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    The Husband Hunters To The Altar And Beyond by Lucy Laing

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    Norman Douglass. Roy Farfel. Frank Ferrara. Herb Kerr. David Lomax. Mick O'Rourke. Mike Russo. Her sense of humor comes out more and more every day. One of my favorite little Caroline-isms lately is the devilish look of cognizance in her eyes when I tell her not to do something. This prompts her to look over her shoulder audaciously. But the truth is, I should really take her physical ability and fearlessness a little more seriously.

    Anyways, just wanted to commit some of my favorite memories to a post before too much more time passes. Mom is ready for a break and a cup of coffee. We talk about gratitude a lot with our kids, but I especially love how this scavenger hunt is open-ended. I feel like it really encourages mindfulness, thoughtfulness and creativity — all qualities I want to develop in our girls. RSS - Posts. Blogging our way to the alter …and beyond. Married with Style.

    What are your favorite snow-day activities? Do you have any go-to resources? As Seen On:. Most Popular Posts Etiquette Whose name should be first, the husband's or the wife's? Saw a hummingbird over here and still feel giddy about it. Now excuse me while I go buy 20 more of these plants to try to entice more to visit. There has been a lot of ocean. A lot of ice cream. Beach trips. Play dates. Growing things in the garden. Fresh air. Playing with cousins and friends at birthday parties. Tanned skin. Bathing suits. Swinging and sliding.

    Is it simply returning to the rhythms of childhood summers? We all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard watching her little head peek through trying to secure a little real estate for herself. I get my dog fix, I get to see how the girls do with pet care, and we get to test drive various breeds and temperaments. Oh, and did I mention I get paid for all this? Nice, right? Join 1, other followers receive new posts by email. Recommended Vendors. Married Life. Blog Stats , hits to date.