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  1. Profess; Profession
  2. I profess this crime: the brotherhood of the silk handcuffs : a novel - Sola Oloyede - Google книги
  3. I Profess Because I'm a Professor

Would a man who wanted to make another a flute-player refuse to send him to those who profess to teach the art for money, and be plaguing other persons to give him instruction, who are not professed teachers and who never had a single disciple in that branch of knowledge which he wishes him to acquire--would not such conduct be the height of folly?

Profess; Profession

Does not the previous argument imply clearly that we should send him to those who profess and avouch that they are the common teachers of all Hellas, and are ready to impart instruction to any one who likes, at a fixed price? Of all the people who profess that they know how to do men good, do you mean to say that these are the only ones who not only do them no good, but positively corrupt those who are entrusted to them, and in return for this disservice have the face to demand money?

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Therefore always, when thou changest thine opinion or course, profess it plainly, and declare it, together with the reasons that move thee to change; and do not think to steal it. Such was then the extent of knowledge possessed by every American on the subject, and of which no one could decently profess ignorance.

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I am convinced," said Edward, "that you really feel all the delight in a fine prospect which you profess to feel. Philip baptised, prevailed with her subjects to quit the worship of idols, and profess the faith of Jesus Christ.

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I profess this crime: the brotherhood of the silk handcuffs : a novel - Sola Oloyede - Google книги

Size: 6x9. Buy This Book E-Book. Nearby words profanity , profascist , profeminist , profer , profert , profess , professed , professedly , profession , professional , professional association. Origin of profess —50; late Middle English; back formation from professed.

I Profess Because I'm a Professor

Examples from the Web for profess Then one daring, possibly planted, spectator interrupted the show to profess her crush. Modern Skepticism C.

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History of Civilization in England, Vol. The Lieutenant and Commander Basil Hall.