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Invulnerable and invisible Siegfried von Xanten defeats the dragon Fafnir, and becomes invulnerable by bathing in the beast's blood. He then wins a net of invisibility and the legendary Treasure of the Nibelungen from the dwarf Alberich. Siegfried falls in love with Kriemhild, sister of King Gunther of Burgund.

However, Gunther will not allow Siegfried to marry her until he has helped Gunther to win a wife himself. They return to the Burgundian court at Worms and both weddings take place. However, jealousy and envy cause frictions at the court. Intrigues eventually result in Hagen of Tronje killing Siegfried during a hunt. In part 2, Kriemhild marries Etzel, king of the huns, in order to gain revenge for the murder of her husband. The Burgundians, led by Gunther and Hagen, follow an invitation after Kriemhild gives birth to Ortileb, and travel to Etzel's hall.

There they are attacked by the huns. Hagen kills Ortileb in the fight. There is a great slaughter and Gunther is killed. Finally Kriemhild kills Hagen and is then killed herself. Als er ihr den Ring an den Finger steckt, erwacht Brunhild wieder zum Leben. Der Bann ist gebrochen. Er aber will hinaus in die Welt, um Reiche zu erobern und Ruhm zu ernten. In the castle Siegfried finds the sleeping queen. As he puts the ring on her finger, Brunhild comes back to life. The spell is broken.

Brunhild shows Siegfried her beautiful country and asks him to stay. But he wants out to conquer the empires and become famous. Als er Kriemhild, Gunthers Schwester, erblickt, verliebt er sich in sie. When he sees Kriemhild, Gunther's sister, he falls in love with her. At the same time, messengers bring the message to King Gunther, that the Saxons have invaded the Burgundy country. Siegfried immediately declares his willingness, with Hagen and the other knights to rush against King Gunther's enemy.

In Worms, the Saxon king then swears on his sword eternal fidelity to the king of Burgundy. Gradgrind recognized. Where are you going! How dare you dash against - everybody - in this manner? Bounderby with this. I never looked at her, sir. I asked her if she would know how to define a horse to- morrow, and offered to tell her again, and she ran away, and I ran after her, sir, that she might know how to answer when she was asked.

Jupe, stay here a moment. Let me hear of your running in this manner any more, boy, and you will hear of me through the master of the school. You understand what I mean. Go along. What have you got in that bottle you are carrying? Ungezogenheit, Schalkhaftigkeit. Ansprache halten. Unartigkeit, Dummejungenstreiche, waistcoat: Weste. There was no rope- dancing for me; I danced on the bare ground and was larruped with the rope.

Gradgrind, though hard enough, was by no means so rough a man as Mr. His character was not unkind, all things considered; it might have been a very kind one indeed, if he had only made some round mistake in the arithmetic that balanced it, years ago. As haggard and as shabby, as if, for want of custom, it had itself taken to drinking, and had gone the way all drunkards go, and was very near the end of it. Staunen, Befremdung. Fleck, Bluterguss, verletzen, hurts: verletzt. Bounderby, entering last with his metallic laugh. German bar: Bar, Stange, Balken, versperren, Hund.

Eindringen, eingehend, einsteigend, sir: Herr, Mein Herr. Linien sich kreuzen, Kreuzen, vernehme, vernehmt. Beneath that inscription again, in a flowing scroll, the painter had touched off the lines:. Framed and glazed upon the wall behind the dingy little bar, was another Pegasus - a theatrical one - with real gauze let in for his wings, golden stars stuck on all over him, and his ethereal harness made of red silk. As it had grown too dusky without, to see the sign, and as it had not grown light enough within to see the picture, Mr.

Bounderby received no offence from these idealities. They followed the girl up some steep corner-stairs without meeting any one, and stopped in the dark while she went. Kognak, Schnaps. Gurtwerk, vorspannen, spannen. Kompresse, Verbandgaze, beschriftetet. They expected every moment to hear Merrylegs give tongue, but the highly trained performing dog had not barked when the girl and the candle appeared together.

It was a mean, shabbily furnished room, with a bed in it. They heard the doors of rooms above, opening and shutting as Sissy went from one to another in quest of her father; and presently they heard voices expressing surprise. She came bounding down again in a great hurry, opened a battered and mangy old hair trunk, found it empty, and looked round with her hands clasped and her face full of terror.

His face, close-shaven, thin, and sallow, was shaded by a great quantity of dark hair, brushed into a roll all round his head, and parted up the centre. His legs were very robust, but shorter than legs of good proportions should have been. His chest and back were as much too broad, as his legs were too short.

Stammvater, Vorfahre, Ahnin. Beleg, Signal, Ausweis. Where the one began, and the other ended, nobody could have told with any precision. This gentleman was mentioned in the bills of the day as Mr. Made up with curls, wreaths, wings, white bismuth, and carmine, this hopeful young person soared into so pleasing a Cupid as to constitute the chief delight of the maternal part of the spectators; but in private, where his characteristics were a precocious cutaway coat and an extremely gruff voice, he became of the Turf, turfy.

Childers, glancing round the room. German bismuth: Wismut. You may or you may not be aware for perhaps you have not been much in the audience , that Jupe has missed his tip very often, lately. Gradgrind, glancing at the potent Bounderby for assistance. Childers interpreted. Childers answered. Gradgrind, turning, and knitting his brows on him. Schade, Mitleid haben, Sich verlegen. Get out, get out! Childers, thrusting his young friend from the room, rather in the prairie manner. You were going to give me a message for Jupe? Do you know much of him? He was goosed last night, he was goosed the night before last, he was goosed to-day.

Gradgrind, forcing the word out of himself, with great solemnity and reluctance. Childers, superciliously throwing the interpretation over his shoulder, and accompanying it with a shake of his long hair - which all shook at once. A man so fond of his daughter, that he runs away from her!

This is devilish good! I know what these things are. You may be astonished to hear it, but my mother - ran away from me. Seilen, Schnur. Childers replied pointedly, that he was not at all astonished to hear it. Do I excuse her for it? Have I ever excused her for it? Not I. What do I call her for it? I call her probably the very worst woman that ever lived in the world, except my drunken grandmother. I call a spade a spade; and I call the mother of Josiah Bounderby of Coketown, without any fear or any favour, what I should call her if she had been the mother of Dick Jones of Wapping.

So, with this man. Childers, facing about. You have got some building of your own I dare say, now? Bounderby, rattling his money and laughing. Bounderby from head to foot again, he turned from him, as from a man finally disposed of, to Mr. She will never believe it of him, but he has cut away and left her. Furche, Rinne. Besorgung, Kommission, Bestellung. Because they were never asunder. Both Mr. Childers and Master Kidderminster walked in a curious manner; with their legs wider apart than the general run of men, and with a very knowing assumption of being stiff in the knees. Gradgrind, approvingly.

I was apprenticed when I was seven year old. Gradgrind, rather resentfully, as having been defrauded of his good opinion. Bounderby put in with a loud laugh. Nor I! He has been picking up a bit of reading for her, here - and a bit of writing for her, there - and a bit of ciphering for her, somewhere else - these seven years.

Childers took one of his hands out of his pockets, stroked his face and chin, and looked, with a good deal of doubt and a little hope, at Mr. From the first he had sought to conciliate that gentleman, for the sake of the deserted girl. I suppose, however, he had this move in his mind - he was always half-cracked - and then considered her provided for.

Still, if her father really has left her, without any connivance on her part - Bounderby, let me have a word with you. Childers politely betook himself, with his equestrian walk, to the landing outside the door, and there stood stroking his face, and softly whistling. While thus engaged, he overheard such phrases in Mr. I say no. I advise you not. I say by no means. Think of it, Bounderby, in that point of view. Childers, gradually insinuated themselves and him into the room.

There were two or three handsome young women among them, with their two or three husbands, and their two or three mothers, and their eight or nine little children, who did the fairy business when required. The father of one of the families was in the habit of balancing the father of another of the families on the top of a great pole; the father of a third family often made a pyramid of both those fathers, with Master Kidderminster for the apex, and himself for the base; all the fathers could dance upon rolling casks, stand upon bottles, catch knives and balls, twirl hand-basins, ride upon anything, jump over everything, and stick at nothing.

All the mothers could and did dance, upon the slack wire and the tight-rope, and perform rapid acts on bare-backed steeds; none of them were at all particular in respect of. They all assumed to be mighty rakish and knowing, they were not very tidy in their private dresses, they were not at all orderly in their domestic arrangements, and the combined literature of the whole company would have produced but a poor letter on any subject.

OPERA-GUIDE: Don Giovanni

Yet there was a remarkable gentleness and childishness about these people, a special inaptitude for any kind of sharp practice, and an untiring readiness to help and pity one another, deserving often of as much respect, and always of as much generous construction, as the every- day virtues of any class of people in the world. Sleary: a stout man as already mentioned, with one fixed eye, and one loose eye, a voice if it can be called so like the efforts of a broken old pair of bellows, a flabby surface, and a muddled head which was never sober and never drunk. Thith ith a bad piethe of bithnith, thith ith.

Not that I want to get rid of the child, any more than I want to thtand in her way. German asthma: Asthma. Thall it be Therry? Give it a name, Thquire! Sleary, with hospitable ease. What doth your friend thay? And when she saw them all assembled, and saw their looks, and saw no father there, she broke into a most deplorable cry, and took refuge on the bosom of the most accomplished tight-rope lady herself in the family-way , who knelt down on the floor to nurse her, and to weep over her. You are gone to try to do me some good, I know!

You are gone away for my sake, I am sure! And how miserable and helpless you will be without me, poor, poor father, until you come back! Bounderby growing impatient took the case in hand. Let the girl understand the fact. Let her take it from me, if you like, who have been run away from, myself. The men. To thpeak plain to you, my opinion ith that you had better cut it thort, and drop it. Bounderby being restrained by this mild suggestion, Mr. Gradgrind found an opening for his eminently practical exposition of the subject. He is gone away, and there is no present expectation of his return.

That, I believe, is agreed on all hands. Thick to that! I, who came here to inform the father of the poor girl, Jupe, that she could not be received at the school any more, in consequence of there being practical objections, into which I need not enter, to the reception there of the children of persons so employed, am prepared in these altered circumstances to make a proposal.

I am willing to take charge of you, Jupe, and to educate you, and provide for you. The only condition over and above your good behaviour I make is, that you decide now, at once, whether to accompany me or remain here. Also, that if you accompany me now, it is understood that you communicate no more with any of your friends who are here present. These observations comprise the whole of the case. If you like, Thethilia, to be prentitht, you know the natur of the work and you know your companionth.

But what I thay, Thquire, ith, that good tempered or bad tempered, I never did a horthe a injury yet, no more. I never wath much of a Cackler, Thquire, and I have thed my thay. She stopped in her wild crying, a little detached herself from Emma Gordon, and turned her face full upon her patron. Be sure you know your own mind! In such a case, your father, I apprehend, must find out Mr. Thath my name, Thquire. Not athamed of it. Known all over England, and alwayth paythe ith way.

Sleary, who would then let him know where you went. I should have no power of keeping you against his wish, and he would have no difficulty, at any time, in finding Mr. Thomas Gradgrind of Coketown. I am well known. Sleary, rolling his loose eye. But never mind that at prethent. German addressed: adressiert. Sissy sat all the time upon the ground, still sobbing, and covering her eyes.

Gradgrind and his friend Bounderby stood near the door, ready to take her away. He wanted nothing but his whip. Then they pressed about her, and bent over her in very natural attitudes, kissing and embracing her: and brought the children to take leave of her; and were a tender-hearted, simple, foolish set of women altogether. Sleary was reserved until the last. Opening his arms wide he took her by both her hands, and would have sprung her up and down, after the riding-master manner of congratulating young ladies on their dismounting from a rapid act; but there was no rebound in Sissy, and she only stood before him crying.

German basket: Korb, der Korb. Weinen, Jammern, Geweine, congratulating: gratulierend, misanthrope: Menschenfeind, Geschluchtze, Geheul. Gradgrind as to a horse. Good-bye, Thethilia! Give it to me! Pray let me keep it for father till he comes back! He will want it when he comes back. He had never thought of going away, when he sent me for it. I must keep it for him, if you please! You thee how it ith, Thquire! Farewell, Thethilia! My latht wordth to you ith thith, Thtick to the termth of your engagement, be obedient to the Thquire, and forget uth.

Make the betht of uth; not the wurtht. Bruch, Ausbruch. The Sleary philosophy was propounded as they went downstairs and the fixed eye of Philosophy - and its rolling eye, too - soon lost the three figures and the basket in the darkness of the street. For, Mrs. Sparsit had not only seen different days, but was highly connected. She had a great aunt living in these very times called Lady Scadgers. The late Mr. Lady Scadgers an immensely fat old.

He inherited a fair fortune from his uncle, but owed it all before he came into it, and spent it twice over immediately afterwards. Thus, when he died, at twenty-four the scene of his decease, Calais, and the cause, brandy , he did not leave his widow, from whom he had been separated soon after the honeymoon, in affluent circumstances. That bereaved lady, fifteen years older than he, fell presently at deadly feud with her only relative, Lady Scadgers; and, partly to spite her ladyship, and partly to maintain herself, went out at a salary.

And here she was now, in her elderly days, with the Coriolanian style of nose and the dense black eyebrows which had captivated Sparsit, making Mr. Sparsit a captive Princess whom he took about as a feature in his state-processions, he could not have made a greater flourish with her than he habitually did. Just as it belonged to his boastfulness to depreciate his own extraction, so it belonged to it to exalt Mrs. In the measure that he would not allow his own youth to have been attended by a single favourable circumstance, he brightened Mrs.

Why here she is at a hundred a year I give her a hundred, which she is pleased to term handsome , keeping the house of Josiah Bounderby of Coketown! It was one of the most exasperating attributes of Bounderby, that he not only sang his own praises but stimulated other men to sing them. There was a moral infection of clap-trap in him. Strangers, modest enough elsewhere, started up at dinners in Coketown, and boasted, in quite a rampant way, of Bounderby. They made him.

We shall have Tom Gradgrind down here presently, I suppose. Very thoughtful of you! Schmiergeld, verderben, erkaufen. Zusammenfassung, Endlose Rede. Andrang, Reiz. Sparsit took a little more tea; and, as she bent her again contracted eyebrows over her steaming cup, rather looked as if her classical countenance were invoking the infernal gods. I am going to take young Tom into my office.

Rather young for that, is he not, sir? Bounderby, was a word of ceremony, rather exacting consideration for herself in the use, than honouring him. Here, for example, I have been speaking to you this morning about tumblers. Why, what do you know about tumblers? At the time when, to have been a tumbler in the mud of the streets, would have been a godsend to me, a prize in the lottery to me, you were at the Italian Opera. A hard bed the pavement of its Arcade used to make, I assure you. Feuermeer, Feuersbrunst, flackern, honouring: ehrung, ehrenbezeigung, scores: Spielergebnisse.

Prunk, Ehre. Anblick, Szene, Schauspiel, Miene, jewels: Juwelen.

Don Giovanni

I should speak of foreign dancers, and the West End of London, and May Fair, and lords and ladies and honourables. I hope I have learnt how to accommodate myself to the changes of life. If I have acquired an interest in hearing of your instructive experiences, and can scarcely hear enough of them, I claim no merit for that, since I believe it is a general sentiment. But you must confess that you were born in the lap of luxury, yourself. Bounderby was obliged to get up from table, and stand with his back to the fire, looking at her; she was such an enhancement of his position.

Sparsit, with an affectation of humility the very opposite of his, and therefore in no danger of jostling it. Sparsit, with a kind of social widowhood upon her. Bounderby, bending himself at the knees, literally embraced his legs in his great satisfaction and laughed aloud. So Jupe was sent there. On coming in, she curtseyed to Mr. Bounderby, and to his friend Tom Gradgrind, and also to Louisa; but in her. German affectation: Affektiertheit, Vorliebe, Anreicherung, Steigerung.

Pracht, Luxusartikel. Trendwende, Kenterung, Umschlag, Gluckern. The name of that lady by the teapot, is Mrs. That lady acts as mistress of this house, and she is a highly connected lady. So far from having high connections I have no connections at all, and I come of the scum of the earth. But towards that lady, I do care what you do; and you shall do what is deferential and respectful, or you shall not come here.

Very likely. Sparsit, shaking her head with her State humility. Gradgrind, who is rather an invalid. I have explained to Miss Louisa - this is Miss Louisa - the miserable but natural end of your late career; and you are to expressly understand that the whole of that subject is past, and is not to be referred to any more. From this time you begin your history. You are, at present, ignorant, I know. Lumpengesindel, Pack, Sippschaft, unentwickelt, unberechtigt, oversights: Versehen. You will be reclaimed and formed. You have been in the habit now of reading to your father, and those people I found you among, I dare say?

Gradgrind, beckoning her nearer to him before he said so, and dropping his voice. At least I mean to father, when Merrylegs was always there. Gradgrind, with a passing frown. I understand you to have been in the habit of reading to your father? They were the happiest - O, of all the happy times we had together, sir! Never breathe a word of such destructive nonsense any more.

Bounderby, this is a case for rigid training, and I shall observe it with interest. But, very well, very well. Since you are bent upon it, very well! Gradgrind and his daughter took Cecilia Jupe off with them to Stone Lodge, and on the way Louisa never spoke one word, good or bad. And Mr. Bounderby went about his daily pursuits. And Mrs. Sparsit got behind her eyebrows and meditated in the gloom of that retreat, all the evening. German beckoning: winkend. Let us strike the key-note again, before pursuing the tune. Never wonder. By means of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, settle everything somehow, and never wonder.

Now, besides very many babies just able to walk, there happened to be in Coketown a considerable population of babies who had been walking against time towards the infinite world, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years and more. German affections: Neigungen, Zuneigungen. Still, although they differed in every other particular, conceivable and inconceivable especially inconceivable , they were pretty well united on the point that these unlucky infants were never to wonder.

Body number one, said they must take everything on trust. Body number two, said they must take everything on political economy. Body number three, wrote leaden little books for them, showing how the good grown-up baby invariably got to the Savings-bank, and the bad grown-up baby invariably got transported. Body number four, under dreary pretences of being droll when it was very melancholy indeed , made the shallowest pretences of concealing pitfalls of knowledge, into which it was the duty of these babies to be smuggled and inveigled.

But, all the bodies agreed that they were never to wonder. Gradgrind greatly tormented his mind about what the people read in this library: a point whereon little rivers of tabular statements periodically flowed into the howling ocean of tabular statements, which no diver ever got to any depth in and came up sane. It was a disheartening circumstance, but a melancholy fact, that even these readers persisted in wondering. They wondered about human nature, human passions, human hopes and fears, the struggles, triumphs and defeats, the cares and joys and sorrows, the lives and deaths of common men and women!

They took De Foe to their bosoms, instead of Euclid, and seemed to be on the whole more comforted by Goldsmith than by Cocker. Gradgrind was for ever working, in print and out of print, at this eccentric sum, and he never could make out how it yielded this unaccountable product. His sister sat in the darker corner by the fireside, now looking at him, now looking at the bright sparks as they dropped upon the hearth. I am as obstinate as one, I am more stupid than one, I get as much pleasure as one, and I should like to kick like one. I made an exception of you at first.

Do you really and truly say so? German alliteration: Alliteration, Stabreim. If father was determined to make me either a Prig or a Mule, and I am not a Prig, why, it stands to reason, I must be a Mule. You are the only pleasure I have - you can brighten even this place - and you can always lead me as you like. Though I do know better, Tom, and am very sorry for it.

Bounderby thinks as father thinks, and is a great deal rougher, and not half so kind. I shall very well know how to manage and smooth old Bounderby! Or, a fanciful imagination - if such treason could have been there - might have made it out to be the shadow of their subject, and of its lowering association with their future. Schwarzpulver, Knallpulver. Herunterlassen, drohend, Schattenrisse, Schemen.

Is it a secret? She always used to tell me she was sure you would be easier with me than this. I am looking at the fire. But I must go, you know, whether I like it or not; and I had better go where I can take with me some advantage of your influence, than where I should lose it altogether. What do you see in it? Not a circus? But since I have been looking at it, I have been wondering about you and me, grown up. And, Thomas, it is really shameful, with my poor head continually wearing me out, that a boy brought up as you have been, and whose education has cost what yours has, should be found encouraging his sister to wonder, when he knows his father has expressly said that she is not to do it.

It made me think, after all, how short my life would be, and how little I could hope to do in it. Gradgrind, rendered almost energetic. After all the trouble that has been taken with you! After the lectures you have attended, and the experiments you have seen! After I have heard you myself, when the whole of my right side has been benumbed, going on with your master about combustion, and calcination, and calorification, and I may say every kind of ation that could drive a poor invalid distracted, to hear you talking in this absurd way about sparks and ashes!

Gradgrind, taking. German absurd: absurd, widersinnig, combustion: Verbrennung. Rohteil, Zuschnitt, Vordruck. German discharging: Ausladen, Entladung, absetzend, ausladend, Abladen. Gradgrind, and was not without strong impulses, in the first months of her probation, to run away. It hailed facts all day long so very hard, and life in general was opened to her as such a closely ruled ciphering-book, that assuredly she would have run away, but for only one restraint.

It is lamentable to think of; but this restraint was the result of no arithmetical process, was self-imposed in defiance of all calculation, and went dead against any table of probabilities that any Actuary would have drawn up from the premises. The girl believed that her father had not deserted her; she lived in the hope that he would come back, and in the faith that he would be made the happier by her remaining where she was. The wretched ignorance with which Jupe clung to this consolation, rejecting the superior comfort of knowing, on a sound arithmetical basis, that her father was an unnatural vagabond, filled Mr.

Gradgrind with pity. Yet, what was to be done? German arithmetical: arithmetisch, globe: Globus, Kugel, Erdkugel, Resozialisierung, Probezeit, rechnerisch. All that is difficult to me now, would be so easy then. Schwanken, Schwankung, pleasanter: angenehmer. Unentschlossenheit, Bedenken, prohibition: Verbot, Sperrung, unto: zu. Louisa, with a brighter laugh than usual, told her she would be wiser by- and-by. All through school hours I make mistakes. They seem to come natural to me. And he said, Now, this schoolroom is a Nation. And in this nation, there are fifty millions of money.

But that had nothing to do with it. Then Mr. And he said, This schoolroom is an immense town, and in it there are a million of inhabitants, and only five-and-twenty are starved to death in the streets, in the course of a year. What is your remark on that proportion? German brighter: heller. And that was wrong, too. And I find Mr. What is the percentage? Anspornung, Aufmunterung. She died when I was born. As dearly as he loves me.

Father loved me, first, for her sake.

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He carried me about with him when I was quite a baby. We have never been asunder from that time. Nobody understands him as I do; nobody knows him as I do. When he left me for my good - he never would have left me for his own - I know he was almost broken-hearted with the trial. He will not be happy for a single minute, till he comes back. Where did you live? Sometimes they played tricks upon him; but they never knew how he felt them, and shrunk up, when he was alone with me. He was far, far timider than they thought! It was because he grew so scared and trembling, and because he felt himself to be a poor, weak, ignorant, helpless man those used to be his words , that he wanted me so much to know a great deal, and be different from him.

I used to. German astray: verloren, verirren, fehlgehen. Kreatur, Gebilde, Erzeugnis. They kept him, many times, from what did him real harm. And often and often of a night, he used to forget all his troubles in wondering whether the Sultan would let the lady go on with the story, or would have her head cut off before it was finished. To the last? He was angry only one night, and that was not to me, but Merrylegs. Our delights shall have no measure, We will turn the night to day. Exeunt of servants and peasants.

Don Giovanni, Zerlina and Masetto hidden in alcove. To escape a lover's glance will ne'er succeed! With colour heighten'd! Don Giovanni goes towards the alcove, sees Masetto, and stands petrified. Wherefore, pray? Zerlina here, is sighing. Because the hours are flying. And thou from her away. I might repay! Goes in and shuts the window. To me thou'lt justice send!

Don Giovanni is handing some young girls to seats. Leporello is amongst the men; a dance is just over. Zerlina, Masetto. My master is advancing. Now play another measure! She's beyond recall? Leporello forces Masetto to dance with him. Let go! Exit hastily. Ah, away from me! Here's the scoundrel! Just detected! Now receive thy just reward, Thy just reward! Wretch, thou diest! Thou thyself art now ensnared, yes, ensnared. Fear the wrath of heav'n offended, Fear its thunders o'er thee breaking, That thy reckless course o'ertaking, On thy guilty head will fall. But my his courage ne'er forsook me, him And I'll He face the matter boldly, All their threats shall not withhold me, him Tho' a sign from heav'n should fall.

Tries to go, Don Giovanni detains him. Say, are You ready now to do me a small service? Mad man, They're my first necessity of life, More than the bread that feeds me, Or the air I am breathing. Who to one is devoted, To the rest must be faithless; Mine is a heart Of such infinite affection, There is not one I love not; And yet the women, dear unreas'ning creatures, My happy disposition call deceiving. Say, have you seen the pretty damsel Of Donna Elvira? Delays in love are treasons! They exchange cloaks. Donna Elvira at the window. Don Giovanni, Leporello.

It gradually becomes dark. Thy days of joy are over, The traitor with wiles deceiving, Hath broke my heart in twain. Love, oh, do thou direct me! By some enchantment spell-bound, Quite fled is my disdain. Poor girl she's quite enchanted. To trick a thousand others, I feel quite in the vein. Truly the trick is clever, No great endeavour, now needs it, Her silly heart to gain. Now learn your part, sir; When she makes her appearance, Run to her and embrace her, Do not spare your caresses, Emulate well your master; Next you must find a pretext That calls you both off to some distance.

Silence, she's coming, now, attention. He runs off to the side, leaving Leporello alone. Donna Elvira enters from the house, she advances to meet Leporello, Don Giovanni watches their movements from the side. And now repentant, my dearly lov'd Giovanni, To me returning, once more to joy restores me? I'll not tell thee all the misery, The sighs and the tears That thou hast cost me! Now fortune help me to persuade her, all's quiet. This, I think, is the window; I'll serenade her. Thy bosom I would move, thou hast undone me, Oh, grant the pray'r of love, and shew some pity!

Than roses art thou fairer, than honey sweeter, Balmier 'tis when thou sighest than western breezes, Oh, come, my fair, descend, I entreat thee! Death shall my torments end, if death thee pleases. Don Giovanni; afterwards Masetto, armed with gun and pistol, and some armed villagers. It seemed as if I heard some one whisper. No one answers, Boldly now, gun to shoulder! Who goes there? Sure that's Masetto? The servant am I of Don Giovanni.

I'll do my best to help you, And play a trick upon my graceless master; I have a plan will help to take him faster. Upon his hat a feather, A cloak his form concealing. He bears in ev'ry weather, Ne'er knew he doubt or fear. Haste away, as I've directed. Exit villagers Thou, friend, abide with me, Somewhat I have relected, The end you soon shall see. So you're resolv'd on killing him? There's something for your pistol, There's something for your musket.

Here's for your promis'd killing, Know, ere you cut in pieces, You spiteful bragging knave, Fortune's caprices! Then Zerlina. I thought it was Masetto! Did I not tell you that your jealous And most unruly temper would surely bring you Ere long into some trouble? Where does it hurt you? Come with me home to supper, And give your faithful promise, you'll nevermore be jealous; Those bruises can be cured, where love is zealous. No garden grows it, Though it aboundeth, Like furnace glows it, Yet none 'twill harm, All guard and cherish it: Gold cannot buy it, Say, wilt thou try it Soft 'tis, and warm.

Has thy wit flown, Hear, how it throbs within, lays his hand on her heart 'Tis all thine own, Ah, 'tis thine only, Exit with Masetto. Just let me see, I think they are retreating. How shall I fly, and she not perceive me? My dear, wait here a moment. These confounded walls on every side surround it! Softly, softly, I have found it Enter Don Octavio and Donna Anna in mourning. The door, escape is near. Zerlina, Masetto and the others. Death here we swear thee! He is my husband dear!

She for him pleading? Her wrongs all unheeding? No, no, no, he dics!

Frankenstein (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)

You are quite mistaken! Oh, how you scare me! But, oh for pity's sake Oh, kill me not. My eyes deceive me! Who would believe me? This is some plot. Be this masking, be this masking ne'er forgot! Exit Donna Anna with servants. Thou must be here for some unlawful purpose! Wrongs like yours surely had undone me. But, believe me, I am not he you seek. I will tell you how my master, did from bad to worse descend. Donna Elvira, do you tell them, By what arts he gains his end; As for thee, I've not a notion what befell thee; As this lady here can tell thee, For I met her, with him philand'ring, Well I knew how all would end; And to your lordship, I will admit it, I've acted wrongly, not as befitted I know I've trespas'd, I ask your pardon, Lost in the darkness, I entered the garden, Not thought t'offend.

Masters, I would now with speed be gone. Making for the door and runs out. Do me the favour here awhile yet to stay with her. I will go now, and seek the law's assistance. The day of reck'ning is at hand, oh, thou traitor, And thy doom is assured, or sooner or later. Sweet are the tears that chasten, Yet grieve not those who part. Tell her, to see her righted, Ne'er will I cease pursuing, My sword and faith I've plighted. Nought my resolve shall thwart. The wrath of heaven will surely overwhelm thee, It is swift to destroy.

The lightning flash of retribution impendeth, It will soon be upon thee! Eternal ruin at last will be thy doom. Wretched Elvira! What a tempest within thee, thy heart divideth! Ah, wherefore is this longing? These pangs of sorrow? Cruel heart, thou hast betray'd me, Grief unending upon me he cast. Pity yet lingers, I'll not upbraid thee, Ne'er can I forget the past, the happy past.

When my wrongs arise before me, Thoughts of vengeance stir my bosom, But the love that at first he bore me, Binds my heart to him at last. Don Giovanni and Leporello. Most amusing, They will not seek me here. What splendid moonlight! What time is't? Ah, not yet two o'clock in the morning; I wish now I knew how the droll encounter ended Between that poor Elvira and Leporello. Let me hope he was prudent! Well, Leporello?

How very lucky, 'twas an honour for you. I spoke in fun. Come let me tell you a pleasant thing. As I was walking, I espied a fair damsel with the gait of a Juno; Of course I followed, I tried to take her hand, She seem'd uncertain, something tender I whisper'd, And she mistook me, Guess for whom? Leporello, my darling! Say, can that hideous structure be the Commandant's statue? That inscription I'd like to hear.

I tremble! Tell the old man I ask him to sup with me this evening. What is that, oh, do you see him? What a terrible light in his eyes! He sees us. He can hear us! Oh, what if he would speak! Or I will kill you, And in this churchyard lay you. I must obey you. His cowardice diverts me. How can one tremble so? If I could only go. Oh, look yonder, See how his eyeballs glow, see how his eyeballs glow.

My master here invites thee, Not I, great sir, it frights me, To sup with him this night. Ah, ne'er believe it! Could I accept, while my tears yet freshly flow, The blest fulfilment of my heart's dearest wishes? I cannot, I dare not, ah, nor seek to persuade me, Till my grief is assuaged, All my heart is thine own, of that be certain.

Tell me not, oh, thou belov'd one, That thou'rt constant to me in vain, That I love thee, ah well thou know'st it, That I'll ever thine remain, Stay, oh stay thy fond misgiving, Doubt me not, oh I conjure thee; Love and hope do both, do both assure me, That kind heaven yet will smile, will smile again. The table prepared for a banquet. Some musicians.

Costly is my cup of'pleasure; And I'll drain it to the end. Leporello, serve the supper. Musicians begin to play on the stage, Don Giovanni eating Bravi! While I watch his giant mouthfuls, I his courage comprehend. Wine here! Leporello pours wine. Choice aroma, goodly vintage! Leporello changes Don Giovanni's plate. When such viands dainty invite me, Wonder not if I partake, wonder not if l partake. Donna Elvira and the others. Though you may scorn me, I'll not resent, I come to warn thee! Your wish reveal then! He gets up and raises her. Nay, sweet one, chide me not with affected tenderness Why wilt thou cry?

Donna Elvira returns and rushes out at the opposite side. Leporello art thou mad? For heav'n sake, Not a step do that way take, Leporello returns dismayed, and shuts the door White and stony, he's behind me, Oh good master, I'm fainting, don't mind me, If you saw his marble features, If you heard him nearer draw, Ta, ta, ta, ta.

One could scare thee with a straw! Knocking heard at the door. He's coming! Leporello hides under the table. The Commandant and the others. Be thee invited, Here behold me, as thou'st directed. Leporello rises as if to obey. Well, I listen. Ah, me! Now must my soul take flight! Flames appear in all directions, the earth trembles. Or does it mock my sight? Burning in endless night! Condemn'd to endless misery, Oh, doom of wrath and terror, No more to see the light!

The flames increase and engulph Don Giovanni. Where is the traitor? Now fallen low, now fallen low! Quick, tell us all you know. Nothing I'll garble, that man of marble, Grim and tremendous, oh, heav'n defend us. Came here and warn'd him. He madly scorn'd him, 'Mid flamings sulphurous he went below in fire and thunder. Days of peace now dawn before us, Grant, oh, grant then the vows plighted, Now at last may be fulfill'd. Lover's pleadings are commandments, On thy faithful love I build.

Leporello, entrando dal lato destro con lanterna in mano, s'avanza cauto e circospetto. Oh che caro galantuomo! Vuol star dentro colla bella, Ed io far la sentinella! Ma mi par che venga gente; Non mi voglio far sentir. Oh ciel, che gridi! Il padron in nuovi guai. Al traditore! Donn'Anna, udendo la voce del padre, lascia Don Giovanni ed entra in casa. Battiti meco! Si battono. L'assassino m'ha ferito, E dal seno palpitante Sento l'anima partir. Entro il sen dallo spavento Palpitar il cor mi sento!

Io non so che far, che dir. Il Commendatore muore. Il vecchio. Sforzar la figlia ed ammazzar il padre! II padre! Cercatemi, recatemi qualche odor, qualche spirto. Partono due servi. II duolo estremo la meschinella uccide. Viene portato via il cadavere. Anima mia, consolati, fa core. Chi a me la vita die'! Ti parla il caro amante, che vive sol per te.

Lascia, o cara, la rimembranza amara. Hai sposo e padre in me. Vendicar, se il puoi, Giura quel sangue ognor! A DUE Che giuramento, o dei! Che barbaro momento! Tra cento affetti e cento Vammi ondeggiando il cor.

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Don Giovanni e Leporello, poi Donn'Elvira in abito da viaggio. Cosa vuoi? Taci, o chi'io Ma essendo l'alba chiara, non sarebbe qualche nuova conquista? Io lo devo saper per porla in lista. Sappi chi'io sono innamorato d'una bella dama, e son certo che m'ama. Viene dal fondo Donna Elvira.

Zitto, mi pare sentire odor di femmina Ah, se ritrovo l'empio E a me non torna ancor, Vo' farne orrendo scempio, Gli vo' cavare il cor. Qualche bella dal vago abbandonata. Cerchiam di consolare il suo tormento. Donna Elvira! Sei qui, mostro, fellon, nido d'inganni! Manco male che lo conosce bene! Lasciatemi parlar In casa mia entri furtivamente. A forza d'arte, di giuramenti e di lushinghe arrivi a sedurre il cor mio; m'innamori, o crudele!

M'abbandoni, mi fuggi, e lasci in preda al rimorso ed al pianto, per pena forse che t'amai cotanto! E che ragioni forti! Ma il giusto cielo volle ch'io ti trovassi, per far le sue, le mie vendette. Mi pone a cimento costei!

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Se non credete a labbro mio, credete a questo galantuomo. Parte non visto da Donn'Elvira. Misera me! In qual parte? Egli non merta che di lui ci pensiate. V'han fra queste contadine, Cameriere, cittadine, V'han contesse, baronesse, Marchesine, principesse. Nella bionda egli ha l'usanza Di lodar la gentilezza, Nella bruna la costanza, Nella bianca la dolcezza. Vendicar vogl'io l'ingannato mio cor. Pria ch'ei mi fugga si ricorra Io sento in petto sol vendetta parlar, rabbia e dispetto.

Se nel seno vi bulica il core, Il rimedio vedetelo qua! La ra la, la ra la, la ra la. CORO La ra la, ecc. Poco dura de'matti la festa, Ma per me cominciato non ha. La ra la. Lo sposo? Voglio che siamo amici. Il vostro nome? Cara la mia Zerlina! Hai capito? Nelle mani son io d'un cavaliere. Se subito senza altro replicar non te ne vai, mostrandogli la spada Masetto, guarda ben, ti pentirai. Chino il capo e me ne vo. Fosti ognor la mia ruina! Faccia il nostro cavaliere cavaliera ancora te. Che ne dite, mio ben, so far pulito? Vi par che un onest'uomo, un nobil cavalier, com'io mi vanto, possa soffrir che quel visetto d'oro, quel viso inzuccherato da un bifolcaccio vil sia strapazzato?

Non vorrei Io so che raro colle donne voi altri cavalieri siete onesti e sinceri. A DUE Andiam, andiam, mio bene. Si incamminano abbracciati verso il casino. II ciel mi fece udir le tue perfidie. Io sono a tempo di salvar questa misera innocente dal tuo barbaro artiglio. Cosa sento! Io so, crudele, come tu ti diverti.

Da' miei tormenti impara A creder a quel cor, E nasca il tuo timor Dal mio periglio. Ch'ora, idolo mio, son vani i pianti, di vendetta si parli. Oh, Don Giovanni! Che domanda! I passi suoi voglio, seguir; non voglio che faccia un precipizio: perdonate, bellissima Donn'Anna; se servirvi poss'io, in mia casa v'aspetto.

Amici, addio! Possibile che sotto il sacro manto d'amicizia Ma riconobbi poi che un inganno era il mio. Vendetta ti chiedo, La chiede il tuo cor. Rammenta la piaga Del misero seno, Rimira di sangue Coperto il terreno. Se l'ira in te langue D'un giusto furor. Di scoprire il vero ogni mezzo si cerchi. Io sento in petto e di sposo e d'amico il dover che mi parla: disingannarla voglio, o vendicarla. Eccolo qui: guardate con qual indifferenza se ne viene! Altri canta, altri scherza, altri seguita a ber. E con lei chi viene? E disse di voi? Se trovi in piazza Qualche ragazza, Teco ancor quella Cerca menar.

Ed io frattanto Dall'altro canto Con questa e quella Vo' amoreggiar. Due nicchie. Zerlina, Masetto e Contadini. Masetto, dico. Il tocco sopportar dovrei d'una mano infedele? Ed hai l'ardimento di scusarti? Star solo con un uom! Porre in fronte a un villano d'onore questa marca d'infamia! Ah, se non fosse, se non fosse lo scandalo, vorrei Non me lo credi? Vien qui, sfogati, ammazzami, fa tutto di me quel che ti piace, ma poi, Masetto mio, ma poi fa pace. Ah, lo vedo, non hai core! Siamo pure i deboli di testa! Ah, capisco, capisco, bricconcella! Ah, non t'asconder, o Masetto! Vogliam star allegramente, Vogliam ridere e scherzar.

Vieni un poco - in questo loco fortunata io ti vo' far. S'ode un'orchestra in lontananza I suonatori udite?