fountain with barrels to Los Barriles and Highway 1. These races are set-up similar to the Youth Olympic Game events being held in All the proceeds go to support a local school.

This is the spinney, twisty, turny, how did they do that, event. Posted on Dec 27, Welcome in Style! We begin the evening with a complementary glass of sparkling wine or fresh fruit punch served in the fragrant gardens of Buena Fortuna Botanical Reserve. Enjoy an intimate concert with internationally renowned recording artist, Stacey Joy.

Website: www. Posted by Leigh-Anne Cameron on Dec 26, Many of you attended our Rotary Taste of East Cape event, where the need to repair our local free ambulance was announced by the civil protection department of Los Barriles. We know many of you attended the event simply because so very many of you responded to a plea for help repair the brakes on our ambulance.

Thank you to everyone who listened, all of you who either are or have become our neighbors. Any donations are welcome to keep the ambulances operating. The local Los Barriles ambulance is equipped with 4-wheel drive, so they can make emergency runs into the arroyos. Most of the drivers are Spanish-speaking but are trained in how to help. Come check out the new styles, colors, and a wider variety aimed to please any taste. But please use discretion in your purchasing: some items might be too exciting for seniors.

These are perfect for memorable gifts! Firefighters of Los Barriles must wear many suits. They serve as our firefighters, emergency response team, ambulance drivers, and whatever else is asked of them. Thanks to Mr. Kennedy, they are almost completely equipped. Helmets and boots are still needed, in various sizes. If you can find such equipment to donate, contact our Rotary at screed10 gmail. Los bomberos de Los Barriles deben llevar muchos trajes.

Sirven como nuestro equipo de respuesta de emergencia, bomberos, conductores de ambulancia, y cualquier otra cosa que se les pide. Gracias al Sr. Kennedy, son casi completamente equipadas. Children who have never had access to the Internet will soon expand their horizons from neighboring pueblos to the entire globe. An end to violence against women is a goal everyone shares, and the world stood up in support of that cause last November 25 th. In our little town of Los Barriles, local ladies met at the Fountain to march in support of an end to all violence against mujeres.

The original plan was for only women to march in a show of solidarity, but for a cause this universal, several hombres joined them. The result was a reminder that solidarity is only enhanced when it becomes inclusive. Chants of pride drew people out to the street as the marchers with pink balloons passed through. They gathered at the cancha, where our Mayor, Francis Olachea, thanked the crowd and encouraged us all to keep the faith and continue the fight to eradicate violence against women.

A special thanks goes to Josefina Ruiz, for her leadership, and particularly for the T-shirts and pink balloons. Para que se ponga fin a la violencia contra la mujer es un objetivo que todos compartimos, y el mundo se levantaron en apoyo de esa causa, el pasado 25 de Noviembre. Un agradecimiento especial a Josefina Ruiz, por su liderazgo, y especialmente para las camisetas y globos de color rosa. The heart of our community was in view once again when a free spay clinic was held at our Los Barriles Cancha on Saturday, November 26th.

Families who recognize the need to limit the starving strays we see in our streets brought their pets to be neutered or spayed at no cost. Their time and expertise are greatly appreciated, and a special thanks to those who came just to comfort and care for pets post-surgery.

Las familias que reconocen la necesidad de limitar los hambrientos los perros sin hogar vemos en nuestras calles trajo sus mascotas para ser castrados spayed o sin costo alguno. Posted by Steve Reed on Dec 18, Come enjoy the wonderful comraderie of our small but very active club. Posted by Chris Geyer on Dec 15, More than children are enrolled in the primary school in Los Barriles, and many rely on the meals provided by the school five days a week.

The school has used a sub-contractor to provide the meals for the children, and the tiny kitchen was little more than a taco truck. The eating area had extremely limited seating, and the sanitary station was not always functional. On the not so rare occasions of sunny days, the children had little or no cover. Thanks to generous donors and a community who cares, today our school has a new cafeteria, with a bigger and better equipped kitchen, more seating, and concrete eating areas where there was only dirt before. Your support of this project is greatly appreciated.

Be assured that your contribution to this project will have a lasting influence on the youth of our town. Yours in Rotary Service,. Su apoyo de este proyecto es muy apreciada. Posted by Steve Reed on Dec 15, We did it! We came together as a community to replace the old dysfunctional bathrooms at our Los Barriles Cancha with new, updated, fully functional restrooms. Finding the money to afford such a project was hard, but with the generosity of our friends and neighbors, construction is now complete. Our children can enjoy secure public sanitary services while at our town Cancha.

Thanks go to everyone who donated time, materials, and cash. Thank you all more than simple words can express. Those who attended the event were asked to vote for their top three samplings of each restaurant's cuisine. The success was also reflected by over people voting for their favorite tastes. Each of those five received a Certificate of Excellence for their efforts at the Taste.

Thank you to all the restaurants who participated. Lord of the Wind takes place January 17th - 22nd, Come celebrate our holiday season with a buffet by Berenice and Ruby, and an open bar compliments of Ken Phillips. Turn left and continue. Posted by Steve Reed on Dec 02, Anyone who wants to help, email Mike Koehn at mikekoehnsr gmail.

President Mike Koehn received the following email. Please share and if you have or know of any accommodations for five people. Please either email Mike at mikekoehnsr gmail. I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for your hospitality, for the breakfast, and most importantly for the opportunity to meet our fellow Rotarians when Gayle and I visited your club meeting in late October. It is truly impressive! Our flights are all arranged, and we thought lodging was taken care of as well, however that fell through at the last minute.

Bottom line is we are looking for a place to rent for 5 in or around Los Barriles for all or most of those dates. If we do make it down, it would be great to connect up again either for a club meeting if it is being held, or just a cup of coffee or a beer. I hope you had a great time. It was a huge financial success for Rotary and East Cape recycle. Posted by Steve Reed on Nov 06, Posted on Nov 03, I have committed to a table and was hoping you could join me at this so very worthwhile event.

Posted by Steve Reed on Oct 30, Club Rotario de Los Barriles meeting. Posted by Ken Phillips on Oct 27, Each ticket will entitle the holder to 1 taste per restaurant total of 13 tastes , and 1 drink of their choice, there will also be a cash bar and DJ music throughout the evening. Any additional questions can be directed to Ken Phillips ken. See you there. A Celebration of Julie Lewis. Posted on Oct 16, Welcome back to Los Barriles for our season and what promises to be another exciting year in our community!

After expenses, all proceeds will be split between the Recycling group and our Rotary club. These Rotary funds will go towards additional improvements at the old Cancha, to provide a safe secure place for our community youth. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are able to attend. If you are unable to attend and would like to donate to the Cancha project, please let me know.

Thanks again. Por Favor, let us know if you plan to attend. We need a head count for the breakfast order. LOW Call to Auction. Posted by Steve Reed on Oct 15, Just a reminder the Lord Of the Wind kicks off in January and we expect to draw thousands to our small pueblo Los Barriles again this year. Every year our friends and members step up and donate creative and memorable items. Julie Lewis. Posted by Mike Koehn on Oct 14, She fought a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer that was impossible to win.

Our club sends Marshal and his family all of our sympathy, prayers, and love. Posted on Oct 03, Josefina Ruiz Tamayo ; President Elect. Bueno dias, Rotarians y amigos,. Posted by Ian Gibson on Sep 29, The culinary experiences of the East Cape are better than ever! From the long standing establishments and the new arrivals to the area we have offerings from land and sea infused with a variety of tastes ranging from traditional Mexican to Nuevo Asian.

On Monday, November 28 th , we will be presenting the Taste of East Cape, a culinary experience for the benefit of the East Cape community. Come join this awesome experience, an annual event that is not to be missed! The event will commence pm at Laguna Park in Los Barriles. Message from Mike Koehn, President. Posted by Mike Koehn on Sep 29, With only 26 active members, our Club Rotario de Los Barriles is very small, but also very active. The tasks we take on often dwarf our personnel and resources, but we tackle them anyway, and trust we will prevail if we proceed with good hearts and best intentions.

Our last season provides a perfect example. Over children are enrolled in our Los Barriles elementary school, and the number who rely on school lunches for nourishment fluctuates. The school cafeteria had only a small kitchen, limited seating, and a shaded play area in disrepair.

It has been a desire for a number of years to remodel the kitchen and eating area with the objective of improving the nourishment available for these children. Lord of the Wind The battle on the sea begins on January 18 th as the Lord of the Wind kicks off its seventh annual Kiteboard competition.

Las Fiestas Patrias. Posted by Leigh-Anne Cameron on Sep 29, Las Fiestas Patrias night of celebration in Los Barriles was a great success. Our project to build a new kitchen for our elementary school in Los Barriles is progressing well. A joint effort with Oakhurst Rotary Clubs and Be the Power of One non-profit, construction includes a new food preparation facility, food storage, a covered area to provide shade and cover, and concrete benches and tables for lunching and lounging.

This need has taken a long time to fill and is only now being accomplished because of the vision and generosity of Be the Power of One and the Oakhurst Rotary Clubs. Muchas gracias to our friends in the States, to our local contractors, and to all of you who have contributed time, money, or materials.

And to those of you who will yet help accomplish this project, come join the party. Our kids are getting a new kitchen. Posted by Steve Reed on Aug 18, A sub-contractor provides the food for the children. In the summer of Club Rotario de Los Barriles joined a group of local business people who wanted to raise funds to remodel the kitchen and eating area. Progress was slow and donations lagged. Posted by Steve Reed on Aug 04, Finding the money to afford such a project was hard, but with the generosity of our friends and neighbors, construction should now be complete in just a few weeks.

Our children will once again enjoy secure public sanitary services while at our town Cancha. Posted on Jul 08, To all my Rotary friends, For those of you who don't know my background, 16 years ago I built a home in Los Barriles, Baja Sur Mexico and for the past 5 years have lived here 10 months a year. Over the years I seen our town go from a quaint fishing village to a retirement home for Ex-Pats Both Canadian and American as well as many tourists who enjoy our slower lifestyle.

With the help of Club Rotario, Club de Portivo, the Van Wormer family, local businesses, and private donations of community members, we are working on a project to replace the 41 year old bathrooms at our local Cancha outdoor park. Our mayor Francis Olachea, asked us for our help by giving donations to complete the bathrooms. Please give from your heart and open your wallets!

Please contact me at bajadays aol. As we start our new Rotary year I want to wish each of you the best in the coming months. Elaine and I will be in Los Barriles the first part of October. I am going to send a survey in the next couple of weeks to try and get an idea of how the club may want to handle the coming year.

So I hope everyone is enjoying summer and I will be in touch soon. Posted by Steve Reed on Jun 30, Traveling has been critical in my evolution. On nighttime routines: At night I love to cook. I often try out new recipes while dancing to my favorite playlist of songs. This release helps me shake off the day and settle my thoughts as I finish my dinner, wash my face, and curl up with my dogs in bed and journal before falling asleep.

On staying calm: Journaling and yoga have been two pivotal tools in my life on staying calm. These are the moments where I use my tools and choose to be conscious and aware of my feelings. Instead of pushing my feelings away, I allow myself to feel. Reset short-term goals. Also make sure your short-term goals keep you on track for the long-term goals already established for your business.

Refresh online materials. Freshen things up with a redesign or even just slight tweaks to make it easier for customers to navigate. For a simple solution, consider adding a blog section where new content can be posted weekly or monthly to give customers a reason to return and to help build your search engine ranking for specific keywords. Rethink storefronts. To help consumers make the most of their time, small business owners are partnering with other businesses to include their services under the same roof.

For example, The UPS Store has a re-engineered model that exists within other retailers, such as pharmacies, hardware stores or grocery stores, that still provides all the services consumers would find at a traditional store. Replace outdated strategies. For example, social media is a must to keep up with competition and there are ways you can amp up your strategy in the ever-evolving social space. Reconnect with consumers.

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If overhauling marketing strategies or diving headfirst into social media seems like a stretch for your small business, start small. Try holding a contest for the best customersubmitted content to use online or create a giveaway for a randomly chosen commenter on your latest social posts.

These types of online conversations can attract consumers who may have been previously unaware of your goods or services. Revive printed materials. Business cards, flyers, banners, posters, newsletters and any other type of printed materials may be the first impression potential customers have of your company. Using professional, well-designed printed items to let customers know what you do, like those available through The UPS Store, can convey the correct message to consumers that your products or services can meet their needs.

Whether you think slight tweaks to your current materials will. Pay attention to layout, headlines, colors, white space and even font choices. Rebrand your business. It may sound like a lot of work, and it certainly can be, but rebranding. Some of the more successful efforts show that retailers must recognize the value shoppers place on convenience. Look for ways to boost convenience for your consumers, such as:. Retailers are looking for ways to get their goods to consumers as fast and easy as possible. Exploring technology like online scheduling for pickups, text messaging and other digital communications can make the buying and delivery process easier for customers.

Simply updating logos to appear more modern or rethinking an overused slogan can give your business a fresh vibe. Remember that enhancing the look of something seemingly as small as your logo can make a big difference, especially considering that image is likely the first thing a. Even companies experiencing success should often weigh the pros and cons of refreshing certain business elements to keep things impactful for current and potential customers.

Find more tips and ways to improve your small business at theupsstore. One example is The UPS Store; the mainstay shipping services are still a major component, but a host of other options are available, from printing and design services to mailboxes and office supplies. Providing consumers with a one-stop shopping experience means less time spent shopping and heightened convenience. Family Features l. A writing coach can help both groups achieve their goals. More importantly,. Business growth is one of the many benefits that people get when they work with a right writing program, in addition to these 5 things: 1.

How to turn an idea into a publishable piece. Millions of people have a great idea and want to become the authority who wrote. Annalisa Parent helps entrepreneurs to finish, publish and sell their expert books. Annalisa writes for many local, national, and international publications, has written and produced sketches for a TellyAward winning television show. Just like a soccer coach helps create better players, so too can a writing coach lead people to becoming more successful authors--or authorities-and reach their ideal audience.

How to leverage your book as a scaling tool. A client-engaging book not only starts the right conversation, but showcases you as the authority and expert, landing you top spotlight in the media to reach and help even more people. Starts a client conversation. A writing coach can help you get the conversations started that will lead to your next book and growing your business. An understanding of the publishing process. People are looking for, yearning for, the solutions to their problems. Entrepreneurs want a better business and a book can help them achieve that. Parent has coached hundreds of writers and has taught over writing courses around the world.

She works with fiction authors, as well as entrepreneurs. She has been a speaker giving talks on writingrelated topics, and she has been a guest on a variety of television, radio, and podcast shoes, sharing her secrets for how to write, publish, and sell your book. A Teacher of the Year nominee for her use of neuroscientific principles, she applies the same principles to her work with writes to help create confidence, writing flow, and success. She writes for many local, national, and international publications, and is a graduate professor of English at Norwich University.

How to reach readers and sell your books. This often leads to a garage full of books, and a world full of frustration. The right writing program can help you with effective strategies for growing your audience and reaching those people who will want to buy your book and tell their friends about it, too.

Inspiration and confidence. One of the most important things that aspiring authors need is a dose of inspiration and confidence. Becoming a published author is always risky, because people fear rejection after they put themselves out there. The right writing program will help you to overcome that hurdle in effective ways that will make you feel confident and ready to step out as the industry expert you are.

Parent also helps entrepreneurs who want to write a book to help grow their business. She explains that entrepreneurs can benefit by working with a writing coach in numerous ways, including: Visibility. A writing coach can help you get the visibility you need in order to advance your career and grow your business.

A writing coach is an expert at getting books traditionally published and can make it easier for you to understand the process and navigate it. Go-to source. Having a writing coach means you have a go-to source that will be there to answer your individual questions. Featured nationally and internationally. With a writing coach you. For more information about Annalisa Parent, her book, and her business scaling services, visit her site at: www.

While there, you can sign up for a free business scaling conversation to get your future moving now. Technical debt is like cholesterol; the more it accumulates, the more it impedes the flow of value. Legacy systems are a perfect example of technical debt. Yet the longer you wait, the costlier it will get due to lack of knowledge and support. Speed-to-market pressures also increase the debt — such as first-to-market, responding to time-critical customer needs, and faster customer feedback to improve performance and value. Compromises are made with the notion of dealing with the consequences later.

All these technical decisions impact delivery speed and must be managed to ensure any future changes or products are not delayed. Technical debt additionally impacts delivery teams by bloating their work-in-progress WIP with neglected work. Less completed work leads to longer time to delivery, lower product quality, and less value, impacting customer satisfaction and business performance.

Yet software needs to go through a period of refactoring to maintain performance. A product-oriented view enables the business to understand how all work interlinks, providing the ability to predict and fix for the impact of technical debt. The Flow Framework — a new way of seeing, measuring, and managing product delivery — introduces two metrics that help increase visibility of technical debt: Flow Distribution This metric shows the distribution of the different types of work that the IT team has delivered, such as value-adding work like features and functionality, and revenue-protecting work like defects, security related work.

Yet the newer functionality they deliver, the less time they have to do the other types of work like defect resolution, working on security features etc. Has the level of completed tech debt work fallen in the. Mik Kersten. In addition, the Flow Framework expands on the notion of technical debt to include infrastructure debt e. Flow Load Flow Load is a Flow Framework metric that shows the amount of work that a team or seat of teams have taken on.

How much work do they have and what proportion of it is technical debt? Is there a lot of technical debt left in the backlog accepted but unfinished because new work is taking precedence? Accumulating technical debt on the backlog can have an increasingly negative impact a company and its products. Budgeting for Technical Debt There are two parts to budgeting for technical debt. Time and resources must be set aside every financial year to tackle technical debt as debt often accumulates due to a lack of funding and sponsorship.

If technical debt is not actively monitored, it will gradually impact the flow of value to customer-facing products. Neglect the build-up and a cardiac arrest is inevitable.

20 RECETAS NAVIDEÑAS CON MARISCOS (Colección Santa Chef) por Mariano Orzola

Make sure technical debt is visible and measured so that the business and IT can team up to proactively tackle and reduce technical debt to ensure a healthy product portfolio that can sustain the business. Tenth Street remains an important part of the Northern California community almost years later.

Though their team has grown over the years, they remain a familyrun organization. Worldly Touch From functional and utilitarian origins, hats have wound their way through history to become the fashion statements they are today. Whether aiming for a vintage look or a casual day at the ballpark, a well-worn hat can help make an outfit anything but ordinary. With manufacturing facilities in the U. Skilled Milliners Their product development team, full of skilled milliners, fashion followers, and a myriad of others, travels across the globe in search of new materials while fostering relationships with existing suppliers.

Like hats, a community is only as strong as the fibers that hold it together. They hope these efforts and others like them help to strengthen the fabric of the hat community around the world that gives us so much. Discover more about Tenth Street and find your next stylish hat by visiting www. Otero the introduction Sizing System to e is designed in pr body-type includ a custom look at. He can then choose an Otero shirt and click between the options to see whether an Otero size Medium will fit better than a Large, or easily determine whether he has a Triangle or a Rectangle body type.

Even Perfitly will not be able to identify their unique avatar. Anything but Average. The resulting fine Italian leathers and other high-quality materials such as calf suede, python prints, and shearling provide the shoes incomparable durability and comfort. Founder and designer Valerio Giuntoli works closely with son and company CEO Nicholas Giuntoli in creating the El Vaquero look for independent women who celebrate style with a transgressive and unconventional attitude.

All styles can be found at www. This sultry festive season collection will thaw any chilled heart. Get inspired by Aratta as you prepare to attend parties during this festive season. Also, bonus points for being comfy. These are standout outfits on their own but together evoke a playful, pretty vibe without taking itself too seriously. Based on your personalities, you. Winter Solstice Celebration Welcome the shortest day of the year with warm drinks around a fire wearing the perfect plaid coat. You can spice it up with sheer black stockings or make it more casual with high-waisted jeans. Looks can be found at www.

Since graduating, she has never looked back. Confident that 3D technology is the most sustainable method of revolutionizing most industries, Julia is harnessing the transformational power of 3D printing for her fashion innovations. Her primary goal is sustainability. She is also keen to reduce waste and environmental footprints across the sector.

Proudly piloting in a new era of fashion 3D printing Julia has debuted the release of, The Liberation Collection, the first ever 3D printed clothing collection for women. Though stunning in nature, many 3D printed collections released by other. Daviy 3D printed fashion collection is the first ever to be released within the. The 3D printing process allows the fine regulation of thickness, shape, pattern, and color. Julia has mastered these techniques in the production of two 3D printed suits, and bespoke dresses and skirts, combining 2 different filaments for printing.

To evolve the clothing production industry and. Besides working on making 3d printed clothes wearable and flexible, we are working on simplifying the software, so that it could be accessible to every woman, who wants to create or customize a 3d design of her e. She is also experimenting with flexible resin and SLA technology which permits her to print complex design shapes easily with almost no postprocessing. Her predecessors in the 3D printed fashion game are known for printing with small-scale printers, cutting, splitting and gluing multiple times over, thus assembling their piece of clothing from many small separate parts.

For Julia, her large printing format means a minimum of handwork and post-processing, with the highest-level quality of 3d printed fashion in the industry. She single-handedly produces all three stages of 3D printing herself. Including designing the pieces from scratch. Printing her pieces using large-scale technology, mainly using 2 technologies of 3d printing - FDM. Highlights within The Liberation Collection include: The Polka Dot Exoskeleton Dress: Inspired by exoskeletons of sea urchins, Julia created a ready-to-3dwear classic dress with 3-dimensional polka dots, which are like the round barbed in the closer look.

The Parametric Skin Suit: Julia used the 3-dimensional pattern like a snakeskin and parametric lines of different height, inspired by the shapes of Fungia Coral and sea animal species skin patterns. The Pure Nature Suit: A white top and white-and-neon-green skirt. Here you will see a wide-use in architecture organic pattern so-. The suit is super flexible.

Its lining made from premium eco-friendly fabric produced from recycled fishing nets. Inspired by the shapes of coral reef and a skirt from one of the most popular looks of Carrie Bradshaw, this skirt matches a wide variety of modern looks. The Fragility Dress: This dress was made from a peace Ahimsa silk organza fabric and was decorated by 3-dimensional. So, the skirt slightly changes the body architecture.

At that time, I was increasingly concerned with the ethical and environmental impact of fashion on our world. In 3D printing, I saw a solution to these problems. The elements of bra zone as the shoal of jellyfishes, and the shape of the dress is like a sea star body architecture. The idea of this dress is to attract attention to the problem facing the Oceans, such as overfishing, the killing of sharks. And the 3-dimensional patterns are inspired by coral reef fishes are grey and have different. The 3D printing process has the potential to be less energy intensive and wasteful than existing clothing manufacture techniques.

About one-third of all the fabric is thrown away. The cutting process wastes huge amounts of material, as patterns are laid out and waste material discarded. It is not an eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable model. Every year millions of animals are killed for their skins. The suffering inflicted by industrial farming techniques to produce leather is impossible to avoid. Her current collection includes one of the most popular items of leather clothing - a biker jacket - made from a 3D printed material that is not just as good as, but in many characteristics, far exceeds animal sourced leather.

Learn more about Julia Daviy at www. After a stunning summer as the headliner at The State Theater in Detroit in , Benson decided he would relocate his business. With over 34 years in the apparel business, Benson can utilize his contacts and skills to bring any project from concept to consumption. It was aweinspiring learning more about this award-winning designer who happens to live in one of the greatest cities in the United States, and oh, who happens to also live in the same city as I do.

We had an interesting and jovial conversation and I hope after you read our conversation, you too, will come away inspired. William Jackson: Tell me the most interesting facts about yourself. William: How did you develop an interest in pursuing fashion design? William: You have several successful years in the apparel business. Would you speak to me about the evolution of the brand?

I grew up in Detroit and so was influenced by a decaying city and multicultural people. The Motown experience also informed my creativity. William: How would you describe yourself as a designer and what do you think of when you design? I begin with classic couture techniques and then warp them to create the things I envision.

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Designing starts from an emotional reaction before the thinking part ever begins. I distill experiences from my life and hone them into a finetuned vision. William: With the new economy, do you believe the idea of luxury has changed? Benson: I think both the idea and reality of luxury have changed. It has become far less accessible to the masses and so, more than ever, is desirable.

My basic inspiration has always been to create, for each client, garments that cause them to feel gorgeous, to give them a sense of empowerment in that state of feeling beautiful. At the very same time, being influenced by my environment absolutely does inspire different color pallets and cuts.

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William: What is it that makes the fashion industry so interesting to you? William: Is luxury expressed differently in other parts of the world? If so, how? Benson: This is an interesting thing to consider. Each culture draws upon its own identity to create its concept of luxury. In very hot countries one would view a tailored suit as restrictive while in Norway, for instance, a flowing silk garment would be looked at as frivolous. William: With respect to your sources of inspiration for your designs, are they the same today as they were when you started in the industry?

Benson: My basic inspiration has always been to create, for each client, garments that cause them to feel gorgeous, to give them a sense of empowerment in that state of feeling beautiful. In the 80s and 90s everything was harsh, chic, and minimalist in mainly shades of black, silver, and other dark gemstone colors. Living in New Orleans introduced me to vibrant colors, patterns, flow, and extravagance with plenty of sparkle and sheen.

Texas has inspired more constructed looks with evening suits being my new favorite shape to create with. Benson: What I can tell you about every woman and man who allow us to dress them is they live life on their own terms. They like luxury and are bold and willing to color outside the lines. They are just as comfortable at a rock show as an opera. They cocktail with movie stars and have tea with the Dalai Lama. To sum it up; my clients are dichotomies of their own creating. We have been the chosen design house of a certain elite clientele for three decades.

Benson: I honestly try not to. That may sound trite but as an artist I do my best not to paint myself into a corner with my words. These gowns are as much a statement of hope, in trying times, as they are about turning perspective forward. William: What aspects of the fashion industry, if any, would you like to change? We live in an age where they have driven a fast fashion economy which is dangerous to everyone at every level of production and which is ultimately damaging our environment.

If it was available three years ago it can still be ordered. Fashion must become timeless again not something that is cycled every six months from closet to trash. In the 90s we sent , apparel jobs overseas in the name of fast cheap fashion. We must bring some of those jobs back home. That we absolutely must embrace diversity with the fashion and apparel communities. We must embrace it not only on the runways and in the atelier but at the very top. We must have people of color running magazines, heading fashion houses, and finally we must see the financial corporations that fund the entire industry led by men and women who are not white.

William: On a personal note, what are some of your favorite places to visit around the world? I need to find new experiences for distillation. William: What do you enjoy wearing during your visits? I also always take evening clothes for gala events if there are any on my itinerary and just in case I find my way onto a red carpet. Expect total domination of the Fashion industry! William: What makes you happy? Thank you for taking the time to ask me such wonderful questions.

William: Benson, thank you so much for your candor and enthusiasm. What an inspiring dialogue. Plan in advance. Instead, be sure to put together a guest list and send invites at least a few weeks out. Remember to thaw. One surefire way to make the big day a big disaster is to forget to thaw your main course. So, for example, it could take close to a week for a pound turkey to fully thaw prior to cooking. Prep the day before. There are many tasks big and small that can be taken care of the day before guests arrive, making the festive season less stressful for.

If you really want to make the big day a breeze, consider cooking your main dish, slicing the meat and placing it in reheating pans one day prior. Create a schedule. No matter how far in advance you plan or how much prep you complete prior to the festivities, there will always be day-of work to be done. Find more festive season hosting tips and meal solutions at omahasteaks. Heat on low minutes until fragrant. Remove from heat and serve over Filet Mignon Roast.

To make Roasted Grapes: Heat oven to F. In bowl, combine grapes, olive oil, salt, pepper and cinnamon stick. Lightly spray baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Pour grape mixture onto baking sheet. Bake 15 minutes. Remove from oven and pour into bowl. To make Gastrique: In small saucepan, combine water and sugar. Bring to boil over medium-high heat, minutes, until sugar starts to brown. Remove from heat and slowly add vinegar. Return to heat and stir until combined. Add cornstarch and water mixture; bring to boil. Remove from heat. Pour Gastrique mixture over Roasted Grapes.

Whole Basted Turkey 1 Omaha Steaks Whole Basted Turkey 10 pounds Thaw turkey completely in refrigerator days or, keeping turkey in vacuum-sealed packaging, place in sink full of cold water hours, changing water approximately every 30 minutes. Heat oven to F. Remove turkey from vacuumsealed bag. Place turkey in bag provided; secure bag with twist tie. Place bag in deep roasting pan. Using fork, puncture holes in top of bag. For extra browning or crispness, slit top of bag for final minutes of roasting. Roast turkey 2 hours, 45 minutes- 3 hours. Turkey is done when internal temperature measured with kitchen thermometer reaches F.

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Update Entryways and Foyers. Your entryway is your opportunity to make an exceptional first impression and set the tone for the rest of the interior. Add drama to your foyer with a grouping of striking, oversized pendant lights in lieu of a traditional chandelier. Pay Attention to Shared Spaces. Popular spaces where friends and family are likely to gather most during the festive season include great rooms, living rooms and dining areas.

A large statement chandelier in a common living space creates a focal point and ensures there is enough illumination for card games, movies and coffee and cocoa by the fireside. Illuminate Walkways to Enhance Curb Appeal. Added illumination will improve safety and enhance security, while bringing a new bold look to the front of your home. To create instant curb appeal, hang a large lantern on either side of your front door, or install a post lantern at the front of your walkway.

For more design inspiration and to view on-trend lighting collections, visit www. In a few easy steps, you can light up your home for a warm and welcoming festive season. Tip One: Create cocktails in batches for easy serving. To save time, her team prepares batch cocktails daily to serve to patrons. Apply this practice to your party. For inspiration, look to classics such as the OldFashioned, which features festive season flavors and warm spices. Add a splash of color to the presentation by topping your punch bowl with orange slices or cherries.

To accommodate all your guests, accompany your bar offerings with something simple, festive and non-alcoholic, such as sparkling cranberry water. Your beautiful desserts deserve to be the center of attention. Keep things visually interesting by serving a variety of flavor options with different textures and colors, such as layered trifles, fluffy pies and stacks of cookies and bars. Play around with platters, serving bowls and flatware that have varying shapes and heights. Tip Three: Rely on premium, thaw-and-serve desserts to bring the sweet.

You and your guests will be thrilled with the indulgent results. Scoop out filling and set aside. Pipe whipped cream layer into a glass. Add caramel sauce layer, spoon or pipe pie filling layer, add crushed graham cracker layer. Add a second layer of whipped cream, caramel sauce and pie filling. Garnish with graham cracker and serve.

Turtle Pie Ice Box Cake Ingredients 2 packages chocolate wafer cookies 2 ounce containers whipped cream 2 Edwards Turtle Pies Directions In a 9-inch cake ring or springform pan, arrange a layer of wafer cookies. Spread a cup of whipped cream on top of the cookies, spreading out to the edges of the pan. Gently press one frozen pie into the whipped cream. Layer another round of wafer cookies on top of the pie, pressing in to avoid air gaps. Place another cup of whipped cream on top and spread to the edges of the pan.

Repeat with another pie and gently press in. Add a layer of wafer cookies and top with remaining whipped cream. Add crushed wafer cookies on top for garnish. Freeze overnight. Remove the springform pan and fill in sides and edges of cake with remaining whipped cream. At first, changing a classic family recipe or whipping up a new, taste-tempting festive season dish may seem daunting.

Simplify recipe planning. Now is the time to make cooking wine a must-have in your kitchen essentials. One option to try this season is Holland House. Cooking Wines, with a long and delicious history of adding rich, robust flavor to a wide variety of culinary applications. These cooking wines are perfect for plenty of recipes and come in savory and flavor-boosting varieties including: Marsala, imparting a sweet-wine flavor with hints of hazelnut; Red, offering a smooth, medium-bodied finish; White, featuring a slightly dry but distinct profile; and Sherry, offering a mild flavor with hints of nut and caramel.

Visit www. Add racks of lamb, meat-side up, and cover bowl. Marinate hours. After marinating, heat oven to F. Transfer racks of lamb to heated, oven-proof saute pan on stovetop and sear each side 2 minutes until golden brown. Transfer oven-proof saute pan with lamb to heated oven and cook approximately 10 minutes, or until lamb reaches F in center. Remove pan from oven and take lamb out of pan to rest. To make Marsala Mushroom Sauce: In same pan, melt butter over medium heat; add mushrooms and saute. Add shallots and remaining garlic, cooking until fragrant. Deglaze with remaining cooking wine.

Add beef stock and whisk in Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper, to taste, and cook 2 minutes to reduce and thicken. Carve racks of lamb by cutting between ribs. Serve drizzled with Marsala Mushroom Sauce. Garnish with parsley. Add onions and garlic to pan with bacon and saute until fragrant and soft. Cook onions until translucent. Add asparagus tips, cherry tomatoes, chicken stock and cooking wine to saucepan and deglaze. Cover bowl and marinate at room temperature 30 minutes. In mixer, whip mascarpone by slowly adding heavy whipping cream, sugar and remaining cooking wine. Once thoroughly mixed, whip to stiff peaks.

Butter both sides of each piece of pound cake and add to saute pan. Over medium heat, brown both sides of cake until golden. Place two pieces of toasted pound cake in individual serving dishes and let cool. Place dollop of whipped mascarpone on pound cake pieces. Garnish with marinated berries. Add cooked orzo and Asiago cheese, stirring to combine. Cook 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. How many glasses of eggnog, hot toddies, and other too-familiar libations can we endure before our palates are likewise numb out of desperation?

Hence, we asked our friends at Prohibition Creamery in Austin, Texas to create cocktails to match the tastes and spirit of the festive season. Robert Britto, manager and head bartender, adds cheery updates to well-known libations. Here are his fresh ways to toast to the season. Autumn Elation 1oz gin. Garnish with a dehydrated pear slice. Sidecar Named Desire 1. Garnish with a lemon wheel. Brooklyn Drake 2oz Duck fat-washed Rye. Let infuse at room temperature for 12 hours, then freeze overnight, then strain the rye through a chinois or cheesecloth. Fill a mixing glass with ice and add ingredients.

Stir 15 seconds, strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry. Falling Up 1. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Bourbon is traditionally the spirit of choice for an Old Fashioned, but contemporary versions may substitute virtually any type of liquor, from rye whiskey to tequila to rum. For a truly authentic experience, look to incorporate an option like Angostura bitters — an iconic brand that traces its roots as far back as the dawn of the Old Fashioned and has been closely intertwined with the history of the cocktail ever since.

By the mids, cocktails were steadily gaining favor, and nearly all the early recipes called for bitters. Today, Angostura aromatic bitters are a classic and versatile ingredient in bars and kitchens alike for their flawless ability to balance a range of cocktails. Bitters provide layers of flavor and complexity through their expertly-crafted combination of aromatic herbs, bark, roots and other botanicals. Consider these tried-and-true takes on the Old Fashioned with four recipes ideal for sipping. The traditional version features bourbon, while three twists on the timeless classic highlight alternative liquors: the Tequila Old Fashioned, the Rum Old Fashioned and the Wisconsin-Style Brandy Old Fashioned.

Find more recipes filled with good, oldfashioned flavor at AngosturaBitters. Family Features. Add ice to fill glass to top. Garnish with orange peel. Strain into ice-filled rocks glass. Squeeze grapefruit swath over glass and insert into drink. Wisconsin-Style Brandy Old Fashioned 3 ounces, plus 1 splash, lemon-lime soda 1Demerara sugar cube 5dashes Angostura aromatic bitters, divided 3 maraschino cherries 1orange slice, plus peel, for garnish ice 2 ounces brandy 1dash Angostura orange bitters skewered maraschino cherry, for garnish In rocks glass, muddle splash of lemon-lime soda, sugar cube, 2 dashes aromatic bitters, cherries and orange slice.

Add ice and brandy then fill with remaining lemon-lime soda. Add remaining aromatic bitters and orange bitters. Garnish with skewered cherry and orange peel. Also known as a lowball, whisky or aptly named Old Fashioned glass, the rocks glass typically holds ounces. Place sugar cube in rocks glass. Wet cube with aromatic bitters, orange bitters and soda water. Using muddler, crush sugar cube.

Add ice, pour in rum and stir. Garnish by squeezing orange peel over glass. Simple Syrup at Home A wide range of cocktails call for sweet syrup to enhance the flavor of the liquor, and one variety lends a rich molasses note to drinks. Demerara syrup is made using Demerara sugar, a special variety of raw, unrefined cane sugar with large grains and a golden amber hue. The sugar, which traces its origins to the South American country of Guyana, can be used in place of brown sugar.

Though similar, Demerara generally lends stronger caramel, toffee and molasses notes than traditional brown sugar. As a former marketing executive at Heineken, Davis was a part of the team that created and launched Heineken Light. Davis said the inspiration for Playa Real came from fruit-infused tequila he enjoyed on frequent surf trips to Mexico. He began re-creating the infusions for family and friends, which led to the creation of a tequila brand that launched in late The Austin-based designer, who has created an epic brand, knows how to build and sustain a billion-dollar business from the ground up.

Please remember to enjoy Playa Real responsibility. Headless Horseman 1. Garnish: Shiso leaf tucked in top of glass looks like a pumpkin leaf! Pippa 1. Sun Island 1. Bondi 1. Starry Nights 1. In other words, give the gift of hygge. Here is a collection of gift ideas that will inspire those moments during winter, a hygge-high season, and all year long. Lighting and fresh scents are key elements of hygge, and candles are the perfect gift for any hostess. Made with essential oils and sourced from natural ingredients, consider a Cannabolish gift set that includes a candle and room sprays.

The candles give the gift of glow while clearing away any leftover party odors. Cannabolish comes in chic packaging that can attractively hold court in a guestroom or on the hall table for in-home odor control while guests are visiting. Cozy Textiles Textiles are hygge in the way that they keep us warm, conjure up memories, and make everyday life more beautiful.

For example, a chunky throw adds warmth to a couch or the foot of a bed, while a Turkish hand towel is a fresh addition to any bathroom or kitchen for everyday use or when guests arrive. Sheepskins have been bringing warmth and coziness into homes for generations with their soft textures and natural beauty. Share teas that can be experienced throughout the day, such as a midafternoon pause or a calming toast before bedtime. Be Present Finally, one of the most memorable gifts to give is to turn off the electronics, slow down, and be present in the small everyday moments when spending time with family and friends over the festive season.

The best part? This gift fits any budget. Boost Creativity Art can inspire creativity, improve fine motor skills and even boost IQ. For beginners, art or crafting kits containing all the supplies they will need to create their own projects may be a great place to start. Thinking bigger? A craft or art table, an easel and a project caddy make a great combination gift for kids. Spark Imagination For toddlers, play time can be an extremely valuable opportunity to build skills and reach milestones -- with the right toys at hand. Smart Wheels playsets, which spark imagination and deliver multi-sensory learning, teaching first words, letters and more.

They can launch Po from the dual launchers and chase the Getaway Car through the switch tracks, trap doors, and road obstacles, promoting important motor skills. Po responds to SmartPoint locations throughout the playset with lights, sounds and music, encouraging first words and imaginative play. Truck as they exercise important motor skills with this multi-level interactive playset. They can give a friend a lift, go up the elevator to the repair platform, or race down the ramp and get a car wash while exploring SmartPoint locations.

Lastly, the interactive Go! Smart Wheels Take Flight Airport playset strengthens fine motor skills as kids fuel up at the gas station, spin the weather vane and check bags at the luggage belt. They can also launch Aaron the Airplane to take off for flight, spin around the clouds and use the ramp to make a safe landing. Encourage Movement Habits formed in childhood can set the precedent for a lifetime. View gift-giving as an opportunity to encourage kids to engage in healthy hobbies. This festive season, make sure your gifts for kids go further to enrich, engage and educate.

StatePoint l. Biographical entries trace the friendships, loves and rivalries that influenced each writer, while placing their works into historical context. From its origins at court and the first national ballet companies, to the contemporary scene and the extraordinary venues that stage productions, Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story provides an invaluable overview of the history of ballet. Readers can discover more than 70 of the most famous ballet dances, learn the stories behind renowned companies, explore the lives and achievements of dancers across centuries, and meet composers and choreographers.

Filled with rarely seen photographs, this book is well-suited for ballet enthusiasts. This elegant introduction to botany from DK is packed with photos and illustrations. Filled with fascinating stories of how plant roots and leaves communicate with their neighbors and how flowers use color and scent to interact with the creatures around them, this is an introduction to the mysterious inner workings of the plant world. Discover cutting edge robotics, where science, technology, mechanical engineering and computing meet. Bright graphics and photography help readers learn how robots work, how they are made, and how they help and hinder modern society.

This festive season, stock the shelves of those you adore with fascinating books on topics they love. It can improve cardiovascular health, increase overall fitness, and promote a more mindful attitude. Go Easy on Yourself Regardless of your fitness level, yoga can be incorporated into your regular fitness routine. It can also be adjusted based on medical conditions. Talk with your doctor before you start a new program. Focus on your breath Yoga is all about the breath.

Research has shown that trying different yoga breathing techniques can promote the anti-inflammatory benefits of yoga and help you get the most out of your exercise. As you breathe out,. Focusing on your breath can also give you practice in meditation since yoga is a meditative act.

Add Stretching to Your Daily Routine Stretching has a lot of benefits, especially if you do it regularly. Simply do what is comfortable and over time your flexibility will improve. Flexibility is a long journey, but it can help you prevent injury and increase mobility. Take a Group Class for Seniors Taking yoga in a group gives you a chance to bond with other people. You can also work closely with a trained teacher and increase the chances that your workout is a success. Working in a group can also help you stick to your commitment to exercise, as well as learn new methods or variations that you might not be able to find on your own.

A class can help you find like-minded people who you can grow with. If you deal with stress, this can help you calm yourself down and move forward. There are many different methods to practice mindfulness meditation. You can practice breathing techniques or listen to a guided meditation on an app. Start off small; five minutes is a good starting point, and then you can move onto practicing meditation for longer than that.

Yoga participants who practice at home have reported improved mindfulness, healthier BMIs, and improved overall well-being. You can also have your caregiver do yoga with you or help you with some of the more difficult poses. Whether you do it at home or in a studio, yoga is for everyone. About Karen Weeks Karen Weeks is a wellness blogger. She created ElderWellness. Hunger is an important factor in managing workday wellness, from maintaining focus to making smart snacking choices.

A survey on workplace snacking, conducted by Focus Vision and supported by the. American Pistachio Growers, found that 92 percent of workers report becoming distracted from their tasks at work due to hunger before lunch. Eighty percent said they get hungry in the mornings before lunch and think about food often or every day.

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Take steps to improve your workday wellbeing with these tips from Dr. Keep healthy snacks on-hand. Sugary snacks can send you on a roller coaster ride of energy and focus. The right kind of healthy snacks can satiate your appetite as well as improve your health and performance at work. For example, the survey on workplace snacking showed a midmorning snack of pistachios can help improve concentration, and the right kind of snack at the right time can help give you a competitive edge at work. Find time for activity. Being physically active can help control stress, recharge your brain and.

Break up lunchtime with a short walk or jump on board with a growing trend and conduct walking meetings. Next time you have a brainstorming or check-in meeting, take it to the streets and hold your meeting while walking around. Feed your brain. It is important to fuel your brain with the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

Research from Loma Linda University shows that eating pistachios stimulates brain waves associated with cognition, memory and learning. Lutein, an antioxidant found in pistachios, is also associated with improvements in executive brain function. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is not only important for athletic performance but is also important for peak mental performance at work.

Several research studies show that small levels of dehydration can decrease mental performance and negatively impact mood. To avoid becoming dehydrated, have a large glass of water with each meal or snack and at least one more glass between meals. Take breaks to recharge. Engineers of one productivity app analyzed time logs from more than 5 million days of tracking to determine the behaviors of the most productive people. They found that when.

Mike Roussell. Setting periods of intense focus and then time off during your workday can help you be more productive and reduce stress. Reinforcing their role in mental acuity, in a separate study, pistachios produced strong gamma waves, which are critical for enhancing cognitive processing, information retention, learning, perception and rapid eye movement during sleep. Skip mindless eating. The office can be a nutritional landmine.

Bowls full of candy and breakrooms with boxes of donuts make it all too easy to nibble without fully realizing all the calories you are accumulating. Taking a more proactive and conscious approach to snacking can help cut out unwanted extra calories while also curbing your appetite. Indeed, an option like pistachios is a healthier choice than many go-to snacks. They do not contribute to weight gain or body fat changes and can significantly improve dietary nutrient intake.

Survey participants increased their consumption of nutrients such as thiamin, vitamin B6, copper and potassium after snacking on pistachios for four weeks. A Handful of Health Benefits Increasingly, people with desk jobs are looking for healthier snack alternatives to typical choices like donuts and vending machine fare.

A solution may be a simple handful away. The midmorning snack proved to be just what they needed to power through the morning. Ninety-two percent of the participants reported the pistachio snack helped eliminate hunger and improved their concentration. To better care for your eyes, consider these tips that put the focus back on eye health:.

This can help detect diseases and conditions that cause vision loss and blindness, many of which show little or no symptoms in the early stages, and a. Understand Your Family History Genetics can play a major role in eye health, so talk to family members about their vision history. If anyone has been diagnosed with a disease or condition that impacts their eyesight, knowing can help determine if you are at a higher risk for developing a hereditary trait.

Use Proper Lighting While there are many everyday ways to maintain eye health and function, there is one simple yet overlooked way to take care of your sight: reducing eyestrain. While three out of four Americans suffer daily from eyestrain, according to an online survey conducted by Russell Research, some people may not realize the lighting they use at work and home may be contributing to the problem.

One way to achieve a reduction in eyestrain is to use indoor lighting such as the OttLite Wellness Series, a line of lamps that closely matches the spectrum of natural daylight to reduce eye fatigue and eyestrain by 51 percent. The lamps also feature adjustable necks and shades to help direct light to fully illuminate an intended area and adjust for glare from reflective surfaces and smart features like USB ports to conveniently charge your devices.

Find more information at OttLite. Clean Contact Lenses If you wear contacts, make sure to take proper precautions, which includes cleaning and rinsing each time you wear and remove the lenses. Maintain Overall Health Living a healthy lifestyle overall can have a positive impact on your eye health, too. For example, maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid risks like diabetes, which can lead to vision loss from diabetic eye disease or glaucoma. In addition, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables aids eye health, along with fish high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Shield Your Eyes While sunglasses help block out the sun, protective eyewear like safety glasses and goggles can help shield the eyes while conducting physical activities like yard work or playing sports. Be sure to use safety. To find more information, visit OttLite. Limit Evening Screen Time The blue glare from traditional lighting and electronics TV, cell phones, computers, tablets used before bed may disrupt sleep patterns and circadian rhythm, and may even lead to sleep disorders, depression, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Take a Break Your eyes work hard when you put extended focus on a computer screen or other activity. Take periodic breaks to avoid eye fatigue.