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One of the advantages of living in our digital age is the technology that grants accessibility to all kinds of creative pursuits. If people from a plethora of backgrounds are creating new music then more innovation and experimentation is inevitable.

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From site based samples to incorporating genre bending influences from bygone eras, the ease of implementing varied styles within modern music production encourages thinking outside of the box. Check out the Guzu genre pioneered by South African collective Fantasma.

Accessible vs. Experimental vs. Inacessible vs. Mainstream vs. Underground vs. Simple vs. Complex

It combines hip hop elements with electronic and Zulu Maskandi music, diversifying electronic music by pulling on South African roots. A fresh track can start with any element, from field recordings, infectious beats to delectable synth basslines made on software like Logic or Ableton. From there, it can take shape as the unlimited extent of creative freedom stretches out over it. Serious artists operating from their bedroom can make waves in bedroom production trends.

Jochen Eisentraut, The Accessibility of Music Participation, Reception, and Contact - PhilPapers

Among the more notable bedroom producers who have gone on to become international successes are James Blake, Hot Chip and Disclosure. Artists like Blake have been referred to as ground-breaking. Divorced from what are considered professional musical practices, in the bedroom music can be made without judgement, without conforming to notions of popularity, and can help the creative juices flow.

This allows you to perfect and tweak levels of compression, reverb, pitch and panning at your leisure before you unleash your track on the world.

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There are downsides in this exciting time for electronic music for the individual. But never fear, there are ways to capture the edge. Yes, you can play, experiment and perhaps stumble into musical territory that forges the sounds of the new zeitgeist. You could even get lucky and attract the attention of labels. Accessing expert music production tuition is easy. These up to date courses cover a variety of music programmes and electronic genres to give people a solid understanding of electronic music. If the foundations are sturdy then the creativity can flow wherever you want it to.

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  • If you have the mastered the basics of making a solid house track then you will also have the knowledge of how to bend those basics, how to twist the genre and make your signature sound. You have people coming up with all kinds of awesome stuff. For example, people are creating amazing mixes on YouTube and coming up with whole new genres such as chillstep all from their homes.


    Music is far more decentralized and accessible these days, which leads to an incredible diversity of high quality music. I had been there. My mom looked hurt by my dismissal of her problem. In real life, my mom had experienced a soulful musician playing her favorite songs amidst an ambient backdrop.

    I, on the other hand, experienced a cacophonous soundscape of live music plus wind, laughter, chimes, talking, traffic, footsteps, car engines, drive-by radios, overlapping accents, multiple languages, paper cups and plastic spoons colliding with metal trash cans, and more. Thanks to high-quality headphones, my mom could now hear the noisy background, too. But her rude awakening was my realtime reality, and likely that of many other autistic folks. Today, I present you with the heart of this series: an organized, actionable reference guide to help you enact a permanent framework for autistic accessibility in your musical efforts.