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Turnout in the election continued to rise from the nadir of the election which saw the lowest post-war turnout of Much was made of this being due to increased youth voting , and certainly opinion polls appeared to bear this out, although the youngest voters were still the least likely to vote of all demographics — just that they had been even more unlikely to vote previously.

What does such a result mean? For the UK electorate it means further uncertainty.

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The DUP is a very socially conservative party, which will be a source of tension among the Conservative backbench. In terms of the Brexit negotiations, May is now in a weak position to negotiate. This leaves the EU in the position of being able to offer what they wish. In the end, May is still PM.


Conservative hopeful Boris Johnston can still wish to be PM, but appears to lack the numbers as much as the party lacks the stomach for a bruising leadership fight. So May will carry through the Brexit negotiations. The important issues of what to do with the three million EU nationals in the UK and the one million Britons in Europe has to be solved. Whether there will be exit payments and what form if any trade relations will take is difficult to tell, but either way, Brexit, even in its currently unknown form, will continue.

CEDA - The UK election – unlooked for, un-needed, and perplexing in its result

CEDA has over 50 years carved out a very well-earned reputation for cutting edge thinking on the key issues that affect our nations prosperity. Search for:. Login to your account. The UK election — unlooked for, un-needed, and perplexing in its result.

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    Tags CEDA blog Dr Stewart Jackson of the University of Sydney discusses the outcome of the UK election, what the result will mean, and what we can expect from here. All four reclined under the willow for some minutes without speaking, till at length the bride of the colonel poutingly observed, "It's of no use pretending any more, and we had better give it up. The lovely bride of Tinkling echoed the incredible declaration.

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    • The two warriors exchanged stony glances. You complained of it yourself. And you know how disgracefully the court-martial ended.

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