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Salander is a controversial figure; feminists and other observers are divided over the message she sends to women today. That debate, while valid, misses a key point: We should all celebrate the emergence of an utterly original female literary character. In an action-story landscape where women are too often relegated to girlfriend, sidekick or prey in need of defending, Salander grabs the spotlight and refuses to let it go. As a child and young woman, Salander was sadistically abused by those entrusted with her care, and since then she has been encroached upon and treated as an imbecile by organizations and individuals meant to help her.

Boyish-looking and covered with punk tattoos and piercings, her two biggest skills are an ability to infiltrate practically any computer in the world, and a penchant for hunting down and creatively punishing misogynist perpetrators. Salander refuses to cooperate with any police or government investigation, and operates wholly outside the boundaries of the law, ethics, or social decorum.

Although Salander eventually succumbs to social pressure and gets a breast augmentation to the chagrin of feminist readers , her largely androgynous physique is a canvas for body art and a vehicle for revenge. But does a such groundbreaking character — even combined with the socially-conscious background information tucked into the book by Larsson — a true feminist agenda make?

Salander, after all, is partnered with Blomkvist, a middle-aged muckraking journalist without much of a personality, who seems to inspire instant sexual interest in every woman he meets, including, for a period, the otherwise-impervious Salander. How would they be interesting otherwise? It consists of mystery novels, not tracts.

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Instead, Larsson simply plants a seed that will grow in readers who are open-minded: There are people out there who hate women and the authorities too often ignore them. Sarah Seltzer is a freelance writer. Her work can be found at sarahmseltzer. Plenty of real-life drama over "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series. Alex Roberts. Alex Rohny. Alexander Levitzky. Allen Giffen. Alvaro Lopez. Amador Pueri. Amanda Sipes. Amethyst Rose. A Watery Grave. Andrew Davis. Andrew Foote. Andrew J. Andrew Todd. Andrew Whitaker.

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