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He has performed with all BBC orchestras and other acclaimed ensembles internationally. Iain Burnside enjoys a unique reputation as pianist and broadcaster and is most recognised for his collaborations with leading international singers.

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Basket 0. Click on a track title to listen 1. Six Lieder Op. Six Lieder von Gellert - Bitten.

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Vier Arietten und ein Duett Op. Als die Geliebte sich trennen wollte. With this magic thread, that cannot be torn the dear maiden holds me tight against my will. In her magic circle I must now live. The change, oh, how great! Love, love, let me go! Mephisto sings his sarcastic song in a cellar where a group of men are drinking and singing songs. Russian compoer Modest Mussorgsky also set this text in Russian translation.

There was once a king, who had a large flea, whom he loved as much as his own son.. He called his tailor, The tailor came up; "Here- make clothes for this knight And measure him for pants! He was immediately made a Minister, And had a big star.

Beethoven - 6 Songs Op.75 (Instrumental Version for Guitar & Clarinet)

And all his kin became members of court as well. Lords and ladies of the court, They were greatly afflicted, The Queen and her maidens were chomped and bitten, and they did not dare swat or scratch them away. But we smash and crush them as soon as they bite! So fresh and slim no other boy was as nice. No, no one was so much fun or held me in his heart.

And he was aware of it, put pressure to bear until he had his way. There were other boys in the village, as young and beautiful as he; Gerhard Anton von Halem But the girls wanted him to makes eyes and flirt with. They didn't stop Flattering him until they won his heart. To me he turned cold, Then he fled, and left me here, and left me here in pain. With his eyes, music and song seem like a dream.

His kiss that penetrated deep in my soul, has cost me my happiness. Look at my fate, my sisters all. If a rat has set his eye on you, don't trust him. Will denn nichts mehr zu dir dringen, Nichts der Liebe Bote sein? Singen will ich, Lieder singen, Die dir klagen meine Pein! Du kamest nicht; ist das ein Mann, auf dessen Wort man trauen kann? Ein Wort, ein Mann, war deutscher Klang, der von dem Mund zum Herzen drang, und das der Schlag von deutscher Hand, gleich heil'gen Eiden, fest verband.

Nun sind wir auch der Deutschen wert, des Volkes, das die Welt verehrt. Song: " Merkenstein "; duo 2nd setting ; 1st setting is WoO Wo ich wandle, denk' ich dein. Elegischer Gesang. Und schrie sie nicht? Jawohl, sie schrie, Doch lange hinterher. Thank you to them for entrusting me with their creations, and for being willing to continue on works which I lack! They are particularly interested in Beethoven's lesser-know works, and in his Lieder. Thank you so much.

Listen to some of Ludwig van Beethoven's Lieder. With LvBeethoven. Works for voice - Opus.

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Opus 32 1'21". Lied: An die Hoffnung to hope. Opus 46 7'23". Opus 48 1'53" 0'55" 1'51" 2'05" 0'33" 4'21".

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Opus 52 0'48" 1'12" 1'08" 2'23" 0'36" 0'50" 0'39" 0'33". Opus 0'48". Opus 1'12". Opus 1'08". Opus 2'23". Opus 0'36". Opus 0'50". Opus 0'39". Opus 0'33". Opus 4'50".


Opus 3'02". The text: Herz, mein Herz, was soll das geben? Opus 2'06". Opus 1'34". Opus 0'58" 1'00".