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Temple Of My Soul: A Reflection On Encountering The Holiness Within
  1. The Purpose of Temples
  2. Why Temples?
  3. A Spiritual View of the Temple of God
  4. Jupiter 92 – Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul - The Aetherius Society

All spiritual people have such aspirations.

The Purpose of Temples

If you do not have any such aspirations, you are not spiritual. This is the better part of us. This is the soul-urge. Now let us actually visualize this in a very real way. Imagine yourself encased and imbued with flames of Light — coming from God itself; from the God-Spark within you. Imagine this gentle, yet powerful, Fire filling every aspect of your being, even your physical body.

These flames are made from the very essence of your own most spiritual desires. This is the part of you that celebrates its Divinity and is now literally alight with the joy of this knowledge. You are now on fire with the ecstasy of longing for consciousness of God. Feel it — enjoy it — be changed by it… And the foolishness of the lower mind, will fall like ashes, from this, the temple of the soul — and the angelic being of our true potential will be all that remains!

Having had such an experience, we then detach from it — not to forget it, not at all. Quite the reverse: to let it inspire us into service. We are given these three promises. They sound almost absurd. The Spark is the Spark of God within us. And yet, here in this message from Jupiter 92, we are told what will happen when God is no longer silent — but speaks. Animals do not speak — at least not in the same way that we do; animals are not self-aware like we are.

When God speaks, it is not the voice of normal terrestrial consciousness — but of our super-consciousness, or even supra-consciousness. Speech is sound. The whole of creation is encapsulated as the great Holy Word too holy to even include in this post. Speech is an action.

Action is motion and therefore can only take place within manifestation since it is one of the seven dimensions of creation. The God-Spark is above manifestation — is unmanifest. And yet, here it is acting within creation. Again we have the paradox of where unmanifest Divinity and Divinity manifest as creation — meet.

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (Official Video)

In other words, we have to be conscious of it. We have to be conscious of something that is above our current state of consciousness — i. The God-Spark within us is perfect and unlimited in essence; it is the very nature of freedom. This is our potential which exists outside of time. But, paradoxically, it has been silent up to this point — isolated; alone; grossly limited; gagged; denied freedom of speech — imprisoned by our own ignorance. And now, suddenly, in this glorious burst of illumination — it is free.

It is in communion with all the billions of billions of billions of other God-Sparks — which are one.

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It is linked to everything in creation that is God — which is everything. It is no longer bound by the conscious mind of man — but freed by the conscious mind of man, which has freed it by becoming superconscious and supraconscious, and man has thereby also freed himself — for man is God. Imagine a tiger released from a cage to run free in the grasslands of its natural habitat. What a moving scene this would be! But, fantastic though this is, it is nothing compared to the freedom experienced when the God-Spark is realized and released, by consciousness, into the infinitude of creation — one with its Father, the Creator; limitlessly expansive in its natural habitat, which is all of manifestation.

The prison of the body, and the basic mind — at this point are nothing but the memory of a tiny cage; a memory which makes it all the more ecstatically blissful in its current freedom. It is all knowledge. Note 4. In its pure form, it is the essence within all things. When the Spark speaks through us in this way, the world is ours. This is the key to all knowledge, all power, all wisdom. Not only at this point are we God we were God all along — but now we know we are God.

Why Temples?

It is this realization which makes us virtually omnipotent. Psychic powers which may seem miraculous to us now will become normal to us. And wisdom — the depth of which we cannot yet conceive — will be what will make us the great Masters that then we will be. This is the "self-life" that we have so often referred to. Now, there is a hidden, secret part of our soul-those secret chambers 6 -which we will discuss in detail over the next several months, but, it's important to recognize that these hidden recesses are a part of our soul, and thus, a part of our "flesh"-the whole grey area on the chart.

The Greek word for soul life is psyche , which has a very interesting two-fold root meaning. It means "it shall have life" or "it shall wax cold. Therefore, think of our soul like a "neutral area" that can either be filled with God's Life if we have made faith choices ; or, filled with self-life because we have made self-centered, emotional choices. For simplicity, think of our souls as the outward expression or manifestation of our lives. In other words, it's the "life" that we see, feel and hear coming forth from each other.

The best analogy I can think of to show the difference between heart life and soul life is with plants in a garden. Heart-life is like the "root life" of those plants. We can't see it-it's underground-but nevertheless, it's essential to the health and growth of the plants above. Whereas, our soul-life is like the beautiful flowers that grow above ground.


We can visibly see the flowers; smell them, feel them, touch them and enjoy them. Jeremiah even says, " Let's visually see how this works. Ideally, our souls should be the expression or the manifestation or the showing forth of God's Life 7 from our hearts.

A Spiritual View of the Temple of God

In other words, God's Agape Love 11 from our hearts becoming our love 12 in our souls, His Thoughts 13 becoming our thoughts 14 , and His Power 13 , the power and ability of our lives. This is what it means to be "single-minded," or more precisely, single-souled psyche because only one life is being lived here-God's 7! This is a person who is truly being "transformed into God's Image.

Notice that the "light" coming from this Temple looks like a "flashlight. If we have chosen to make emotional choices, then God's Life, His Light 7 will become quenched, blocked and "greased over. This is called "double-mindedness," or more precisely, double-souled psyche , because two lives are being lived here.

God's Life 7 is still in our hearts, but because it is blocked from coming forth, self life is, instead, shown forth in our souls. This is a person being "conformed to this world"-there is nothing different about him no new Life at all.

Jupiter 92 – Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul - The Aetherius Society

Notice how the light in this temple is blocked from coming forth. The candle of this person's spirit is lit Proverbs a , but it's unable to shine forth because it's covered over and hidden. This is exactly what Luke means when it says, "No man [should], when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel One last area we want to cover is our body.

Just as the Outer Court of Solomon's Temple was exposed to many outside influences, so we are in our bodies. Just think in your own life of all the outside influences television, movies, magazines, advertisements, etc. We can, therefore, be Christians all our lives, yet because we continue either out of ignorance or disobedience to make "emotional choices" and walk after the flesh CHART 13 , no one will ever see the difference between our life and that of our neighbors who don't even know God.

We've become conformed to the world. God's Life in us has been quenched and the life that now comes forth is self-life. However, ancient Egyptians recognized the Temple of Philae as a powerful site of healing energy for those who chose to receive the blessings of the Goddess at the stunning inner sanctum at the Temple of Isis. Situated upon Aglika Island, this massive sacred site was constructed at various times within the Pharaonic Era and throughout the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Each ruler at the time included massive reliefs, statues and pylons representative of their reign and experiences. Most of the ruins hail from the Ptolemaic Kingdom, and there are numerous traces of Roman architectural features dedicated to Ammon-Osirus.

Beyond the entrance lies a court area featuring small temples dedicated to Hathor, Isis and other deities associated with bringing life and midwifery.