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But Rogers is tired of that story. Nothing about that tone has changed. After the release of her debut album, Heard It in a Past Life , I want you to know her like I do, and she wants you to know her as well as she knows herself. You skyrocketed right out of school, and in college you had this really tight-knit universe. Can you talk about the role community has played in your career and how that influences the way that you interact with fans?

15 Healthy, Delicious Oatmeal Breakfast Recipes That'll Satisfy Your Every Craving

My music is doing this crazy thing of personally curating all the people I would be naturally friends with anyway. I think you come into contact with people for a reason, and including my [old] friends and new friends in my work allows for a friction that can only come from storied chemistry. Locations have always been extremely central in your songs. How do you think about identity in relationship to places? It always rolls in gently. Then when I moved to New York, I realized how much I loved pop and dance music, and I was really worried about how to create something within [both] these boxes.

Trying to find and ground into [new] places is really hard, and at first, touring was really stressful for me. That feels really exciting. So much of this new album, and your work, is about processing your life; now a big part of your job is going to parties, meeting people, talking to the press, and being extremely online with your fans. I stamped the date on the left side of my photo and added the cute clear stickers in gold and black on my layout. I also used the diagonal direction. I only used the colors pink, red, black and gold and I love the harmonious and modern look of this color scheme.

Then I also played a little bit with the cute mini puffy stickers in red and pink and with the stickers and foam stickers from the amazing Willow Lane collection. Because of the how full this background paper already is, less is more when it comes to embellishing, and you have to stop before this layout gets too busy. I hope you like my little and quick layout inspiration using Willow Lane!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your beloved ones — enjoy this special and magical time!


See you soon. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Happy Monday Friends! Thanks again for bring it to our attention on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Julie, I think you would definitely like t his story. It is well-constructed and has lots of interesting elements. I can see you writing something like Maggie Quick. And from what you posted here, I like the humor, too.

Quick and delicious - Maggie's Fast Food and Pastries

Well done! The little peop—, I mean the good people have sharp wits and sharp tongues to match. The squirrels are hilarious. Once they realize Maggie can hear them they get goofy.

Obituary for Maggie C. Quick

Plus, I forgot to mention, she is given a pair of glasses that when worn, she can see exactly what someone is. The squirrels are little old men in the most awful golf outfits. The cat will be a girl in her next life. Weird but fun!

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Is an ass really a donkey from another life? I wonder if you could look at yourself. Now that would be interesting to see. I love beautiful books.

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Somehow that makes the internal contents better, no matter what they say about not judging a book by its cover. I agree. When it arrived and I unwrapped it, the immediate feel was wonderful. I still like holding it. The book is so well constructed that it feels like reading a brand new hardback each time I picked it up.

Covers and quality sell books, no doubt about it. Well, the trailer definitely gets the spooky factor across. You thought the trailer was spooky?


I think it needs to tell more about the story. I am glad you enjoyed it. It was more one huge puzzle to piece together before the two warring side met. It is a fun MG.

You are welcome. I bet I could find a spot for this in your safari challenge. I hope there is another book, but no word on a series. The Irish folklore and beliefs mix in to give it a hint of reality. The authors claim the story is true from a note prior to chapter one. Sounds fascinating — and somewhat spooky! Spooky is a good word.