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  1. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
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  3. The School for Good and Evil Books 1-4

Families can talk about how portrayals of fairy tale characters in modern media differ from their original, folkloric versions. Why do you think these stories remain so powerful and compelling? Do you ever make judgments about people based on how they look or dress? Can you tell if someone is "good" or "bad" just by looking at them? Do you ever feel as if other people -- family, friends or teachers -- have expectations of you that you can't possibly meet? How do you handle those expectations? Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.

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The School for Good and Evil, Book 1. Fractured fairy tale has plenty of twists for fantasy fans. Soman Chainani Fairy Tale Rate book. Read or buy. Parents recommend Popular with kids. Based on 7 reviews. Based on 48 reviews. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value.

Positive Messages. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Evil for Evil by K. Evil for Evil Engineer Trilogy 2 by K. Civitas Vadanis is in trouble. The Mezentines have declared war; and the Mezentines are very focused on their goals when it comes to killing. Duke Valens, of Civitas Vadanis, has a dilemma. He knows that his city cannot withstand the invading army; yet its walls are his only defence against the Mezentines.

Perhaps the only way to save his people is to flee, but that will no Civitas Vadanis is in trouble. Perhaps the only way to save his people is to flee, but that will not be easy either. Ziani Vaatzes, an engineer exiled by the Mezentines for his abominable creations, has already proven that he can defend a city. But Ziani Vaatzes has his own concerns, and the fate of Civitas Vadanis may not be one of them.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published November 21st by Orbit first published December 7th More Details Original Title. Engineer Trilogy 2. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Evil for Evil , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 03, Mr. Matt rated it liked it Shelves: , fantasy-gunpowder. Evil for Evil continues the story of Ziani Vaatzes, an engineer exiled from his home city for the crime of abomination.

He created mechanical devices that varied from the time honored guild specifications. In this volume, Ziani flees to the Vadanis and war follows; however, unlike Orsea, the hapless leader of the Eremians , Duke Valens is made of sterner stuff. He wages a determined - albeit doomed - campaign against the Mezentines.

There are many things to like about this book. There are plots w Evil for Evil continues the story of Ziani Vaatzes, an engineer exiled from his home city for the crime of abomination. There are plots within plots within plots. I like that. I like books where I am kept guessing. In this volume some but not all of the twists are revealed. We learn that the war against Eremia was orchestrated by Guild politics. This revelation is just a tease. There are hints that there is something more.

And this something more is one of the rawest and most powerful elemental forces: love. For the sake of a woman's love, men will see kingdom's burn, cities fall, and hundreds of thousands die. I love it. Truly, what can trump love? Duke Valens loves one woman, the Duchess of Eremia.

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

He will do anything to be with her - including murdering her husband and waging war against the world's greatest power. Ziani the Engineer, by contrast, is determined to be reunited with his wife and will do anything to be reunited with her - including teaching the barbarians how to fight the Mezentines. Unfortunately, I just didn't buy it. All of this is motivated by love, but I just didn't see it. All the action, all the detail, all the plots were great, but I just didn't buy it. Parker writes about machines and people.

In some cases the people are dangerously close to machines. And machines don't love. For a book with a man's love for a woman at the core it felt stale. With love at the core the author needed to deliver passion, and he didn't manage it. That is a tragedy because the writings and story and world were otherwise great. Three stars.

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I will finish the series but that is mainly because I am more interested in the resolution of the larger story line than because I feel something for the characters. That is kind of sad.

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If this post is excessively long, detailed, and tripartite, consider it a pale reflection of the work itself. Here are my main complaints so far: 1. A character is framed and executed for a crime. However, he states his unqualified belief in the story given to him. This made absolutely no sense. I may be wrong about this, as the Mongol Empire at its peak encompassed some million. That, however, includes everyone the Horde subjugated, and most of those people had agriculture and permanent settlements. There are about four meaningful women in the series so far, and none of them ever speak to each other.

The narration is third-person limited, spread among one female lead and half a dozen men in addition to various minor military leaders, who are usually about to be stabbed. I had to refer to Book I to remember what her name was. View 2 comments. Oct 10, Ross rated it it was ok. Parker… No other author has frustrated me so much! Book 2 of the Engineer Trilogy by K. Parker picks up right after the events in Book 1.

After the revelations seen in Devices and Desires I was eager to see what else was in store for the characters.

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  • Sadly this seems to happen all too often in fantasy literature. The trilogy formula is almost expected in many ways and while I have Oh K. The trilogy formula is almost expected in many ways and while I have absolutely no problem with lengthy series, this second entry felt completely pointless. Also, the climax in book 1 was a lot more rewarding than the conclusion we see in book 2, my opinion of course.

    The Scavenger Trilogy had one of my all time favorite endings and is responsible for my appreciation of Parker as an author. The second book was the worst of all three, and the same can be said for The Fencer Trilogy and it looks as if this trend might continue with The Engineer Trilogy. This was one hell of a slog and the something pages felt like a serious chore. Seriously at one point, Parker dedicates a good two and a half pages describing someone attempting to thread a needle and stitch something.

    You get the feeling that Parker is keeping a secret from you and you are really curious as to what that secret is. I know something shocking is going to happen at the end of book 3, and for all I know I might look back on book 2 and see how it was necessary for the conclusion of the story. Book 3 next! Apr 02, Joseph rated it really liked it. So in the first volume Devices and Desires , the engineer Ziani Vaatzes ran off from his home city to the Duchy of Eremia after being sentenced to death for being a little too good at his job. His only desire was to return home and make sure his wife and daughter were being looked after.

    By the end of the first book, the Eremian nation had been pretty much wiped out and Vaatzes in company with the Duke and the Duke's wife and a few other survivors had taken refuge in the neighboring Vadani Du So in the first volume Devices and Desires , the engineer Ziani Vaatzes ran off from his home city to the Duchy of Eremia after being sentenced to death for being a little too good at his job. By the end of the first book, the Eremian nation had been pretty much wiped out and Vaatzes in company with the Duke and the Duke's wife and a few other survivors had taken refuge in the neighboring Vadani Duchy.

    What could possibly go wrong? Spoiler alert: Rather a lot. Yes, this is a middle book of a trilogy. But it's still a joy to read, to see the way the gears mesh or not and wheels turn or not in Vaatzes' cunningly-engineered design. And naturally there are other would-be craftsmen with their own intentions for his construct Jun 22, Reggie Kray rated it it was amazing. Many people have claimed this book suffers from the dreaded SBS. Many of the reviews are average to below average. I suppose I am not Many people. Go figure Aug 27, Josh Ingraham rated it really liked it.

    Continuing in the series from Devices and Desires, the protagonist becomes more and more unlikable, while the story gets better and better. It is a lifelong dream, and it was dashed to the ground in one moment. Her character development is marvellous. All these years she had tried to be someone else. She had made so many mistakes along the way. But at last, she had come home. Agatha : Undoubtedly, the more sympathetic of the two.

    Episode 01 / Good and Evil - The Animated Series

    The hideous girl, always the hated one. She cannot look past her own appearance to see what's underneath. Agatha prickled with shame. In this School for Good, where everyone was supposed to be kind and loving, she had still ended up alone and despised. She was a villain, no matter where she went. Agatha's self-esteem is so low that it's below sea level. Agatha is dependent upon Sophie, in a way. They were friends before, and Agatha clings onto that friendship for so long that she nearly forgets what it means to be independent. Agatha felt familiar shame rise. Everything in her body told her to shut the door again and hide.

    Agatha slipped into the pink parade, put on a smile The Friendship : The friendship between Agatha and Sophie is so beautifully written. Their relationship is one fraught with power play, struggles, and they are so complex because of it. Both love one another, while deeply resenting one another, but they have one common purpose. Eventually, they realize that they have to rely upon one another to make it through. The girls collapsed in tormented heaps. Sophie looked up, ghost white. Highly recommended. View all 88 comments. And it was violent.

    Quite violent. Sophie is a princess-like girl who dreams of princes and forever beauty, while Agatha is a more Boys are not what she seeks. She wants I really really thought this was going to be a lovely tale about friendship but the truth is Sophie uses her ''friend'' Agatha to accomplish her goals. What was interesting is to see how much effort Sophie put in trying to prove to everyone, especially Tedros , that she was the good one and deserved to be changed school. She never stopped trying to prove herself and that got my respect I liked the world-building and even almost loved it.

    The problem is that it was overcharged. The prince, Tedros, by the way, started out being very entertaining. Of course, Agatha was for him nothing while Sophie, charmed him after only a glance from her in his direction. It was a fast-paced read, even though it started out slow, with a beautiful writing and characters that will surprise you in both ways. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to discover how the story continues.

    Image source. View all 68 comments. I deeply regret buying this. Let me tell you why. At first, I read the way Good was portrayed especially the girls and I thought, this will be overturned. By the end, it will be revealed that these vain, catty, boy-obsessed children are actually evil. And I can't really blame them for being vain and catty, because if they aren't asked to the ball by a boy, they fail aka, they die. But then I sta [spoilers] Sooooo this is a lesson on how an amazing cover can sell even the worst book. Evil can never have love the catch phrase of the book , and yet according to Dot, being a friendless villain is humiliating.

    Evil does not forgive, they seek revenge, and yet Dot who is evil saves her roommate's life and they're friends again. Good is about purity and not vanity, and yet at the end when the evil students do good things, they become beautiful Dot even becomes skinny and the good students become ugly some even go bald. Aside, I find the implied fact that fat and bald are indicative of evil to be incredibly disturbing.

    So at the end, when the evil people did good and got pretty and the good did bad and got ugly, I realized that what the book was ACTUALLY saying was that appearance actually does indicate the state of the soul. But, I hear you say, isn't it saying that the outside reflects what's inside, making a physical response to the saying "actions speak louder than words"?

    You would be right, if you weren't so wrong! Because Aggie, who everyone thought was evil, is said through most of the book to be very ugly thus everyone thinks she is evil. Then, a teacher tells her she will make her beautiful. When Aggie thinks this has happened, she is beautiful people even stop and stare, amazed by her beauty. When Aggie finally sees a mirror and realizes nothing has actually changed, she realizes that because she thought she was ugly, she was ugly. So even though she was "good," poor self-esteem was enough to make her look "evil.

    Let this be a lesson, teenage girls: even if you do good things, unless your self-worth improves, you will always be ugly and people will call you a witch. And actually, I'm not sure this book even says THAT, because is it really self-worth if you only thought you were beautiful because other people were telling you as much? However, now that Aggie is pretty and has self-esteem, suddenly she fits right in with the good girls. Suddenly, she doesn't care about going home, seeing her cat, seeing her mother, or helping Sophie her only friend. Because who needs home, family, or friends when you've got BOYS!

    One boy, in particular. Now that she has the possibility of a happy-ever-after, she throws everything out the window and tries to get asked to the ball so she doesn't die. That's right, it's a world where if a girl is not pretty enough for a boy to ask her out, she is killed. And apparently, every year the boys make a pact that two of them will go together rather than having to be the one to go with the ugliest girl. And again, I thought, this will be overturned.

    NOPE Instead of the girls becoming self-reliant beings who are worth more than what a man is willing to say they're worth, the magical thing that happens is THIS year, all the good girls get asked and no one dies. But that's not how it ends. It ends with Sophie evil friend dying for Aggie good friend and Aggie's kiss bringing Sophie back to life true love's kiss.

    Sophie says, "who needs princes in our fairy tale? It is all undone! Realizations abound! With a cry, her prince seized for her--'wait! One brief shining moment, and then that. So what is the book about? It's about how girls are motivated entirely by boys. Female friendships are broken apart by boys.

    The back-stories of evil women usually involve boys. Also, poor self-esteem makes you ugly, and no boy will want you then. To be followed by the sequel, which is about how best friends will never replace boys although, to be fair, I haven't read it. And won't. But I'm not finished!

    I could, in fact, go on for a very long time about all the problems with this book go ahead, ask me. I dare you , but I just want to mention quickly the problem of the wolves, and the naked thing. I'm not sure the author understands what wolves are in fairy tales. In this book, the wolves are in charge of the evil school, and at one point Sophie refuses to change into her school uniform. In a fairy tale. Later, Sophie dreams of her father, who is wearing a wolf mask. I felt kind of sick to my stomach. This leads me to my final problem: how often the girls are naked in this book.

    They take each other's clothes off their backs, they wear boys' PJs because they burned each other's clothes, they come back naked from this spell that they do and they do it a lot , a boy becomes naked to use his talent It would just be interesting to see how many times in this book children are naked. Okay, tl;dr, I'll shut up now. But don't buy it. I'm begging you. Don't pay money for it. View all 80 comments. I was pretty excited to read The School for Good and Evil Made me wonder, why is Sophie evil?

    Her vanity? For a while actually, Chainani did seem to be going in that direction, with self professed goodie Sophie confronted with situations that brought out the evil inside her, and Agatha doubting whether she truly is a witch as everyone says. As an exploration of good and evil, not the subtlest thing ever, but for a middle grade book, pretty good. Sophie is, one moment, an incompetent villain, and the next, the most powerful and feared witch in both schools.

    Night Shyamalan than the Brothers Grimm. The School for Good and Evil works as a middle grade princess and witch story, I guess, but those who read fairy tales looking for morals and deeper meaning should probably stay away. View all 32 comments. Sounds cute, right? A re-imagining of fairytales. Two very different girls that hint at an unlikely friendship. Okay, now throw those thoughts in the lake. Go on. This book will not be anything like you imagine. Many times have I found myself questioning whether or not it should even be classified as middle-grade. The pretty cover clothes a 4.

    The pretty cover clothes a disturbingly dark story, but one of humor, friendship, and dare I say it, true love. Sophie and Agatha are two very different girls. Sophie is gorgeous, stuck-up and only dreams of being a princess and marrying a prince. Agatha, on the other hand, is hideous and after getting kidnapped to the school, she only wants to go home with her best friend, Sophie. Who, as you can guess, is so not interested. I did not like Sophie at first.

    Bestselling Series

    The girl is supremely shallow and bitchy. She only does good deeds so she can get into the school of Good and her friendship with Agatha in the beginning is nothing more than a charity project.

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    • She sort of reminds me of Sansa from A Game of Thrones before all that shit went down and she gained some brain cells. But her character development was brilliant and totally realistic. She relapses to her old selfish ways multiple times in the narrative usually over a prince and screwing Agatha over in the process , but towards the end, I was rooting for so hard even though view spoiler [she had turned evil. Agatha, I loved from the start.

      Her devotion to Sophie and disdain of beauty-obsessed princesses and macho princes completely won me over. Though I must confess I liked her less towards the end when view spoiler [she went all moony-eyed over Tedros. It happened too quick and it seems to follow the fairytale trope of The One without concrete reasoning. They hate each other at first, but then, they begin to rely on each other.

      They struggle through tests So. Tests and their friendship gets stronger every time. Sophie needs Agatha as much as Agatha needs her. They are the core of the story and I loved it. And the romance? I can't talk too much about it without giving away the ending, but I will say this: view spoiler [I really, really need to applaud Chainani for creating a LGBT relationship in a children's book.

      And although I like Tedros, I will bitch-slap him if he messes with them. And I cannot recommend it highly enough. View all 25 comments. So, I had to re-read it. The first book is slightly better than the second one. Btw, Tedros needs to be punched! Ale to ona ne! A ten konec? View all 19 comments. They had ambition, passion. They made the stories happen.

      Villains didn't fear death. No, they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor! Every four years two children are kidnapped from Gavaldon and disappear. This year the mysterious man takes two girls, two friends: Sophie and Agatha. But when they arrive a strange thing happens: the beautiful Sophie is send to the school of evil whereas Agatha is send to the school of good. The confused girls try to get into the right side of the schools and learn that nothing is as it seems. Now an adventure begins in the school of fairytales, of good and evil. First I was a little bit skeptical about the whole story, but the more I read, the more I loved the story.

      It was absolutely awesome! Even though they fitted the story, they felt a little bit Their thoughts, dreams etc. So so simple. But next to Agatha and Sophie the other characters felt really simple and plain. The way they acted, the feelings they felt and other things made me always think that they were sixteen or at least fifteen. And even though you wonder how can that be? There are being taught at a school. For every part of the fairy tale there is a school - one for good and one for evil. And in there they learn how to fight, how to do magic, how to speak to animals and so on.

      Absolutely perfect worldbuilding! But then.. She always protected her friend and that was so so sweet. But it was still really entertaining and I had fun reading it. Is 23 too old? Is it? View all 6 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Pure Good and Pure Evil. I just hated so I just ignored her recommendation until February I don't remember the exact date but I do remember that on February , I went into a bookstore just because I wanted to buy comics not a novel but I couldn't find any comics that I wanted to buy and then I saw this book and I remembered how my sister recommended it to me and she even said I would like it and I should tried reading it, So I decided to buy a copy and I didn't even think I would become a book lover, I just wanted to try it and if it's boring then I would stop reading it.

      I have changed. I just can't live without books anymore. Chainani for writing this book because without this book, I wouldn't become this person and I wouldn't have all these amazing adventures that I got from novels. I decided to reread this book because I used to love it and I gave it 5 stars so I wanted to know whether I still loved it or not and at first I didn't really enjoy it like it bored me but I kept reading it and the story got interesting and this book also made me laugh so much and I also found myself muttering like " JUST KISS!

      I don't know why, though. I think I would enjoy it much more if it didn't have romance. I honestly don't know why Agatha still wanted to be friends or best friend with Sophie, this girl hurt her! Agatha's heart was so good, no wonder she got into School for Good. NO WAY. Sophie was crazy bitch. I mean didn't she think twice before she pushed Agatha? I know she was angry at Agatha but Agatha helped her several times! I could see how much Agatha love her and didn't she think about how much Agatha have helped her?! I won't order the sequels because I just don't really care about the ending or what will happen in the sequels and actually, this book was 3 stars for me but I gave one extra star because this book got me into reading and it also made me laugh and I don't laugh easily while reading.

      Have you tried the quiz? If you have, which school you got accepted? What are you? A Never or an Ever? I used to hate books without apparent reason and I'm STILL so grateful I tried reading this book because if I hadn't read this book, then I wouldn't have been here and I wouldn't have had all these awesome adventures with books. View all 21 comments. Far from true, but still. I love the premise of it so much it hurts me to try to put it into words.

      But I will suffer through this pain for you. Sophie is beautiful, shallow, and a bit of a snob. Agatha is ugly, insecure, and very kind. They live in a world in which fairytales happen, and every year, the two kindest and most terrible children, respectively, from their village are kidnapped, never to return. But eventually, they show up in the fairytales the children read.

      Sophie is obsessed with the idea of ending up in a fairytale. Agatha dreads the idea of becoming a witch.

      The School for Good and Evil Books 1-4

      This book is a million pages long, and every possible bad side effect that could come with that does. That premise tho. The characters: equal like and dislike. Agatha is pretty consistently adorable and likable; Sophie is occasionally a total badass, but most of the time so snobby and intolerable and mean. The relationships: equal like and dislike. I am so funny I impress even myself. And I wonder why my average rating is so low. But I digress. I almost forgot! Nor is it YA. Nor should the characters be 12, or however old they are.

      View all 14 comments. This might even be a 4. Love the characters love everything LOVE. View 1 comment. The story was really fun and I liked the way the author played around with fairytale tropes. But what killed it for me was the pacing. It took forever to read because I would read 50 pages but it would feel like And the plot switched between moving too fast and too slow.

      I will continue with the next book though since I am invested in the characters but I think I will listen to it on audio because reading this book felt like a workout and I don't have that ki 3. I will continue with the next book though since I am invested in the characters but I think I will listen to it on audio because reading this book felt like a workout and I don't have that kind of energy.

      Lovers of Fairytales. Shelves: arc , own , harpercollins , favorites , for-review-received-from-publisher , fantasy , middlegrade , fairy-tale , magic. Prepare for a breaking of the heart, twisting of the spirit and warping of any illusions you have about Good and Evil! The School for Good and Evil , it sounds like a light breezy read doesn't it? I haven't loved a book so much in a very long time, and I devour books like a maniac. It literally went above and beyond any expect Prepare for a breaking of the heart, twisting of the spirit and warping of any illusions you have about Good and Evil!

      It literally went above and beyond any expectation I could have conceived for it. I picked it up thinking: "This will be quite the fluffy fairytale," but was blown away because it was nothing of the kind. Lets begin with the description: I love that it tells you exactly what The School for Good and Evil is about without giving even an inkling of just how this tale is going to be delivered.

      This is a book that can definitely be enjoyed by fairy tale lovers of all ages. Especially if you don't mind your fairy tales having a bit of a dark side. Not too dark mind you but just the right amount. There are wonderful comic moments, that I couldn't help but smirk at.

      I felt like the author was making fun of so many things and it tickled me pink to no end. However, there are some moments that tightened my chest and throat. You know what I'm talking about, that's right when you are biting back the tears. I'm not normally a crier I'm a laugh-er. So I don't think I can explain well enough why this book touched me so much.

      Also, it is full of illustrations! At least one for the start of each chapter. These added the perfect storybook touch. What surprised and absolutely delighted me was how much I loved all of the characters. I grew attached to all of them! From main, to sidekicks, to little supplemental characters. They were all given realism and depth of character that made each unique and memorable. My favorite is Hort She looks like your typical fairy tale witch but somehow ends up in the School for Good!

      As you can see from the quote below. She is a snappy girl and I couldn't help but love her. No drop-in salesmen. No fishy 'friends' bearing face masks and diet cookies, telling you you're going to Evil School in Magic Fairy Land. These are the children that we once were, or hey for those young readers, perhaps who they still are. I think he was delving deep trying to get his readers to challenge those childhood tropes of Good and Evil. Are you beautiful with flawless skin and impeccable clothes?

      Are you ugly with warts and foul body odor? Does eating lots of sweets really lead you down a road of sin and temptation? Prepare yourself for the "Evers" and the "Nevers" - that's what these kids call themselves, for that's how their stories go. But onto my favorite character Hort, of course he is a "Never," attending the School for Evil.