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Ed Wood. Susan Hill. Malky's Bottle of Christmas. Gary Marshall. Pat Ritter. Slip Road. Lee Robertson. World's Worst Jokes. Tony Husband. Do Not Pass Go. Joel Lane. The Man In The Mirror. M G Sinclair. David Vernon. Richard Rossiter. Eve's Tapestry. Sunny Rose Adair. The One. Tony Spencer. Breaking Away. Ter Atkins. The Story of the Little Yellow Bicycle.

Heather R. Chick-Lit Saved My Life. Maureen Reil. Loving Rain. Debora Lucken. Peas In A Pod. A Greasy Spoon Life. Michael Carter. Jon Edgell. Merlinn James. Instant Posh. How It Stacks Up Storycuts. Rose Tremain. Tom Fraser. No Moor. The Way to a Man's Heart. Richard Everett Upton.

What Mutley Did. Sheena Mann. Thinking Aloud. Mike Hanmer Walker. Forever Home Within. Vanessa Bunting. The Adventures of Ben Hall, Bushranger. Raymond Boyd Dunn. Burke and Wills. Outlaws of the Australian Bush. Buckley's Chance. Jessie James: Lady Bushranger. Bushranger's Gold. Once Upon a Time on the Ghan. The Birth of a Bushranger. Palmer Gold. An Australian Ranch. The Simile Caper. Unfortunately for the plot, one of the detectives hired is Spade.

Incidental : music is played by the orchestra conducted by Lud Gluskin, and William 'Spier produces. The Seamless Caper. The Unhappy Poet. The versifier's chief complaint while he's still able to complain is that a publisher and a novelist have been doing all in their power to prevent publication of his writings.

The Unhappy Poet will be a repeat performance of a script which was widely acclaimed in its first performance July 26, The Gold Rush Caper. Lud Gluskin conducts the background music for the "Adventures of Sam Spade. The Crooked Neck Caper. The Commonwealth Tankard. Archer's college roommate. Spade's assisnment to deliver the tankard, C.

The Doctor's Dilemma Caper. The Jade Dragon Caper. The Corkscrew Caper. The Forty-Nine Cent Caper. The Cinderella Caper. Howard Duff Please print a biographical sketch of Howard Duff. Howard Duff was born in Bremerton, Wash. He was a staff sergeant when discharged. His first screen role as Soldier in Hellinger's production of Brute Force, released through Universal- International, has rated him star material votes from critics throughout the country.

The April Caper. The Madcap Caper. The Adam Figg Caper. The Tears of Buddha Caper. It must be luff because June appears on his "Sam Spade" program without billing credit. The Untouchable Caper. Effie Perrine, Spade's loyal secretary, succumbing to a woman's eternal curiosity buys a locked suitcase at an auction of unclaimed baggage.

A gang immediately shows a menacing interest in Effie and her bargain bag, and Sam has to come to the rescur. The Wrong Guy Caper.

The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective Radio Program Log

The private eye is hired to impersonate a crew member in a yacht race, but soon discovers that his real mission is to serve as a human clay pigeon, in " The Treasure Island Caper. Detective Spade, played by Howard Duff, walks mto a hair-raising adventure when he takes on a dangerous new case on "The Adventures of Sam Spade. Sam gets involved in the deal to protect a commercial method for coloring glass but discovers lat the stakes are considerably higher when it dawns on him that le formula is also intended for coloring diamonds, in " The Blood Diamond Caper.

The Full House Caper. Spade, Dashiell Hammett's alert and slightly jaundiced private eye, makes public his report of a new caper which nets him more bruises than dollars on "The Adventures of Sam Spade. The Palermo Vendetta Caper. With the victims of the vendetta numbering three, Spade teams up with Mario, a lawyer, who serves as his technical advisor, and soon learns that there is more to the case than a simple seud. WSOY p. The Gumshoe Caper. The Nick Saint Caper. Universal is lucking around the idea of making a movie from the "Sam Spade" radio series.

It would star Howard Duff. A criminal departs from the holiday spirit of good fellowship and runs into trouble with the hard-boiled private eye. The Perfect Score Caper. The One Hour Caper. The Short Life Caper. The Pike's Head Caper. Howard Duff is devoting full time to his Sam Spade show until the Bellinger company, which owns his seven-year contract, is reorganized.

SAM gets it coming and going this week. The Nimrod Caper. The Great Drought Caper. Howard Duff, right, is heard in the title role, and Lurene Tuttle is cast as his efficient secretary, Effie Perrine. William Spier, center, is the producer. The Goldie Gates Caper. The Mayson Crayson Caper. The Grim Reaper Caper. He will be a hot bet after "The Naked City" is released. John's Other Wife's Other Husband. The Ides Of March Caper. The Nightmare Town Caper. Title Unknown. The Judas Caper. The Night Flight Caper. The Great Lover Caper.

The Double 'S' Caper. The Curiosity Caper. The Girl Called Echs Caper. The Navarese Falcon Caper. The Prisoner Of Zenda Caper. The I. The Honest Cop Caper.

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The Deathbed Caper. The Bail Bond Caper. The Rushlight Diamond Caper. The Wheel Of Life Caper. The Missing Newshawk Caper. The Mad Scientist Caper. The Dry Martini Caper. The Bluebeard Caper. A malicious stepmother, a fear-ridden heiress and a writer more mysterious than his own detective stories provide Sunday's thrills.

The Vaphio Murder Cup Caper. Spade has to smash through a maze of tooth and nail fight over possession of the Vaphio Cup. The Lawless Caper. The Stella Starr Caper. The Lazarus Caper. The Sugar Kane Caper. The Bostwick Snatch Caper. Deductive powers and a good right cross to the jaw lead to the solution of an unusual "caper" during the "Adventures of Sam Spade. The Insomnia Caper. The Fairley-Bright Caper. It's almost the end for Sam Spade, but he rallies just before the program ends to give his secretary a kis s. The S. The Gin Rummy Caper. The Golden Fleece Caper. Although he gained fame as a detective, Duff plays his first film dick in "Illegal Entry," about alien smuggling.

The Quarter-Eagle Caper. The Bouncing Betty Caper. Sundays, followed by Benny at 7 o'clock, Amos and Andy. But the sponsor of Amos and Andy won't hear of giving up the spot. The Giveaway Caper. The Three-Sided Bullet Caper. The Double Negative Caper. Meaning more money and better billing. The Main Event Caper. The Double Life Caper. The Firebug Caper. The Brothers Keeper Caper.

The Attitude Caper. The Three-Cornered Frame Caper. Lurene is heard on so many programs that she is justly described as "the first lady of radio. She was born in Pleasant Lake, Ind. She was on the screen in , making her debut in "Heaven Only Knows. CBS's Sam Spade, whose adventures as a detective aie aired at , hit a new high of The Waltzing Matilda Caper. The Underseal Caper. Nice fellow, Duff. The Trojan Horse Caper. The Love Letter Caper.

The Vacation Caper. The Stopped Watch Caper. The Hot Cargo Caper. The Battles Of Belvedere. The Fast Talk Caper. The Darling Daughter Caper. The Cartwright Clip Matter. The Jane Doe Caper. The Overjord Caper. Sam and The Guiana Sovereign. Repeat of First Sam Spade script Shreveport Times A search for a valuable Spanish coin almost causes Sam Spade, radio's most famous private eye, to cash in his chips on tonight's broadcast of Columbia's "Adventures of Sam Spade. The Apple Of Eve Caper. The Goat's Milk Caper. The Hamburger Sandwich Caper.

Before that the show had pot in a couple of months on ABC. The Queen Bee Caper. The actor was Howard Duff. The famed private eye who was making his introduction to radio listeners was Dashiell Hammett's popular Samus Sam Spade, today one of radio's favorite airwaves "dicks. During those three years and some scripts, commonly called "capers" in the Spade lingo, Sam Spade has become a byword for a private detective and "The Adventures of Sam Spade" synonymous with exciting, tough, fast moving mystery drama.

The Cuttyhunk Caper. The Tears Of Night Caper. The Hot-Foot Caper. The Champion Caper. The Sourdough Mountain Caper. The Silver Key Caper. The Prodigal Daughter Caper. The Flashback Caper. The Costume Caper. The move is effective one week from today. The same trick was tried with the Monday night Radio Theater, but didn't work. This, in spite of announcing the correct title of the program-- letter perfect --at the commercial break.

The Junior G-Man Caper. WAVE 7 p. The Hot Hothouse Caper. The "private eye" is hired by an Indian chief to guard a wampum belt, the design on which describes the location of a fabulous gold mine. Spade matches wits and strength with assorted characters who also want the belt. The Pretty Polly Caper. The Pulaski Street Caper. The Paul Bunyan Jr. Caper " over KGW at 5 p. Spade is hired to keep a huge, brawling woodcutter out of trouble, but trouble is all they get into. The Cheesecake Caper. The famous "private eye" faces the problem of tracing a lovely girl with only a candid snapshot as a clue.

He becomes embroiled in events that lead to a politician's office and an advertising photographer who specializes in leg art. Effie, Spade's secretary portrayed by Lurene Tuttle , is suspicious of his interest in the "cheesecake. The Peacock Feather Caper. The Lonesome Louie Caper. When Sam Spade tries to help a man mountain find his missing girl, he gets mixed up with a group of fight bookies who almost fix him for good. The Whispering Death Caper.

The Canterbury Christmas Caper.

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The Gorgeous Gemini Caper. The Phantom Witness Caper. However, Spade was unable to find the witness, and Eddie was convicted of the crime. At any rate he has trouble. None of this solving stuff right off. He meets a dance hall girl, a predatory lawyer and a microphone which leaves its call letters on his chin.

The Wedding Bell Caper. The Too Many Leads Caper. The Black Magic Caper. Bemoaning the dearth of clients, he is interrupted by a bewildered little man named Wendell Wisby, who obviously qualifies as a prospective client. Any further comment would be telling. The Crossword Puzzle Caper. What seems like a simple enough job involves the "private eye" in murder and the near-loss of his own life.

The Valentine's Day Caper.

The Cornelius J. Morningside Caper. Sam meets fabulous Cornelius J. Morningside--in the "Caper" of the same name! The Homicidal Husband Caper. The husband has been lost for 44 years. Spade, played by Howard Duff, digs into old memories and unearths a tragic murder and a broken-hearted old man. The husband hs been missing 44 years.

I have no information on the matter, but I suppose the wife just happens to remember it. The Emerald Eyes Caper. The famous private eye, portrayed by Howard Duff, unravels a complicated web of deception, impersonation and kindliness before the mystery is cleared. The Endurance Caper. The Kansas Kid Caper.

Sam gets slugged twice, shot at once, and threatened another time. The Hamite Curse Caper. The Caper with Marjorie's Things. The Honest Thief Caper. The Prodigal Son Caper. It's called " Hamite Curse Caper. The Red Ampola Caper. The V. The Color Scheme Caper. The Elmer Longtail Caper. The Toy Town Caper. The Beryl Green Caper.

The Runaway Redhead Caper. Spade makes a routine call on the girl in question, only to find four "torpedoes" in her apartment. A little later Spade is forced into a car and taken to a criminal who tells Spade to forget he ever got the case.

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Spade calls on the girl, only to find four gunmen in her apartment. Spade is forced into a car and taken to a racketeer who tells Spade to forget he ever got the case. The Stormy Weather Caper. The Rod and Reel Caper. The shows heard this summer on NBC's Sunday night line-up have been way below par and the action on the Spade series lengthens the gap where new programs are needed, leaving 6 to p.

The network also has another problem--Fridays--when they need something to fill the to timespot. The Bell of Solomon Caper. The Preposterous Caper. The Farmer's Daughter Caper. Incidentally, Sam's sign-off remark, "Good-night, Sweetheart," has become synonymous with Duff and his portrayal of the "private eye. The Big Little Woody Caper. The Femme Fatale Caper. The mystery goes off the air after today. Program Cancelled. The Death Of Sam Spade. More than a quarter million letters were received when the famed private-eye left the air a short while ago, so now he's back by popular demand.

Howard Duff has relinquished his role as the sharp-talking Sam and Producer-Director Bill Spier is going to play a guessing game with his audience. He wants to get their reaction to the new Sam before releasing his name. The Terrified Turkey Caper. The Dog Bed Caper. The Dry Gulch Caper or. They Went That-A-Way. The Caper. The Prodigal Panda Caper.

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The Biddle Riddle Caper. As usual, there will be violence and urder during the " Crab Louie Caper ," with Steve Dunne acting like Sam Spade would if he were faced with similar circumstances. The story concerns the supposedly accidental death of a crab fisherman in rough waters off San Francisco. Aftrer he agrtees to take the case, however, Spade finds that crabs are not the onlyu things that have been trapped out of season. The Cloak and Dagger Caper. The Chateau McCloud Caper. The String of Death Caper. The Sure Thing Caper. The Soap Opera Caper. He is hired by the female writer of soap operas to uncover the "terrible secret of her husband, a doctor.

Before Spade gets to the bottom of this thing, there is a murder and an attempt on his own precious life. The Shot in the Dark Caper. The Spanish Prisoner Caper. The Sinister Siren Caper. The Kimberley Cross Caper. But I won't do anything on TV until it's all polished up. Lack of preparation is wrecking the careers of a lot of movie people in television. Over KFSD tonight at 9. He is hired by a guy in tonight's thing to find out why his client has been given the brush socially. The Red Star Caper.

The Denny Shane Caper.

The Civic Pride Caper. The Rowdy Dowser Caper. The Hail and Farewell Caper. Edith Hamilton. The Battles of Belvedere. The House in Cypress Canyon. The Kandi Tooth. Carson's Butler Hires Sam Spade. The Campbell's Soup Show 7 p. Sam Spade Meets Joanie. The First Nighter Rehearsal Caper. The Fred Allen Show. The Maltese Falcon [Parts 1 - 4]. Episode date cited in script is ]. Tony's Home Permanent. Sorry Wrong Rhumba. The Russian Diplomat. The Curbstone Murder. Two-Gun Gertie. General Custer's Last Hamburger Stand.

Caught With His Prints Down. Dust Be My Destiny. Early Howard Duff fan card, ca. Both athletic and artistic as a child and young adult, Duff would entertain his school chums as much with his cartoons and caricatures as with his all-around athletic skills. But indeed his athletic career was fated to be cut short by a freak accident which shattered his leg, effectively ending a promising sports career.

Duff had already dabbled in amateur Drama in high school and enjoyed the audience reactions so much that he began to consider a career in Entertainment in earnest. Duff's artistic talent got him some work as a department store window dresser but he hated it. He got the chance to do some radio work at a small local station after he graduated from high school and jumped at it. He did a bit of announcing and spot commercials.

While working at the radio station, he apprenticed with the Seattle Repertory Community Theatre Company, eventually graduating from the Seattle Repertory School. He then returned to radio in earnest but within four years Duff found himself drafted into the Army. It was there that he gained his first worldwide audience recording intros, bumpers, public service announcements and narrations for many of the AFRS' most popular and enduring programming. Pictured at left as a corporal, Duff was eventually honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant. Desperate for regular work after his discharge, Howard Duff lived a hand to mouth existence for several months, auditioning in vain for any number of Radio and Film opportunities, only to eventually become utterly frustrated in his efforts.

It was in that frame of mind that he auditioned--along with a reported or so other aspiring young actors--for Director William Spier's new Dashiell Hammett project, tentatively titled, "Sam Spade, Detective. Duff admittedly didn't give the tryout any serious interest, but at the end of the day, it was that very casual, flip delivery that caught Spier's attention.

Spier reportedly continued to audition for the role of Sam Spade, but couldn't shake his impression of Duff's delivery. The on-air chemistry between novice Duff and Radio pro Tuttle was the height of Golden Age Radio magic and quite literally propelled the duo to some of the best early audience numbers in Radio history.

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Hellinger had worked for both Warner Bros. Duff's broad appeal to film audiences in Naked City put his Film career into overdrive. Tragically, his driven, charismatic mentor, Mark Hellinger, died suddenly in of a heart attack at the age of Thus thrust into the spotlight but with his strongest backer prematurely deceased, Duff responded by redoubling his efforts to learn even more about his craft and his profession.

He couldn't have been in better hands. By simply continuing to appear as Sam Spade he was working with two of Radio's most legendary talents-- William Spier and Lurene Tuttle. Performing in both an Acting Lab under the tutelage [or should that be 'Tuttle-age' ] of Lurene Tuttle and Directing Lab under the mentorship of William Spier , Duff continued to observe, learn and implement the lessons of two of Radio's greatest mentors with every succeeding broadcast of 'Sam Spade'.

That's not to say that the bewildering array of Radio appearances he'd already compiled by the late s weren't helping as well. Duff's Radiography for the year alone had him appearing in some fifty other concurrent Radio productions besides his own Adventures of Sam Spade. Indeed it was the extraordinary reception of his Sam Spade characterization that had both Duff and Tuttle appearing on some forty other programs in character as Sam Spade and Effie Perrine. America, it seems, simply couldn't get enough of the chemistry between Sam Spade and the naive, lovable, ditzy Effie.

There was simply nothing she-- and her amazing voice --could not do, and do superbly. About Me. Store Categories. Store home. This collection includes more than 2, old-time radio detective shows available as digital mp3 episodes archived on properly formatted flash drive so that they may be played using automobile entertainment systems equipped with a USB port photo or on a computer equipped with a USB port. The shows in this collection include those that were selected as the very best detective series broadcast on NBC, CBS, or distributed as syndicated shows.

Boston Blackie - [] The Jonathan Diamond. BOX Box 13 - [xx] Blackmail is Murder - Not in Log. Thank you for viewing my eBay listing, and happy listening should you decide to purchase this offering from Affordable OTR! These programs entered the public domain before or on December 31, , thus we are in compliance with eBay policy regarding public domain material. Should evidence showing otherwise be provided to the seller, the content will be promptly removed from eBay. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to Germany , but the seller has not specified shipping options.

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Philip Marlowe, Private Eye The Pencil S01E01 (HBO Noir series)

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