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The message it sends is a very alluring one. The only thing I didn't see was much attention to detail. Like when you say 'green grass' i think more imagery could perhaps be added in.

Editions ILLADOR - Jeune poésie d'Irlande

But i do love the message it presents. Mila7 It is better in french. Baudelaire looses his charm when translated. The original version is flamed with passionate intensity and the lurking sense of desperation and depression.

I agree C'est une belle poeme! Joao Camilo - Shouldnt this poem be in prose?

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It has a good meaning, don't be a slave to time. Ferenc - Baudelaire rules! I think I have been "drunk" all my life Bethie - hehe. I like this! I expected a "get drunk on booze" kinda poem, but it's different and I like it..

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  • I don't know if that's an accurate description or not.. You get your point across and that's awesome! Dena - What a curious topic, Great stuff.

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    I can think of many different things that would give the same effect of being drunk, just being happy. Although happiness comes few and far between these days for myself. I can remember a time, and look forward to a time, when all will be happy again. Then maybe who knows This would be a great drinking song. Being a modestly talented poet and painter, he instilled an appreciation for the arts in his son.

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