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It generally takes about 16 weeks. Is my translation as a whole accurate? Cela prend d'habitude 16 semaines. Ma traduction est-elle juste dans l'ensemble?

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So your translation can only likely be understood by someone who'd understand the mistranslation, and backtranslates into English. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I recently translated the sentence: Would the film industry be better off without the theatrical window?

Prise de courant. Cristallisation Crystallisation. To fiU up- Anschweissung. Soudure Point de. Wel- ding-point. Hig-water flood, Anschwellung. To set home. To bend. To nail. To splice. Prim- ing. Antagonis- te. Share in profits. Anthra- cite. Blind coal. Kohlen- blende. Chasser un clou, etc. To drive in. Impuls- ion. Plaster- ing. Pargetting, Anzeiger. To take. Attracti- on, on. Adhesive power. Acide malique.

Malic acid. Aplomb o'. Appar- eil. Appart- emext. Appel d'un foyer. Stock, Supply. I Cul- vert. AR Ar. Abwii- gung. Arbit ration. Arc h. Black rosin. Strebebogcii Strebepfeiler. Yelloto brass. Bohrbo- Proddisant un arc. Schnallen- n. Beady money. Baar- 1. Il Croisillon. I Armour. Bip saw. H Stop. Hem- ig. Il Anhalt. Spie- En-. Stowage, Trimming. Digitizedby Google English. AS Asbest. Aufzuj Ascension. To ash. Aschei Aspen-tree. I Aspiration. Austrocknu Assekurant. Underivritet Assemblage. Yei Zusammenstellung. Versicherun Assureur. Versiclierer Astati- que.

Asynchron- ne. AT Atelier. I Gespami. Attracti- on. To corrode. Corrosif Corrosive. En haut. To etch. Setting up. Traitement des minerais. Ore- dressing. To take up. To untwist. Pugging, Il Remblai. To send. To book. To eut anew. Suspensi- on, on. To interrupt. To cul. CahA- ing-joint. Rest, Support. To give up. To aban- don. To put. To place. To lay. Dissoluti- on. To unsolder. To paittt anew. To afresh. To absorb. To survey. To level. To receive. Topick up. Presser Comprimer. To scarf. To broach, Ringarder. To stir. To drift. Sweeper, Aufreiben.

To enlarge. To broach. To plot. To chink. To cliuk. Lifting vp. Pallier Peinture;. To stir, Anlsatz. Point de chute d'un projectile. To haut up. To flux. To unscrew.

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To feed. To pinme. To swell. Composer Imprimerie. To set up [Typ. Board of directors. To fix, Aulspeichenmg. Il Accumulation. Mettre en tas.

Parler du cinéma - Vocabulaire

To pile up. To stock up. Setiing up. To repli. Rocher Ferblanterie. Spoil-bank, Auftieien. To chose. To charge. Tread of a step. To throw tip. To construct. To raise with a wind- lass. Cmiseway, Aufzeichnen. To trace. To pasle. To hoist. Il Remonter. To wiiid up. Eleva- tor. En or. Trisulfure d'arsenic. Auro- re. Aurora borealis. To eut off the branches.

To dredge. To make bidge. Rhabillage, lie- pairing. Voie de garage. To tie up. Ausblasen; Purger.

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To blow off. To notch. Efflorescen- ce.

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To slope out. To bore. To pink. To rack. To dilate. To erpand Aasdehnung. Dilatat- [lON. To sgueeze oui. To open. Fluting, Ausfleischen. To flesh. To rim of. Flowing oui. Corrosion, Corrosion. Construct- ion. Work- manship. To fill vp. Way ont. B accorder. To adjust. To nnneal. To unlock. To plane. To cernent. To lutc. To putty. To fine-bore. Projection, Auskratzen. To scrape. To unload. To leak. To le ave.

To lixiviate. To lay ont. To deliver. Murage de galeries. Battage de pieux. Pil- ing. To press ont. Trou de vidange. Hod- kin. Il Tire-bourre. Wadhook Digitizedby Google Enghsh. Drawing, Ausreiben. To hroach. Reamer, Fraise. To wring.

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To run out [a cable. En- gaging and disengaging-coupUng. Equipment, Fitting. Sweating, Ausschalter. Imposer les pages. To rite, Ausschiffen. To discharge. Punching, Ausschliessung. To prune. To lop, Ausschnitt. Notch, Il Entaille. Cham- feritig, Ausschuss. Refuse, Waste. Xolch, Ausschweissung. To cleanse. To sink in. To in- 1er mi t. Intermitt- ent.

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Prolec- ting. To rime. To wash. Out fit. Au8l tecken. To stake out. To rub out. Inlay ing. Emersion, Austeeren. To tar. To stiff. Deep- ening, Austritt. Season ing. Laver un dessin. To ivash, Ausvierung. Quadratu- re. To roll oui. To exchange. Changement de voie. To avoid. To shunt. Switch, Ausweichung. Out- side. Auswerfern Anker-.

To vault. To extract. To draw. To tvithdraiv. To ink. To Une with tvood-work. Caler les pierres d'un mur. To spaul the joints of a wall. Autel de foyer. Feuer briicke. Self, Selbst. Automat- iqbe. Antomobi- le. Automot- eur. AY - AX - kl Available. Angle d'-. VoreiJ- winkel. Lohn- Vorscliuss. Avant En-. Ava- rie. Face head [of a coin. II Despatch-vessel. Aus- sprucli. Ij Hache. Il Nitrogen. Vessel, Vat. H Wheny. H Inverse. Rihhon, Backen. Baffle plate. To drcdge. Bague collectrice. Sclileif- ring. Il Ordite. Bailleur de fonds. Money leiider. Slecping paj-tner. Coining press.


H Contrk-poids. Gcgen- gewicht. Baie- on. Eau de sa vos. Balle [Gros ballot. H Garde-fou. Il Frette. Rampe d'appui. Chum- Butterfass. Fustian, Bardage. Schl eusse. Digitizedby Google.. Rod, Stab. H Tiller, Helm. Helm stock. H Lingot. Low, Niedrig. H Stockings. Bas Vers le. H Basis. Funda- ment. Base, Basket. Basquill-bolt, Bassin. Large pan. Chanvre ukle. Stau- damm. H Vessel. Building [unfinished. Batter- ie. Akkumula- tor. Batwing burner. Gas- brenner. Agent- voyer. Gold-beater's skin. To build. Out of repair. Pugging viortar. Lehm und Stroh. Huilding-ground , Bauhof.

Bois de construction. Ligne de terre. Corporation, Guild. Contract in the lump. Travaux publics. Public works. BE Beacon. Petite moulure circulaire. Raton tuMiNEux. Creative director Patrick relaxes with his pets in his flower-lined garden on a July morning. And for good reason. Tom Watson Photographer. He studied at the New York School of Visual Art, he also began his career alongside Steven Meisel and his shots were quickly fashion-oriented. St Tropez: the eternal sexy sixties city. See all our articles. When I think of Fermob, I immediately think of the stylish garden furniture in the Jardin de Luxembourg!

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