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Turn on the lights in room for better view.

Super Secret

Inside, a Fire Armour is waiting for pick up. In the last room before exit, there is a cover from coffin recline to the wall in the corner and behind it there are Flares. From it, you must jump to an invisible secret place located in the wall in front of that ledge, where the Napalm Launcher is hidden. Level 2: Wrong Side of the Tracks - 8 secrets 1. In the waiting area of the station, you will hear a telephone ringing.

Use the telephone second from the right and take the Basic Armour. Stay in the kitchen, open the freezer and use bloody handprint. This will open a new area in previous secret see above witch Limited invisibilty. Enter the bookshop "Pickman's rare books and maps" and use the cash register. In front of you the bookshelf will slide down and contain Doctor's Bag. Same as in previous secret, but head right of cash register for another book shelf down witch Body Armour.

Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

In the passage to the Moon key door, break the window and jump on the ledge. Life Seed is hidden there. In the Moon key room use the painting of woman and take the Guns Akimbo. Right at the train station, area where the train arrives, there is a small storage room with some tools. In the back of the room is crack on the wall. When you reach the storage or cargo car of the train, opposite to the entrance door, jump on some boxes and look for a Life Seed. In the same cargo car, look for the blue suitcase which contains a Beast Vision. In the dining car witch many cultists, there are two bar areas.

Under the counters of both of them are switches, use one of them and the small wall panel will open in one of the bar area witch Reflective Shots in it. Enter the train kitchen and use the stove like door near the flesh cooking area for Flare pistol. In the original carriage car, there is a room witch cultists and the crack on the right wall. In the locomotive, i. Jump in and very quickly pick up all of the goods Flare pistol , a Sawed-off Shotgun , a Tommy Gun and a Life Seed or you will be toasted! The place from where you must make a jump is near a fire, so jump RIGHT side and use the sign "Phantom " on the side of the train.

Trial and error are the best methods of finding this secret, so make sure you save before doing it. You starting at the train wreck, stick left, jump through the flames and cross the firewall and you found the first secret area containing Body Armour , two Bundles of TNT and a Box of Shotgun Shells. When you reach large water area with cultists on a bridge, jump to the water and search for an elevated ground under the pier. After the turnicket passage there is first game "kiosk" witch smileyes and ducks.

Shoot them and your prize Life Seed will be raised onto the counter. Beetwen sliding ducks and kick the head game is a wall. Jump there with your Jumping boots or jump on mine and to the wall. Beast Vision awaits you. In the Kick the Head game you must kick all of the three zombie heads into the mouth. Try saving before first kick and if you are successful, pick up the Death Mask temporal invincibility in mouth. In the ratburgers area look to the left for the game where you must shoot bottles.

To the left of it is a wall with a secret behind it. You can jump there by using Jumping boots again or from manager's office and get the Full drum of bullets. Play the game with bottles to shoot, shoot them and pick Limited Invisibility as a reward. Inside the freak show exposition there is a zombie hanging behind the bars. Destroy the bars using explosives and shoot the zombie. A panel with Guns Akimbo will open behind you. In Jo-Jo room is a snake pit witch two warning signs on it. Push the left one and secret room will open behind the pit with two Boxes of Flares and Box of Shotgun shells.

Shake it, baby! In the Eye key ticket booth is a stack of boxes. Use them for Doctor's Bag and Box of Flares. When you are in the storage area, with all the boxes and so, when you enter, if you turn left and walk to the furthest wall and turn right you should see some scratched boxes. Use them and a box will lower, allowing you access to a secret area that holds a pleasant surprise. This is the storage area that opens once you get the eye key in the ticket booth I hate mimes After you pick up the Moon key, an exposion will occur, destroying the bridge in the procces.

On the far side of the bridge there is a crack on the wall. Destroy the crack with the well thrown dynamite and then jump there carefuly by jumping on wooden posts sticking out of water. Reward for your precise jumping will be Life Seed along with Super Armor. You must enter the right combination in order to access the secret level, House of Horrors. The combination is Dagger - Eye - Moon. Posted August 18, Enter the first hallway and look left and up to the wall, thare are two paintings or something on it. Destroy the left one with explosives and use Jumping Boots to reach Doctor's Bag.

Before the passage witch Skull key door you are standing before large door with the orange painting of eye. Shoot that symbol and then quickly open the doors for Guns Akimbo in the small hatch on the wall. When you collect the Skull key, a pack of zombies will attack you. Kill them all and collect the Jumping Boots in area where the zombies were.

Blood Secrets by Craig Jones

Activate the boots and jump high to the ledge with Reflective Shots. In the only water area of the level, pull the story related switch and wait a bit underwater. A secret passage should open, leading to a small room witch Life Seed. After you use Skull key and get to the passage leading to a large plaza full of enemies, stand in the front of doors leading to plaza and turn around. You should see a secret doors at the far side of the passage. Open it for Limited Invisibility. In the room where you find the Moon key there are three pillars, there is a reddish symbol.

Use it and pillars will lower revealing a Super Armour on the middle one. In the barrel cellar there is a access elevator to this area. Use it and look fot the small chamber in the elevator wall. Basic Armour is waiting there. In the large hallway, which lead to a small area with colored windows. There is a small open space in one of the corners.

Activate your Jumping Boots and jump up. There is a stone gargoyle there guarding the Death Mask. In a small area with colored windows mentioned in previous secret, is a raised area where Box of Flares and a Box of Shotgun shells are hidden. At the end of the level there is a bridge over the chasm. Collect the Death Mask from secret 8 and quickly run for the bridge, stand in the start of it and jump to the left and you will eventually land on the ledge where search for the secret door.

Rewards are Super Armour and Life Seed. You can make youe way back by using two skull symbols on the walls and then using the teleport back to bridge.

See a Problem?

At the start of the level, zombies will emerge from the wall. Kill them and opposite of the wall they break out is a dark strip on the wall. It is a secret passage leading to a 5 bundles of TNT and some shotgun shells. While underwater, search for another passage alongside the story related one. The secret one has a Limited Invisibilty in it.

Before you enter on the first wooden bridge of the level, head to the left of it and use the reddish piece of wall with symbols of figures on it. Doctor's Bag is yours. Similar secret to previous, before you enter the room where Reflective Shots power-up , there is equall reddish piece of the wall before a small staircase. Inside a secret is Box of Shotgun Shells.

After you collect a Fire key, large rotating structure will open witch some enemies in. Evangeline I've been checking your website for the latest installment and am bummed that book th Cindy Self publish - there is a lot of money to be made in it. Smashwords, Amazon, and even Linda D. I just read Blood Secrets and pulled up you site to see if there was going to be a bo Jeannie Holmes is the author of the Alexandra Sabian series. She lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband and four neurotic cats.

Augustine, FL More events listed on the "Events" page. Blood Secrets Excerpt.

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