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There is actually more time and opportunities available for enrichment activities for home taught students than for those in conventional schools. Several institutions throughout North America have welcomed home educated students.

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Many of these schools actively recruit home educated graduate because of their maturity, independent thinking skills, creativity, and extensive academic preparation. In preparation for university or college entrance or any vocational training program, parents should prepare a thorough transcript of high school level work, award a diploma, and specify and actual high school graduation date.

Occasionally, GED test may be required by a college or employer for additional verification. Some provincial homeschool associations are officially hosting graduation ceremonies for high school graduates. Some homeschoolers are entering their chosen fields through apprenticeship programs designed and supervised by parents and professionals. Lack of confidence: At first, you may lack confidence in choosing materials and methods, and in your ability to teach.

Marcus Pointe Christian Academy: Our Families

With experience, you will gain confidence. Find a homeschool support group so you can interact with experienced homeschool families. Fear of being unable to work with your own children: Parents who do not have their children's respect will have trouble getting their cooperation. Gaining their respect through proper discipline, training, and example should be the parents top priority, whether or not they are homeschooling.

Often discipline problems come from exposure to negative attitudes learned from negative peer pressure. Inadequate Time and Energy: Home teaching requires and investment of time and energy, especially by mothers. Self-disciplined and good organization will help ensure a well run household. A daily schedule, lesson plans, and a chore list can keep school and housework organized. Well trained children will give back to you by helping with practical life skills like cooking, laundry, and household chores.

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Lack of Commitment: Families who are homeschooling only for convenience or because it is a popular thing to do may soon drop out unless they develop the conviction that homeschooling is best of their family. Social Pressure: Pressure for well-meaning friends or relatives can be a real deterrent. Make a well-informed decision and then stand on your convictions. More information and a loving attitude often help others understand and accept your decision to homeschool.

Homeschool - All Counties (K-12)

Financial Investment: Costs of materials or programs vary considerably but are always less expensive than a private school. Many materials can be reused for siblings as well. Presenting A. Why do families homeschool? Are parents qualified to teach their children?

Benefits of Homeschooling

Is homeschooling legal in every province? How much time does it take? Just Starting to Homeschool? Homeschool advantages spiritual, social, academic and personal all stacked up to buttress your resolve to homeschool and to stick with it. Get anytime-you-want-it access to 25 videos from the Curriculum 2. Renee Ellison — Curriculum 2.

8 Common Myths About Homeschooling in High School

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The small cost of our centers can be paid for out of the educational package. Math, Hands-on Science, Dr. We will continue to offer Preferred Sites in areas in which we do not have a Learning Center. A few Preferred Sites have even developed high school science courses that are approved by Springs to offer science labs.

Preferred Sites are continually being identified and supported! Our Lending Library is stocked with curriculum available for check-out to families. Parents can find homeschooling favorites at the warehouse along with learning materials such as manipulatives and microscopes! We bring high school science on the road! The monthly Mobile Science Lab provides lab opportunities for high school students at our regional learning centers. These hands-on wet labs make learning meaningful and engaging!

Springs graduates will be able to base their future goals on their known strengths, interests, and passions. Exciting camps will be offered during the winter and summer at no cost to families as part of the student package!

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